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Shoutarou Ishinomori
Inoue Toshiki Shoji Yonemura
Ryuta Tasaki Hidenori Ishida Kenzou Maihara Takao Nagaishi Nakazawashojiro
Onodera Shou
Kaji Atsushi Naomi Takebe Takaaki Utsunomiya Takahito Oomori
Tsuneyoshi Saito
Tamotsu Shinohara
Michihiro Takeda Takeshi Miyazaki Nihorikazuo
TOEI ADK Ishimori Prodaction INC TV Asahi
Shouko Fujibayashi NaruseSyuuhei
Seto Kouji Rina Koike
Kenji Matsuda Yuuki Ogoe Eiji Takigawa
Keisuke Katou Shouma Yamamoto
Kouhei Kumai
Takeda kouhei Yuu Takahashi Nana Yanagisawa
Houka Kinoshita Sugita Tomokazu Akira Ishida
Tomohide Takahara
Mitsu Murata
Saki Kagami
Yuria Haga
Shinya Niiro
Takaiwaseiji Jiro Okamoto Eitoku Hachisukayuichi Naoko Kamio
Katsumi Shiono Kanae Oki Erina Yamazaki Ryusaku Chijiwa RyuuseiNakao Keiko Sakai Endo Daisuke Masuda Takayuki Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Kaori Mine Ryuuzou Ishino Taketora Yuichi Ishigami Masako Katsuki Daisuke Egawa
Japan Released:2008/01/27(Sun) TV Asahi / End:2009/01/18
Official sites
1. http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/kiva/ (Translation)
2. http://www.toei.co.jp/tv/kiva/ (Translation)
Ending movie (4)
Destiny's PlayDestiny's Play
Lyrics:Shouko Fujibayashi
Arrange:NaruseSyuuhei [Fan reg.]
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2017/06/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3361 Host:3341 Browser: 8813
[good point]
The story that modern and the past link with the story Nago - san and Oshiiya are not interesting It is interesting every time it is interested, and it is interesting music that I watch continuously. Music: Opening is subtle, but the insertion song etc is the most important in all the mask riders Favorite design: Phantom and riders are so beautiful, Kibat is cute, Emperor is super cool!
Love elements are opinions by people but I like them. Kamen Rider does not have this kind of comment, but as the Kamen Rider is already evolving according to the times, it may be like a human who sticks to the mask rider if you see it as a masked rider work.
It is the work that came the most in the Kamen Rider work. For the first time in the case of Rhino Ceras Fang Gaia I felt anger very much by a phantom, and I cried Emperor's first appearance round. I think that it is wonderful to bring it quietly with a monster who has only 2 episodes.
Kiba is almost late to help an ordinary person, but there are many people who make complaints that this means that heroism disappears, but I like this one more realistically. I'm amazed if I scooped around like that each time.
There are many people that the hero is not like a hero, but this is a story that Watarl grows and it is meaningless if it is a hero from the beginning. This is a story for Wataru to explore something for me, so I do not want to be heroing from the beginning. Besides, I think that it is enough hero to help human beings even though they were shot with guns.

[Bad point]
Leave setting. The setting increases and disappears, and it is unstable even in this regard.
Arms monster airing phenomenon: In modern edition it is almost air. It is safe since it is somewhat out in the past edition, but in the latter half the emperor takes the stage stage and it is almost nothing. I wanted it to be a little more active.
I wanted 13 races to appear. According to the settings there are other races besides the Urufen and Fang Gaia. Hobbit tribe or Mermaid tribe ... this kind of tribe is not worrisome if it is so worrisome.
Fungia's mystery: What is Fang Gaia? Even though the answer is clear, I do not know the answer. I wanted to see the history of Fang Gaia.
Character that disappears: There are many characters and rides that do not appear again. I felt that somehow disappeared.
The last round does not come nicely. I was disappointed that this was interesting.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is wonderful if it does not have to abandon the setting. Gudaguda in the middle may be conspicuous, but I did not mind. Is it probably because there are many screen writers? Well, I could verify it very much. It was funny and I finished watching it in two days is about Kiba. Of course there are problems, but I will turn to 315 after 753.

2017/06/11 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35675 Host:35610 Browser: 5213
"Daytime riders from the morning"

〓〓〓1 period Heisei rider's Kuuga from decade till. Viewing. Other unviewed.

〓〓〓Outline of the work]

Heisei rider ninth work.
Catch copy is "Awakening (Wake Up)! Unleash the chain of fate!" "It's the story about the violin, the story of the father and the child ..."

The feature of the biggest feature of this work is "The point that we are advancing two stories at the same time on the past and the current two time axes"
The hero of the current edition, the father of Wataru drawn with Reddy and past editions, Kayonaga.
Drama is drawn, as they are advancing each story around these two people and their connection.

However, in actuality there is nothing in the past like the fate of destiny for catchphrase, neither is it a translation about the violin separately.
Basically, Gudaguda story which is suffering or messing with the present human relationship nowadays occupies the majority and an action scene of the degree of sorry comes in every time.

〓〓〓Good point]

Rider Design Masked Rider 's design is western - style armor as image and very stylish and cool.
Three other types of riders come out, but none of them can be said to be ordinary as cool as they are "not familiar if you get used" like the recent work. The director of Special Moves is also 〓〓〓
In addition, the design of Fang Gaia of the monster's position of this work is also pretty good overall.

