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Other media: JP movie:Messege from Space Galaxy war
SF TV total pnts rank Rank 316in 750 titlesTotal 4 / Deviation 47.48
SF TV rank of 1978 Rank 7in 10 titles
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Music1.67(Very good)3
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TV Asahi TOEI Ishimori Shotarou Shoutarou Ishinomori
Igami Masaru Edure Takashi Yamada Minoru
Nobuo Yajima
Jyun Murakami Osamu Kaneda TUTOMU KITAGAWA
Shunsuke Kikuchi Kenichiro Morioka Isao Sasaki
Hiroyuki Sanada Oda Akira
Ryo Nishida Yoko Akitani
Shinzo Hotta SHIGEROU SIROI Ritsuko Fujiyama
Sakaguchi Tetsuro Kaho Shimada Hisanaga Tomoko Kazuhito Andou Akira Shioji
Asao Koike
Japan Released:1978/07/08(Sat) / End:1979/01/27
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2014/05/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5508
[good point]

From the suit design it was "anything" (?), But the action taken incorporating elements of the ninja.
Mr. Hiroyuki Sanada, a leading role, was exactly casting, although there was a sense of exhilaration as if he attacked while bouncing the enemy with alter ego.

Serious narration by Mr. Asao Koike, famous for criminal Colombo etc.

It is an OP song that Mr. Sasaki Sasaki sang Mr. Sasaki, whose majestic brave vocals and others had not changed their taste.

The identity of Roxaea XIII where there was unexpectedness.

[Bad point]

A fairy tales story by the fog was also pointed out, but the end of Kamiji who was a good cooperator was too rashful. It may have been said that it was still a minute I did not feel like I was struggling with tears or strangely like anime and manga in recent years .......

It was the Eagle of the governorate empire which killed that Kamiji, but well they were villains "a normal Machiavellist" and a tough scoundrel, it was totally average point level.
Although only the cogor showed his nominee 's meaning at the last moment, I was not satisfied with honesty.

There are also people who serve as heroines. Well I think that it was possible to separate the performance itself with "that person", but none of them was miscast, without the atmosphere corresponding to the original role or imitation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

In the series, "Character Heroine Fairly Well ... Virgin Mediocrity" in the theatrical version was "The main character not a party, villain scoring", but in this series it was better than the theater version in general, but it is a good point. Bad point I got a feeling that both sides were conspicuous.
Mr. Sanada's action and Mr. Sasaki singing good work has been done wonderfully overseas, especially in a good point, was not good for us in a good point. Evaluation is well "normal".

2014/05/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15235 Browser: 5173
It is one work of valuable universe scale in Japanese special effects.
It depicts an extra-terrestrial planet under the rule of the evil empire, and there are monkey people and robots in the regulars, which is a "star wars" style.
Honestly, the distribution work of Toei will be mostly similarities and poorly written works, but I think that this work was a special effect that is particularly distinctive.

Well, first of all it is unusual that outside the planet was a science fiction work of the stage.
"Space Criminal Gavan", "Space Criminal Sharivan", "Tokusatsu Sentai Decalanger", etc. were also delivered, but these are the works set on the ground for the time being, and this "message from the universe galaxy great war" It is a previous work.
At first, Tsuburaya Pro also makes special effects like "Star Wolf" (unexpected), but it is a rare impression in Toei.
The battle scene of the space that boasts the high quality in the special effects of TV what it was interesting was interesting, and I think that it was good to express the extraterrestrial planet ruled to the last without reflecting the cityscape.
It is not a high-tech, but a cosmic image surrounded by somewhat stale "nature".
There were many battles on the river side, and it seemed to emphasize mystique over overtechnology. I liked this rustic atmosphere.

There were things that the hero was Hiroyuki Sanada, and the action scene naturally was spectacular.
It was a pity that Masaboshi and shooting stars were too simple and difficult to distinguish from each other, and it was quite a shame that "Before transformation is better" ... (and that is not the ratio of Kamen Rider and so on).
With regard to actors, without complaints, the two main characters have good facial movements and movements, and BARU and TONT were also good voices and acts suited to the characters.
Especially Buru's bold voice was perfect for Osun buddy characters who also worked as a good guard while struggling to meet various difficulties more than Hayato.

Although opening and endings represent the magnificence of this work, I'm curious that BGM has diverted a lot.
Most of the main sound was diverted from "Masked Rider", there was a gap in the style, and discomfort was great.
Regrettably it is regrettable that the theme song of governance is the song of Shocker. By all means, the lyrics flowed to the head because "Kaze is Fuwoo 〓〓〓Miyoshi Shocker 〓〓〓quot;, it is not a sense of seeing the SF of the scale at all.
Since it controls the planet, it should have a scale larger than shocker, but I will be given the impression that I will gradually downgrade to the Shocker scale by all means.
Without setting the ending theme, it was very good for me to feel naughty every time that the narration entered into the gentle melody "All humans have a dream toward tomorrow ..." at the end.

