[Special Ef.]Ultramanzero Gaiden Killer The Beat Star

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Abe Yu-ichi
Tsuburaya Prodaction BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD.
Shouta Minami
Tao Tsuchiya
Mitsutoshi Shundo
Hiroyuki Konishi
Mamoru Miyano
Hikaru Midorikawa
Hiroshi Kamiya
Tomokazu Seki
Susumu Kurobe
Koji Moritsugu
Hideyuki Tanaka
Miyu Irino
Unsho Ishizuka
Hideyoshi Iwata
Rikimaru keita
Daisuke terai
Fukushima Ryusei
Kazunori Yoko
Suenaga Hiroshi Fukuda Daisuke
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Japan Released:2011/11/15(Tue)
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2016/06/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although it seems that there are many criticisms, it was an impression that I personally seemed to be so badly criticized as that.

Beatstar 's assertion that an organic life creates battle only because of the order of the universe is obsolete if it says clearly.
The existence of the mind that was also seen in Goza uller and Gaogaigar, is similar to trying to make it a machine because it brings up a conflict and brings chaos to the universe, this is killing.
However, it is incomplete and life forms are incomplete, and it is quite reasonable to assert membership of the Ultimate Force, which has both habit and two habits, that bonds and new forces are formed by combining and helping each other if they are incomplete Is not it?
They were not originally friends, they also became companions with various twists and turns.
Even if other Ultraman was opposed to beat star this time, I think that it is not similar to this story this time.
At the same time, I think that it is valuable to say that the importance of a friend is clearer as zero, which tends to receive the impression that I am divided and liked by myself at the same time.
What was decided at the last end was Jean killer 's blow, but it was good that it also leads to denying the beat star by making an attack that the boss can not calculate by manipulating it by the machine.

People of the big monster battle appearing this time only again faced out of Oki and Haruna, only by Ray, Boss and Kumano.
This time Rei says that he is not like himself "with similar circumstances" and the figure that he seemed to be playing with the boss at the beach though it was a delusion but at the last end, "Let's hurry! Saying a gag, it is because it is the last time or it is getting pretty soft.
Although it is good, I feel that Gomora and Litora were not able to do so much this time and Ray himself was not able to make a big success either this time.
Litora crushed by Jean killer looked pretty.
But the bear is amazing, because he repaired the jambot repair from another planet using a personal computer, it is not a mage, it is a great mage.
The boss who made him a member is truly competent, even when it is a big monster battle, his existence does not know how many times he saved the crew's life.

King Joe, Ace Killer, Impellers are appearing as robots are opponents this time, but it was unsatisfying that individual character did not appear at all in battle.
It was a setting that you can not use light technique even though it is simple, but I do not have any other choice but to fight meat bullets, but I feel that it was plain.
Especially the Ace Killer has the light technique skill.

Although the beat star that appears this time uses Dyna's despaiseer, I did not quite know why it was a despaser in the end, I can not think of a similar part in the setting.
Mecham is also unknown in detail, but there were similarities to the activity of the theater that gets friends and scatters to protect their friends, but this time it was totally completely refreshing.
I think that the story itself is not bad, but the battle scenes are relatively barely the screen is dark and the screen is dark, so it was regrettable that ZAP members' activity was not so much as the final work.
I will leave it as good as possible.