Honestly two hours At first it was hard to see because the director got crowded, the past and the present came back and forth too much.
Until about the first three episodes, I was going away with gorillor ...
As usual the direction was omnipotently exhausted (budget relationship?) Mild,
It was quite interesting as long as I got used to "understanding like that" as well.

Ikemen who finished a serious gag Ikemen Initially I thought that Koitsu was a highly valued candidate for typical problem children who tend to be in Inoue screenwriter ... but, I see.
It certainly became a good character. In daily work as moderate gag factor,
Serious part showed us as a straight man.
Descriptions of the reasons for changing critical Nago was appropriate, but the guy is a hero good anymore, is not it?

〓〓〓Bad point]

〓〓〓There were not any heroes.

Although there are many drawbacks of this work, this point was bad overwhelming among them.
Although hero's passing, he is almost not "hero-like behavior".

As far as any series can say, the main character has ever come up with a voice calling for help, has kept the weakness.
Even if it was a mysterious portrayal at first glance,
Ultimately, the action that Sore thought about the surrounding people should have been the basis.

But this work is different.
First of all, looking back step by step, the main character of this work is also like the majority of riders
It seems that it was when the first episode first turned into a mask rider and fought ...
It is because it does not look like that at all here.
A hero who is a suspicious person of a withdrawal who lacked a conscience who neither has neither an inconvenience neither a neighbor nor a thief at the beginning of one episode (no, what kind of hero)
Suddenly the father's memento violin resounded and the monster's position "Fang Gaia" of this work rushed to the scene where it was raging,
Almost silent without passing the violin ranging freely until you beat the monster. Even though I'm describing "I've been fighting in the same way as before" ...?

Well, in other words, this hero is a translation that has not been portrayed at all what it fought.
Even though Tsukkom about what we know how to make a change is idiot, it was the first time that we encountered Fang Gaia when we first transformed, and it is strange that there is no reaction about Sole.
Whether Fang Gaia existed long ago than that one story, why did not the violin sound so far?
And why do the violin rings when you see that the monster is hitting people?
If I thought that in the explanation by the wiki was moving according to the intention included in the violin,
It seems that he himself did not know what he was fighting. Yeah ....
Contradictory depiction with Kamen Rider is not uncommon, but for reasons to throw in fighting, is not it already strange to set up?

That's why when you just looked at one episode normally, "Oh, is it Agu-Tsu Shang-Sha type that becomes silent as a battle?"
If it is thought that it is kore .... After having become a late half of the story that has a will to preserve people or such a will.
However, about 80% of the main characters are about characters that can fight with Fang Gaia to some extent, but there is no way that "WWOOFers who can be conscious of protecting people" are ... ...

..... Are you a hero?

〓〓〓I do not know moral

Someone said that special effects Hero Mono directed towards Chibi is also an educational program at the same time. Saya, kuuga did the best.

Such a concept does not exist as much as 1 micron in this work.
〓〓〓I wrote in the early stages of passing and there was no reason to fight,
Even if you hear a voice calling for help during the work, when you are suffering you, you will skim and kill the victim.

In addition to this, the majority of the characters in this work are somewhere extraordinary.
Initial Nago - san or his father was forced to commit suicide by not having anything, and (there is no story to reflect on after conversion)
Kengo Koshi who was facing friends Kansai dialect Chara male was an extraordinary way to spread around herself by selfish reason and to shake violence without trouble, or even finally it was reconciled with passing, but this guy was in Kansai I used a valve to hide my own self I translated with using Kansai dialect after conversion ... Is this a pretense that was reformed?
It was a psycho that the heroine 's deep - sea was also a decent person so that as soon as I knew the identity of my tato, it was no longer resistant to killing ....
Although the fangs of the rival character also said "I have kindness" just before the last round, I wonder how many people killed without changing their complexion ...
Shizuka who thought that he was one of the best guys in the middle also showed a jealous and dusky face ...

Rasubosu was taken down by his wife, betrayed by a partner, recaptured enemy tribe,
He was killed by a son with a former wife who was kicked out and lost everything and was taken down,
When I revived further I was robbed of clothes and reason,
It is a miraculous plot to be killed by a real son and the son of a man who took his wife to sleep.
Koitsu It is a gentle guy who can not kill a wife who was taken down while being a monster but it is a look.

As a result, the balance at the end of the century is finished where the grace of coming only after saying something is relatively serious.

Although my character 's character is feminine, I am aware that my discomfort watching already thanks to the fact that there is a limit and the drama of contents like a daytime drama, I wake up (wake up). Taskete.

〓〓〓Drama making is appropriate

The starting point of the drama of this work is Sonaya, the father of the hero.
Both Nago, Wataru, Yuri, Jiro and Midnight, other people touched him and its life has changed greatly.
........, saying that there is no depiction as to what was inspired or not, it does not fit the reason.

For example, Nago, but he told me that "You do not have enough fun," he is truly receiving that word,
Even though other people have never heard of listening to anything to Nago until now, somehow exceptional only at this time.
I would like a more convincing depiction ... ...

In addition, as for the passage of the hero as mentioned above at the time of one episode it is roughly a criminal,
After the second episode it is a bad child and it will continue for a while but as it will be the final stage it will grow to a rock.
There is a good tendency because I tend to prefer "a story of a type in which a useless protagonist grows".

However, this work has a very bad pace.
As far as I know, almost all Heisei riders have not been able to allocate pace at all, but are there such anchors?
I was riding the daytime drama which continued all the time and it was not until the last board - - - - - - - - - I was suffering and stayed wet.
If you give your hero grow up a little more quickly.


