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SF TV rank of 1975 Rank 4in 7 titles
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NET TV Asahi TOEI Goto Takehiko TORU HIRAYAMA Takeyuki Suzuki
Ishimori Shotarou Shoutarou Ishinomori
Shukei Nagasaka Igami Masaru SIGEMITU TAGUCHI Keji Kubota
Atsuo Okunaka Uchida Ixtusaku Takaharu Saeki Taguchi Katuhiko Itaru Orita
Toshimichi Takahashi
Osamu Kaneda Japan Action Club
Chumei Watanabe
Sou Takizawa
Makio Inoue Jyoji Yanami Koji Yasuda Rihoko Yoshida
Mahito Tsujimura Shouzo Iiduka Shun Yashiro
Ichiro Nagai Hiroshi Masuoka Akira Kamiya Furukawa Satoshi
Noriko Tsukase Shunji Yamada
Eisuke Yoda Nana Yamaguchi Akio Nojima Eiji Maruyama Shibata Hidekatsu Hiroshi Ohtake Osamu Kato
Nobuo Tanaka
Japan Released:1975/10/07(Tue) 19:00-19:30 NET Asahi Broadcasting Corporation(ABC-TV) / End:1976/06/29
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2015/01/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1944 Browser: 7424
[good point]

〓〓〓he hero did not transform, originally it was a member of a villain organization was different from other special effects first.
- Among them, conflicts such as Xavitan who was a mixed-blooded child and Wolframida who was a masterpiece appeared also appeared and the conflict such as "the interval between righteousness and evil" was so well drawn.
Ibir also often saw stories of other midget Zavitan eating,
There was a heartwarming talk with the guests' children.
〓〓〓ctually (?) Although there were talks that Gabura who was highly educated also seemed to be reputable,
There was also the role of neutralizing so that the atmosphere of the playing field does not become too heavy like a comedy relief.
- Its Special Move Skill, including Union Technique, Variety, There was a moderately simple sense of force.
〓〓〓here was also a bitter past that had been broken in the past Namenamada and others who became friends on the way also did not forget firmly to set up more than that in the final stage.
〓〓〓arration by Nobuo Tanaka who was crispy. (Voice actors totally got a good performance on ally side, but as Mr. Inoue and others started)
〓〓〓he theme song of Ichiro Mizuki who was cool and cool.

[Bad point]

〓〓〓lthough I was doubtful about the story of the above-mentioned Gabra, it is human regulars.
My boss Osassu was good at crisping, such as how to talk, but maybe the character was somewhat stereotypical.
〓〓〓n any case, Gaber who served as a substitute for him as a garber thought to be Rasubosu did not appear in the end, although it was certainly a reasonable ability, but maybe he lacked one more for a bigger sense. Was it better that the person who was the last enemy of mezzaroad was either one?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

After all it was Zabitan ... ... but it seems that it was a hint for the sequel,
I guess there could not be any help. "To protect valuable things, courage to fight while worrying"
It was able to say that he appealed again. Regrettably, it is regrettable that Mr. Koji Yada is no longer the one of this world, but with "good" on the "very good" side.

2013/09/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7600 Host:7632 Browser: 9932
After inheriting the "multiple of heroes" which was a new axis launched by "secret squadron Go Ranger", we challenged the adventurous attempt of "robotless hero" of "robot criminal" again, and " We add past elements of "Masked drama by costume girls" of "Robocon", and further aiming for dense drama development by following the "battle between fellows" in "Kamen Rider" A different color work that can be said as a comprehensive existence of the Ishinomori work which was born in the form of rebuilding.
The logo displayed in English as "AKUMAIZER" small in the corner of the main title was stylishly felt in a bad time.

