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/ Created date:2012/11/18
Birth day1968/08/10
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12016/09/22JP movieSanada Jyuu YushiVery bad(-2.00)-2.0046.531
22015/08/08JP movieTHE EMPEROR IN AUGUST 2015Good(0.67)2.0150.123
32014/03/30SF TVRessha sentai Tokkyuger VS Kamen rider GaimGood(0.70)7.0048.0210
42014/03/29JP movieHeisei rider tai Shouwa rider Kamen rider taisen feat. Super sentaiNormal(-0.19)-3.0445.6016
62012/07/05DramaHigashino Keigo mysteresVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.111
72012/04/21JP movieKamen Rider Super Sentai Super Hero TaisenVery bad(-2.12)-53.000.8625
82012/04/01SF TVSuper hero taihen NET VerNormal(-0.40)-2.0045.585
92009/12/12JP movieMasked Rider x Masked Rider W & Decade Movie Taisen 2010Bad(-1.38)-40.0212.4829
102009/08/08JP movieKamen Rider Decade the Movie: All Rider v.s Dai ShockerBad(-1.05)-43.059.7741
112009/07/17SF TVKamen rider decade NET VerNormal(0.33)0.9946.393
122009/02/15SF TVSamrai Sentai SinkenjarVery good(1.51)102.6873.8768
132009/01/25SF TVMasked rider DecadeBad(-1.07)-112.3515.77105
142007/10/24DramaAibou Season 6   0
152006/11/03JP movieDEATH NOTE the Last nameGood(1.34)83.08122.7062
162006/10/03DramaUnfair the special CodeBreakingGood(0.67)4.0251.076
172006/06/17JP movieDeath noteGood(0.78)63.96105.5982
182005/10/17DramaKikennnaanekiVery bad(-1.81)-28.9629.3416

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