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Other media: Anime:Love Fighter Rainbow Man (Ai No Senshi Rainbow Man)
SF TV total pnts rank Rank 81in 753 titlesTotal 42 / Deviation 57.91
SF TV avg pnts Rank 18in 243 titlesAvg 2.00=Very good/21 reviews
SF TV rank of 1972 Rank 2in 18 titles
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Character/Setting2.00(Very good)4
Story1.75(Very good)4
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Voice/Actor1.50(Very good)4
Made me think100%4/4
Hot heart75%3/4
Learned something50%2/4
Shed tears0%0/4
Information about this title

NET TV Asahi Toho International Television Films, Inc. Mannensha
Kohan Kawauchi
Tsunehisa Ito Tamuratasuo Nagano Takashi Susumu Kodama
Sadamasa Arikawa Kanzo Uni Jyun Kitahara
Kakuko Motoyama Junji Yamazaki Susumu Kuroki
Koizumi Hiroshi Inoue Shobun
Akihiko Hirata Toki Shiozawa Machiko Soga
Wolf Otsuki Saegusa Mieko Yoko Takagi Taeko Minagawaa Ritsuko Fujiyama
Goro Naya
Japan Released:1972/10/06(Fri) 19:30-20:00 NET MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) / End:1973/09/28
Music movie except for OP/ED or unknown one (1)
Shine Shine dan no UtaShine Shine dan no Uta
Lyrics:Kohan Kawauchi Compose:Jyun Kitahara [Fan reg.]
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2016/10/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9403 Host:9220 Browser: 5171
Unlike other works of the same period that TOHO had for the first time on TV programs, unlike other works of the special episode hero program, which had put the completion of one episode in the basic format, a single story is formed using one cool saga The series composition and the literal "Seven Change" (so-called "form change") setting in which one hero selectively uses seven different forms, even though a character with a natural creature does not appear, a child program is unlikely With the setting of too much anarchy and the high acting teams with a strong accent, the enemy organization that revealed intense "personality" ... and so on, all contributed to the charm that every element does not have in existing works in the "blockbuster", "unique work".
On the other hand, the late who was in charge of the original work.The style of drama that reflected "patriotic spirit" "Oriental (religious?) Concept" which is also characteristic of Professor Yasunori Kawauchi, sophistication such as "Ultraman" "Masked Rider" Compared to the hero who was done (as if the remake of the Kawauchi work "Aller's messenger" of the former work "Aller's messenger") Unnatural design, battle scenes drifting low budget odor which is unlikely to be spread in the word of "Variety program" almost without Matumo monster character appeared There are also many who show rejection to the extreme, and it is also known as a work that breaks the evaluation to the extreme ... I say myself also say that Oriental thought peculiar to Mr. Kawauchi does not suit the skin and is rather weak I had entered.

A secret society that holds the slogan "Killing the Japanese" a secret society "The dead man's death group (which has been mentioned many times but it's drawing arrows, this naming sense w)" conspiracy, Yamato Takeshi says Rainbowman hangs over a span of one course and crushes on the path ... Under the basic plot it will be said that an anthem for the magnificent "human love" will be spun, but while singing "a lonely hero figure" Unlike Kamen Rider who was blessed with a fair number of understanders (unlike the fact that "juniors" will appear in succession later), unlike "Military" who plays a mission and which is suitable for youth While constantly conflicting with the "youth who wants to sing", there are things that Takesi's character who has no choice but to challenge for isolation-incompetent fighting has a favorable impression, and at first there is a weak consciousness that he held in this work It will fade progressively within are I was.
More than anything, Mr. Kunihisa Mizutani's Mr. Kunihisa Mizutani who played Takeshi is a masterpiece that can also be said to be "entrance", and it has nothing to express in terms of emotion, "I'm suffering from this guy" and "I'm out of touch". Together with the awkwardness of that 'eyesight', it can be said that it was the correct answer that made Dash 7 an exposed design of the eyes.

However, it would be a good idea to declare that the biggest factor that caused this work to be a "different color work" is rather a villain's "deadly dead group". Placing a limited objective "only" as "Japanese elimination" rather than "conquest the earth" or "world champion" as a top priority, there is a reality too much plan as if it had anticipated the primary oil shock occurring the following year as plunge into chaos in Japan drives out, it is allowed to consider it as seen in horror from the current sense.
Organizations that disguised means of disintegrating diplomatic relations and assassination of key people existed in the past, but in the case of "deadly dead group" it was too coincident with the social situation surrounding Japan at the time, " it is down to fiction "and unpleasant vivid, not discarded the sword in a word is drifting.
Meanwhile, Mr. K's Manson family-like harem thought appeared around where all the executives were united with "women", but I was slightly interested in it.

