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2002/06/29 Very good [Anime] The Violinist of Harmeln (Hamelun no violonhiki)
i read this anime and i liked the way it sounds! but if people hate, they may do so. i like how the ...
2002/06/27 Very good [Anime] Divine Wind Thief Jeanne(Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)
the anime is awsome! i just love watching chiaki... he's sooooooooooo cute in the anime! I could jus...
2002/06/09 Favorite comment [Anime] Ninja Soldier Tobikage
I saw the dubbed version while over sees. I haven't been able to find the dub anymore. I like it b...
2002/04/08 Favorite comment [Anime] crayon shin-chan
it's so hilarious. the best anime i've ever seen. ;)
2001/11/19 Best! [Anime] COWBOY BEBOP
This is the best anime I have ever seen. It has really good animation, music, and plot. Spike is t...
1999/11/20 Best! [Anime] Sailor Moon
It is a wonderful anime. This anime is one of the most artistic animes around. It doesn't mean to de...