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SF TV total pnts rank Rank 116in 736 titlesTotal 25 / Deviation 53.22
SF TV avg pnts Rank 88in 239 titlesAvg 1.39=Good/18 reviews
SF TV rank of 1972 Rank 5in 17 titles
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Information about this title

Senkosha Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. Nihongendaikikaku
Mamoru Sasaki YUSAWA NORIAKI Kouichi Takano
Noriyoshi Ikeya Testuya Kobayashi Eiji Takakura Nihon Effect Center Wakakoma Boken Group Hisashi Katou
Shunsuke Kikuchi
Shoji Ishibashi Mitsuo Hamada
Chieko Morikawa Hajime Izu
Shinzo Hotta Katsumi Muramatsu
Eisuke Yoda Hiroshi Masuoka Eiji Maruyama
Yuki Okazaki Mitsuko Hoshi
Teresa Noda Junko Natsu Hijiri Matsuki Kaori Seki
Mizusawa Yumi Okawa Eiko Ryoko Sakaguchi
Hiroshi Ikaida
Japan Released:1972/10/08(Sun) / End:1973/04/08
Ending movie (1)
Hitori tabi
Song:Masato Shimon Lyrics:Mamoru Sasaki Compose:Shunsuke Kikuchi [Fan reg.]
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2013/09/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
[good point]

〓〓〓Looking at it from now, it was not a great handsome second and half, but the success of the leading character combination who was well transmitted, such as "friendship" and "bond".
〓〓〓The two courses and the broadcasting period were not long, but the attempt itself to replace the enemy's organization and to have fresh taste itself was not too bad.
〓〓〓The shaping of the enemy monster was as it was, and it showed the ecstasiness and intimidation feeling and showed the strong strength of Iron King as well.
〓〓〓Theme songs, especially OP songs were also simple songs with hot songs that seemed to be special effects indeed.

[Bad point]

Although the members of the enemy's organization, the episode of a certain guest character who was actually a spy was not forgotten as expected Truly, if the character itself is "normal brutal brutal. Although it was over 55 to 60 points above the average point, it did not reach the reaching point. Not only was the one part of the last part of the combination played over by enemy organizations but also the deployment that pretended to be dead was somewhat halved. It might have been a bit of a snake.
Iron King 's suit design is also poor in individuality and may not have been a matter of excitement.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although a slightly different hero combination, etc. had something to shine, [bad point] was somewhat prominent,
It would have been a special-effects program at the honor level. Although it is not enough to actively recommend viewing,
Whether it is bad to see and see if there are opportunities. Evaluation is "normal" on the "good" side.

2013/07/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10266 Host:10157 Browser: 5386
Before watching it was sometimes called a minor work, and I surely had prejudice that it would be a gudaguda work on a low budget.
However, looking at it, I think that the power was included in minority, such as the shaping of iron king, the size of special effects set, gimmick of a monster (rocket punch, etc.) life-size action and so on.
Originally initially the battle was only in nature such as forests, but Titania edition of the final stage has many battle in the city area, I think that the miniatures were well made as well.
Characteristic of this work is that the main character does not transform again, I think that a man whose buddy is not a cheerfully transforms.
Moreover, its hero iron king is too weak when it is large and fuel efficiency is too bad (immediately drained)
Besides not only the secret of the birth of Iron King is not revealed at all until the end, why Goro was remodeled as an iron king, the part which is important is not told at all.
There are many heroes, but I think that there are not any obscure heroes.
Although hero's Sekitaro does not transform itself, he boldly faces not only life-sized partners but also huge monsters, who are quite human beings although it is a human being.
Still it is quite dry to win and refuses to ask for help in helping a person who is running behind in the attack of a monster (as it is correct in the sense that it does not defeat a monster well) What It was quite a matter of being intentionally involved in the fighting camping young man without relation.
However, his argument is never wrong and I think that it is never a case that he was never a heartless man because he told the Shiranui clan that "I do not know the feeling" .
Besides, there are many patterns that this work basically accompanies a female by two people, Seitaro and Goro, but there are many depictions that Seitaro and Goro walk together while singing together with their shoulders together, Yutaro Seita himself You can see that it is quite bright personality.
When fighting it becomes irritable, but I think that personality came out basically as a nice young man.

