News of Anime

1. German YouTuber Nino Kerl Makes Cameo in Mashima's Edens Zero Manga(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Luigi's Mansion 3 Switch Game Launches on October 31(Animenewsnetwork)
3. 'Old Town Road Remix' Animated Video Shows Keanu Reeves Doing 'Naruto Run' to Storm Area 51(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Sailor Moon Restaurant Opens With Daily Stage Shows(Animenewsnetwork)

1. Code Vein Game's Trailer Previews Invading Executioner Boss(Animenewsnetwork)
2. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Game Delayed to October 22 in West(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Maiden Japan Licenses Joshiraku Comedy Anime(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Nintendo Switch Console Gets New Model With Longer Battery Life(Animenewsnetwork)
5. Project ARMS Writer's Detective Xeno and the Seven Locked Murder Rooms Manga Ends(Animenewsnetwork)
6. SINoALICE Smartphone Game's Worldwide Release Delayed(Animenewsnetwork)
7. Avex Unveils Kotodama Shōjo Rap Girls Project With Planned Anime(Animenewsnetwork)
8. Fairy gone Anime's New Video Previews 2nd Half(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Ni no Kuni Film's Clip Shows Airship Flight(Animenewsnetwork)
10. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Opens at #2 With 553 Million Yen Gross(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Netflix Produces Live-Action Alice in Borderland Series(Animenewsnetwork)
12. Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Kazuki Takahashi Apologizes for Political Statements(Animenewsnetwork)
13. Solve Fruits Basket Mysteries in Bookstores Across Japan(Animenewsnetwork)
14. North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 14-20(Animenewsnetwork)
15. Symphogear XV Main Animator Yoshiyuki Ōkubo Explains Why Kirika's Transformation is Not 'Sleazy'(Animenewsnetwork)
16. Live-Action Akira Film Delayed Indefinitely(Animenewsnetwork)
17. Your Daily Streaming Reviews Schedule: Summer 2019(Animenewsnetwork)

1. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Game's Trailer Previews Theme Song(Animenewsnetwork)
2. New Strike Witches Anime Film Reveals Video, Visual(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun Manga Goes on Hiatus Until October(Animenewsnetwork)
4. 'Is the order a rabbit?? Sing For You' OVA Reveals Video, More Cast(Animenewsnetwork)
5. Pokémon GO Game Launches One Piece, Kumamoto Collaboration(Animenewsnetwork)
6. Sword Art Online Director's Hello World Anime Film Previews Songs In Trailer(Animenewsnetwork)
7. Manga Creator Arina Tanemura Designs Virtual YouTubers for Tokyo Cinderella Story Channel(Animenewsnetwork)
8. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Switch Game's Video Introduces Golden Deer House(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Tezuka's Phoenix Inspires Compilation CD in October(Animenewsnetwork)
10. Doraemon: Story of Seasons Game's English Promo Video Streamed(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Otakon Hosts JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Animator Naoki Yoshibe(Animenewsnetwork)

1. Comic-Con Looks to Make Dragon Ball History with Kamehameha World Record Attempt(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Azur Lane: Crosswave PS4 Game's Videos Preview Gameplay(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi Wants Fans to Vote(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Ottawa Int'l Film Festival Nominates Ohashi's On-Gaku: Our Sound Anime Film for Award(Animenewsnetwork)
5. Child of Kamiari Month Anime Film Project Launches 2nd Crowdfunding Campaign(Animenewsnetwork)
6. Revue Starlight Gets 3rd Stage Musical in Summer 2020(Animenewsnetwork)
7. Ciconia When They Cry, Umineko When They Cry Saku Games Delayed to September(Animenewsnetwork)
8. Macross Streaming Program's BD to Include Concert CG Anime Shorts(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Fafner the Beyond Anime's Episodes 4-6 Debut in Theaters in November(Animenewsnetwork)
10. New Line Cinema Hires Greg Russo to Write Proposed Space Invaders Film(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Junichi Suwabe, Kana Hanazawa Narrate Trailers for Kōtarō Isaka's Latest Novel(Animenewsnetwork)
12. Weekly Shonen Magazine Launches Advice-Giving Twitter Account(Animenewsnetwork)

1. Furniture Store Shows Off How Framed Artwork of Manga Classics Would Look In Your Home(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, 25-Episode Length, October Premiere(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Aoko Sasaki Launches New Seven Days War Manga in August(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Saori Hayami Joins Cast of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime(Animenewsnetwork)
5. Serial Experiment Lain Goes 'Open Source' In Japan Until 2028(Animenewsnetwork)
6. Italy Tour Takes Aria Fans to Venice to See Locales That Inspired Anime(Animenewsnetwork)