The figure "a hero aimed at by a fellow compatriot by betraying the corps of evil" is nearer to Professor Tohru Nagai's "devil man" than "Kamen Rider", but "it is Sore, this is kore" Unlike devilman who divulged assassins to divide into thugs, in the case of an aquarizer, since many people of knowledge such as old friends and lovers are set as pursuers, the nature of the fight necessarily involves conflicts, furthermore, enemy organization Not only from the persons who should be protected also because of "heterosexual existence" because of "the existence of a heteromorphism", it is also hated and there is also the sense of isolation emphasized that there is no place to be found only under a handful of understanding people such as Ichinaira Ichira & Mitsuhiko brothers and Nagisa Jun It can be said that the development of the early stage with the theme of "difficulty of penetrating justice" has come close to the demeanor even if it sees from the present feeling. I refused myself as soon as I saw the face of Gabra while skipping beautiful things such as "human beings are not looking", and I felt uglyness more than the Akuma in the form of a female teacher who apologizes in tune as soon as the case resolves.

As a result of its mid-game that the "expansion that overflowed with the psoths that the mask play brings" does not accept children, comics such as "Robocon" and "Golanger" will be remarkably emphasized, but changing such a line Even though it was given, since the basic setting of "spicy to fight with the old friend" was not abandoned, an absurd comedy that develops Gabura transforming into the main axis of the gabra also " It was possible. However, although I was not convinced that the Akumizaer who had been disregarded from the people in the early stage became loved without any drama, they did not end up in the process that they accepted by people It is a pity that evaluation has gone up by one step if it draws.
In addition, the setting of Kenji Nankumu which is a human body of Zabitan who was built suddenly with the feeling of "takoyo" was transformed meanwhile the meaning was too different from the one that kept " According to Mr. Toru Hirayama's reminiscence, it seems that he tried to change it because "the human nature of the hero does not convey with the costume as it is", but from the viewer it is familiar with the mask play There was also things "forced to human by force" at the timing, and the sense of incompatibility was stronger. It was a phenomenon that caused rabbits and corners to realize the intensity of discrepancies in consciousness between the sender and the recipient. It is also a negative factor that the weak point of Xavitan "Akuma's Crest" accompanying the appearance of the Nan 〓〓〓ceased to be used at all.
Although it is the final two copies that recovered seriously again from the previous gag line, it was strongly impressed by the unreasonableness that it was forcibly "annihilated" in a form linked to the later program "Super God Biven" It remained, it was hard to say that it was the touching last. Including three people of "Peace Party 4 people", it seems abnormal in some sense that the development of six good-quality characters will fade away.

Although it is one of a few in my own, it is one of "a work with attachment even if it is subjected to a major route change", but after waking up in the sentence and looking back again, the problem of "if there is no kore" It is quite prominent. I'm sorry that it was impossible to struggle with the Akumaiza by setting the Vivens to a reincarnation type hero ("I co-starred" ...).

2013/07/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7626 Host:7525 Browser: 5386
Well, it is regrettable.
When I was watching it was amazingly interesting, but I simply liked the character of Akumaizer 3, so I thought that it was very good, but it is not a mistake ...
I will discuss this point later.

I think that the attraction of this work is exhausted to three people, Zarbitan, Ivil, and Gabra.
Originally the two who came to Zabitan to kill were attracted to Xavitan and then the three who fought for human beings afterwards were very attractive.
Anyway it is a bad guy.
I think that it was a lovable character, such as Mr. Yanami's unhappy acting, and the fine lines that would probably be ad libs (I think that it is definitely not a script but anything in battle is comfortable anyway).
Gabraccio was surprised at the beginning, but it was a mysterious figure that got attached to you when you were watching.
So it is the biggest factor of favorable evaluation that I like the characters rather than interesting story.

