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Other media: Comics:Uchiuu Tetujin Kyodain (Tsuchiyama Yoshiki)
SF TV total pnts rank Rank 211in 757 titlesTotal 10 / Deviation 49.14
SF TV avg pnts Rank 182in 246 titlesAvg 0.62=Good/16 reviews
SF TV rank of 1976 Rank 4in 12 titles
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Voice/Actor1.60(Very good)5
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MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) TOEI Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.
Ishimori Shotarou Shoutarou Ishinomori Koudansha Month Shonen MAGAZINE
Keisuke Fujikawa SHOZO UEHARA Edure Takashi
Koichi Takemoto Itaru Orita Takaharu Saeki Michio Konishi Shinji Murayama
Okada Masaru Ono Kenyukai
Shunsuke Kikuchi Isao Sasaki KOUROGI73
Yatsude Saburo
Yuusuke Natsu
Takeshi Sasaki
Furukawa Satoshi
Mitsuko Horie
Date Shozaburo
Baku Numata
Maria Elizabeth
Watanabe Yayoi Yoshiko Hara Akane Kawasaki
Ko Mitsui Kamei Kazuko Homare Hasegawa Oshiba Manabu Kobana Kenji
Kondo Katsuaki Usuda Takumi Junya Kato Tsukasa Ito
Wolf Otsuki Kumari Yuka Masanari Nihei Kawai Genji Takao Hase Yoko Takagi Matsushita Mika Sakae Umetsu Tsuda Ayako
Fujimori Masayoshi Gouzo Souma Hiroko Sakurai Masanori Irie Mister Chin HIDEO NIHEI Katayama Akira MASAHIRO KAMIYA Sato Jyoya Katsura Rumi Susumu Kurobe KIBAJI TANKOBO Kimie Matsui Hiromatsu Saburo Toshiyasu Hiyoshi Tony Cetera Isao Hashizume Takatuki Tyuu
KIN OHMAE GICHI SUGI Hiroshi Tanaka Hiroyuki Takayanagi Yamada Koichi KOUEN OKUMURA
Yoshihumi Tajima Uemura Kenjiro
Misako Sato Hiroshi Ueda Shinichi Wakasa
Hideyo Amamoto
Usami Jyun
Setsuo Wakui Yoshiko Ota Haruko Kitahama
Shouzo Iiduka
Teiji Ohmiya Eisuke Yoda Eiji Maruyama
Michiro Okada TADAO FUTAMI
Hisako Kyouda Terue Nunami Shin Aomori
Toshio kitayama
Rihoko Yoshida
Takashi Satomi Shun Yashiro Ritsuo Sawa
Mahito Tsujimura Sagawa Jiro Yamaura Sakae Motomu Kiyokawa
Michio Hazama
Nakayasiki Tetuya
Hiro Kawarazaki
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Japan Released:1976/04/02(Fri) 19:00-19:30 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) / End:1977/03/11
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2015/07/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46597 Host:46762 Browser: 5171
At first I thought that it was a work of a suit actor crying.
Both Skysel and Granzel initially appeared as a transformed figure, it was a nightmare for Actor to start exercising at the gymnasium.
Whether it was unpopular or just halfway from the way, I became a dragon, Ryuji, but Actor-san was the most relieved than the children.
If I had kept that figure all the while, I think that actor has become a nightmare work.
It is a feature of this work that the two of Kyodane transform into Jet, a car form and become a battle with a miniature.
Well the mouth going crawling and it is irregular, but it was a new attempt as Toei of those days.
I can not see it much from the middle though.
Although it is not bad about the action, I think that the image that goes around the neck with the point where the Dada star's guards line up in one row is surreal.

Although the hero's concession, Ryuji is the protagonist in this work, the brother Kenji also is confused by the appearance of his brother who has changed in appearance, a life-sized child who can not be caught in a class attendance for the purpose of a duty I think that it was.
Though I think that it is for peace of the earth when I think calmly, I thought that it is a child so I do not stop stopping thinking like this.
I think that the point that the response to that Kenji differs between two elder brothers was also depicted as a personality with a different form of love.
In addition to what mind two people of Kyodain usually correspond to incidents and raids by combining with the defense army, this is unusual as Toei special effects.
Regardless of the Ultra system, the Toei hero has many patterns to fight with the basic transformation human being and the few people who back it up.

