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1. Japan's Animation DVD Ranking, June 19-25(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, June 19-25(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Basilisk Manga's Sequel Novel Gets Manga in July(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Ookiku Furikabutte/Big Windup Manga Returns From Hiatus in July(Animenewsnetwork)
5. Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor Anime Casts Hina Higuchi, Takuya Eguchi, Ayaka Suwa(Animenewsnetwork)
6. Nintendo Reveals Classic Mini Super Famicom for Japan(Animenewsnetwork)
7. Cells at Work Manga Gets New Spinoff About Cells That Don't Work(Animenewsnetwork)
8. Anime Expo Hosts Yuri!!! on Ice Creators Mitsurou Kubo, Sayo Yamamoto(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Shonen Jump Celebrates 50th Anniversary, App Release With International Manga Contest(Animenewsnetwork)
10. Udon Collectibles Presents Exclusive Evangelion Pins(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Sentai Filmworks Licenses 'Battle Girl High School'(Animenewsnetwork)
12. Fate/Grand Order Launches in North America(Animenewsnetwork)
13. Asdivine Hearts & Alphadia Genesis Join Steam Summer Sale(Animenewsnetwork)
14. Real-Life Yasaburō Rescued From The Eccentric Family Shrine Well(Animenewsnetwork)
15. Japan Cuts Film Festival Screens Teiichi no Kuni, Neko Atsume, In This Corner of the World Films(Animenewsnetwork)
16. Vegeta Brings the Family for This Year's Refrigerator Campaign(Animenewsnetwork)
17. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology 3DS Game's Promo Previews Full Opening Theme(Animenewsnetwork)
18. Kizumonogatari VR Experience Launches for Free on July 12(Animenewsnetwork)
19. Rumiko Takahashi Celebrates Idol Group NGT48's 1st Anniversary(Animenewsnetwork)
20. New Shonen Ashibe Manga About Main Characters in High School Launches in July(Animenewsnetwork)
21. Sentai Filmworks Licenses Vatican Miracle Examiner, Streams on Anime Strike in U.S.(Animenewsnetwork)
22. The Bears' School, Tinny Anime Films Reveal Trailer, Poster, Cast, Staff(Animenewsnetwork)

1. Sentai Filmworks Licenses Made in Abyss Anime for Summer Simulcast(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Yoshiki to Screen We Are X and Special Yoshikitty Featurette at Anime Expo(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Hidive™ Acquires 'Kabukibu!' for International Streaming(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Hidive™ Acquires 'Atom the Beginning' for International Streaming(Animenewsnetwork)
5. Aniplex of America Names Shu Nishimoto as President(Animenewsnetwork)
6. Hidive™ Acquires 'Grimoire of Zero' for International Streaming(Animenewsnetwork)
7. Live-Action 'GARO' Series to Stream Exclusively on HIDIVE™(Animenewsnetwork)
8. Nintendo Reveals SNES Classic Edition With 21 Games, Including Star Fox 2(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Zoo Ends 1st Kemono Friends Campaign, but Grape-kun & Humboldt Are Forever(Animenewsnetwork)
10. Symphogear AXZ Anime's 3-Minute Promo Previews Nana Mizuki's Opening Song(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Sentai Filmworks Licenses Battle Girl High School, Plans HIDIVE Simulcast(Animenewsnetwork)
12. Idol Ririka Sutō to Graduate NMB48 After Announcing Marriage Plans(Animenewsnetwork)
13. King of Prism: Pride the Hero Anime Film Earns 200 Million Yen(Animenewsnetwork)
14. 2nd Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Film Opens at #8(Animenewsnetwork)
15. Vanishing Starlight Manga Based on Sound Horizon Single Ends '1st Part'(Animenewsnetwork)
16. Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Film Previewed in 2 More Trailers, Still of Kōtarō Amon(Animenewsnetwork)
17. Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat Anime Premieres on July 12, Will Have 12 Episodes(Animenewsnetwork)
18. Snack World Nintendo 3DS Game Delayed to August 10(Animenewsnetwork)
19. Nakaba Suzuki's The Seven Deadly Sins Manga Gets PS4 Action Game(Animenewsnetwork)
20. Tokyo Ravens Manga Ends Serialization in July(Animenewsnetwork)
21. Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 0 Manga Ends in July(Animenewsnetwork)
22. Kiss×sis Creator Ditama Launches New Manga in Shonen Sirius(Animenewsnetwork)
23. Hajimete no Gal Manga's 5th Volume Listed With Original Anime on Blu-ray(Animenewsnetwork)
24. Princess Principal Anime's Ad Highlights Main Characters(Animenewsnetwork)
25. Uta no Prince-sama♪ Shining Live Smartphone Rhythm Game Gets Global Release(Animenewsnetwork)
26. One Piece 'Episode of East Blue' Special's Visual Unveiled(Animenewsnetwork)
27. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Anime's Season 3 Visual Unveiled(Animenewsnetwork)
28. Live-Action Ajin Film's Trailer Previews The Oral Cigarettes' Theme Song(Animenewsnetwork)
29. Magic Knight Rayearth's Hikaru Inspires Cosmetics(Animenewsnetwork)
30. Fujoshi Choose 'Top' Characters in Boys-Love Manga Quiz(Animenewsnetwork)