Setting Balanced throwing balance is rattling integrity gun ignorance not filled form

There are so many other drawbacks that we can not talk about.
"All in all Toshiki Inoue is the work of the screenwriter ..."
"Toshiki Toshiki no ichi !!!"
Although he said, he is a normal driving,
At the time of viewing it was Kuuga. Agito, other than Decade
Since the first term Heisei rider was after seeing it I was used to it.


Finally there is only Nago-san in the meaning that this work is winning other series.

It is the furthest content from 'for children', and 'no mask rider likeness' is not felt. 'There is no hero sense' as well 〓〓〓As you can see, "Drama nature. Message quality" is also stupid and creaky It is not stable because it is. And some uncomfortable.
"Early action" was good. However, the CG gets exhausted in order, and the charm dies in the vicinity where she started to shikoshiko with the latter half sword.

Since the contents of the past and the present two stories were content as described above, the meaning is thin.
It was not a strange flying drama but I could still evaluate it if I stepped on with ordinary content ....

Evaluation is personally the worst straight forward,
Because I think that the interest of Ms. Nago should be evaluated, it is "very bad"

2017/03/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24821 Host:24629 Browser: 10158
[good point]
Rider Design I can not think that I have a cooler rider than Kiba. Like a very second face, artistic feel is everywhere. Inexperience, saga, dark kiba as well. (The dimension is different from Kabuto's straight parenthesis)

Its Special Move It is so cool that the technique that is released in the dark night (especially, Darkness Moonbreak) is numb.

The best. It fits the work and it is beautiful. It was particularly good since Supernova came out. Music at the time of waking is also pretty good.

An artistic monster like Fang Gaia stained glass. There is a pattern of birds in each individual and it is fun to look for it. I think that twice as much as Imagine of the previous work Denou is cool.

Unique character
As for 7538315, 0108 as well 315, 315, 1108 (Itari valley) also 315

Emotional stories The bonds and love of parents and children were firmly drawn. Omura-san and Shena-san's exit can also cry.

[Bad point]
The setting is too huge and can not be explained by the main story. Conversely if you examine it it is more interesting to examine it, so it is not possible to say that lack of explanation is definitely bad, and you can also do such a way of enjoying. But I wish I wanted to explain a bit more.

Even though there were a lot of poor Pearls, I lost my friend, changed characters, became Ikusa, it was taken by the enemy, stepped on and kicked. I can not do music either. In a sense, it may be as hard as it is to pass.

I also wanted to see Bassher Fever ...

Although Tago and Kaya's tags are exciting, when it comes to Yamato and it is delicate

Aozora no Kai, I fight hard. I wanted him to play a little more.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is a coarse part, but overall it is the highest. I have been watching various rider works, but I have not met Kiba or more yet.

2016/12/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29560 Host:29378 Browser: 5179
[good point]
Riders, director Takeshi Takeshi's stubborn stories themselves are not as extensive as depression.
Compared to the 555 and the sword it is no good at all, it is a happy ending.

[Bad point]
It is hard to understand that you will go back and forth in the times.
(There will be a depiction when coming back and forth.
Why I can go back and forth in the times, if I can do such a thing I go to other times,
Before I was born I could go ...

Things like time paradox are ambiguous.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although Denou had time as a theme, I think I never did it on a similar theme.
It is my favorite work on the whole.
However, the shadows are thin in the past riders ...

2016/11/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2125 Host:1942 Browser: 3985
[good point]
All the rider's design and deathblow are cool.
Burning development in the second half.
[Bad point]
There are too many settings to die.
There was also a technique used only once.
Sorry for just being cool.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The best.

2016/10/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10388 Host:10616 Browser: 10015
[good point]
Main, sub, enemy riders, all designs are good-looking characters, human growth Growth Past and present, the stories of the two eras are connected, becoming one story, unusual for a rider that is unprecedented, Serious romance description

[Bad point]
A totally uninteresting gag scene

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is difficult to talk a little, as a work it is quite funny

2016/08/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31632 Host:31546 Browser: 9309
[good point]
In the meaning of neta and in the sense of seriousness, the cuckooe character called Mr. Nago.
Oto-sama's character character.
Wataru gourmand character.

[Bad point]
Tempo is a bit bad in the first half.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the second half was Blade level excitement.

2016/07/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5585 Host:5604 Browser: 11626
[good point]
1 The appearance The design of the rider who is cool is all wonderful.

Spiritual growth of two characters Recent riders feel less depictions of spiritual growth.
In that respect, I feel that Kiba was a work that put weight on the change of the spirit of the character.
Initially, just a withdrawal passed, in the end to a respectable hero.
Mr. Nago who was just a weirdo has grown into a side of justice (and the best neta character) in a true sense by incorporating playfulness.

3 A piece of cool-cut mortal work Kiba, Ikusa, Dakiba to saga.
Appears, all of the rider's deathblows are all Koichi Heisei's coolness.

The charm of 4 characters
As I mentioned earlier, Kiba's character grows spiritually in the story.
And, at first, the character which I did not like somehow became a favorite character unexpectedly.
I think this is one of the attractions of Kiba.

[Bad point]
1 Complex Constitution To talk about two stories of the past and the present in one story, the talk is confusing and becoming difficult.

2 The existence story of Degabaki, not a particularly important form, but also the reason why it came out, Kibat was in bad condition, so I tried everything for the time being.
After that, without reappearance, it is mysterious why I put out such a form.

