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Shinichi Sekizawa Ohashi Fuminori
Seiichi Toriiduka
Tsuneyasu Matsumoto Nippon Denpa Eiga Co Ltd
Matsumoto Asao
Shima Yasuhiko
Fukuyama Shozo
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Japan Released:1968/01/02(Tue) 08:15-08:45 Fuji Television Network, Inc. / End:1968/01/05
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幻の大怪獣 アゴン OP [Fan reg.]
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2017/03/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21541 Host:21523 Browser: 9829
It is the special effects monster drama "Agon" of the TV series 4 episode series.
A company that is not so familiar to me as a Japanese radio wave movie. Although I tried doing quite a bit of adventure against the genre called monster thing, it was the impression that the atmosphere that I made while struggling because of inexperience drifted over the full story.

First of all, it is the look of the large monster Agon that should become a liver, but this is "subtle, subtle and incomplete". To put it briefly, it is an appearance of the Godzilla type, but conversely it is said to be an upright monster that can not be expressed with sentences beyond that or anything that stands out something striking. I can not find a wishful word to express otherwise.

As an outline, something affected the uranium carrying vehicle, the mysteries fell off. Sumimoto Goro, a newspaper reporter who follows that mystery, Dr. Ukyo at nuclear power center, Yamato criminal of agility. And suddenly appeared Atomic Dragon, known as Agon big monster. I think that he was going on a good line as the tale of the story. To the end is the setting in the first half, though.

Just going to a good line I'm going to put in elements I do not care, which people will eventually see.
Because the dog of Shizuka Satsuki who is an assistant of Dr. Ukyo is the same as Sumoto Goro as "Goro" because it is the dog of Shizuka Satsuki so he is indignant, there are strange caves called Tengu's big bora, Sumoto and Shizukawa are good friends I guess.
Speaking of hypothetical settings about events and stories that eventually happen in the long run, there is nothing hypothetical, it's really an episode setting really "do not care". Rather, when it comes to the second half, the story advances as "Do you have such a thing?"

Agon attacked a nuclear power plant in the first half and a large fire due to a nuclear reactor explosion. Sumoto watching the nuclear exploding building ... ... close!
At such a close distance the building that is causing the nuclear explosion. Even with an ordinary fire it's a pretty dangerous distance (bored).
Sumoto rejoice that the explosion of the nuclear reactor "Agon is also a Buddha". No, no, this is normal if you do not agonize yourself, you are the Buddha. The nuclear facility is burning in front of you.

Whether it's a point for that nuclear power plant is something point ... It is nothing more than a one-shot nori here, especially not important points or keys at all.
When thinking and watching it thinking about it, it turns into a story of Shoda boy who is suddenly and rapidly turned into a story in the second half and is getting caught up in a rogue, drugs, drugs case, and Agon.
... Where did the spectacular pre-swing of a nuclear explosion at a nuclear power plant get lost?

Sumoto and Shizuka are enjoying sea fishing sweetly with jobs getting ridiculous. Ah, what do you mean?
While doing so, nuclear fuel uranium is stolen from the Nuclear Power Center due to the evil intentions of the rogue.
It invades the nuclear power center greatly easily and it steals easily in a great way. Although it is such a large facility security system, light!
Even the storage system of uranium is easy, one key is opened and the iron grid opens up and you can steal it with a victory from a storage place like a little safe. What's that?
Excuse me. As a word, please keep such a noisy thing more strictly. What kind of joke is this being? (Laugh).

One agong agon agon will contain narcotics and uranium matter, and a small boat carrying Shita boys. ..., it is a terrible association (laugh).
The strategy Sumoto devised as a method of rescuing Shitado boy who got on a small boat containing a drug-harnessed attache case was also amazing.

"A helicopter approaches the front of Agon with a boat in it and rescues with a rope ladder"

Reply from the commander's captain against

"I will do it because it's a great idea."

It is a dialogical line. ... Hey, you guys are doing something wrong. The content of conversation is lost. Although the strategy is put into execution, the helicopter is knocked down by the agon and flames fail. It is natural, it seems natural. The other party is a big monster.

As it becomes spoiler, I can not dig deeply, but as an ending Agon is repelled in a certain way. However, as the story goes on, it is a sorry work that gradually scaled down and became a small world view that got chima-chised.

