Take a Walk

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2009/06/07 "Take a Walk" Category: Rehab
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Well, I like taking a walk.
Because I can make my memory playing in my consciousness freely
while I'm walking freely, too. I don't consider a route and the weather.
When it rains, having umbrella solve the problem. When I get lost,
I usually search wide roads or stations, and all right.
(At Tokyo, or Saitama, or....)

Now, today I walked about 6km.
It's so-so. Not so long, not so short.
Though my legs hurts slightly. (^^;)

By the way, my classmate,
Please ask someone except me when you walk 36km for 'Asceticism'.
After that, I couldn't walk a few days. (^^;)
I don't want to do again.

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