3 Days Dora Rider It is hard to understand by children, and before that, I dislike it as something that is moyamoya

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a masterpiece, it is a work that picks people.
I think that you can enjoy it if you are tolerant of depression and deadlines.

2016/07/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4703 Host:4879 Browser: 10022
[good point]
A story design born from the difference between Fang Gaia and human values. In particular, a new idea that two stories of saga past and present are gathered together

[Bad point]
The story which is difficult to understand by children is too complicated

[Comprehensive evaluation]
An exciting story that makes me cry fun

2016/07/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1908 Host:1758 Browser: 10022
[good point]
Characters are attractive, especially at the end of Oshaya I was made cry Good design of the rider is pretty good, fun battle insertion songs that are watching and seeing are also very hot songs many, as the song flows out, the tension goes up

753 is the best !!

It is reminiscent of 555, a drowrod and a dark development. There are pros and cons, but I personally like it. I heard opinions such as children's program, but from the first heise of Heisei's first work, the cruel expression such as embedding a needle in the head of a child, killing it, cutting off his neck, etc. is conspicuous, that point I think that there is no problem
[Bad point]
Some baton, such as bron booster, are rarely used

The content is difficult, because it is divided between the past and the present day, if you do not look at one's mind, the original fun will not be conveyed. Actually, when I was watching it in real time, I did not like meaning unknown

Sometimes, it is a waste gag. I think that it is because it was the next to the Den-o ... It is not suitable for the style ... Why did you force it

It is often said, but it is Gudaguda development.
Even if it says ... This is because the development of Kiba is divided into the past and the present age first, I feel that progress is late due to that, and because of complex content

[Comprehensive evaluation]
555 Similarly, it is a work that does not fit, it fits taste similarly But it is a work that you absolutely love it if it is time to expand to a certain extent and allow viewing at a stretch

2016/06/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12667 Host:12509 Browser: 5149
[good point]
Sticking to the view of the world view of the past and the present Attractive design of a motif called a vampire Theme Songs and Insert Songs
[Bad point]
Story stability

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It certainly might have been useless for a commercial like a daytime drama rider, but I never dislike it as a story. I think that it was interesting, but the content of the story was so complicated that I think that there is no choice for pros and cons. Because it chooses by people, I think that it was good individually, so evaluate "good".

2016/06/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45568 Host:45614 Browser: 10196
At the time of the airing, I abandoned seeing it in the first story.

Even though a person was hit by Fang Gaia, it was impossible to empathize with the protagonist who speaks endlessly about what he could not understand meaningfully immersed in a bathtub for a long time.

"Memorial memorial of Shotaro Ishinomori." As in "Biohazard 2", zapping of 1986 and 2008, all the children's programs were just unfriendly and unclean developments.

Really, my head did not rise in wicked meaning to Shirakura 〓〓Inoue.

What is appropriate for a vampire.hunter.hero is thought to be the Belmondo family (Akumajo Dracula series) that has fought over the years with Earl Dracula.

A slightly different point of view, Wesley. Snipes 'Blade' series, half devil devil hunter, Dante (Devil May Cry) was also sufficient.

2016/02/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 7962
Even on the commercial side, it seems that it did not reach the previous Den-O in the previous work, but it certainly was that there were also places that it was also impossible.

Tourbillon ..... I feel like I heard somewhere like a vocal, Mr. Ryuichi Kawamura seems to be one of the members, but it seems like a somewhat felt amusing atmosphere
OP music, famous songs popular at the time of the past era, other classical music groups that utilized the settings of violin craftsmen and others were also utilized flexibly Also the music side was good and the master of the cafe was also good It was feminine (?) That I was longing for a good man, but also the tasteful act of Mr. Kinoshita Hoka glows, the past edition and the present age It may have been awfully mindful that the appearance was not so strange.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that Mr. Kinoshita was the one who performed this character.

However, it is a hero's hero. First. It is not a disagreeable type, and I have difficulties in exchanging with other people, and of course the last stage has grown like that "play" also struck out,
It was not such a hero as sympathized as I thought. Mr. Yasushi Seto's acting was not mediocre, but it was half of a human and Fang Gaia,
In addition, it seemed that the setting like the one heard somewhere that the brother and the brother overlooked the love with each other over the queen was not enough shortage of punch.

That big brother who had fallen to a temporary rock bottom. Of course both the fangs and the final stage ... ...
Although it is said that the bishop who was kneading various wise measures also is prejudiced, it is said that it may be prejudice, but in a bad sense it is said that it is a type of a villain often coming out to Heisei rider,
It had an unfavorable ambition, and it was only the Machiavellist collapse below which was destroyed because of it. I misunderstood the spirit that quenched the queen,
Although it seems that it has rather made my position worse, it seems that it was also "that extent" after all. As an enemy of the last stage it was small and ordinary unsatisfactory.

And finally knocking down and finishing with a wedding ... ... I think, "blood can not fight"
It was probably because it was a place to say. It is good that it was good to let his son who was somewhat a chara male brother, not similar to Wataru, was ... before that "chaos"
It seemed like I wanted to tell you that it is a former mood ..... "Battle of rider fighters who never finished!", But it was somewhat like being poured water and was honestly exciting.

