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Birth day1967/01/12
Official sitehttp://www.itplanning.co.jp/
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12007/12/06GameLost OdysseyVery bad(-2.00)-8.0044.884
22005/02/05AnimeBUZZER BEATERBad(-0.80)-4.0046.785
31999ComicsRealVery good(2.32)129.9287.1456
41998/04/25AnimeWelcome to LodossGood(1.00)1.0047.601
51998ComicsVagabond [Takehiko Inoue]Good(0.96)64.3267.6667
61997ComicsBUZZER BEATERVery good(1.71)11.9752.127
71995/10/27GameTV Anime Slum Dunk SD Heatup!!   0
81995/08/11GameTV Anime Slum Dunk I Love Basketball   0
91995/07/15AnimeSlum Dunk movie 4Good(1.00)1.0047.601
101995/03/04AnimeSlam dunk shouhoku saidai no kiki! moero sakuragi hanamichiGood(0.50)1.0047.602
111995/02/24GameFroem TV Animation Slam Dunk 2   0
121994/12LiteratureSLAM DUNKVery good(2.00)2.0048.461
131994/08/11GameFrom TV animation Slam Dunk Gakeppuchi no Kessen Leeg   0
141994/07/09AnimeSLAM DUNK Zenkoku seiha da Sakuragi HanamichiNormal(0.00)0.0047.442
151994/03/26GameFrom TV animation Slam Dunk Shikyou GekitotsuNormal(0.00)0.0047.451
161994/03/12AnimeSLAM DUNK THE MOVIENormal(0.33)0.9947.603
171993/10/06AnimeSLAM DUNKVery good(1.76)471.68125.14268
181990ComicsSLAM DUNKVery good(2.02)911.02319.00451
191989/07/17ComicsChameleon JailGood(0.58)6.9650.6412

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