On the other hand, there are some persons who have remarkably different character in the first half and the second half, because the hypothesis of the continuous drama system was left scattered earlier, the tempo which is noticeable compared to the work of other companies is redundant (I made a character with a strange ignition point strangely after using Mr. K with one arm as a prosthetic w), it often goes through "the miracle of Dibadatta" when the story can not be collected, or "the technique of the Rainbow union "The number of dash 1 to 6 dramatically declined after participation (Personally the greatest neck of Kole) ... and so many difficulties, so to some extent 52 episodes to finish to a certain extent" Although it is necessary to consider "... even if it is serious director, there are also a lot of places reflected in a stupid painting biased in this work in a bit.

Although there was a thing which became a little "villainite" in the last stage, I felt slightly doubt that the close of Mr. K did not arrive, to say honestly, but I was able to enjoy it to the end with such a tsukkomi In consideration of the thing, I was compatible with "very good" on the evaluation side "good" side.
We are looking forward to the birth of "works of evil secret society" that matches the current social situation, as it does not become a sharp like a "deadly dead group" w

2014/07/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8801 Host:9089 Browser: 5931
[Good point] A hero is a human being. But I fight

[Bad point]
From the middle, the hero drama nature gets better

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Works that modern people should see. I am made to think variously

2013/07/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6526 Host:6218 Browser: 5386
It is said that it is called a low budget and a low budget, and Rain Bowman and the dead mortar are also considerably poor such as costumes and the stage.
On the other hand, I think that synthesis technology was at least as good as Kamen Rider and Spectrum Man at the same time.
In the case of Kamen Rider and Spectrum Man, I felt that I applied animation directly to still images rather than synthesis, many of them were strange.
However, in the case of this work, it is synthesized on a properly moving film, it is not only a beam but also things like rockets, images of the division of Yamato Takeshi in a special lesson of Rainbow Cross, etc. As expected, Toho I think that it was quite a bit of technology.
Yamato Takeshi also performed actively by the actor, and it was a pretty impressive hero.
I think that it was a different way of entering heat with other special effects actors as well as the severe training that leaves skin peel off with Diva Dutta and that expression distorted by pain.
I think that I could finally get together with my missing father, even if I waste it, even the rice to give it to a baby also seemed to cry but I desperately want to stop, the impact is great.
As an aside, Yamato Takeshi talked about the ED theme of this work in a play in the play, but this song is a considerably negative and dark song even in the special effects song, it is his singing It seems that it shows the view of life and it is interesting.
Moreover, I was advised to sing to overseas people who wanted to hear Japanese songs as I went for family trips, and I thought that singing this song was amazing.
I thought that the people of the audience who were smiling when I heard such a dark song was amazing, though.

Just Rainbowman himself was not a hero who feels less attractive.
Masked Rider etc was an action that took full advantage of budget and technology blanket to the utmost, but in this work there were many battles that relied on ability and immediate use as soon as it got into battle, so aside from video technology The action surface was not good.
I think that the technique of dragging the opponent of dash 6 into the ground is ungodly.
In addition, it immediately became "Sleepy ~" and became a hulafula, I feel I fought many times with the sleepers from the deadly dead group.
I fell asleep during the battle in the game against Iguana.
And I think that the characteristic of Rainbowman is that this is a sleep of yoga, but I thought whether it was unexpectedly resolved unexpectedly for this weak point too.
It's cowardly that you can do it in the water or in the ground.
While being sleeping in the vicarious being caught while sleeping, while sleeping seemed to be safe even if it was stabbed with an arrow rather than vulnerable, eventually it was a steady deployment that it was normal without fail.
I think that setting a weak point in a hero is good, but it seems to be an obstacle if it surprises me without it.

