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12018/10/07AnimeRELEASE THE SPYCENormal(0.33)3.9648.0912
32014/10/05AnimeSeven deadly sins (Nanatsu no taizai)Normal(0.43)6.0248.4314
42014/01/12AnimeSekai Seifuku -Bouryaku no Zvezda-Normal(-0.42)-10.0845.7724
52013/01/11AnimeVividred operationBad(-0.66)-36.9641.3456
62011/04/17AnimeAo no ExorcistNormal(0.41)18.8650.5446
72009/10/09AnimeDarker than Black: Ryuusei no GeminiGood(1.04)76.9660.1274
82009ComicsDARKER THAN BLACK -Shikkoku no Hana-Good(1.29)9.0351.257
92007/04/06AnimeDarker than BLACK - Kuro no Keiyakusha -Good(1.41)179.0776.94127
102007/02/24ComicsDarker than black - Kuro no Keiyakusha -   0
112006/07/02AnimeProject BLUE Chikyu SOSGood(1.22)10.9849.259
122006/04/04AnimeOuran High School Host ClubVery good(1.61)183.5477.68114
132005/04/03AnimeVictorian Romance EmmaGood(0.76)28.1252.0737
142004/08/21AnimeNaruto: Dai Katsugeki!! Yuki Hime Ninpo-cho Datte-Bayo! (movie)Good(1.00)10.0049.0810
152004/01/01AnimeGhost in the shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX 2nd GIG (Kou kaku kidoutai)Very good(1.64)77.0860.1447
162003/01/06AnimeWOLF'S RAINGood(1.02)63.2457.8662
172001/09/01AnimeCOWBOY BEBOP Knockin' on heaven's doorNormal(0.03)0.9647.5932
182000/10/16AnimeKikaider-The AnimationGood(0.75)12.0049.4116
191999/07/02AnimeMedarotVery good(1.74)73.0859.4842
201995/10/04AnimeNeon Genesis EvangelionGood(0.67)482.40126.93720

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