The enemy Shiranui clan, independent independence visit opposition party seems to be a group buried in history, but if I do it now, I think that it is quite a lively setting for children's program.
Therefore, whether it is feared that the string tarou must deal with the human beings by all means, the last cool becomes the enemy of the intelligible alien of titania called titania.
It was somewhat uncomfortable to say that it was a gruesome grudge enemy until then, but suddenly became an uncanny alien opponent.
However, I think that Oita has changed more than the two organizations that had so many dirty operations until then, such as buying an apartment by money.

Although it is subtle when asked whether it is interesting, I think that there is no appeal not found in other special effects works.
I do not think it is bad, but I do not recommend it much.

2013/05/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7600 Host:7492 Browser: 9931
A different color work depicting the uneven combination rhetoric that keeps fighting across the country in a row against a minority ethnic who is burning with oppressed grudges and a terrorist group aiming at overthrowing Japan, and at the same time an alien who seeks to invade the earth to orthodox. Anyway, it turns out to be a hero with a name in the program title is not a hero of a big handsome person who is not a miserable one, and the point that he is still a support character of the hero emphasizes the uniqueity of this work It is.

In the standing position, in placing minorities and revolutionary groups on the enemies of the main character combination belonging to the regime side, it is often that I draw an anti-authoritative thing.The artistic temperament of Mr. Masahiro Sasaki is interesting and interesting but the hero. It was a good impression that the theme has been blurred so that it is not so conspicuous because Taro Yasuro demonstrates the outlaw attribute that does not feel that he is a human being on the power side. If you emphasize by embarking around here, it will deviate from the framework of the child program. However, it is the scare of Sasaki scenario to incorporate the cynicality that "It is only after all, he is also a state dog," through Sekitaro's occasional decisive decision ....
Kotori Kirishima is the opposite person who criticizes such a stringer as "a terrible guy" while entering a follow-up as soon as a third party abuses him. Understanding the torment of Seitaro hidden behind a false behavior is to understand more than anyone and to support his mission accomplishment as an iron king is suitable for the name of "Aibo", not only a clown charm I am leaving. The existence of Goro who is a healing staff of the story also contributes to covering the above-mentioned noisy theme.

The thing that Mr. Masashi Ishibashi who was proud of the popularity of those days serve as a starring also influences, and the point that the element of the youth drama is also rich in the special-effects work of the same period can also be said to be a feature. Every time, although idol actress who is not seen in child program shows guest appearance as opponent of Mr. Ishibashi, it can be seen that this work is different, but depending on the times forcibly divide it into the strange character & Goro's stray combination enter There are things to remember such bothersome things, "The picture is gorgeous, but the impression of honesty and honesty" could not be wiped out. In that sense, Noriko Fujimori who joined the latter half regular was weak personally w

Speaking of complaints, compared with the early Shiranui robot unified with a bad person's form, the independent vision opposition party 'comrades of steel' and Titanian '' insect monsters' were designed.It was lacking in interest in both sides of molding Is it? Bukkake, the monster after midfielder was nothing but an individual person who could not remember its appearance even if he heard a name.

It is a work that is often attracted as a neta by vulnerability of heroes, but watching it focusing on such things as having a theme that is not terribly disgusting and skillfully camouflaging them with a clear touch Then, I think that the impression will change as well. I do not get tired of just watching the chord letters & goro's exchanges w

2013/05/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7856 Host:7655 Browser: 4643
Life size people fought against huge monsters, huge heroes are weak and treated as a supplement.

This may have been fresh as then at that time, but I think that the persuasive power is too much as a story.

I was handing out a giant robot to defeat one stringer, but even if almost all the villains are huge, it is very uncomfortable. I will not let the huge robot to kick out to defeat iron king.

If you know that Mr. Taitaro has superhuman ability or if Iron Belt can only manipulate Tantaro with a tremendous weapon, it seems that the greatness of Mr. Taitaro was never emphasized.

I wonder if the villain of special effects was caught up by being a huge monster.

Since that was the starting point, there was a setting that got a strange thing, such as a giant hero is weak and a life-size person is strong, but was there a need to use that as a starting point?

Silver mask also made me gigantic meaninglessly, but it can only be bitter smile at the place where the miniature city is destroyed, no one is enormous, nobody is there.