Heisei riders are also trying hard to "paint something different from the other actively" is transmitted, but this work also succeeded and the face which has been backfired on the contrary, can not handle it It seems that it was hard to say that the perfection degree as a story was high, with each side noticeably standing out. A branch point in the bad meaning of the series, maybe it was a border.
Still it was better than some subsequent series, but the evaluation is "bad"

2015/12/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20917 Host:20806 Browser: 10075
It is a review to Kamen Rider Kiva. Den - oke who gained considerable attention in the series, although it is a work which is interposed between decade, a style which has never existed was attractive.

[good point]

Serious and painful story In this work, the fight between Kamen Rider Kiva and the Phantom Fang Gaia will be the main. Early steps are a simple battle, but as the story goes on, we will shift to a fighting spirit of humor and fansia.
The hero's reddish can not keep up with that kind of development, and I am frustrated many times. But with the people who became companions after the battle, I will fight to protect the world. There were lots of sad story overall and it was spectacular.

Characters that I can not afford to attach yet In this work, various characters are wrapped around the hero's red crimson. Beginning with Nago who believes himself as absolute justice, there was a lot of selfish characters overall.
Such a person fell down in the story, but it was very good to grow as a good person from there.
Also, from the beginning to the end, Fang Gaia was also hostile to humans by each circumstance, and empathy was able to be carried out. Regular tigers and deep mosquitoes from the middle stage had more exciting stories.

Construction to go between the past and the present As a big feature of this work, the scene changes frequently between the past and the present. The story of the past made by Yuya Father sounds leads to a story with a modern day where you can go.
(Although it is mainly Fan Gaia), the story can be developed while the two stages can be connected successfully, such as the fact that the change in the present is largely different from the past and the event in the past has influenced the modern person relationship It was.

Kamen Rider Kiba, whose design is beautiful, was a superb design that combines scaryness and beauty as a vampire. In addition to this, the final form 's empeller form has luxury and a battle shine has come.
There were many other cool riders such as Kamen Rider Ikusa which Nago transforms and Dark Kiba which makes a pair with Kiva, and I was satisfied.
The enemy Fang Gaia was also characterized by ugliness and beauty.

In this work that can handle music well, both hero's red and parent and child are human beings engaged in music. It seemed innovative that music was the main axis. Especially the father's sound Yuya is a man who loves women and music, and interaction with Musan (Fang Gaia) to be married later was interesting about the music.
It is not just music in the story. Insertion songs, BGM, and theme songs flowing in this volume were all wonderful, and the story was more darkly colored. It was surprised at the high singing ability of Mr. Yasushi Seto who starred.

The past and modern times with love as the main stage is the stage, the parent - child bonds were often drawn in the work. The appearance of children (Wataru) who inherit will after seeing parents (Oshiiya) was attractive.
In the middle stage, drama by three people of Osamu. A sad drama caused by love and an exciting drama were well written up.

[Bad point]

Masked Rider Kiba with less form change In addition to the basic Kiba form, the battle style changes Garuru.Basher.Dokka Form, there is an emperor form which becomes a higher version. But after finishing the emperor form appearance in the middle stage, it turned out that Emperor Form was the only turn. That was disappointing.
However, since Emperor Form is the original form of Kiva, it can be said that it is commonplace to make heavy use. Personally I thought that the timing to put out was too early (if it was okay around the 30th episode ...).

When Kibat which is a partner turns into air and turns into a mask rider, borrows the power of the bat key Kabat of the bat type. To see the depiction, the relationship of two people can be read long, but there was not even the main time in proportion to the hero's homie.
Because the character was made with a unique way of speaking, I also wanted to see the story that put Kibat at the main. The setting called talking belt was not working well.

Slow progress of the story It is not a refreshing story originally refreshed, the growth of the hero and the character is also overlooked, the mystery is not revealed, so the progress of the story was felt abnormally slow.
Sometimes the scene changed between the past and the present, and it did not feel like the story was progressing (especially in the opening section).

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It has a unique style and a view of the world, and although it has a bad point, it was a unique work that was spectacular. Also the music that colors the work was attractive.
This is the review to Kamen Rider Kiva. Evaluation is the best.

2015/11/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Since it was not seen through the year at the time of this broadcast, I watched the whole story by Nico Nico's official distribution but as the content is broadcasted in a form like Hyundai and past edits, Although it is difficult to understand and feel complicated, and also in the first stage Heisei rider there is also a screenplay by Mr. Toshiki Inoue who is regular, but the likes and dislikes are also divided among characters, but still it was nevertheless finally taken into the view of the world It is a work that I felt personally with his unique skill.

First of all, with respect to characters, there was a feeling that they had avoided involvement with others by carrying the harsh fate, but after the encounter with various people and separation, etc., the hero's finally grown Wataru, Mr. Akaya who became able to show masculinity in the final stage after encountering women such as Yuiya Aso and Midnight who are playboy and frivolous image of that fellow while there is an image of frivolous afterwards, originally Although there was also a period of self-righteous character with a runaway tendency, this was also the King of Modern Edition with Nago Keisuke, and Nago Keisuke, who also showed human growth in a different way from Wataru On the side of their cooperators, members of the blue skies such as Shima and Megumi, Armstrong's next wolves (Garuru), Ramon (Bassher), power (Doga) support character 3, such as Kibat and Tatsurotto, Street I thought that character's likes and dislikes seemed to have left a strong impression though the character's likes and dislikes seemed to have left a strong acknowledgment (although Shizuka, Kengo, Master etc. was sorry that the number was not much compared to other characters ).