There are also points to think about whether it is difficult point or not.
Originally Akumaiza 3 should have kept people's eyes as possible while protecting humans because they are also devil tribes.
Three people, however, became popular among kids unnoticed, and the enemies were shifting to the strategy of dropping the reputation from humans of Akmai 3.
Even so, the editor-in chief of the newspaper still does not believe the devil tribe, so what is the perception of the public of Akumaizer 3?
Although others have also been pointed out, I think that I have let three of the four Peace Party devils who made peaceful down world be killed.
The child remained, but only with Darunia and two people is amazing.
Besides, these two people do not have awareness compared with Akumaiza 3, and then I am worried that people will not be persecuted as a retaliation against the devil tribe.
And these three people challenged the dangerous magic square whether the Zabitans wish of the devil tribe or not to die them, but after all Akumaizer 3 used it (even though the prospect of improvement was standing for once) Although it did not, it was a sad ending saying that it is locked in the capsule.
Moreover, when the Zabitans do not return home already, the Zabitans do not return, hope never hurts nor say it like stabbing the stops As I say the three people Zabitans survive the role of surviving the bridge between humans and the devil tribes I think I should have done it.
The Zabitans also victimized virtually is the biggest factor that declined the evaluation of this work.

It is a minor work, but I was funny.
Of course, there are technically inexperienced parts such as synthetic chatter, but the heroes are not human beings (though it can be turned into human beings) I think that there are various sights in various places that unique unique works are unique.

2012/02/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20089 Host:20180 Browser: 7541
[good point]
Separate gag and serious well. There are a lot of laughable gag times, sometimes there are serious and hot episodes.
Darunia is cute as a non - human. He is the name heroine.
The individuality of the three people of the Akumizer. Xavitan, Ivil, Gabra. Everyone was a good character. The design of the gabba is often said to be wo ko, but it seems like a beautiful threesome when three people are in order ... Hey ....
Evil and Gabra were the enemies at first.
The creator has not forgotten much of the setting. It was good that Akumiza touched properly the gabba friends and the older sister of Darunia in the final battle with Mezzaload. I was forgotten to touch the character of one episode as well as it was good to re-appear.

[Bad point]
Mesaroad is staggering. It is subtle that being revived by the Akumiza every time, it is immortal and immortal, so I can revive. Why is such a guy with whom everyone is related?
Even though Zavitan alone, it has become a transforming hero. The tragedy disappeared at a stretch.
.Final episode. Beyond the seal of the aquaizer, the death of Noppella and Namena Meada was a shock.
Even the strongest characters in the creation of gabels are deceived by the fascination of Darunia.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is a hero who is addicted to rebroadcasts.
It is interesting and the design is also the best. Although the last was depression, it is certainly a favorite work.

2008/11/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8085 Host:8277 Browser: 4525
Shotaro Ishinomori was televised in the period from 75 to 76, special effects fellow squadron hero program. The 'Akuma tribe' living in the hollow region Town World inside the Earth starts ground invasion. The earthly men are caught by them. But 'Zabitan' with Akuma father and human mother helps human beings and rebels against Akuma. "Ivil" and "Gabra" sent to execute the traitor Zabbitan also fell in love with Zaritan 's bravery and pledged to fight together, the three swordsman "Akumizer 3" of justice was born here. We will confront brutally to stop the Akuma's invasion to the ground.

Along with the success of "secret squadron Go Ranger", this work was created by establishing new group heroes, unlike traditional heros, initially awakened to justice while being a member of evil, It is a sci-fi special effects drama with a large scale interwoven with the setting of the Earth Cave Dynasty and Cyborgized Humanity (Akuma) and Duma's "Three Musketeers" in the rebellious story of fighting. I first read this work with a manga written by Professor Ishinomori, and the story was interesting and the characters were so cool, so I remember being very moved. I expected greatly when I learned that it was made as a special effects only.
The character of Xavitan.Ivil.Gabra is faithfully made in accordance with Professor Ishinomori. But I feel that the mark of the Xavitan's chest is too thick, and the eyes of the gabbra are rounded and it becomes a gag-like atmosphere rather than the scary image, I felt a bit off the original. I feel that it was better to have a shape like an ellipse than a circle. `Darunia 'in love with Xavitan also got something like a coming out in an amusement park and it felt a bit off.
The warriors of the enemy 'Akuma' also had good fear and tremor in the beginning. In particular, `Mezzaload 'which became a nemesis by the regiment commander was feeling that it is a remodeled human of the devil. In addition, there is not the feeling which made motif of the legendary monster, youkai, etc as this motif with motif such as `Tetsukaima '` Akennida. Aonida' `silen '' Tengler '' Frangen '` comainine' 'kitsuneen' It was spooky and had an incomprehensible atmosphere. Perhaps the setting of 'Akuma' made it so. Last enemy `Gabel Teacher Grandmaster 'was also very impressive.
Also, Zeidabeck transformed from a ghost ship and machines with left and right side.The appearance mechanism such as Garibard was very good. Especially the design of the Zidabeck is excellent. Even now there is no fresh mechanical mechanism that is comparable to this. But that golden arm imitating the hands of a man was a bit sick.