Even if the villain of Tokusatsu is caught by saying that it is a huge monster, does not it manage more? Was it better that there was something more convincing, like Gyaban Dynamic?

2012/11/05 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35832 Host:35777 Browser: 12180
I think that I feel that Iron King was made as a drama as well.
The next story suddenly disregarded the main story, the story of Masashi Ishibashi talked about acting, kissing forcibly to Sister Taitaro dislikes, a story that seems not to be a child program too much was wonderful.
Or, I can not imagine ... It is rare in special effects at the time. Already, this work, it will be possible only this production company.

When collecting the damn actions of the heroes
Abandon an old woman who is likely to die due to a monster damage
"Mercilessly attacks the enemies who have taken over as children by thinking that" Attacking on children can not attack "
Besides, it was witnessed by the police arrested, released with power by screwing up
In addition, dating in the money of the National Security Agency probably seems to be blood tax
Pull the female hot water with something and reason
As for Takurota, forcibly kissing a sister I hate, such as a perfect criminal

After that, it was good that the heroine 's Tenko was unusual as a special - effects program and the impact was strong.
Ruiko Midorikawa and the actor in the early stage were very good, such as "Spy" and "Love Romance with Gyotaro" same girl, but the character of Tenko that seems to be "there is no mistake right now" is more than that Right.
"Although it is a solid one, it is not super useful" ... This is Tenko. Anyway, though it is a serious system and it seems to be strong if it is normal, it is foolish to go on the prediction of the heroes, and it is funny to keep annoying around us.
Especially, the main characters were saying something like "he will not be obsessed by the enemy as he is a member of the National Security Agency" but it is being honored normally.
Due to this, Gintaro and Goro have a female girlfriend ... (haha)

A well-balanced partnership that makes the hero Tsunade, Teruro Teru, and Hero to Goro chan ... is also good.
It is interesting that these two people who are awkward gradually become like a buddies gradually, and it is fun to be able to express the merits of these two people quite well.
I also like the way to end, it was somewhat painful for the three trips of Jingtaro, Goro, Tenko to end.

The songs are pretty good, are not they?
Especially, the ending is sometimes quiet.
I would like to sing with karaoke if possible, but I am not included in karaoke that I always use.

2011/09/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20164 Host:20025 Browser: 9928
The main character of this work is to say that it is Yuzuru Taro.
This is the first thing I have learned from watching this work.

The content goes to a place where the combination of Seitaro and Goro (Iron King) disappears and disappears from the Shiranui clan, the independent vision opposition party, Titanian,
Goro became an iron king, and Seitaro said to shred the ambition of the Shiranui clan, independent vision opposition party, Titanian with the whip.

After Titanian took over the body and tried to destroy in Tokyo, Iron King witnessed where I used up water and returned to Goro,
Many dramas are backdroping against the ruthlessness of Mr. Seitaro who decided to turn Goro into an iron can king to rescue Goro (enough for Goryo to blame)
The psychological description of the characters such as Yukiko who betrayed the Shiranui clan at the end also has a depth comparable to the early Ultra series.

With one person flying into the enemy's home stadium etc. and fighting with the enemy's leader, confronting the overwhelmingly big enemies with a single whip, such as a human being,
It is no exaggeration to say that Iron King in battle is just as good as your luggage and "It is the protagonist of this work is Taro Yasuro".

Evaluation is "very good".

2010/09/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14043 Host:13832 Browser: 6790
The hero is not the hero.
The hero is cruel.

It was surprising that unconventional works like Heisei special effects existed outside Kawachi.
It was surprising to see Jinzitaro's ruthlessness towards abandoning the dying daughter and going for a monster to exterminate, but still there is a reason for not "making the damage of the monster any larger", and it is unusual in the hero of such character, Showa .
From the early stage that adult hero was also established ... ....

The character of a hero twin person who was a soft character was also firm, and it was very funny.

2008/11/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25881 Host:26185 Browser: 8090
Uh ... .... Yesterday rebroadcasting ended in Famous Plays. I will write it because it seems I forget the evaluation if it's not such a chance.

[good point]

Well, nowadays, as it is a special effects fans anyone knows what works (minor though .... sweat) so easy.