In fact, the dead mortuary says that there was not a considerable budget, such as things of the costume of the mantle and the mask, and things of the extent that it covered the helmet in the vocal epithets, rather than the casual wearing costumes.
Besides, female executive Cathy also fought until being cyborg, and I feel that Rainbowman's partner was only a human being.
However, I think that the low budget was effectively effective, the strategies themselves were quite disgusting and a lot of troublesome things.
It is a strategy that does not shalt even from the present era, such as spreading counterfeit money, grabbing the hearts of people, obliterating overseas key figures and trying to isolate Japan's international credibility and isolate it.
In that sense, I think that it was a terrible organization with considerably poor taste even in the organization of the same human being even compared to Ducker who was just rough by just violence.
Even monster VOW I think that it is said to be a well-known organization from the hero's Rainbowman, I think that it is also good at special-effects world.

And it is the biggest reason why I made a bad evaluation, but I think that it was a big problem that I eventually missed Mr. K finally.
I think that the woman executive Diana, Cathy, Lolita and others have survived the battlefield Mr. K, even though they fought and died until becoming a cyborg.
Apart from that, I would not have wanted Rayboman to not kill a human being, so I could not convince this alone.
Although I do not have to kill, I think that should have taken properly trial judgment.
Or, by the power of Divadatta, let the soul pass into hell and let the penance continue forever.

I also covered earlier in the diary, but I also thought about how to get rid of the child's marbles as much as possible.
Although the fact that a child dies itself is not denied so far, I think whether to kill to the hero and the boys like the Ultraman Leo's kaoru is not killed (once for the dead dead group It has become a breakthrough in the strategy 's strategy)
Besides, there were hardly any turns from the beginning, and although it was a character that was not so problematic on the story even though it ceased to exist separately, I thought that it would not bother to take out trouble and let him die.

It is one of the few special effects work I saw, but it was not good personally.
Regardless of the series thing, personally special effects may preference for gigantic heroes.

2011/11/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21781 Host:22121 Browser: 4894
[good point]
The strategy of the deadly dead group is realistic
It is surely poking the vital point of Japan's diplomacy in 1972.
Blood passed through the script and there was reality.

Especially the fight against the counterfeit basking inflation by the second cool '' Mutyu Fukuoka '' is scary.

Also, I think that Rainbowman's setting that changes to seven literals depending on the situation is good even now.

[Bad point]

Because the budget was so low that the special effects scene became crying, it was a shame that the quality of the work was severely impaired.
I wanted the mind to use it even for such fine parts as the screenplay is good.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I think that it is a masterpiece but as I wrote above, I can not help saying that it is regrettable that lack of refreshing feeling is regrettable as a hero because of the lack of catharsis in the scandal of the special effects scene and battle scenes.

Except for that, I am drawing the human growth of Yamato Takeshi and the spirit of self-sacrificing exactly, I think that it is finished in an impressive drama.

Mr. Kawachi 's foresight is a hat off.
It should also be evaluated in that it was ringing a warning against the Japanese nation and Japanese while taking the appearance of a child hero program.

As a digression, although there was a scene that revealed the tsunami that Rainbowman attacks on the Gulf of Kawasaki with a third cool though
I wish I could watch Rainbowman at 3.11 while watching the video at that time ....

2008/06/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49931 Host:49809 Browser: 5234
Opening that is often used for replacing songs, the theme of the dead mortal team filled with words whose lyrics are "dead"
Such as the purpose of the dead mortal group saying "Japanese assassination" which took the Tukkomichi of a hero work by itself,
I think that the work in which the material is walking alone as this work is unusual.

The work itself was the content going on "the cause and effect" on the ground.

Many people got injured in the game and Yamato Takeshi who was unveiled Amarez department heard rumors of Daiba Datta, crossed India,
After returning home with training, the battle between Yamato Takeshi and the dead man begins from the time he received an invitation from Macau's betting match.
Spread money counterfeit through the religious organization 'Otafukai', which frees human beings who are going crazy and drowning and drinking drugs that have the effect of dying "cat's eye", making the Japanese yen just as good as paper,
Underground tanks, fighter aircraft, mainly in oil producing countries, attacking foreign ships and airliners, assassinating overseas key figures, using ordinary people cyborg by Borg 〓〓as hands,
The gang of dead mortars was the only thing that gave vital points in Japan and real society.
That is the decisive difference between the purpose of saying "conquest the world", the enemy role of other abstract hero work with a gist.

Particularly eye-catching is the content of the conversation between Mr. K and Dr. Borg during "Cyborg strategy".
During the Second World War, Dr. Borg revealed the past that the Japanese army was robbed of the family, the substance of the dead mortal group became clear,
The impression of Rainbowman's battle scene after that changed greatly so far.