About the story I felt that it was fun individually from the middle stage, in the modern version it was Sui Suzu Suzuki who was previously mentioned fangs and modern queen, the past edition was later tied with Yoshiya, It became a mother (the father's father was a past King), and the emergence of various men such as the past queen, and so forth felt the talk exciting and from the end of this to the end was an eye-catching development continued, conflict And fighting reconciled with fighting and fighting fought with fighting past fighting king while fighting and getting conflicting, the appearance of Nago Ikusa who fought with Megumu fighting with Megumu while losing sight was burning even here.

From the fact that the screenplay is Mr. Inoue, it seems unfortunate that the midfield has continued its development in the daytime, and that the previous program Denou was bright and painful Nori's style that made it uncomfortable for viewers familiar with it Although it was a work but still the work itself was not so much that there was a part that I enjoyed and there were also many discoveries that I did not notice when I first saw it, so I made the evaluation "very good".

2015/10/03 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Level of goodness that the design enters the top even in successive riders The fellowship of past and present story is very interesting, so we can enjoy two stories at the same time, so it's pretty cool for the darkness Moon Break which is quite satisfying. Personally, I like the next to Axel Crimson Smash Than 753 is too much 315
[Bad point]
Since the past and the future intersect and making one story, the story that makes the story become confusing when you do not watch it is dark, it chooses a person
(Of course I love it)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
At the time of broadcasting, I always thought that I do not really understand this rider talk ~ However, recently when I saw it on Ikki, I was so surprised to see that it was so funny. If you were watching at that time , If you think that Kiba was boring ... I definitely recommend you to watch it at once !!

2015/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Designed with a vampire as a motif Directing a deadly attack technique like a daytime drama

[Bad point]
The story is difficult.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Many things have been said, I think there is such a mask rider.

2015/09/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Design director Nago is the best

[Bad point]
Collapse of ethics air character large number of disposable items

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2015/09/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
It is not a simultaneous progress of the past and the present, but it does not seem to be a member of a complex design aku who does not see it.

[Bad point]
Talk is somewhat complicated due to simultaneous progress Bussers etc. Toy development Cutting important scenes

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A screenwriter who increased in the latter half of Hibiki, a new layer who wants to see bright works entered from the Den-O, a complicated content overlapped on a weekly basis Unfortunately, the work whose evaluation was low for a long time, now is the re-evaluation Whether or not it is time to compare the riders of the past Kiva unique strong personality is in this work so I would like you to see it

2015/08/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The sense of design The setting itself of the world view concerning modern times and the past is a novel part in the mask rider series.
Seto's acting.
[Bad point]
It is hard to understand a part.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At that time it was pretty ruthless but I think that it is not so bad if you look back now.

2015/08/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Rider's design. that's all.

[Bad point]
All others

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Agito of the same Inoue rider and 555 was a work that was interesting, but this did not have any interesting points.
The story is ridiculous.
It is too bad work. It is the same as the time of "Kabuto" of Heisei Rider Worst 3's rag dirty personally.
Many of the riders after Hibiki were boring, but "W" - "Fourze" was interesting.

Heisei rider's fourth lowest worst ramming.

It is not worth seeing either.

2015/08/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Good point] Seto-kun is very good at acting, it's cool!

[Bad point] None

[Overall evaluation] Highest !!!

2015/07/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Mr. Nago and Oshiiya are the best.

Design of the rider. Kiba, Ikusa, Saga, Dark Kiba are all cool.

The sense of gag and the sharpness are too excellent.

The inserted song is wonderful.

[Bad point]
There are only things that exist but are not in turn. Level where you want to doubt whether you are willing to sell toys.

Inoue Warp too much use .... What on earth was the bike?

I did not put out the saga until the end. I was disappointed because it was my favorite rider.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was surprised that the evaluation here is low. Inoue I think that it is considerable ryosaku in the script. Rather, Nago is the best at its best!

2015/07/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Unique character. For the birth of Half Fang Gaia, delicate hero 's passage, contrastingly father' s sound Yuya, Masayoshi 's second rider Nago san, Dark rider Tsubasa who was tossed by the throne, for the time being, the main rider Even if I narrowed it down, I think that Inoue-san's screenwriter's twisted person arrangement. While fighting as a mask rider, Masami rider's masque plays will always be disappointing, as Watarimo is accredited by Mr. Nago as an enemy, or conflicts between Wataru and Otobo brothers.

This work is also a milestone of Heisei rider. The serious serious adult 's behaviors and casual attitudes taken by the crew are sublimated into a serious smile naturally, or a mascot character with a voice actor can enter the conversation freely. Although it does not dislike in so-called Heisei 2nd term overreaction and the visual itself itself that it is neta, it is familiar to everyday and familiar to me.

The riders are cool and cool. While the designers are on the front, the fans of the riders are complicated and obscure looks. As a CG director, there are more scenes than fanatics, such as Fang Gaia blood sucking, fungia slayer control, kiva chain breaking up, background changing with deathblow, saga piercing through enemies There was something to see. Even in battle scenes, each form of Kiba had hidden skills in addition to its characteristics, Ikusa changed variants and added variations, and Dark Kiba carried out a technique of deathblowing special techniques.