It is a collaboration between Koshihara and Japan contemporary project with a work of a dummy production company (a minor company other than Toei and Tsuburaya pro ... ... sorry). Well ... ... I tend to devise various things by saying that I will make a production company of this type to say "I do not want to say Toei or Tsuburaya's man" (saying something different from Orthodox) but.....

First of all, the cast of the leading performers is luxurious, as a young man called Mr. Ishibashi and Mr. Hamada, various preferences have been felt around the big name (the story at the time).

Well, when you see Saitaro (Mr. Ishibashi) is crossing a monster with a single whip (Iron belt), you may be told that other special effects monster fans "licking you ?!" but I am an individual I like people who twist one personally like this (Personality is also crowded).

At the time, is it right "warrior" or "Red Army"? (See "Asama Shoso incident" or "mountain base case") From this problem I finally changed from other special effects programs (Mirror Man, Jean Borg A etc) As an alien became an enemy, I flew well in variety colors and I enjoyed it personally.

[Bad point]

Not to say, but I will say "I am too weak! Iron King!" (Tears). Well, since the protagonist is not a person who transforms, Taro Toru (Ishibashi), he will be conspicuous by all means. Although Iron King was also useful for the role, it is "miserable" as the main character of the title .... probably I think that other people are writing about the contents, so please refer to that .. Gus).

Well, it does not matter, but I'm indignant because it is a parody of "Keroro sergeant" ... ... Because I am a minor work I can not lick it thinking that claims will not come !! What is it? Well, manga version is "Wet Le Mans" At the moment of criticism, "Paul of Ultraman", but the animated staff can escape with "Wet Le King" (Iron King) !? Sora Production Company It is crushed, so complaints come too Chotto Cos too. (But I personally enjoyed it)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Well my teacher is Mr. Sukimi (see my "Super Robot Red Baron") so I like it quite well. In fact, it seems more interesting to see works like this for the sake of turning into an adult!

In this series (up to "Gum Baron" of only Japan Contemporary Project), I will personally shoulder with "Red Baron". "Very good" !!

2008/10/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29417 Browser: 7770(Mobile)
The indication that the hero who is a program title is a sushi, Taro Yasuhi is the protagonist, and the persecuted ethnic group who manipulates the robot and the revolutionary group are defeated does not mean the special effects hero program is extremely likely, It can be said that the "Uminchi edited" in which iron king is suddenly strengthened is inconsistent and it can be said that it has become no different from the past work However, the drama is said to be one of the few work which Mr. Sasaki who was in charge of all the story was done Yes, the things I want to tell are thorough and I will be given an unwavering evaluation.

2008/03/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13871 Host:13800 Browser: 8090
Sci-Fi gigantic hero of NEC's company. From the failure of the previous work "Silver mask", story development easy to understand for children, setting friendly friendly characters.

[good point]
The main character is not "Iron King" but "Still Taro" (I was surprised at the initial development that the hero knocks down enemies, it is regrettable that it has gone since the second half).

It is also noteworthy where there are plenty of story talks that well represented the sex and conflict of human though the style is bright.

A political and serious enemy organization aimed at "revenge for modern people", "to make a revolution", etc. was also impressive.

As mentioned above, Jinzitaro was conspicuous from Iron King, but there was a thing attracted to the development that a human being was a gigantic hero but knocked down a huge robot that is not enemy by itself.

[Bad point]
Since "Iron King" was settled down to the tired soul until it got tired of "sub-treatment", I could not deny the feeling that the weakness of Iron King became conspicuous (up to the disgraceful name "the weakest hero" Well, I thought that impressed the program ... ...).

Changing the route to the orthodox hero from the second half (There was a sense of incongruity that the enemy suddenly changed from a political organization to an alien aimed at the invasion of the earth Iron King suddenly became stronger, stands out more than Sei Tarou It became like).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Shiranui clan clan, independent fantasy opposition party edition likes quite a bit, but it was a pity that I canceled the individuality of the program itself by changing the latter half line. If it is the evaluation of only the first half, it is "highest!", Considering the bad points, the evaluation is "very good".

2007/10/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28812 Host:28746 Browser: 4184
The special effects movie transformation hero program of Norihiro, which was aired in 72-73. The Shiranui clan, once chased by the Yamato people, plans to overturn Japan's current system by manipulating a huge robot. In order to stop it, the Japanese National Security Agency will dispatch a fierce agent `Mr. Taro Toru 'with martial arts, and will accompany` Kirishima Goro' to that support. Goro actually transforms into a giant cyborg "Iron King" made by Dr. Tsushima and transforms himself when he faces a crisis.

