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SF TV rank of 1999 Rank 13in 13 titles
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Thuburaya Kazuo
Shinichi Kamisawa Toshiyuki Takano
Junki Takegami Masakazu Migita Oota Ai
Fuyuki Tooru
Shinichi Oooka
Tsuburaya masahiro
VAP inc.
Katsuyuki Yamazaki
Nanjyo Koji
Kunio Masaoka
Koga Wataru
Kaoru Ukawa
Eriko Adachi
Sandayu Dokumamushi
Shigeki Kagemaru
Kenji Sahara
Koji Moritsugu
Shinobu Kameyama
Mahito Oba
Shoichiro Akaboshi
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Japan Released:1999/07/07(Wed) / End:1999/12/31
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1. http://www.vap.co.jp/u-seven/ (Translation)
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2015/07/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7567 Host:7460 Browser: 4701
[good point]
There is none.

[Bad point]
Mr. Furushi will die.
This was a shock in a bad sense.
I am suffering from understanding why it was developed like this.

Who wants to see the talk?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Every round was nice, but this time it is the worst.

2013/07/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41286 Host:41179 Browser: 5386
You can not help calling serious diseases and misunderstanding fan service.
It is true that the story of non-malt, Gieron star beast etc. contributes greatly as the attraction of the original Ultra Seven.
While it is a program for children, I think that its ambiguous balance that crushed the morality (slightly) to a certain extent was the charm of Seven (even non malt is still 100% correct for non-malt argument at that point I am not doing it)
However, in this work, when the creator receives such a severe development, it receives in a bad direction, and as a result
Ultra guard will fall into an aggressive hawker, even rather start to preempt other planets.
Choose a means to hide the past history.
Reproduct the facts of non - malt incident.
Etc., I feel that I emphasized seven characteristics badly.
And eventually Seven takes judgment by breaking the law of the universe ...
Once it says that Seven does not regret what he did to protect his loved ones, but the viewer is a bad guy.
Although I think that it is already an opinion already, I think that also if I still bring non-malt matter, I think that it was impossible for anyone other than Mr. Kaneshi who wrote the actual script.
That story is the story if there is Mr. Kaneshiro's thought.

Who the hell are you getting along with this story?
Furushashi staff also suddenly die, and Seven does not know what will happen after this.
There are also eye-popping descriptions such as Seven, who revenge for King Joe once, and the first tag game of the capsule monster (Agura that can not even be issued), but it is not very effective but it can not be wiped out of the main line.

This series was also quite a thing, but a continuation is still made without discouraging it.
I do not mind that the series will continue because there is popularity, but I'd like you to think about someone who is a bit more visible.

2013/02/11 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27049 Host:26932 Browser: 9931
"Ultra Seven" emphasizing "the heavy theme and SF nature" which is the greatest attraction, ambition which casts a single stone in the significance of earth defense and the significance of the existence of the Earthling which is the object to be protected ... Although it is, In conclusion, the impression that the satisfaction of young staff 's self-satisfaction has ended at the "secondary creation" level is very strong.

TDF (Earth Defense Force) drawn as "villain" as a symbol of the power that went uncontrollable ... There was no impression as a "organization of admiration" in the form of that figure, and there was no feud that made the inside of the inside of the whole story wrecked It will be unfolded. Although convincing explanation has been made for the transition history of Kazi chief who is the former hurdle and for the circumstances that led to runaway, there is also a thing that invites the situation that irreparable by foolishness called personal grudges, It did not boil at all. Even I remembered the illusion that I was watching the "Gundam" series during appreciation, such as the aforementioned TDF 's corruption wandering and Patrick Zara' s reckless runaway.
What hurt more than anything else was to work on the sequel to 'non mess's messenger'. Originally it was not something that could clearly give a definite answer, it was a kind of episode that entrusted the interpretation to one audience, but one writer was "official view" as opposed to "episode of the time at that time" I remembered a strong unpleasant feeling (it is also the same as "The legacy of monster use" in "Mebius" later.) Both works were allowed to develop in secondary creations such as doujinshi Maybe it is ...).
If you are supposed to have a person who can show the answer in "nonmart", that is the reason for writing the original, there is no other choice but Mr. Kaneshiro Tetsuo. It is nodding that director Kazuho Mitsuda who directed the original "non-malt" commented that "I still do not feel like watching" about "sequel".

There is no dispute that the world view backed by hard drama nature is an attraction unique to "Seven", but it will be the first time to show its true value only with the entertainment spirit.
The main writer's responsibilities are heavy, which has brought about a great deal of curiosity, finished up to be cramped and reserved only.