The theme song also remains impressive. SUPERNOVA was blessed with the opportunity to be flushed on a long length while simultaneously releasing it with the final form.
[Bad point]
The strong part of the character's character, the drama part is a long confusion. There is also a phenomenon that character which is more than usual is blurred.
It was unknown how I noticed how to notice that the fangs were aimed at the end of the trip. The bishop I was aiming was just the stage of letting Fang Gaia playing humans, so it was too early to stand on the brunt of the brunt as a prevention. Although I chose to coexist with humans and Fang Gaia, the discretion to accept the former King's fang that turned out to exclude the current extremists is controversial. It is not mistake to crack down on destruction activities for peace and to forgive as much as possible, but viewers who have followed the drama can not become extensive so far.
There are also prescriptions that Ogatsu was assassinating as King, but Nago is also innocent Fang Gaia, and it may have been this only to have a long faction born in the water. But did Mr. Inoue have any way to kill him regardless of his crime? It looks like I was opposed by P.

I was surprised at a later time that Saya cheated on midnight from the lily and lily. In the flow of the story I thought that Yuri was the mother of a passing, and that the girlfriend was not healed. I thought that Saya had compacted enough to acknowledge lily, but did he become motivated to teach love at midnight?

Although it is good that it is good to see the battle where man and Fang Gaia unite with each other in the last round, I left a mystery that I do not know whether I can solve or son of the way or Neo Fang Gaia. If you tighten with a rider kick, I do not explain from the future and I feel that even a completely unknown enemy was good.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Battle is good, gag is good, but love drama relationship was felt for a long time. It is too bad that the final stage looked like a quick change. Evaluation is assumed to be "normal" because the character is a little too freely work.

2015/05/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Kiba is a rider who has become impudent I began to add to the mask rider.
At that time I was told many things, but now it seems that popularity is gradually rising. There were friends who reviewed the DVD and so on.

Although I say it before, I think that evaluation is quite high work personally.

When I write detailed evaluation, it seems to be a long sentence, so write it in a bit simpler.

[good point]
1. Rider design
2. OP, ED, BGM
3. Characters
4. Past and present story
5. Battle scenes

I think that the design of the rider is Kiba, Ikusa, Saga, Dark Kiba Anything is cool. After all it is a design with quite impact as it has the motif of the West. Especially the dark feeling of Dark Kiba was strongly fell in love at the time ~.

OP, ED, BGM are not to say it is perfect. Kiba Form 's BGM has a strong impression since then and the one I was most into is still Emperor' s form Supernova. Every time that song flows, my chest gets hot.

Characters are very unique like 555, and I like Sayuri. It is wonderful that various people cooperated for the main character, such as Mr. Nago who is famous for the neta character and Mr. Otogi who continued running unfortunate fate, for the growth.

[Bad point]
If it says so strongly it is a little less active in Garuul, Bassher, Dogga. Hence, even his game work such as climax Heroes is hub well only by his form change. I think the game company is bad the most, but ...

Later, it is too bad that the simultaneous transformation that can be said as the Heisei rider's usual example was "the transformation with Saga" and only the last round. I wanted to see simultaneous transformation of kiva and exa ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As I mentioned earlier, evaluation is highest.
Many of the previous work existed, story made as a mannelli until 18 episodes, complicated human relationships, Inoue work, so many sales have been told, at that time and after the end of the broadcast a variety of things have been told for a while, but looking back at the DVD Far from being bad, TSUTAYA 's rental loan will increase so much that people who are hooked will be surprised to see it.

Some children say a story is hard to understand, but the first one is not limited to Kiba but it seems to be the same for other Heisei riders. Even children who are relatively familiar with kids think that few children understand what constitutes one incident one incident. Well certainly I think that there are underestimates for the viewpoint of the mask rider who is targeting children to the last, but ...

Still it does not change that the evaluation is the highest.
No, thanks for making such a masterpiece masterpiece really!

2015/05/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3858 Host:3801 Browser: 3994
[good point]
Outside the story

[Bad point]
The story is too rough

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is very bad

2015/02/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Masked Rider 's design is cool looking like a mat processing Kiba suit, I think that the design of the rider overall such as Ikusa and Saga etc is good.
Also, the design of Fang Gaia is fairly beautiful.
Characteristic and Impressive Characters The impressions of characters other than guests are firmly strong with both enemy ally and ally.
I think that I do not even have to talk about Mr. Nago.
It is impressive that Fanggiaia's checkmate for acts acting with concern for the existence of species.
Contrasting opposite parents and children I think this point is particularly outstanding.
Parents who are in the opposite direction in various respects but parents are mentally tough but there is no power to fight, but the power of fighting Sayuri is even more funny and the contrast of the mentally vulnerable is very interesting.
[Bad point]
The difficulty of handling the two ages at the same time at the same time Although it was a production that I wanted to raise to a good point, I think that it was a bit irrational to do with the program for 30 minutes (real shorter).
I frequently went back and forth between 1986 and 2008, and I was looking pretty firmly that I was going to next time there was also a tough one.
The thinness of the impression of support (such as Garuu. Bassher. Dogga etc) There were no particular background settings etc, so I had a question about whether there was a necessity to take the trouble to distribute the actors.
In the first place, you can not help saying that another form is not used so much in the play and the impression is thin.
How about sleeping with a program for children Does the child understand this strange story not ethically anything?
Personally I think that it was done well, but it is a favorite thing.
It is the place I'd like to mention in a good point if only last time I pushed out with momentum alone,
Considering the talk so far, I feel strongly that I pushed it out with only the last momentum.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Kiba who is basically very strong because of being a king can not fight from the weakness of the heart,
At the end of the festival, the ordinary people are being slaughtered and they run away. Sometimes I was amazed by the passage.
It is a work that I could not like Ko and Sayura at the beginning.
However, it is also a work that I enjoyed every time since I noticed that two people contrasted on the way.
It is a regrettable work that there is a discrepancy in the script that Nago who was supposed to have noticed Kiba's identity or that he was not aware of it in later times was influenced by multiple writers.
Was the last round looking at the whole thing a little bit better ...?