This work is a special effects gigantic hero program challenged by Kaoru Hiroshi Producing "Silver Mask" by a new trial, while the previous work "Silver mask" was a dark image, this is a very bright feeling It is. It was a story development developing a rare journey while blowing a baffle with a bloody bloody bamboo stringer and Gobo Goro, which created a peaceful atmosphere.
The opposition also destroyed the Japanese government, many opponents with a revolutionary idea, this was like the appearance of the Japanese society with many student movements at the time. For that reason it was not a feeling of perfect evil but I saw that the enemy side had my own idea and I think that there was a taste of this work in a place like the mutual slogan collision. By the way, Mr. Masahiro Sasaki, a screenwriter, says he went to the Middle East and Afghan to cover the screenplay for this work, so it seems that there was unusual motivation to create this work.

The protagonist of this work is not a 'Kirishima Goro' which transforms it, it is a `Tsutsuro Taro 'who challenges a huge flesh and huge battle, it is a weapon which is elastic and freely swingable as' Iron belt' and is also a whip and sword Fight with enemies. The title is the hero and the protagonist is a living human being, "Iron King" exists to subscribe to Sekitaro, the purpose of this work is that human beings face courageously with a huge enemy and fulfill their duties There is. This model is based on the "secret sword fighter" which was once produced by Kyosuke, and it was this work replacing it with a huge hero something, rather than asking a hero for anything like a traditional hero program, There is a real pleasure in the place where people and heroes all together defeat enemies. It can be said that it is a work that overturned the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he hero as far as it depends on the hero.

The first enemy 'Shiranui clan' is a descendant of the family who was chased by the Yamato nation of the Japanese ancestor of the present year 2000 years ago, is a militant ethnic group whose purpose is to destroy the current Daiwa regime and to recapture the country . Although he has superior scientific power, such as building a huge humanoid robot and secret base while crowding in the mountains, the only conspicuous thing is that Mr. Shinzo Horita's actor who is acting, `Taro Shiranui ', is not impressed by other executives. The destructive tool robot that appeared in this Shiranui edition had personality. `Bakumira 'which sucks the bullet train and the house` Bacu Miller'. 'Boogeland' and 'Gyrogue' which cuts things by shooting arms. 'Double Satan' which has the function to divide into six bodies 'Devil Tiger' mimicking armor fighters. 'Monster Zoro' that can be transformed into 'Monster Zoro' Bomb Robo 'Bronze Daemon' Shooting Robot `Black Knight 'Flight Robot` Monster Bird' Wheelchair Tank Robot `Silver Rider 'And Taro Shirahi Handled Missile Robo` Gold Fire' It was a very fast movement that I could not think of a robot movement, but still the fight with Iron King was fairly quick and fun. But in the end Kentaro is knocking down. The second enemy 'independent original opposition party' is a revolutionary group whose head is `descended moonlight 'which is the descendant of Genghis Khan, as formed by 12 executives, such as Mutsuki. Yayoi. Kisaragi Shiwasu etc Although it is done, there is no impression over Shiranui. I do not remember about Munii Hengdo 'Uzuki' acting. I think the costume of that Mongolian line did not suit either. Also, a dinosaur type monster robot called `steel-to-steel 'also has` Tonga Zaurus' which can make special tanks and necks as cannons, 'Jurasdon' with two heads etc, but the traditional hero such as 'Ultraman' It has disappeared as a monster that appears to be on the show. The titanian edition came to invasion from outer space 'insects' setting is no longer a traditional hero program itself, it is completely different from the revolution which was the sale of this work. By the way, there is a theory that insects came from the universe from the form, but this story may have set it. It was nice to have a thrill of deploying Titanians to assimilate themselves into earthlings and invade them. (I possessed possession of iron king, too)
Also in this work, since the regular `Takamura Yukiko 'descendant, various actresses appeared at the guests and excited the program. Young Sakaguchi Ryoko and Mr. Hamada Mitsuo's two-shot will not be able to see it quite easily.