2008/03/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19676 Host:19692 Browser: 8090
[good point]

It is 1 episode complete with 1 cool (13 episodes) rather than 1 talk concluded, but a big river drama format.

I think that this work which made a clean innocent hero as an anti-statue is unusual at that time in the point of saying that it is based on a good-than-impenetrable point in that the desire of the main character (privatized self-desire) was the most out. (Saying that we showed weakness in humans)

Although this work is completed at 4 cool (52 episodes), the contents are roughly "drug brainwashing (Cats Eye)" "religious brainwashing and inflatable operations (Otafukai)" "assassination of the key personnel and underground strategy (Moglato)" "Cyborg" I can break up with editing. Well it is surreal w (in reality there are only dark side)

It is deluxe to say that one hero can change to seven types.

Contrary to 'Rave boman' which strikes the mystery's character, I think that the "deadly dead group" that opposes with science and financial strength is contrasting and interesting.

Mr. K was outrageous like a dictator (a switch of the members' lives is held by K).

[Bad point]

What is it ...? ... It is a work that can not be broadcasted abroad (Western countries ..... especially in the United States) ... It is a work that can not be broadcasted absolutely ... Well, if you look at the dictator of Well K, "It is you guys !!! (Japan of imperialism before World War II) "It seems to be said ... ...

Just looking down on Waza and the Japanese to just stir up the hatred of the enemy ... ... It will be wrong to say "I am sorry" on the day when it is said "yellow pig". (Saying, Professor Kawachi, I feel like a right wing explosion ...)

Anyhow, it is a little dangerous work .....

[Comprehensive evaluation]

However, I think that it is a masterpiece. However, it says to the man saying "Such a work can be done when a person with biased thought makes it (tears)."

It's quite funny so it's "very good" .....

2008/03/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28812 Host:28746 Browser: 4184
Special effects Hero drama aired in 72-73. Amateru "Yamato Takeshi" who has a synonym of `Downtown Black Leop 'is going to under Indian` Diveradatta' by introducing Senior Hotta to become a professional wrestler to earn his sister Miyuki's foot surgery fee. Taiki encountered by Daiba while going through the war of Mark wat gradually awakens his own ambition in training and wakes up to human love, becomes "Rainbowman" which governs the whole world after training for one year. Takei who returned to Japan knows that the nursery school 'Acorn garden' where Lover 's Shinge is working is in crisis due to debt and gets wager wrestling in Macau. However, the show was held "Mr. K" organized organization "dead mortal group" planning to kill the Japanese.

This work is a different color hero work that appeared in the era when special effects transformation hero program including "Ultraman" "Masked Rider" was prominent, but "Rain Bowman" gets the power of the alien like other heroes I am not doing remodeling surgery or wearing strengthening clothes. It is transformed by the power derived from the subconscious mind of man by the secretion of yoga which was acquired after training. It is derived from 100% of the original human beings, which is an incarnate body of the supernatural power. It blends naturally into it and changes the power of nature into one of mine. But I came home from Southeast Asia flying in the sky, living in water and earth for a long time, causing thunder and storms, beams to destroy flames and fighters that also melt iron However, once you have done so far, you are a universal superstar beyond the ESP.
In the beginning, such a Takeshi was also a common young man who wants to enjoy youth who says "I am young and I want to play and do something I want to do." (It also appears in "Yamato Takeshi's song of the first ending".) However, Daihaba revives a soldier who died in the India war, teaching the enlightenment of man, and Takeshi is also important to human beings I will notice. It is good that this neighborhood grows from a child to an adult, or is newly born again, or depicts the growth of the heart. Most of the hero's protagonists are often justified from the beginning, and in many cases the story progresses in the finished form, but this work is to wake up to justice from the common person's appearance However, it is hard to do. It is a very nice place for this work to tell the importance of justice and the importance of saving people moderately. However, because I gained the supernatural power as Rainbow men, I will carry the toughest fate of having to keep fighting against evil. It is matched to a lot of eyes, such as getting a crazy drug, being made a fire, being poisoned. That's why Taneki Rainbowman is outstanding alien among hero stuff, but there is good merit of this work in overcoming those harsh fates.