Although it is a digression, it is a cradle of a classmate of Kenji that I could not help saying whether I can not forgive by this work.
Even in any series of special effects at the time, people who take robots or do bullys usually come out regularly, but I think that this work 's brat was the worst pattern far surpassing them even more.
Because Kyodain is a scrap of iron against Kenji, he is a younger brother, so you decide that it is so.
No, I could not help putting it in as if that iron scrap had protected my life.
It is a child's saying in an old work and it is not a matter to worry about it, but this alone could not be said without mentioning anything regardless of whether the evaluation was good or bad.
In the case of me it is unlikely that I get angry at the characters, but I did not want to bother writing in sentences of evaluation.
That impressed me with a bad meaning.

As a rating, it is not possible and it is not possible either.
It is so much when asked if it was interesting, and there is no point that it can not be said that it was useless in particular.
Oh well it is normal.

2013/06/15 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21882 Browser: 1959(Mobile)
A brother robot in which his brother 's memory was planted. The talk progresses with a slightly warm hearted feeling, and Dada robot also turns into a comical vehicle somewhere comical and Kyodane will also become a comical ride. However there are some that the battle is strangely long or loses. It is a pity that there is no catharsis of transformation.

2010/03/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3263 Host:3060 Browser: 5718
"Skyzel" and "Grandsell" who have memories of two older brothers work diligently for his brother Kenji and kun and Earth, but Kenji wanted to see his father and brothers even though they know their feelings There is no choice, but both of Kyodane will take Kenji and it is a wonderful older brother so it was quite complicated in my heart.
As if dodging it, the way Dada stars are gradually becoming more cunning and dusky.
Countermeasure is a crypt hidden in one song (which is an interesting content whose plant type is lyrics) and a doctor who can decipher it, but what is that, the doctor is attacked and loses his memory! The worst thing is the goblin I came out to the enemy called Queen .....
But I will overcome it with everyone's power There is a fool who does not know the pain of people on Earth! It is an idiot called "Mitsui of Mukojima", but it is a bully to Kenji and treats Kyodane as a garakuta It is also glad that the loud voice has been raised without thinking that "Tame is taken to the Dada stars!" However, all the friends of Kenji are all good girls.
Encouraging Kenji and cooperating with each other (I remember the fish shop's son was a terrible hard worker).
The enemy was scared, I thought that I finally knocked down the Goblin Queen. When I finally hit the wall I left my own silhouette, and the identity of the King of Dada stars is ..... I was shocked but I rescued Dr. and his older brothers in a pincase too! I remember the decision decided by Kyodane at that time was too sad, perhaps Kenji would think that four elder brothers could do it Because it was.
Other favorite characters are Sergeant and Shiratori (Mr. Moriko Horie!) And Gombes Is it a feeling like Ganbets like Kanji for you, it depends on you and it is interesting.
Personal evaluation is "highest".

2010/01/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5941
[good point]
The enemy combatant Robo is approaching with group collective strategy (think it is) is fresh and fresh, and the movement is quite robotic.
It may be tiring depending on the viewer ....
You may be living the know-how of the DELZER corps that appeared at the end of the previous year 'Kamen Rider Stringer'.

[Bad point]
SKYZEL & GRANDEL 's face opens and the human face can be seen is a bit of "feeling".
It seems that there is not much point in being on a motorcycle if it can be deformed.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is also feeling not possible. Evaluation is "normal".

2009/08/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5045 Host:4880 Browser: 9573
[good point]

It was this work that MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting) accompanied with the end of Stronger was produced by starting the post Kamen Rider series.

I was entertaining the incongruous machine Changji also in Aikyo internally. The brothers of Human & Rider No. 2 Combi were good.

Although it seemingly is a frustrating setting, I think that VS dadaroid and machine change battle have greatly influenced the later squadron things etc.

Mitchi is probably the most beautiful era (I can not forgive singing "Candy Candy" of the backing number).

[Bad point]

To the extent that the target age was lowered to the elementary school student's lower grade level or less, it was difficult to set up "Cyberoid". It was impossible to understand at the time of broadcasting that the dragon appeared to be in the Dada stars and Ryuji appeared in human form.

On the contrary, I feel a contradiction though the story was a boyfriend as per the target age.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although it is not a disagreeable work, the circumstances of the toy series were overlooked too much, the drama was thin. "usually".

Additional note .... Although it is closer to rewrite than supplement, I was arranging Fujikawa & Uehara for the screenplay ...... It is not a translation, but the latter hard development was not bad.

Kyo Dyne thinks that it was the theme to teach Kenji about saying "What is the most important thing?" (Earth defense from the Dada stars) though Kyo Dyne is not a true Kenji's older brother. I will.

I am sorry to change it .... I want to evaluate my brotherly love as a theme to the end. With one up and with "Good".

