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12017/10/06AnimeDYNAMIC CHORDVery bad(-2.33)-6.9946.333
22006/04/15AnimeDetective Conan: Requiem of the DetectivesGood(0.53)19.0850.7236
42004/10/01AnimeKakyusei2Very bad(-1.56)-42.1240.4027
52003/10/02AnimeSaiyuuki ReloadNormal(0.00)0.0047.5052
72001/07/30AnimeKinniku banduke Kongoukun no daibouken!   0
81999/12/18AnimeWelcome to Pia Carrot 2 DxGood(0.67)2.0147.843
91999AnimeARISA GOOD LUCKBad(-1.00)-1.0047.341
101996/03/22AnimeDokyusei 2Very good(1.57)10.9949.367
121993/03/21AnimeZEGUY Unkai no meikyuGood(0.50)1.0047.672
131991/03/20AnimeLUNA ValgerNormal(0.33)0.9947.673
141989/09/05AnimeHi-SPEED JECY   0
151989/04/25AnimeTaiman Blues Naoto Simizu 3   0
161988/08/12AnimeWat Poe to bokura no ohanashiVery good(2.00)2.0047.841
171986/03/21AnimeThe Humanoid ai no wakusei rezaria   0
181985/12/10AnimeBAVI STOCK-INormal(0.00)0.0047.501
191985/09/21AnimeMujigen Hunter FandoraGood(1.00)1.0047.671
201985/03/01AnimeLeda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko(Genmu Senki Leda)Normal(0.27)2.9748.0011
211984/10/11AnimeHokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)Very good(1.87)332.86103.63178
231983/06/05AnimePlastic Model Wrestling Sanshiro ( PlaWrestle Sanshiro )Very good(1.71)29.0752.4117
241983/03/30AnimeKousoku Denjin AlvegasGood(1.45)15.9550.1911
251982/05/05AnimeMakyo Densetsu AkurobanchiNormal(0.25)2.0047.848
261980/06/30AnimeSpace Warrior BaldiosGood(0.73)16.0650.2122

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