Speaking of the real pleasures of this work, again, "Rainbowman" will be changed to seven incarnations. It was the most interesting point to defeat the enemy as an incarnation of the whole phenomenon such as Sun Tuesday aqueduct. Moreover, the enemy organization "Deadly dead group" is not only a member of the mask but also a killer, a battle soldier DAC, a fighter aircraft, a submarine, etc. Weapons such as a submarine, and it has huge so that it has a hideout everywhere in Tokyo Bay Organization. On the other hand, Takeshi is awesome to challenge alone with no weapons or fellows.

This work has become a story divided into 13 courses in 4 courses. (This form is taken only for this work and "Masked ninja red shade") The first "cat's eye strategy" is a strategy to kill Japanese people with an erotic suicide agent, but for that purpose it is postponed as an oden stall (I laughed to say that 10,000 target signs on the table) It was interesting to open up tasting sessions and so on with various signatures. But clearly speaking it is an inefficient strategy. Mr. K probably seriously did not aim for the elimination of all Japanese but there was a feeling that he enjoyed the strategy with a pleasant criminal feeling. But the next "M strategy" was amazing. There are no other organizations of evil that we have done so far to distribute elaborate counterfeit notes through 'Multiple Fortune', disrupting the Japanese economy, causing the price of inflation to rise suddenly and evoking the lives of Japanese people. Besides, Rainbowman hit a murder professional led by `Iguana '. This homicide professional's killers used a commercially available mask, but it was strangely real and terrible. Poisoning professional `Fudra 'Human pump` Galma'. Fossil monster magician `Herodenia III '. Ice and cold air killer` Aislee. `Geno bird' of mothsabi killing. The death battle with individual killers such as the current human `El Banda 'was quite impressive. The powerful production of Shiozawa Toki playing `Witch Iggana 'was superb. The next "Isolation Operation in Japan" is upgraded in comparison with `Cruiser Tank Mograd '. Appearance of Democratic Ducker' and Rainbowman assassination unit battle soldier` DAC 'etc. until then. The enemies gradually escalate, such as blowing down the ocean floor with a bomb and making a tsunami in Tokyo Bay or measuring the capital Tokyo by a powerful `Super Nitron bomb ', Takeshi was as ever fought. The last "cyborg strategy" makes cyborgs Japanese kills one after another with 'Borg alpha' which makes a human being a cyborg, and Kashi who performed a cyborg surgery on a rainbowman hits a female executive such as Diana. However, God Iguana trying to revive the iguana came out and it fought three battles, and the rainbow men as usual fought hard, so we finally got to "Rainbow coalescence technique" at last. This is an efficient technique that you can freely use that technique even if you do not become a conventional incarnation, but this has made it less interesting as it has not changed too much to other incarnations. By the way, Soga Tomoko who played `God Iguana 'seems to have played the first witch. You know if it is a special effects fan, but afterwards the work of Toei Bellbala or Queen Hedorian.Pandora.I will play Bandola and get the name of Sci-Fi Queen, but this work started running out. Actually it was planned to restore Iguana in the script, but it was not possible due to the schedule of Mr. Shiozawa at Iguana's role, and it seems that a bluish arrow stood up suddenly to Soga Machiko. Even so, this is one step for Mr. Soga as a queen of the special effects world, so if Mr. Shiozawa was out, Mr. Soga did not have a turn, so I do not know what life will lead us to.

I think that this work is well done as a special effects work and I am also a special effects fan so I like it very much, so the evaluation is [highest!]. By the way, Rainbowman's teacher 'Dibadatta' is not a very good legend in Buddhism as it is against Buddha or committing three reverse sins. (I do not know the truth about fruit) But Professor Kawauchi is terrible because it makes it to Saint Seishiko.

2006/05/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30421 Browser: 3846
I thought that I should laugh as Kiwamono, but I borrowed it, but it was interesting in general.

First of all, I think that Mr. K's strategy is more reality than laughing. Is it counterfeit bill distribution through emerging religion?
Besides that, even a child is sacrificed mercilessly, it is suspected that Takeshi fighting by one person is a mistake (usually not the case)
A female executive who died badly after a bad team is fierce fighting to win that enemy when the death comes to an end, and it is packed with sights.

Especially the scene which is left in the impression is the scene where Rainbowman gets into the conference room of the National Assembly and complains about the conspiracy of the dead group with the politicians. It was a good time in the Showa 40 's that these things could be seriously serious.

