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12018/07/06AnimeAngels of DeathGood(1.00)1.0047.601
22015/11/11AnimeCyborg009 vs DevilmanNormal(-0.50)-3.0046.946
32014/04/05SF TVGARO Makai no hanaBad(-1.40)-14.0042.4910
42013/03/23JP movieSea Jetter Kaito   0
52012/01/11SF TVSoreike Den-Ace   0
62011/01/09AnimeMitsudomoe zouryochu!Good(0.80)20.0050.7325
82008/04/02AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! 5D'sGood(1.29)99.3363.8177
92007/04/05AnimeJeeg The God Of SteelGood(0.50)7.0048.5914
102006/09/22GameMUV-LUV ALTERNATIVEBest(2.60)26.0055.8210
112005/05/27AnimeSuper Robot Wars Original Generation: The AnimationNormal(-0.44)-11.0045.6225
122005/02/13SF TVMagirangerGood(0.74)56.9861.8877
132004/05/27GameSuper Robot Wars MXGood(0.78)67.0869.0586
142004/04/09AnimeNew Getter RoboGood(1.26)23.9451.3819
152003/02/16SF TVBakuryusentai Aba-RangerNormal(0.17)11.2249.3866
172002/04/20AnimeEX Driver THE MOVIEVery good(2.00)2.0047.771
182002/04/05AnimeBakutou Sengen DaigandaaNormal(0.44)11.0049.2525
192002/03/28GameSuper Robot Wars ImpactGood(0.63)42.2161.0467
202002/02/17SF TVNinpusentai HarikenjaGood(0.84)52.0860.5462
212001/03/29GameSuper Robot Wars Alpha ExtraVery good(1.75)119.0085.7668
222000/01/21AnimeBrave King GaoGaiGar Final (OVA series)Bad(-0.54)-19.9844.1437
231999/05/23AnimePsybustarVery bad(-1.93)-82.9933.7643
241999/01/04AnimeSuper Marble Man (Super Bidaman)Normal(-0.50)-8.0046.1216
251998/10/02AnimeHAMOS THE GREEN CHARIOTNormal(0.00)0.0047.443
261996/04/05AnimeKaiketsu ZorroGood(1.00)3.0047.933
271996/01/08AnimeBakusou Kyoudai Let&GoVery good(1.95)159.9073.7982
281987/02/28AnimeTwilight QBad(-1.33)-3.9946.783

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