Because it is not easy for humans to understand traitors of evil naturally, the enemy was originally a solitary story that is condemned to humans as well. But this development is too heavy and it is difficult for children to accept, so it turned into a story with a bright feeling that included comedy color on the way, changing to a third-person character of the feeling that Ichira Ichira got out, Zabitan also ` Kenji 'changes, and Ivil changes into a cup and Gabra changes to an ostrich and it changes greatly when compared with the beginning. I liked the original heavy drama, but it seems that such a program as children's program is difficult.

This work has no other settings and goodness and darkness of the character.I think that the story which interwoven the brightness was very good, so the evaluation is [very good]. In the last round, it is a bit awful that the name of a death attack attacking Gabel and immortal shields is `Akumaizer attack '. I wondered if there was no cooler name. And at that time I thought that it would not be rewarded for three people to get caught in a capsule and to get lost as I went there. But this is a pedestal to lead to the next work, but it seems that there seems to be quite impossible.
But 'Darunia' I was in love with Xavitan was not rewarded by the Akumizers. After the explosion, I wonder if three of us went to the down world after capsule and flew away. In this fight I lost my older sister and even my favorite partner disappeared and I separated, so she never had anything left behind. It may have been saved a little if it became a character which will appear in the next work "Super God VI Born" as well as `Akechi Lisa 'to help the super gods.

2008/02/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20027 Host:19956 Browser: 8090
[good point]
Is it Ishinomori version "devilman"? Can you tell the origin of Mr. saying poison is poison (evil to evil)?
Early serious routes are good, three weak points (the crest of the Zabbitan devil, the ibil mirror, the water of the bellybuts) are also perfect hero statue can be said that the intention of the original authors is anti.
Among the Akuma people there are good political issues divided into peace and radicals.
Darunaa did not become a middle-ranking companion early (precisely could not be done) circumstances are good.

[Bad point]
Personally I do not think that it is bad because the second part of the control is also interesting, but for the comparison with the first half it is a change of the route from the magic power edition It is a hit work of the original author "Ganbare Robokon It is certain that it is quite affected by the broadcast of "Secret Sentai Go Ranger".
Even if it is OK that Xavitan will turn into a flat, it is unpleasant to become Nanun clan Kenji?
Even though Darunia was stronger only in the first half, it is becoming a weak heroine.
The most serious Ivil is also part of the control of the Gabura ... ... (although it also contends with Xavitan)
I wanted Conto to be Ippei only.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The voice actor was Blue 2, the stunt was a different organization from JAC and the rider, and there was freshness (close to Kikaider?).
This work which can be enjoyed both in the first half and the second half was able to enjoy from a certain sense from the rider series.
Personally I like the special effects in the most. I love PS Gabraccio (lol)

2006/05/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21108 Host:21210 Browser: 5234
Although this work is famous for the subtitle decided by the heading "Why is it!?", It seems to be Ishinomori Hero, and kept the tradition in various ways in many ways.
Like the "Masked Rider" and "Kikaida", the viewpoint of a hero of withdrawing from evil organization and fighting for justice and that becoming a three-person team have images containing the influence of the squad , After the part of heroes losing in the last scene, there is a kikaida element around following the sequel "Suigori Biven".

Nevertheless, I think that was the development of the hero of an anti hero like 'Devilman' in the influence of Ishinomori himself, Ishinomori himself, around using the point of Akuma.
In a sense, the development of Ishinomori Hero and the story ends in a tragic end at the end, so this work is the best Ishinomori hero in that sense because in many ways it did not feel like it was funny to watch on reruns It may be similar to the original work of the work.