2008/12/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8085 Host:8277 Browser: 5575
Shotaro Ishinomori airing in 76 - 77 years original special effects robot hero drama. World robot engineer `Dr. Hayama 'is abducted with` eldest son` concession to the `Dada Star Robot Corps' suddenly flew in the house during the birthday party of the third son' Kenji 'along with the second son` Ryuji'. A year later the Dada Army attacked the Earth aiming at this time. The Earth Defense Force also has no teeth and Kenji is driven down. At that time, the base disk helped them, and two robot fighters of "Skysel. Granzel" appeared and gave a name as "Kyodain". They were cyberoids that Dr. Hayama memorized the character of the two sons. Kyodane challenges the Dada troops to defend the earth and his younger brother.

This work, like "Kikaider of Android", realized the robot work drawn by Professor Shotaro Ishinomori autographually, and in the case of fighting with tags, it is similar to the Kikaida brothers, but this is Jet. It is a mechanic type hero that fights by deforming into a mechanism such as a missile. When I first saw it, it was a novel style that I had never had before, so I had the impression that it was very cool. Moreover, it is not in the previous hero work that deforms to be a missile and it is deformed (since the `magma ambassador 'transforms into a rocket, it does not directly fight, so it starts with expansion), so the first I liked it. Moreover, the enemy Dada robot was deformed in the same way. Deformation battle with deformed robot of weapon type such as `buzz cards'` tanker '' gatlinger '`dai kai rai' etc. was fairly interesting, but it is obvious whether it was time-consuming or was it for directing impact to the viewers at the beginning Although it is not deformed at the end after 'Cycle Man' since then it has been regrettable that the Kyodaines have not transformed too much at the same time, becoming ordinary heroes. I thought that it was a unique sale of this work.

Although the deformation of Kyodane's was a bit aggressive, there was also a bit of a brute force, but the scene to attack against the enemy while talking in mouthpiece after deforming remains in the impression, but after that life-size has become the subject, then works It is regrettable that the grade of it has declined. I was doing terrible things I could not imagine hero as something like a gasoline sprayed on the enemy and fire at the life time. "Skysel" It was good that the design of "Granzel" was faithfully made to the original. `Gombes' was also a character like Professor Ishinomori, but I feel the costume was a little too big.
The enemy Dada Army was also good at first when weapon-shaped deformation robots and robotic robots like weapons were robotized. But I do not know if I budgeted too much early or whether it is fuel petroleum shock or not, but from the middle I got dark general 'Gabrin' as general, general 'Gablin Queen' 'Death 5 people' It was disappointing that we had almost all similar actions. Even so, it seems like putting five dismantled powders in the beaker to create `black knight 'from five people. I wonder if I could not have had a decent scene.
`Earth defense army 'name, it's too generous and there is no impact. Besides, Major is Horie Mitsuko and sergeant is Numata explosion. Despite saying how much I am sideways, it is a defense corps that is not too much like an army.
The story was pretty interesting in the first half, but in the latter half it is getting shabby, especially in the final stage where the strange three people come out is the worst. I guess it was better to do a lot of doctor's drama in the last two Dada stars, if that's what you want to do. Also the mystery of "Natsumi no Uta" was too easy. Although it was for children, I think that I should have twisted a bit more.

When I first saw this work I liked it very much, but the tension gradually fell due to the change in the route, because the first half and the second half had become a difference of muddy, evaluation is made to be normal [good]. Mr. Ishinomori 's direct original is pretty severe, though.
In the final round, Kyodain finishes with a dramatic scene that faces the goblin and disappears to the universe together after meeting with his own body, but the final concluded the last impression.

2007/11/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9972 Host:9926 Browser: 8090
Empty skysel and land Grandisel 's position as brothers was outstanding.
It was also an element that empathy could empathize the appearance of the image of the human face at the face opening.

It is a good memory to wonder why they are going to ride a motorcycle although it can transform into a child's heart, Sky Jet and Gran Carr.

Rating: Good

2006/03/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3491 Host:3422 Browser: 5237
By the way it did not turn into a hero of this work.
However, my child did not care such a thing at all.

Details are already a part of oblivion, but it is one of my favorite works at childhood.
I had vinyl figures when I was little.

2005/12/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16316 Host:16296 Browser: 3646
A hero who does not transform transforms frequently with Ishinomori's work.
Besides Kyodane, Akumaiza 3 and K are also so.
However, Kyodane and Akumaiza are supposed to incorporate elements of transformation by changing routes, though.
Since I do not know much about the staff of this work, I can not tell you the details, but if I capture it as a "line" indicating the location of the special effects work history rather than the "point" of the work,
I wonder if the existence of "Robocon!" Gamba was derived from a life-sized hero.
It is painful to declare because it is only the initial number of talks recently, but it is not something that can only be done by on site scenes, such as the strange nori of Tarantouda, which is built on some stacking up.
Well, ROBOCON itself is a work that has hardly been evaluated in a direction towards a real hero, but I can tell from the fact that the number of pages on the spaceship separate volume is only 1/4 of a page.