2015/01/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20748 Host:20916 Browser: 5143
[good point]
Costume design unique story development Kibat's voice actor Special Moving skill production
[Bad point]
Difficulty of talking

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was good overall.

2014/12/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14281 Host:14379 Browser: 10259
This work was the first thing I saw in the rider series. At that time I was an elementary school student and I watched it with my younger brother. And six years later, I watched it again and have just finished watching all the stories recently.

To be honest, the story to me at the time was difficult, I did not remember at all. However, I could never forget that violin song and Kiwa 's coolness played by Tadashi and Sayura even after six years.

So recently I also thought about it suddenly, it was a work that was drawn beyond my imagination.

Since I only saw Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider Decade, I can not evaluate it compared to other works but I will write what I personally felt about this work.

[good point]
I will list five main items.

1. The character is unique
2. Design of riders
3. Music
4. Development of the final stage
5. Handling of Fun Gaia

1. Although the hero felt a little resistance to the character who was personal at first, it was supposed to be honestly cute when getting along with Mr. Sensei.
It was good not to put too much "hero 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓quot; all over. As "story goes as" as reddish ", as the story progresses, he draws the inside of the hero firmly.
I really like characters that are reddish.

2. The design sense of the riders is wonderful. Cool is good. Especially the design and hue of Kiba's Emperor Form represents 'dignity', I liked it very much.
Kiba, Dark Kiba and Saga were good with a sense of unity (face / mask) in design. However, it still reflected the individual personality and way of life firmly in the design.
Ikusa was also easy to understand because there was "artificial" atmosphere firmly.
I think that the design of a different masked rider or a different taste so far was suitable for that innovative story.

3 Music (OP / Vn)
The songs along with the opening are cool, is not it? Personally I am drawn to the sound of the violin heard prominently at the very end of OP.
The melody that I always pass and Yuneya plays in the work is also beautiful.

4. Deployment of the last stage I was really excited. Although the sufferings of the characters around us, including various destiny and torn being torn by people, was also poor, but it was drawn to the development which can not be read ahead.

5. Handling of Fang Gaia It was drawn from the beginning to the end that everything is not evil saying that enemies are enemies. Fang Gaia promised not to attack human beings, Fang Gaia who does good things and wants to go to heaven, Fang Gaia who loved human beings. I also painted the relationship between Fang Gaia and humans, and it was nice that I did not handle enemy side carelessly.
Although it seems to be said that there is not much "hero 〓〓〓〓〓〓quot; in passing, since this work has not decided all characters in the position, it has a depth and I like it.
Especially when it is discovered that Mr. Shima was made into Fang Gaia, it is made to be relieved by the phrase "Fang" is obliged to protect Fang Gaia as King as human beings protect humans! It was.

[Bad point]
Here are three cited.

1. It is difficult for children
2. Violence scene is a bit extreme
3. Background of support characters

1. It is difficult for children It is difficult. When I watched it in real time, I was still an elementary school student, but I did not understand that the story did not remember anyway. However, it is an impression that it is often that it is halfway state, such as putting in a gaku strangely by saying "child program" and omitting explanation.
I think that if the audience age group was a little higher it would have been evaluated as such ... .... It is a personal opinion to the last, as I watched it from time to time it was so funny.

2. Violence scene is a bit extreme, of course a bit of fisting is necessary, but sometimes there was a very painful scene.
For example, every time Megumi decides to defeat Fang Gaia, he is mercilessly launched a fight against the fight, and it seems that he was a bit sad that his unconstitutional development will continue.
Another thing I felt was how to see kids seeing Kanego and hitting Nago every time there was a thing.

3. Support Character Background Support character is a character that supports Kiva's battle such as Kibat, Tatsurotto, Garuu, Bassher, Dogga.
First of all Kibat and Tatsurot are full of mysteries. Everything so far was a tool for transformation, so it was just a thing that I just talked about it. As a character pretty interesting and I liked it, I think I wanted you to draw the inside and the background as a "character" of the story a little more.
It is only Deus. Aku Makina when it comes to Tatsurotto. I like Emperor Form cool and good, but I wanted you to touch a little more about the existence of Tatsurotto.
The same thing can be said to Bassher, Dogga. Garu still is nice, but explanation is not enough as to what kind of racetrack was the Bassher and Dogga, how three people met. And despite having used it as a tool, it is surprising that the second half did not know their existence.
I have forgotten, but Shizuka chan's existence is also a mystery. It was supposed to have been supporting for a long time since one episode but the characters that came almost to not appear ... I also feel the most poor in this work.

As I mentioned in 1, it is regrettable that the explanation shortage has occurred variously whether it is conscious of "for children" halfway.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally, I am strong as a rider who I saw for the first time and I love it.

Every character is impressive with its inner face and personality firmly drawn.

I think that it was truly innovative and sensible to embrace a lot of Western elements such as using the church as a stage and the existence of "King" as a stage. I am a big part of Western hobby, but it was a worldview that overturned the mask ridelent so far. I think that it is incredibly worthwhile to have failed in the form of bad criticism or poor viewing rate though the sense is good. After all, is there a large gap between age groups?

I think that he was deeply depicting a story while dealing with various complicated themes such as inner side of the enemy side, love element, family love, etc. I also want to see again when time passes.