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/ Created date:2016/04/29
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Birth day1924/11/09
Died day2012/11/22
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Average(Out)Very good56.57225,583

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11981/02/11JP movieSneaker Blues   0
21974/03/21JP movieGODZILLA VS THE BIONIC MONSTERGood(1.32)25.0871.1619
31970/08/14JP movieOre no sora daze! Wakadaishou   0
41969/10/10JP movieKonto 55 gou Ore wa ninja no mago no mago   0
51969/01/01JP movieFreshman wakadaishou   0
61967/11/18JP movieMidaregumo   0
71967/01/01JP movieLet's go! Wakadaishou   0
81960/10/30JP movieDokuritsu gurentai nishi eGood(1.00)2.0050.472
91960/09/15JP movieWarui Yatsu Hodo Yoku NemuruBest(2.67)8.0155.863
101959/10/06JP movieAn independent dissolute crowdVery good(1.50)3.0051.362
111958/10/14JP movieVARAN THE UNBELIEVABLENormal(0.27)2.9751.3411
121954/11/03JP movieGODZILLA:THE KING OF MONSTERSVery good(1.85)112.85149.8461

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