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Birth day1974/08/13
Jobvoice actor
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12014/03/15AnimePrecure All Stars New Stage3 Eien no tomodachiVery good(2.00)8.0048.594
22011/03/19AnimePrecure all stars DX 3 mirai ni todoke! sekai wo tsunagu nijiiro no hanaGood(1.28)23.0450.9418
32010/03/20AnimePrecure all stars DX 2 kibou no hikari rainbow jewel o mamore!Normal(0.33)3.9647.9612
42009/03/20AnimePrecure All Stars Deluxe - Minna Tomodachi Kiseki no Zenin Daishugo -Very good(2.07)28.9851.8714
52008/11/08AnimeYes! precure5 go go! okashi no kuni no happy birthday (movie)Normal(0.38)3.0447.828
62008/11/08AnimeChou tanpen Precure All Stars GoGo Dream liveGood(1.00)2.0047.652
72008/02/03AnimeYes! Precure 5 Go Go!Normal(-0.31)-10.8545.6435
82007/11/10AnimeYes! Precure 5 Kagami No Kuni No Mirakuru DaiboukenGood(1.18)12.9849.3711
102006/04/02AnimeDIGIMON SAVERSGood(0.52)33.8052.6365
112005/02/06AnimePRECURE Max HeartNormal(0.14)6.8648.4149
122004/06/26AnimeOjyamajyo Doremi NaishoVery good(1.80)27.0051.5615
132004/02/01AnimePRECURE (Pretty Cure)Good(0.66)82.5060.24125
142003/04/06AnimeGolden Gash Bell!! (Konjiki no Gash Bell!!, Zatch Bell!)Good(0.60)89.4061.32149
162002/04/07AnimeDigimon FrontierNormal(-0.29)-32.1942.31111
172002/03/02AnimeDigimon Tamers The Runaway Digimon ExpressVery good(1.83)10.9849.066
182002/02/03AnimeOjamajo Doremi DokkanGood(1.00)1.0047.501
192001/07/14AnimeDigimon Tamers Battle of AdventurersBad(-0.67)-2.0147.033
202001/04/01AnimeDigimon TamersGood(1.23)107.0164.0787
212001/02/04AnimeMotto! Ojamajo DoremiNormal(0.00)0.0047.341
222000/04/02AnimeDigimon adventure 02Normal(-0.09)-10.2645.74114
232000/02/06AnimeOjamajo Doremi SharpBest(3.00)6.0048.282
241999/03/07AnimeDigimon adventureVery good(2.12)767.44167.34362
251999/02/07AnimeOjamajo DoremiGood(0.63)98.2862.71156
261999/01/21GameTrue Love Story 2Very good(2.00)6.0049.343
271998/04/05AnimeHimitsu no Akko chan 1998   0
281998/02/14AnimeIt Is Suitable Here And Is A MeGood(0.58)6.9648.4312
291998/02/14AnimeWonderful Magic Fan Fan PharmacyVery good(1.71)35.9152.9621
301998/02/14AnimeHeritako PuchanNormal(0.45)4.9548.1211
311998/01/23AnimeHaruniwake No SanninmeGood(1.00)1.0047.501
321997/10/06AnimeIt Is Hanitaro (Hanitaro Desu)Worst(-3.00)-6.0046.402
331997/04/07AnimeKindaichi Shonen no JikenboNormal(0.33)52.4755.55159
341997/02/15AnimeCUTIE HONEY FLASHNormal(0.26)11.9649.2146

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