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/ Created date:2018/10/11
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12018/03/10AnimeMidnight Crazy Trail   0
22016/10/20DramaCock keibu no bansankai   0
32016/07/17DramaAogeba toutoshiNormal(0.00)0.0048.482
42016/01/15DramaNever Let Me GoGood(0.60)3.0050.625
52015/04/10DramaFlowers for Algernon 2015Good(0.75)3.0050.624
62014/07/10DramaDososei Hito ha sando koi wo suruWorst(-3.00)-6.0044.212
82011/07/10DramaHanawake no Yon Shimai   0
92011/01/16DramaFuyu no SakuraVery good(2.00)2.0049.901
102010/07/09DramaUnubore DekaGood(1.33)3.9951.323
112007/07/01DramaPapa to Musume no NanokakanGood(1.08)14.0458.4813
132004/07/01DramaX-he   0
142003/07/03DramaKougen e irasshai :2003   0
152003/01/10DramaKoukou kyoushi 2003   0
162001/01/14DramaWhite Shadow   0
172000/04/13DramaKimi ga oshietekureta koto   0
181999/10/15DramaUtsukushii hito   0
191999/06/24DramaP.S. I'm fine,Shunpei   0
211998/04/10DramaMeet   0
221998/01/09DramaWhen the Saints Marchin' inBad(-0.70)-14.0038.5220
231996/04/12DramaWakaba no KoroVery good(1.88)15.0459.198
251995/04/14DramaSecond chance   0
261994/07/08DramaNingen Sikkaku Tatoeba Boku ga ShindaraGood(1.25)5.0052.044
271993/11/06JP movieKoukou kyoushi Mouhitotsu no Mayu no monogatariVery bad(-2.00)-4.0045.022
281993/01/08DramaHighschool teacherGood(0.62)9.9255.5416
291993/01/08DramaKoukou kyoushi 1993   0
301992/10/16DramaJuunen aiGood(0.50)1.0049.192
311992/03/07JP movie15 Shoujo HyouryukiGood(0.50)1.0049.572

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