I did not talk over something about a theme (eg the nucleus of the first half or nuclear power) and I tried connecting the atmosphere on the spot so it was a kind of impression. Therefore, even though the nuclear power plant suffered catastrophic destruction damage in the former half, it is becoming "a why?" Deployment as a strategy of child rescue operation and flow from the way.
It seemed that it was decisive and fatally lacking in the whole story that pulling out a story with the emphasis on something as a key point and focusing on it. As the direction goes to the second half, the axis shifts steadily and steadily.

That part is a glimpse of the special effects part, Agon vs. Self Defense Force Agon is only "to burn with a flame spitting from the mouth" in counterattack to the tank unit. Tank troops do not explode or burn up with flames, they do not melt, they just get roasted. To put it more, the fire does not even hit the tank, do you? It is said that going to the next scene with the deployment left as it is.
So I could not feel a threat unless I felt the fear of Agon, and I felt that there was only a monstrous monster in the screen.
Music is not a song but a scene that should always be exciting with an atmosphere like environmental sound is a relaxed atmosphere.

It was a mysterious work of impression which went on and on steadily despite having elements that seemed interesting.

2007/09/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9096 Host:8831 Browser: 8090
My thought for this work is very strong.
I tried to record what was broadcast late at night about 20 years ago, because the baseball pushed me for the last 30 minutes has expired (stupid) I became worried ... It took me five years to find the video at the rental shop afterwards It was.

[good point]
I thought the molding of Agon was real.
The movement of breathing nods felt commitment.
I guess the hero was a novelty newspaper reporter at that time as well.

[Bad point]
It is totally peaceful on the whole, do you say that it is delaying?
Agon 's face was somewhat stupid, and it was far from crying to cry, which caused drowsiness.
I do not feel a threat at all to the protagonist's monster because I think that Agon was not treated as a symbol of destruction in addition to a redundant human drama.
I felt I was given a shoulder watermark for the last 30 minutes I expected.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Deductions are "normal"

2006/06/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20686 Host:20766 Browser: 5234
"Agon" is an abbreviation of ATOMIC DORAGON.
Such naming and monsters are such Godzilla's point of saying that such a point of fear ... ... There is no Godzillaic fun but there is no degree of saying "what?" To the figure of Agon which makes a face So, I have never thought of being scary, and the power like Godzilla trying to land from Shinagawa was influenced by the difference between monochrome and color, but although this work is color, there is no sorrowful force and power, thinking about that part Even Himoto is a failed work.

When I saw it on steel for the first time, I felt like a variant of vanilla lost to Ultraman Aboras, and I thought that the design of the costume was a design, so I thought that action could not be expected, but as expected It can be said that it is a work that has become a work.
Because it was boring even if you saw that it was flowing in the late at night, because some people were derided as "special work film mania or a work seen by a leisure man", the expression is not over, and Maestro Sekizawa Shinichi is also different from Toho It seems that at a low budget it seems to have been impossible to do the work I expected, and it seems as if the cha cha agon is telling the sorrow of such work.

Although it may fit in the taste that such a work was also made, it can be said that it is a sure work even if weakness feeling after finishing wearing is quite strong work.
It is the image of this work that fell in such a minor phantom work.

Literally the work itself has become a form close to vision.

2005/07/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2804 Host:2497 Browser: 5623
Aesthetic mumi is detailed!
About 15 years ago, I watched the broadcast in late night at the Chukyo district. It is supposed to be black and white after examining various things, but what I saw was part color. Because it was not divided into 4 episodes, it may have been reedited for theatrical release.
The appearance of Agon itself appeared disappointing, suddenly appeared in the sea about 5 minutes after the program started "Ah, Agon!" (The witness's dialogue).
Agon which disappears to the sea without doing anything as it is. Do you show your face?
Even though Agon's shaping, eyes whose focus is not fixed have a good meaningless expression, there is no attraction at all. A story that slurp to the flat plate. Although it may have a historical meaning as a monster object other than Tsuburaya, it seems to only stand out the goodness of Tsuburaya monster thing.
If you look at nostalgia and rarity, you can buy a DVD and do not bother. Honor the historical significance and do it "ordinary".