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/ Created date:2008/06/04
Created day2006/06/02
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12020/04/07GameEshigami no Kizuna   0
22019/08/29GameAzur Lane: Crosswave   0
32019/02/07GameArc of Alchemist   0
42018/10/11GameVarnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon   0
52018/07/12GameMary Skelter 2   0
62018/05/31GameHyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Plus   0
72018/04/12GameDeath end re;Quest   0
82017/09/28GameGenkai Tokki: Castle Panzers   0
92017/04/27GameGun Gun Pixies   0
102017/02/09GameFour Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune   0
112016/10/13GameMary Skelter: Nightmares   0
122016/08/04GameGenkai Tokki: Seven Pirates   0
132016/07/21GameDark Rose Valkyrie   0
142015/12/17GameMeiQ: Labyrinth of Death   0
152015/11/26GameChoujigen Taisen Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Yume no Gattai Special   0
162015/09/25GameGenkai Tokki Moero Crystal   0
172015/07/23GameTrillion: God of Destruction   0
182015/04/23GameMegadimension Neptunia VII   0
192014/10/02GameOmega Quintet   0
202014/06/26GameDate a Live Ars Install   0
212014/05/29GameHyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart   0
222014/05/15GameGenkai Tokki Moero Chronicle   0
232013/10/10GameFairy Fencer F   0
242013/07/12AnimeHyperdimension Neptunia The Animation (Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation)Normal(0.26)4.9448.3019
252013/06/27GameDate a live Rinne utopia   0
262013/06/20GameShinjigen Idol Neptune PP   0
272013/01/24GameUnlikely Knight: Monster Monpiece   0
282012/08/30GameHyperdimension Neptunia Victory   0
292012/02/23GameTouch Shiyo! -Love Application-   0
302011/08/18GameHyperdimension Neptunia mk2   0
312010/11/12ComicsHyperdimension Neptunia Megami tsuushin   0
322010/08/19GameTyouzigengeimu neputeleyunuNormal(0.00)0.0047.501
332009/09/17GameJigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) mioyosuga   0
342009/07/23GameRosario + Vampire Koi to Yume no Rhapsody   0
352009/06/25GameRecord of Agarest War ZERO   0
362008/08/28GameMajin tantei Nougami Neuro Battle dayo! Hannin daishuugou!   0
372008/07/17GameGakkou no kaidan DS   0
382007/09/27GameRecord of Agarest WarVery good(1.50)3.0048.482
392007/09/13GameMegazone23:Aoi Garland   0
402007/06/21GameBLACK CAT Kuroneko no concertoNormal(-0.50)-1.0047.172
412006/09/28GameAstonishia StoryVery bad(-2.00)-2.0046.851

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