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Birth day1947/12/09
Official sitehttp://yasuworld.hp.infoseek.co.jp/
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Average(Out)Very good48.5051659,253

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12019/04/29AnimeMobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN NHKver.Good(1.00)2.0047.812
22018/09/25ComicsInui and Tatsumi Zabaikal Senki   0
32018/05/05AnimeMobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGINVery good(2.00)8.0048.814
42017/09/02AnimeMobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN VGood(0.80)4.0048.145
52016/11/19AnimeMobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN IVGood(1.00)5.0048.315
62016/06/25ComicsMobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSD Cucurz Doan no shima   0
72016/05/21AnimeMobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN IIIVery good(1.80)9.0048.985
82016/04/03AnimeMOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN RE:0096Normal(0.00)0.0047.482
92015/10/31AnimeMobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN IIGood(1.20)6.0048.485
102015/02/28AnimeMobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN IGood(1.25)10.0049.148
112012/06/26ComicsYamato Takeru   0
122012/01/25ComicsTen no ketsumyaku   0
132010/02/20AnimeMobile Suit Gundam UnicornGood(1.02)54.0656.4953
142010/01/26ComicsMobile Suit Gundam UC: bande dessinéeBad(-1.00)-1.0048.301
152008/01/06AnimeZoku sayonara zetsubou senseiVery good(1.90)39.9054.1321
162006/12/25LiteratureMOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORNNormal(0.00)0.0046.5913
172006/03/04AnimeMobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation3Normal(0.40)16.8050.2842
182006ComicsUruwashijima Yumemonogatari   0
192005/10/29AnimeMobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation 2 -Lovers-Normal(0.46)17.9450.4739
202005/05/28AnimeMobile Suit Zeta Gundam A New Translation -Heirs to the Stars-Good(1.22)73.2059.6760
212004/06/26ComicsInu GUNDAM chijouhenBad(-1.50)-3.0047.702
222003/05/02GameMobile Suite GUNDAM GIHREN'S GREED : Champion in blue star   0
242002/05/02GameMobile Suit Gundam GIHREN'S GREED ZEON REVOLUTIONARY WARGood(1.00)5.0049.135
252001/06/25ComicsMobile Suit Gundam the originVery good(1.63)44.0161.7727
262001/03/14GameMobile Suit Gundam Federal Army VS Jion Army DXVery good(1.84)57.0466.1131
272000ComicsKing of the flea   0
281999ComicsDattan Typhoon   0
291999ComicsNeo DevilmanGood(0.67)2.0149.203
301998ComicsOdo no inu   0
311997ComicsJesus   0
321997ComicsMARAYA   0
331997ComicsMy name is neroGood(1.00)1.0048.901
341995/12/21AnimeSuper Atragon (Shin Kaitei Gunkan)Normal(-0.40)-2.0047.155
361995ComicsMikawa monogatariNormal(0.00)0.0048.602
371993ComicsANTON   0
381992/04/08AnimeTikyuu SOS soreike kororinnVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.151
401991/08LiteratureKENDO OH WARSVery bad(-2.00)-2.0044.441
411991/03/16AnimeMobile Suit Gundam F91Good(1.17)182.5277.89156
421990/03LiteratureJoly Roger TravelBad(-1.00)-1.0045.511
441990ComicsNiji Iro No TorotukyVery good(2.00)6.0050.393
451989/10/14GameVenus Wars   0
461989/03/11AnimeVenus WarsGood(1.43)20.0250.8114
471988/03LiteratureOHGON HAKUSHANormal(0.00)0.0046.591
481987/12LiteratureArion iden   0
491987/11/06AnimeSong of Wind and Trees (Kaze to Ki no Uta)Good(1.00)4.0048.144
501987ComicsC court   0
521986/03/01AnimeMobile Suit Gundam ZZGood(0.67)131.3269.36196
531986ComicsVenus Wars   0
541985/03/02AnimeMobile Suit Z Gundam (TV series)Very good(1.50)351.00105.96234
551985ComicsKurd no hoshi   0
561984/09/29LiteratureGIANT GORGGood(1.00)1.0047.661
571984/04/05AnimeGIANT GORGGood(1.17)35.1053.3330
581983/03/12AnimeCrusher JoeVery good(1.67)40.0854.1624
591982/05/05AnimeWhite FangVery good(2.00)2.0047.811
601982/03/13AnimeMobile Suit Gundam IIIBest(3.00)3.0047.981
611981/07/11AnimeMobile Suit Gundam IIBest(3.00)3.0047.981
621981/03/14AnimeMobile Suit Gundam IVery good(2.00)2.0047.811
631980/10LiteratureSeattle Kenka Elegy   0
651979/11/30LiteratureMobile Suit GundamGood(0.67)10.0557.4015
661979/07/31AnimeSpace Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage (Uchu senkan Yamato: Aratanaru tabidachi)Normal(0.00)0.0047.4814
671979/04/07AnimeMobile Suit GundamVery good(1.97)663.89158.09337
681978/08/05AnimeFarewell to Space Battleship YamatoGood(0.79)18.9650.6424
691978/04/01AnimeTousho DaimosGood(1.29)39.9954.1431
711977/11LiteratureCrusher JoeBest(3.00)3.0049.821
721977/10/08AnimeMuteki Chojin Zanbot 3Very good(1.63)92.9162.9657
731976/04/17AnimeCOMBATTLER V ( CHODENJI ROBOT COMBATTLER V )Very good(1.56)67.0858.6543
741975/10/03AnimeKUMUKUMUVery good(1.50)3.0047.982
751975/04/04AnimeBrave Raideen (Yuusha Raideen)Very good(1.88)31.9652.8017

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