Elite Beat Agents

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2009/06/06 "Elite Beat Agents" Category: Rehab
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Well, I like rhythm action games, and my favorite rhythm games are
Taiko Drum Master(Taiko no Tatsujin) and Elite Beat Agents(Osu Tatakae Ouendan).

Now, I've played Japanese Ouendan series.
They were so amazing and I was satisfied with them very mush.
One day, I got information "There is American Ouendan,
and that's name is Elite Beat Agents".
After, I bought EBA at the shop my friend was working.
(She told me there was EBA in her shop, and it was rare)

And EBA is very nice game.
First Ouendan(Japanese Ver.) have some faults.
For example, player can't skip each episode's opening,
player can't keep his/her play data, etc....
EBA corrected most of such faults,
then that game is very comfortable.
Of course EBA's game system is same to Ouendan.
(Elite Beat Divas are so charming and hot!!)

Now my favorite episode of EBA is Christmas' one.
This is an impressive story, an established custom of Ouendan.
Song used in this episode, 'You're the inspiration' is wonderful,
then the song and the story synchronize miraculously.
I want you to play and confirm it by yourselves.

(There is Christmas' episode in Ouendan2 Japanese Ver.
but it is not an impressive, but very very funny one)

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