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2009/09/21 [Comics] Crayon Shin-chan
The author of Shin-chan was found dead at the bottom of the cliff in the mountain "Afafune"...
2009/09/16 [Comics] Crayon Shin-chan
The author of Crayon Shin-chan is missing after he went out saying that he would go to the mountain ...
2009/09/08 [Game] FINAL FANTASY XIII
The release date of Final Fantasy XIII was announced. It will be released on 17/Dec/2009. Seeing the...
2009/03/29 [Game] Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days -
The release date of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was officialy fixed so I could add this title to this ...
Today is the day when the game is released in Japan. I baught PSP and got it yesterday. I will buy i...
New movies and so on were added to the official page. It will...
2008/11/23 [Game] Kingdom Hearts
Kingdome Hearts 358/2 will be released in Feburary of 2009 in Japan. I wonder who is the girl with b...
2008/08/02 [Game] Kingdom Hearts
When new games of Kingdome Hearts will be released was decided. 1. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days Macine...
2008/07/21 [Game] Brave Fencer Musashi
Musashiden was released on Playstion@Store in Japan.
2008/07/21 [Game] Chrono Trigger
The renewal version of Chrono Triger will be released on Nintendo DS. S...
2008/07/13 [Comics] DOUBLE ARTS
Introduction of Double Arts. This is new comics which is written on Weekly Boys Jump. Weekly boys ju...
2008/07/13 [Game] Brave Fencer Musashi
Brave fencer Musashi is now available on PSP & PS3. You can buy it on Playstation Online of Japa...