Evaluation is "good".
It certainly was fun and it seemed like the number of stories was just right, but there are parts that are biased because there is "unusual in Toei work" there.
To the last, the content was not over "Good, well-grown Japanese Star Wars", but as it was after all SF work he was not wiping out the impression "plain".
Speaking of taste, its taste and rusticity also has a taste ....

2014/05/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37119 Host:37010 Browser: 9932
It is a TV series in a sequel to the start of on air starting at a phenomenal speed of only two months after the movie "message from the universe" was released, but the original was getting inspired from "Southern Sogami Hakkenden" On the other hand, in this work it is a main writer.The trajectory has been corrected to contents which emphasized the degree of heroicity and adventurous activism more than the original, incorporating the taste of Mr. Masaru Ino's eighteenth "ninja thing", Phantom One of the features is that many enemy characters are made appear.

A struggle between the governance empire that aims to conquer the whole space and the resistance organization that places their defeat on the stage of hundreds of years after the original (age setting is scramble) is a continuous story format unusual as a special-effects program at the time Although it will be drawn, but also in this work whether it is still saying, it is made to bitter smile to Mr. Iga's golden pattern (Ninja Juku, tragedy of Kunoichi, old age ninja etc ...) You did it. It is a mon who was delivered at the same time as "Ninja Capture" in a bad thing, so it is easy to verify the similarity with the feeling that "You have seen this story," Capture "too ... w
Inexperienced young man Gen. Genocide was killed.The introduction department which makes the hayato grow to "warrior" introduction division and the point that the three planets are in an abandoned position from the Earth Federal Government who is afraid of governance etc. , Deployment up to around the 1st to 3rd talks was not bad but I had expectations, but after Hayato & Ryu wore a shinoba cake called "Maggotte & shooting star", after about having to push character action all the way It began to stand out, and Hayato was transformed into a powerful person as soon as possible, so that the interesting thing as a "growing tree" collapsed. The diversion of the above-mentioned drama pattern also echoed, and it seems that it was more enjoyable for the sub-writer's charge than the Ie period.

On the other hand, although the development of the final stage of the ultimate weapon emeralida is based on a familiar pattern called "hidden treasure fight", Mislead about the size of the scale appropriate for the final chapter and the place of the treasure, for emeralida There were a lot of points to be noticed, such as the role that Sofia had to bear, and there was impression. Regarding the identity of Roxsea XIII in particular, I was impressed by the development which pushed the notice which took advantage of the existing Toei's theory. Sophia had sometimes told Sophia as told lines that imply relationship with Roxsea as "foreshadow" and I did not feel forcibly forcibly added. I came to the end and finally showed Mr. Masaru Ioh's "bottom power".
However, the last of Kamiji who has continued to cooperate with Hayato as the back to the end is extremely unusual (it does not have a depiction to mourn his death ...) lacking excitement, originally Hayato as a family's enemy It is regrettable that Liu went down to Eager deputy to be slaughtered or was stunned by the incoherent behavior of Knoi who betrayed the head of the Koga in suddenly, but even in the late stage the collapse swing was seen.

Even though we can not deny much of the difficulty, the evaluation was settled "ordinary" in consideration of the careful development of the early stage and the sub-writers in the middle stage, the surprising nature of the final stage and so on.
However, it is said that the relevance between Roxsey XII and XIII is good, it is said that there is no mention of "Ravet's braves", and if you make this book it is going through the theater version setting w

2011/10/20 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30580 Host:30495 Browser: 11755
The theme song was first superior. Mr. Issa Sasaki's powerful vocals and so on shone as usual.

At the acting crowd, Mr. Hiroyuki Sanada, who was still ten at the time, acted full of vitality due to youth. I can let him recognize again that he is also born under the star called star. Enemies also felt "good sense of sense" such as the design of costumes,
I think that villain-like resoluteness was seen, and the character was standing.

Although I was watching actions, it was not as scaly as it fell from terrible eyes,
It looked creepy, there was a constant looking.

I saw the movie version, but this is a TV version, so I posted by mistake, so change to a comment only position.

2011/10/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22162 Host:22324 Browser: 10827
A special effects space action drama aired in 78-79. The 15th solar system with the three planets of `Theta`. Velda '.' Analiris' had formed a civilization by the immigrants from the earth and the planet people, but the electric shock of the galactic invading army "the governor empire" It is suppressed by the evil hand of a kind invasion. The young man of the Gen family who was killed by the governor 's army "Hayato" confronts the governor is also intercepted. However, Hayato is saved by the mysterious beauty "Sophia" and receives the ultra high performance spacecraft 'Riabe' where the mighty men of the galaxies fought and fought. Hayato challenges the battle to rescue the 15th solar system from the governance of the governor with the robot 'Tonto' with his brother 's "Ryu" and his buddy' s monkey person "Barou."