2006/05/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45557 Host:45658 Browser: 5234
I think that there were no special effects that you can laugh so much.
The name of the enemy is a name that can not be broadcast now with the name Deadbody.
The enemy's chief Mr. K is a terrible man who plans to kill Japanese people.

The theme of the dead mortal group is easy to remember the lyrics, but it is a rough song.

As a digression, the scene where Yamato Takeshi (hero) says "juice!" At a coffee shop laughs at laughter.

2006/04/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
I do not remember the story, but "very good".
There were seven kinds of incarnations and it was enjoyable only by that.
Although I feel that fire and water and trees looked somewhat similar in design, it seems that I just distinguished it because the color is different.
I feel that gold was cool, but I like the impossible somewhat.
It is private for me to not be clogged up, but it may change when I see it now. Well how bad.
There is a memory like purchasing a surely incarnate plastic model ... ....
Psycho is my time "Ozi of a mountain back deep tooth in India ... ... it was dead"?

2006/03/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1627 Host:1574 Browser: 4924
"This is strange Rainbowman" It is a rainbow in the story of Ton Demon? It is Rain Bowman who became famous, but I am getting excited (Ki 〓〓〓Tigaki no Ki). To be honest, my memories at the time of the main broadcast had been overwritten by condo man, and I was doing something unfriendly, but I now enjoy the benefits of a wonderful civilization such as DVD and cable TV
(Although it is standard xx) it has become an era where it can be received. Everyone! I have to see it !!
It is this work that tends to be emphasized only on the part of Ton Demo. Certainly the "deadly dead group" is both terrific in name and phantom. Yoga's sleep is a burst of laughter. Although it tends to be thought as a comedy program with the impact of appearance, I can understand that this work is not "aimed Tomodemo" as soon as I watch it.
In the first place the reason why the hero aspired to pursue was seeking money and honor (I changed my mind by touching the human love of my teacher), India. Being behind the era of Pakistan war,
The deadly dead group was formed for the revenge of abuses, killings from Japanese during World War II
(It is straightforward and easy to understand in this area about manga version), it is not just a comedy from the fact that the deathly dead group's strategy was as if it was sarcastic about the Japanese greedy principle of high growth period and diplomacy's heartfelt . M strategy and Mograte operation are noteworthy things! M strategy = Emerging religion When I enter Mr. Futuki Kai, I got money and I am happy, everyone thinks that a lot of counterfeit and Hyper Inflation in Japan.
Prices are soaring that things can not be bought with money even though there are things. Many bankrupts who got counterfeit bills overflowed and devastated human beings. Furthermore, citizens who can not buy food develop into mobs and develop into food riots ...
It's too hard. Operation Mograte = assassinate overseas key figures who blow up and enter the tanker entering Japan and isolate Japan from the international community. Do not suffer with this age again. By the way this work is airing before the oil shock.
Actually, although the original author is a RIGHT who knew the name also in that direction, the message entrusted to Rainbowman was the self-sacrifice of the Japanese, the "spirit of Japanese" in a good sense, the heart of the samurai has gone I think that it is a question until it is hot and stupid. In Condorlan it is somewhat inclined to exclusionism, even child's heart (it is a bad child), this is Saudi? This is Germany?
I thought that it might be a little cowardly with the design that I think immediately, but Rain Bowman is pure in various ways. I think that it is thoughtfully left-handed, but I think that it is disappointing in the sorrow of the hatred and fault chain, which disappears beyond the enthusiasm of this work, and the desolation of the Japanese mind I will beat my heart. Well please start watching because it makes you laugh. I think that it is convinced that a lot of ton demo and passion are put in that it was supported for such a long time.

2006/02/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3550 Host:3661 Browser: 5237
I think that it is a mouth that I watched with reruns, but it is quite a strong impact work.
That intense theme song, the seven-eyed change of Rainbowman (after all liking the sun's incarnation?), The villain's deathbed,
Although rebroadcasts are pretty early childhood contents, although the contents are already dimly lost, a number of intense impressions remain in memory.
It is one of the works I'd like to see again.

2005/07/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16214 Host:16123 Browser: 4487
It is true that it is packed with ton demo degree and plunging but the strategy of the dead man who died in many countries the country called Japan still feels scary. Is it a fairly atrocious enemy for Japan in a sense?

