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/ Created date:2009/04/19
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Average(Out)Very good48.6641623,869

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12019/01/06AnimeWz   0
22018/10/06AnimeJoJo's Bizarre Adventure: VENTO AUREOBest(2.62)20.9650.888
32018/10/02AnimeRegarding Reincarnated as SlimeBad(-0.83)-9.9645.7912
42018/01/12AnimeHow to keep a mummyGood(1.00)6.0048.426
52017/07/09AnimeBallroom e youkosoVery good(1.56)14.0449.749
62017/07/02AnimeKnight's & MagicGood(0.93)13.9549.7315
72017/01/11AnimeHand ShakersNormal(-0.14)-0.9847.277
82016/10/07AnimeHaikyu!! Karasuno koukou vs Shiratorizawa gakuen koukouVery good(1.75)7.0048.584
92016/01/09AnimeDurarara 2 KetsuBad(-1.00)-4.0046.774
102015/10/04AnimeK RETURN OF KINGSNormal(0.40)2.0047.765
112015/10/04AnimeHaikyu!! 2nd seasonVery good(1.82)20.0250.7211
122015/07/04AnimeDurarara 2 tenBad(-1.25)-5.0046.614
132015/05/30AnimeDurarara 2 shou Gaiden? Watashi no kokoro wa nabe moyouGood(0.50)1.0047.602
142015/01/10AnimeDurarara 2 shouNormal(0.14)0.9847.597
152014/10/29AnimeHybrid ChildVery good(2.00)2.0047.761
162014/04/06AnimeHaikyu!!Very good(1.65)33.0052.8620
172013/10/26AnimePuella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Shnpen Hangyaku no Monogatari)Good(0.52)26.0051.7150
182012/10/13AnimePuella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 2 : EternalBad(-1.50)-3.0046.942
192012/10/06AnimePuella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part 1: BeginningsGood(1.25)5.0048.254
202012/10/06AnimePuella Magi Madoka Magica MovieGood(0.90)18.9050.5421
212012/10/05AnimeBusou ShinkiNormal(0.25)3.0047.9312
232011/01/07AnimePuella Magi Madoka MagicaGood(1.38)532.68135.01386
252009/10/07AnimeCheburashka Arere?Very good(2.00)2.0047.761
272005/10/11AnimeNoein: Mou Hitori no Kimi eVery good(1.50)129.0068.6486
292003/04/11AnimeWonder Bevil kunGood(1.00)1.0047.601
302001/10/02AnimeSiawasesou no OkojyosanVery good(2.17)260.4090.25120
331998/07/07AnimeSerial Experiments LainGood(1.42)126.3868.2189
351996/12/14AnimeSpring and ChaosBest(2.50)5.0048.252
371996/11/21AnimeMaster of MosquitonGood(1.00)21.0050.8821
381996/04/20AnimeTenchi Muyo! in LoveGood(1.44)12.9649.569
391995/11/22AnimeYamato Takeru After warBad(-1.00)-3.0046.943
401995/03AnimeSM Girls Saber Marionette RNormal(0.00)0.0047.434
411994/04/09AnimeYamato TakeruGood(1.40)21.0050.8815
421992/03/27AnimeVideo Girl AiVery good(2.02)94.9463.0447
431989/12AnimeChojuu Kishin Dancouga Hakunetsu no shuushouNormal(-0.50)-1.0047.272

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