Special effects from the fight of the hit of "Star Wars" in 1977. Film circles are successive works in the universe. Even at Toei this work is a set of that movie that diverted miniatures and was produced as a TV thing, making it a dramatic attention by making science fiction movie "original message from the universe" originally created by Professor Ishinomori. Although the protagonist is Mr. Hiroyuki Sanada like a movie, I change the setting of the stage and the story development, and it is finished as a unique story different from the movie.

At the time he played the leading role "Maboroshigen Gen. Hayato" Hiroyuki Sanada, which he sold as a second action actor, was enough as a young and stepping character. "A shooting star Ryu" that Mr. Akira Oda plays is a big brother type with a powerful and calm feeling. Ryu 's partner "Baru" is a behaviorist who is full of power like a monkey, and the robot `Tont' was quite pounding. And the mysterious beauty "Sophia" that helps them was a pure goddess.
The 'corner headmaster' played by the enemy 's governor empire, Mr. Horita, is a corps commander with a dignified atmosphere, and his younger brother' Ega deputy 'is a commander type of action. The woman spy 'Knoi' had a feeling like a bad lady. Mr. Fujiyama Ryoko who played Zenobia and others played a good performance.

This work has brought the setting of SF movie "Message from the universe", but its setting is "Star Wars", "Hayato" is Luke, "Ryu" is solo, "Ruby" is Chewbacca. "Sophia "Leia. 'Tonto' is formatted as a motif of R2 - D2. Meanwhile, the enemy Governus Corps is a ninja formation type so that it can be understood from the headmaster's name, and his minions are also `Megato '.' Hibitto '.' Yamibito '. Kemurito'. Kibito '. Mismito. There was a feeling that it was a cosmic mixed corps group like a humanoid type, such as a monster type, such as' Mitsukage 'Vito'. Civit '. Kagamibito'. (A counterpeople like Space soldiers also appeared in "Strikes back of the Star Wars Empire", but because only Boba, except Bett Fett, was the only showroom) That's why enemy monsters with various techniques appeared every time Acting behind the invasion was the highlight. And the stage of this work is not the earth but three planets like the different space, so that humans and planetary people will appear, the air battle of Reabe and the governor's fighter plane and the governor's battleship. There was a distinctive atmosphere where the deployment to navigate the universe by special photography is set in other works and the story was drawn as a hot development drama by Mr. Masaru Io and the contents are very dense It has become.

This work is perfect as a special effects work, such as the setting with the setting in the universe and the advanced miniatures by the advanced miniature and camerawork, the story development of the contents etc, which is brought from the movie, but at that time the settlement and costume etc I did not come to feel it. But it was well done as a space opera TV drama and there was nothing else in the universe setting, so the evaluation is [very good]. Unlike "Beast Jumping Juggernaut" etc., I feel that it is the splendor of this work that passed through other planets and the universe as the stage until the end. Even though technology develops now, it seems that we have not done making works with vast dreams so far with special effects, so in that sense the greatness of the enthusiasm of the staff at that time is well felt.

2010/02/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3868 Host:3816 Browser: 5717
Unlike the movie version, this one is likable with the content that the hero called "shooting star" and "phantom" fights for the evil (the identity is the two crew members who are on the same spaceship The princess asking for help from the two people is also beautiful and SF is good but the fantastic atmosphere was good, I like the adventure of finding 3 of the last trump cards (red, green, pink) It was probably because I was watching it when I was small, so I was watching it when I liked heroes, so I liked it more than the extra theater version.

2006/06/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40763 Host:40597 Browser: 4483
I have not seen the original movie, but it was a work that was neither possible nor impossible.
I did not feel that I was boring and bored.

2006/06/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
There are really many works in which images of "Star Wars" are strong in special effects and movies during this period.
If you mention the originality of this work, the two main characters (Senior class is solo and juniors are like Luke?
Is to be dressed as a SF ninja, but since I was not transforming from the beginning I think that the stress was pretty well accumulated in the opening stage.
Were there any wonderful actions in the middle?

2004/09/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16614 Host:16432 Browser: 3875
Evaluation of the movie version.

Toei produced the SF epitome "message from the universe", but the TV series "message from the universe galaxy great war" (that is, the TV series of this work) was made by positioning it as a sequel of the work . And like this, it is this work that was published at "Toei Manning Festival". (The simultaneous screening work was "Cat with boots" "Space pirate captain. Herlock" "Spider-Man" "Candy. Candy's Summer Vacation.") The TV series itself is already a theater work "Message from the Universe" Because it is a story of the world view which seems not to be related (it seems to be), it is good to see this work as an independent work. (It is an original story for a theater.
Even so, despite being a work hard to say that the TV series "Galaxy Battle" was a success, it is possible to say that Toei was trying to put in force to make a theatrical work with the original story. (But it is fascinating that the more production companies are, the more often they are failed box office.