Mr. Hirata Akihiko Hirata who played MrK, the representative of the evil side of this work, seems to have been quite an actor, and if it says either, it seems that there are so many things involved in special effects, so the impression that it is less, I wanted to see acting "is a person who comes out with impressions.

But Dash 6 was bad. But I like it.

2005/07/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33768 Host:33911 Browser: 7332(Mobile)
The content is too radical!
It was really a villainy thing if people were going crazy with drugs, an innocent child exploded, or the enemy's deathbed group did it ... It was a corps that you want me to devastate from the bottom of my heart.
Besides, even in the final round, Mr. K (who had a name?
It was a feeling I did not scratch to the end.
It is overkill for the end of next week when every time.
It was funny feeling but it is interesting after all when it is interesting, is not it ~

2004/09/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16614 Host:16432 Browser: 3875
Evaluation of the movie version.

This work which was released as one program of the Toho Champion Festival screened 15 episodes of the TV series "murder professional" as it is. The collaborative work was "Ultraman Taro", "Son of a decisive battle Godzilla of Monster Island", "Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman", "Mountain Mouse Rocky Chuck" and "Toy Shop Kenchan", which was a 6 boxed box office.
It is a story that Garma challenges Rainbowman, one of the army corps led by the witch Iguana. This garuma is a monster that injects dissolved Garmma Blue and Flame Flame Galma Fire from the mouth, but since she has a somewhat charming face, the title "Murder Professional" feels like a lie.
More than that, the ending song "The theme of deadly dead group" is exquisite.

2004/07/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39002 Host:38981 Browser: 3875
I like the villain 's deadly dead group very much.
(It is something strange to praise a villain) The individuality came up with various enemies and tiredness did not come and the casting of Mr. K and others was perfect for setting. The enemy's strategy also had a lot of large-scale items.
Most of all, it was interesting to hear "Song of the Deadly Dead Corps"! There are many things that the theme song of the villain is drifting darkness inside, but this song is somewhat dead " I was able to laugh at a straight part.

2004/05/21 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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In India's mountain village "Dai" insect bittern dirty "kakarin" - kan rice "boko" - crying "I'm sorry" ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 The door will not open ~
Next, what is it?
That was a nationwide alteration w

2004/05/14 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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The greatness of OP and ED's songs is no longer a legend

"Indian mountain deep rainbow .." Why did the farewell popular so much?

And the theme of deathbed group:
Die death Lie to the dead Lie to the dead Lie dead Just lick the yellow buttock Dirty the heart with gold Deadly die and die Dead ... (abbreviated below)

I can not feel like thrusting any longer. However, the impact of this song is strong,
Even during remake as TV animation, it seems that nobody could make a theme song beyond this.
I remember that these song arrangements were used.

Speaking of the contents of the essence. Because it was different what kind of incarnation every turn,
I was looking forward to anticipating it and hitting it. But the story of the essence is not left in the memory at all

2004/05/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I saw it when I was a child, but I could not understand it at all ...
It is something that is too amazing.
Well, I could not see it at all when I was broadcasting on CS ...
Everything in the ending Because I was born in this world, I also want money I want a name ~ My happiness warmed up ~ I'm too amazing ...

2004/05/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The name of the enemy's organization is also saying "Deadly dead group". Destroy Japanese aim at! Do not be conquered to kill all men! A story is roughly separate
It changes every cool, the first cool "Cai Ai" 2nd cool "M strategy edition"
Personally, the M strategy versus the phantom game is recommended, although it is slightly poor smell wearing costume (recommended for party goods) although it is a third cool "Mogrado edition" fourth cool "Cyborg corps group edition" (DVD also this separating way all four volumes) It 's like a phantom mask of.
But this deadly dead group, as a shocker and around, has repeatedly put Japan in a social and economic crisis.

2004/05/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Even then, there were plenty of drawbacks, but if you see it now, there is only a breakthrough.
It is a work of feeling. (Laugh) Author: Yasunori Kawauchi is a genius. I can not think of anything as an ordinary person.
Actually, if you saw this work, you know, it is a terrible story.
To briefly explain, the organization of evil and Rainbowman will fight ... (It's too easy!)
Although it is a pretty major work (?) Work, is not it that there are few people who watch all and remember the content?
The part is too strong, so it can not be helped.
Personally, it seems like it was made into a DVD recently, but I'm glad, "It's commonly made into DVDs" is the real intention (^ ^;)