1. Voice Acting For JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Anime Concludes(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Shironeko Project TV Anime's Teaser Unveils Staff, Cast, Title, April Debut(Animenewsnetwork)
3. XFLAG Previews Monster Strike Dream Company Spinoff Smartphone Game in Video(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Monster Strike Anime Previews New Noah Hakobune no Kyūseishu Series in Video(Animenewsnetwork)
5. San Diego Comic-Con Lists Sound & Fury Anime Film by Takashi Okazaki, Junpei Mizusaki(Animenewsnetwork)
6. futekiya Launches Boys-Love Manga Subscription Service in English(Animenewsnetwork)
7. Ninja Box Switch Game Gets Web Anime Starting on August 8(Animenewsnetwork)
8. SOZO Comics to Release ZAN, Marin, Prince of Lan Ling, Enchanted Racer Manga in English on ComiXology(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Yen Press Issues Correction Regarding 2 Persona 5 Manga Licenses Mistakenly Announced at Anime Expo(Animenewsnetwork)
10. Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun Anime Reveals Visual, More Staff(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Digital Comic Publisher SOZO Comics Launches(Animenewsnetwork)
12. 2019 Dragon Ball World Tour Kicks Off at San Diego Comic-Con(Animenewsnetwork)
13. Seven Seas Announces Ten New Manga and Light Novel Licenses at Anime Expo 2019(Animenewsnetwork)
14. Tokyopop® Reveals Exclusives for San Diego-Comic Con 2019(Animenewsnetwork)
15. ATLUS & Gallery Nucleus Pair Up for a Persona 5 Royal + Catherine: Full Body Art Showcase in Los Angeles(Animenewsnetwork)
16. God Eater 3 Now Available on Nintendo Switch from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.(Animenewsnetwork)
17. Hentai Artist Aiue Oka Asks Readers to Not Pirate, Buy Officially Licensed Manga(Animenewsnetwork)
18. 'Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?' Original Video Anime Green-Lit(Animenewsnetwork)
19. Kaguya-sama, Demon Slayer, Kemurikusa Top Gadget Tsūshin 2019's Anime Buzzwords (So Far)(Animenewsnetwork)
20. Hana to Yume Apologizes For Publishing Manga Strongly Resembling Arina Tanemura's Work(Animenewsnetwork)

1. My Hero Academia Gets New Spinoff Manga This Month(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Megumi Han, Mariya Ise Join One Piece Anime's Cast(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Dr. Stone's Boichi Draws One Piece 1-Shot Manga About Zoro for Manga's 22nd Anniversary(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Hinomaru Sumō Manga Reaches 'Climax' in Next Chapter on July 22(Animenewsnetwork)
5. Disaster Report 4 Plus -Summer Memories- Game's Switch Release Launches on September 26(Animenewsnetwork)
6. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Yūto Uemura Join Cast of Ahiru no Sora Anime(Animenewsnetwork)
7. My Hero Academia Manga Tops U.S. Monthly Bookscan June List(Animenewsnetwork)
8. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox PS4 Game's Video Previews Combat(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite Combate Game Ships in November(Animenewsnetwork)
10. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki OVA Series Gets 5th Season(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Konami Details TurboGrafx-16 Mini Console's Full Lineup, March 19 Release(Animenewsnetwork)
12. Kodansha's Comic Days Website Launches Hop Step Sing! Manga in English(Animenewsnetwork)
13. Akagi Sequel Manga Yami Ma no Mamiya Launches(Animenewsnetwork)
14. New Young Animal Zero Magazine Launches on September 9(Animenewsnetwork)
15. Crunchyroll, Funimation to Stream A Certain Scientific Accelerator Anime(Animenewsnetwork)
16. DanMachi - Memoria Freese to Start In-game Events Simultaneous to the Second Season of Anime "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?"(Animenewsnetwork)
17. Voice Actor Kirk Thornton Added to Otakon Guest List(Animenewsnetwork)
18. Manga Artist Steve Bennett Added to Otakon Guest Roster(Animenewsnetwork)
19. Voice Actor Jen Cohn to Be Otakon Guest(Animenewsnetwork)
20. Hōkago Saikoro Club Anime Reveals Staff, October Premiere(Animenewsnetwork)
21. Chihayafuru Anime Season 3's Video Previews Opening Song, More Returning Cast(Animenewsnetwork)
22. Anohana Team's Her Blue Sky Anime Film Reveals Aimyon Theme Song in Trailer(Animenewsnetwork)
23. Val x Love Anime's Teaser Reveals Staff, October Premiere(Animenewsnetwork)
24. Shōjo Magazine Nakayoshi Plans 65th Anniversary Exhibition(Animenewsnetwork)
25. Monster's Urasawa Draws Poster for Charity Car Rally Event(Animenewsnetwork)
26. 2 More Suspects Arrested in Mangamura Piracy Site Case(Animenewsnetwork)
27. Lapras Calls Miyagi Prefecture Home as Prefecture's Support Pokémon(Animenewsnetwork)

1. Kimi ni Todoke, Wotakoi, Gintama Protagonists Top Character Boyfriend Poll(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Persona 5 Game Gets Stage Play in December(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Listen to the Serene Sounds of Carole & Tuesday's 2nd OP 'Polly Jean'(Animenewsnetwork)