It is a different color as a special effects program, but it is my favorite work in me. We downed a bit with the insects Titanian, but overall it was powerful and interesting, so the rating is [highest!]. It might be because of the turbulent 70s with a lot of revolution, but it may have been such a work, but I think that the taste that broke down the established idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he hero program until then was good. So I still have memories.

2006/10/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
I do not feel originality in the face like Mirror man, like the Fireman, the body is red, but I do not have a bad impression though I do not know which one is the beginning.
I do not really remember what kind of monster came out, but anyway, it seems there was something that makes me think that it is just wanting to see special effects in this time just because it exists there I also feel it.

Even if you see it now, it is hard to imagine that your thoughts will be higher than other special effects, but I will keep it "good" because there are parts that I feel as cool as it is.

2006/03/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20475 Host:20465 Browser: 5234
It is a special-effects work using an iron-made artificial giant's iron king, which is a foolish foolish fool that appears from the mist with the problem of "It can not move for only a minute, you can not fight satisfactorily unless you drink gabs of water" It might be a battle action that the hero travels with a huge hero rather than a huge hero thing.

The main character of this work, the life-sized giant character Seiya Gaitaro, is more intense in whipping than the somewhat self-proclaiming "the best man in Japan", and the huge monster with the strength that Iron King struggles with this whip and the enemy to operate I will beat it. For that reason the protagonist is not Kirishima Goro who turns into an iron king, and it can be appreciated that Hito's other face and possibilities were standing in a figure facing evil with the action of Yintaro and determination that can be said to be irrational.

Tsubuya uses "Jean Borg A" or "Ultraman Nexus" as a reference from a place not suited to a bright style, and a heavy thing that the heroine is killed on the way and a stupid drama of a ruthless hero I guess I thought I made it.

As much as that, this work may be a masterpiece remaining in Japan special effects in the sense of a quite unique hero. Although I can not pay only the minor impression, it can be said that there was a part called work too early in the era.

If a child who does not know this work sees it, it will certainly be seen as a "funny Ultraman Nodoki hero" work, but it is a sightseeing that the success of Taro Taro is stronger than such an iron king.

However, even if a life-size adult is stronger than a huge hero, even if you look around the world, it is certainly only this piece.

2006/03/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40763 Host:40597 Browser: 4483
In the first half of the seventies the special effects hero show enemies "indigenous peoples of Japan" or "revolution group"
It was wonderful to have each "Omure" without making it a bad kitchen.

Instead of a hero who defeats the enemy, Iron King who withdrew to existence as assist and Taro Yasuro of the hero acting a ruthless man to make use of large insects,
I was numb in the place that I have a hot one in my heart.

In that sense, this work is an absolute evil called an enemy invader,
Despite powering down with "The insect person titanian" edited to "unbeatable hero" by strengthening Iron King unreasonably,
Distinctive nori and heaviness were lasting until the end.

Masterpiece remaining in special effects hero history.

2005/03/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19247 Host:19009 Browser: 5623
Minor special effects Hero's excellent work. The single record I got bought for the first time was this one, it is astringent me.
When I released the LD box, I saw it by impulse buying, but I was surprised that the story and the script were both solid and childish.
Red Baron, Silver The same special effects of Senkoh's company as Mask has a distinctive taste compared with that of Tsuburaya Pro.
Also, the design of robot by Mr. Iketani Senkok who also worked on Ultraman Seven, Return Man, Silver mask art, seemed very creepy from its expressionlessness.
It is a very solid, seriously made work.

2004/05/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4969 Host:4739 Browser: 3646
Even if Goro was caught by the enemy and killed him in a man who had to kill him, the second third iron king was made again, so let it live and hear the secret,
The conversation that said it was actually the most impressive.
Strangely serious air in a bright atmosphere .. or saying, True main character Shintaro is a ruthless person.
Well, there is no objection that Gentaro is the strongest person in special effects history.

2004/05/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53451 Host:53538 Browser: 3846
From Iron King who is supposed to be the leading character, Taro Taro is a strongly different color work, the enemy is a revolutionary group and a remnants of minority people, so called guerrillas But these guys have a huge robot Although Iron King is a turning point, it's weak and the activity time is only one minute. However, the strength like a demon of Seitaro who does not do such inferiority like that. Is it about saying that this work life-sized hero?
Recommended for those who want to see slightly different works