Because of this kind of style and low budget, the charm as a special-effects program may have been not good compared to other works, but there are various programs, teacher Shotaro Ishinomori was producing various heroes I could tell you that it was trying to test the possibilities of various heroes.

As an aside, this work and the Vivian were the last special effects of the sponsor, Takatoku Touses (bankruptcy in 1984), who was producing the "Time Bokan" toy.

2006/05/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
When I saw the first episode of rebroadcast, I received a terrible impression.
Zabitan betrayed the Akuma, Ibiru and Gabra also empathized and attached to the human side, but I did not understand the specific reason why (the following theater version is another story?).
Devilman felt abruptly just because he touched his feelings with a human woman with nothing but changing his mind by talking about his story.
The last round of ally, annihilation end is also stunned. That 's right, although the next work' Superman 'is prepared.
I like the design of OP and Xavitan are cool and like.

2006/03/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4236 Host:4143 Browser: 4184
A devil's hero, a different color hero who betrayed his hometown for justice. Personally, I am more gentle and more powerful than the serious Zabitan & Ibir, I loved the Gabra (of course Gabrachos too).
Besides, it is supposed to be a costume, but why is Darunia of a magical image also standing characters?

Memory with fencing as a main battle and magic (natural because it is a devil, too) was cool too. If remake of the current technology, maybe we are going to get bigger ... If now the fantasy system such as "Mahou Sentai Magiranger" or "Harry Potter" gains citizenship, or.

In the last round, the tragic development that the Zabitans are confined is impressive.

2006/02/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3550 Host:3661 Browser: 5237
This is also a very memorable work.
By saying the devil, the character design of the hero did not feel too much as a side of justice, but there were things that could still be attracted.
The scene where the head of the Xavitan. Nova (?? Was??) Flashed red as if its head cracked was pretty bad, but it remained strongly impressed.

2005/04/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8225 Host:8192 Browser: 3875
Akumaizer 3 is a hero version three Musketeers.
The setting that the Zabitans who are in the standpoint of a monster fight for justice was good.
Also, among the three of Zabitan, Ivil, and Gabra, there is a tendency for the Gabra to become a hub.

2004/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16614 Host:16432 Browser: 3875
It is an evaluation of the movie version.

It is a work that released the first episode of the TV series in theaters as one program of the Toei Manja Festival. The collaborative work is "The Anderson Monogatari Sold Selling Girl" "Ganbare !! Robokon Mugi Gyo !! Eating", "UFO Robo Grendizer" "Secret Squadron Golanger Blue Great Fortress".
The Akuma living in the cave in the earth begins to invade the ground, but Zabitan with the father of the Akuma and the Japanese mother is rebelled and executed. Ivil and Gabra, who received the life of that execution, will also fight against Akuma, resonating with Xavitan's spirit.

2004/05/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36014 Host:35890 Browser: 3846
The so-called devilmanlike hero who was born and raised to the birth place to wake up to humanity love Originally it was a serious development that my best friend and lover became enemies and stood standing and struggling with enemy ally and suffering, but if the magical power turns Since it appeared on the comic line since the introduction of Gabraccio (I hope the Gogura costume is missing according to one article) When I was a kid I liked ibils so cool. But I was pretty stupid way of doing things

2004/05/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7611 Host:7319 Browser: 3646
I have seen this as well ~. It was a local TV station and I was rerunning quite a while ago.
This broadcasting station actively rebroadcasted special effects programs & animations that were once being broadcasted in the past,
Now, it is refreshing.
The reflection is also not good at all, but it would be a big help if it still rebroadcasts .............. Sorry.
It is the biggest feature that changes the expression of the characters.
〓〓〓〓〓I remember that there was a person with a brown head that was comfortable ... ...................
The voice of this character is surely a person who was narrated by "Dragon Ball".
The latter members are black fellows and yellow fellows.
The name of the organization of the evil being fought etc has already been completely forgotten and is not in memory.
Also, I hope to see you on rebroadcast ... .......................