In addition, although the Goblin that appeared after changing the route was a character that the first Ishinomori line came out well, the depiction which seizes the unsuccessful Death five people with his fingers has become a narrative around the same generation.

2005/12/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13637 Host:13435 Browser: 5234
In the Ishinomori hero it is an ironman series that seems to be a kiwamonotype.
This work was a feeling that the design was "Nana na ~", neither Skysel nor Granzel was a design that can be likable for flattery with a touch like a tin millet rather than an iron man.

Rather than saying that the tinplate's Okake was deformed into a missile, it remained an impression on the child's heart that "it was dasa," "absolutely strange", "what?" Although I have not remembered only rebroadcasting, I do not have a memory that was interesting since it was not so compatible with Ishinomori Hero.

Ishinomori hero has adopted the concept of "brothers" and this series and three sequels "sequel" Otorito 17 ", after" brother Fist Biker Rosser ", because the concept of brothers was also called Ultra Hero Is it also due to the fact that there was no freshness?

As a close-up to my brother at Masked Rider "BLACK" is a black and shadow moon position, but I think that it was nice to have never become something like this work.

2004/12/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19247 Host:19009 Browser: 5623
I think that it was a success example as TV special effects of those days when the monstrous work was disturbed. I bought both Poplinika.
The story is serious but depictions are comical. It may be painful for those who can not accept this neighborhood. Well, it is deformed like a child. Union (docking). Perhaps it is easy for visitors to understand visuals anything, it was good that there was nothing else in the other. Sky Jet. Grand missile will talk mouth (Guignol) after transformation.
It is certain that myself will become a missile, but what explodes is "part of the body" is not it? Grand missile is a part of the tire, sky missile is around the leg ... ... That is not it (laugh).
When I was in life size, it was quite favorable to only hang my hands and punches.

> It is after the middle stage to make Moro Makeover (just show it with Holograph). After all I wonder if I was requested the real thrill of "transformation".

However, because the last brothers returned home, I was able to cry because I was deeply hurting and dying.
Also, Mr. Noriro Naru's comic of the series of TV magazines is a burst of laugh. Even pictures and cartoons are good!

2004/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16614 Host:16432 Browser: 3875
Evaluation of the movie version.

As part of the Toei Manning Festival, the third episode of the TV series was released to the theaters. As a collaborative work, "Alibaba and 40 thieves" "Glendizer. Getter Robo G. Great Mazinger Final Battle! Great Marine Beast" "Secret Squadron Golanger Bomb Hurricane" "The 〓〓〓Cagestar" "Nagaya Tiger Toteji" "Mother-in- Three thousand miles "" Mr. Yamaguchi's Tsutomu. "
The first enemy of the Earth invasion by the Dada star robot army is a story that draws Kyodane fighting against Tarantouda to fight the Earth. Although this work is the third episode in the TV series, it is a story to beat the first enemy and it can be said that it was a safe choice to make it the theater version. (If you could secure a little more time, there would have been a way to make edits of 1 to 3 stories ...)

2004/08/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32078 Host:31921 Browser: 4925
The setting and the story were Vimyo ~ work. There is no choice but to stop.
I was amazed at the first appearance of the Grand Missile. That punch line ...

2004/08/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42166 Host:42029 Browser: 3875
A life-sized robot hero chains on a supersonic jet & catapult car!
Furthermore, each transforms into a missile and hits the enemy, and then speaks with Guignol ^ ^;
Sky Jet & Gran Car's cartoon tic design (. 〓〓〓) Good!

... However, I regret that I did not deform from the middle whether I ran out of budget at the beginning.

2004/05/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4969 Host:4761 Browser: 3646
I really liked it when I was a kid, was it fresh to defeat enemies and ally's friends .. was it ahead of Transformers, Professor Ishinomori is afraid.
Again, I looked back at the early 3 episodes in the video but it seems like it's okay to evaluate it with awesome video sense, a friend of 17 fans said that the clothing of the army of this work was diverted to the later 17 I guess.

2004/05/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36014 Host:35890 Browser: 3846
When I was a child, Kore saw a preliminary announcement in a child's magazine and said "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo"
There is a memory that I was crowded and counting the number of broadcasting days.
It was cool that his elder brother Skyzel was on an airplane and his younger brother Granzel changed into a car and each of them was equipped as a missile and avenged enemies. What would you do if you became a missile?
It is a child because it is a child that I am watching the penetration. The enemy 's boss is a huge right hand and the robot of the eye has had an impact as well