1. Is the Order a Rabbit?? Anime's Special Episode Reveals November 11 Debut, Staff(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Kemono Friends Zoo Collab Adds Night Tours(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Little Witch Academia PS4 Game's 2nd Ad Reveals November 30 Launch, Trigger's Anime Footage, Bonus Game(Animenewsnetwork)
4. 5th Digimon Adventure tri Anime Film's Promo Video Teases Battle(Animenewsnetwork)
5. DIVE!! Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, More Cast(Animenewsnetwork)
6. Houbunsha Reveals Kirara Fantasy Smartphone RPG(Animenewsnetwork)
7. Yurucamp Anime Reveals Main Cast, 1st Visual(Animenewsnetwork)
8. Blend S TV Anime's 1st Promo Video Reveals Main Cast(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Welcome to the Ballroom Anime Gets Amazon Prime-Only Streaming Inside, Outside Japan(Animenewsnetwork)
10. Touken Ranbu Smartphone Game Reveals 2 More Characters in Kiwame State(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Futari H Manga Gets Gag Spinoff Series About Akira(Animenewsnetwork)
12. Anime Voice Actors Play Rejuvenated Elders in Wi-Fi Router Promo Video(Animenewsnetwork)
13. Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection PC Game's Trailer Posted(Animenewsnetwork)
14. Create a Chain of Memories With Kingdom Hearts Jewelry(Animenewsnetwork)
15. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin PS4/PC Game's Trailer Posted(Animenewsnetwork)
16. Tokyo Ghoul's Real-World Anteiku Cafe Offers Coffee, Sandwiches, No Human Flesh(Animenewsnetwork)

1. PlayStation VR Trailer Shows Game Lineup(Animenewsnetwork)
2. Kemono Friends Bus Tour Expands to a Caravan(Animenewsnetwork)
3. Eat-Man's Akihito Yoshitomi Starts New Short Yuri Series(Animenewsnetwork)
4. Fate/Apocrypha TV Anime Airs Last Ad Before July 1 Premiere(Animenewsnetwork)
5. 14 Anime Titles Leave Daisuki Streaming Service This Month(Animenewsnetwork)
6. Kanae Hazuki's Say 'I Love You'. Manga Ends Serialization on July 24(Animenewsnetwork)
7. Fox Spirit Matchmaker New PV and New Characters/Cast Release(Animenewsnetwork)
8. HIDIVE Beta Acquires Streaming Rights to GATE English Dub(Animenewsnetwork)
9. Producer Hideyuki Tomioka To Be Guest At Otakon 2017(Animenewsnetwork)
10. Anime Screenwriter & Novelist Katsuyuki Sumizawa Added To Guest Roster For Otakon 2017(Animenewsnetwork)
11. Voice Actress Shino Kakinuma To Be Guest At Otakon 2017(Animenewsnetwork)
12. School-Live! Manga Goes on Hiatus With Planned Return By End of Year(Animenewsnetwork)
13. My Hero Academia 2nd Season Anime Previews New Opening Theme, 2nd Cour in Video(Animenewsnetwork)
14. Live-Action Love Concierge Series Gets 2nd Season(Animenewsnetwork)
15. Classroom of the Elite Anime's Promo Video Previews ZAQ's Theme Song(Animenewsnetwork)
16. Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime's 3rd Film Reveals Visual, October 14 Premiere(Animenewsnetwork)
17. Crunchyroll Adds Hina Logic: From Luck & Logic Anime to Summer Lineup(Animenewsnetwork)
18. Yurucamp TV Anime Reveals Main Staff(Animenewsnetwork)
19. Haikara-san ga Tōru Anime Films Reveal 4 More Cast Members(Animenewsnetwork)
20. My Hero Academia Anime Reveals Gran Torino's Character Design(Animenewsnetwork)
21. Top-Selling Anime CD Albums: 2017 (First Half)(Animenewsnetwork)
22. Karada Sagashi Net Anime Casts Kana Asumi, Takuya Eguchi(Animenewsnetwork)
23. Aniplex of America Appoints Shu Nishimoto as President(Animenewsnetwork)
24. Top-Selling Anime CD Singles: 2017 (First Half)(Animenewsnetwork)
25. Gainax Begins Uru in Blue Anime Film's Production This Month(Animenewsnetwork)
26. Voice Actor Toshio Furukawa To Be Guest At Otakon 2017(Animenewsnetwork)
27. Hop Step Sing! and ChainMan Coming to Japan Character VR Matsuri(Animenewsnetwork)
28. HIDIVE Acquires Sagrada Reset for International Streaming(Animenewsnetwork)
29. HIDIVE Acquires Armed Girl's Machiavellism for International Streaming(Animenewsnetwork)
30. HIDIVE Acquires Anonymous Noise for International Streaming(Animenewsnetwork)
31. In Another World With My Smartphone Anime Posts 2nd Key Visual(Animenewsnetwork)
32. Fate/Grand Order Invites Fans to Anime Expo 2017(Animenewsnetwork)

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