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Shoutarou Ishinomori
Onodera Shou
Motoi Sasaki
Takahito Oomori
Takahashi Yuuya
Nakazawashojiro Kouichi Sakamoto Kyohei Yamaguchi SATOSHI MOROTA Kazuya Kamihoriuchi
Ats Takehito Shimizu Toru Watanabe
Siokawa junpei Hiroshi Michiki
Katsuya Terada Tamotsu Shinohara
Nishimura Nobuhiro
Tokusatsu Kenkyujyo
Toei Labo Tech Co Ltd
Takeshi Miyazaki
Hiroki Iijima
Toshiki Seto
Ukyou Matsumoto
Tetsuya Iwanaga
Sato Mitsumasa
Ruka Matsuda
Onozuka Hayato
Shouma Kai
Shouma Machii
Hanamaru Hakata
Hironobu Nomura
Hiroyuki Takami
Reina Kurosaki
Shouhei Uno
Shinya Kote
Hironobu Kageyama
Suwabe Junichi
Takeshi Maeda
Hiroshi Matsumoto
Tetsu Inada
Sintarou Oohata
Tsuyoshi Koyama
Yuichi Iguchi
Kenichiro Matuda
Otoya Kawano
Anai Yuki
Masashi Sugawara
Nagaike Natsuko
Megumi Mizoguchi
Takuya Negishi
Runa Natsui
Mami Kamura
Masaru Aoyama
Yoshitani Ayako
Kenji Shio
Kodama Norikatsu
Hitomi Miwa
Megumi Ujiie
Kohki Okada
Okabayashi Fumihiro
Shiro Sano
Shoutarou Oukubo
Tarou Suwa
Ono Miku
Kosuke Endo
Oyakawa Yuji
Takumi kizu
Yukito Nishii
Yoshihiro Sato
Taniguchi Shota
Kikuta Daisuke
Ryouko Takizawa
Nakatani Ryu
Sakaguchi Daisuke
Okazaki Hiroshi
Hamura Jyunko
Brother Tom
Miyuu Sawai
Matsuura Rihito
Atsuhiro Inukai
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Japan Released:2016/10/02(Sun) 08:00-08:30 TV Asahi / End:2017/08/27
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2017/06/04 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36409 Host:36216 Browser: 9135
I already miss the old post about the Kirei Arrow's exit last year, but still I am still quite enjoying it.
It is quite nice to be able to maintain the deployment that is interesting to the character, rather than being able to grab a lot of minor stories in the beginning of the opening, and for the moment there is almost no stall in myself at the moment ( Sometimes we have a strange story about one episode but it will be an interesting story the next week).
If you like the style in the early stage, there is not much development that will unleash it, for example, this week "It is a shock that betrayed the colorfulness of the coloring, but put a conflict that would make you like the coloring more It is the impression that there is somewhere there is a follow-up like "give me."

Well, as usual the charm of the main character has expanded the story.
Even if it says something, I think that it is this work that will gradually cooperate, including characters that should have been enemies.
Initially each other gradually acknowledged "Nearly somewhere correct, somewhere wrong," Nagayama and Ayuki gradually acknowledged, smiling a smile in the everyday action, "Ei Dreams "once, calling up a broken Nagayomo, hitting emotions, conversely losing anything to Nagato's principle, or calling it" friends ", a clear bond "Relationship between riders" including the appearance that they were growing up is all it is.
Although it has undergone development of hatred, betrayal, lie and conflict, each one has begun to understand the way and way of thinking of each other surely, and it is the merit of this work that the place which surely trusts the other party is the merit of this work.
From the early days it was not a villain and the astonishment and the obvious odor and Kimiya who had something in the circumstances are gradually "ROKUBI" and "parado" which even Rasubos candidate was even able to "understand" I think that it is quite impressive that it will be presented with their view of life.
Even that graphite speaks that makes parado into consideration, or it is good to have descriptions with good points on each one or two respectively.
Well, this neighborhood is "Kinedaichi Juvenile Case Book Neo", it seems to be Takahashi Yuya leg book, which has been modified by following follow-up on the original work.

Nonetheless, it was quite unexpected that recent developments, as well as betraying the fellows of the fellows who were in communication with the most everyday lost.
A medical fool who can not break at any moment As he thought that he was the patient's top priority, I felt quite betrayed in fact that he tried to get something over the patient here. Actually, as I liked the fancy of a medical fool the most, until last week I even thought that this is a development that reverses the root of his character, but the reason revealed is very convincing It was also a good thing, it was also very good that I was rather getting his sense of responsibility.
It was brilliant that I had presented an unexpected "reason" to complement the unexpected development further, and I felt that the technology that it does not look like an excuse for mere "deployment convenience" is working It was.
Well, there are no excuses even though there are followers as to behaviors that are incomprehensible from the beginning of the earliest eggs ....

It is also good that there is a story that Nagamo, Aiza and Ogi are aware of their own weaknesses.
Nagamo was also the case during team medicine, but I was broken and admonished several times afterwards, but I think that it is definitely a character that is definitely going forward.
Especially in the opening part I was frightened by the abnormal strike and crisp that "What you said" but he is not a correct story, sometimes the iridescence, the egg and Kiyoshi arrow are the best I also do it right. I feel that something is constantly noticed while admitting or not accepting it.
Besides, each place has its own assertion, and also acts against it, I also love humanity. It seems to be somewhat this year, I thought that I did not do anything I said to Nagayo in the past, even though Nagamo was also reflecting on the words of Azuma so he spoke such a word.
Although Rinzo does not reflect on reflection, it is not a human being who is doing malicious originally, so it became reliable soon after becoming a friend somehow. Well, evil people are bad guys, but if you use his character well, you can use it well as a buddy, and even if you think "Human backup" that he himself thinks is also correct or not wrong Is answer out I feel that I am not there.
In the first place, it is quite subtle that if you say that the answer to "the technology that human beings can revive" whether Yumechi or Azuma is up to the final round of Exceed is not it? I think that there is a place where there is a "tentative principle assertion" that clear answers have not been made out even in their argument from the opening stages.
I want to believe in only one life Nagayaki can only support the coloring that the human beings expect to revive technology, and preferring patients to personal things rather than personal affairs Sparkling can not abandon their own regrets , The soul who tried to save others by killing emotions and saving others by carrying themselves turned their anger towards Nagayama and Azuma who hate himself at times, and the truth was afraid that the truth could drive people Even trying to tell the truth to eternal dreams.
It is fresh to make it now that he positively depicts the human taste and the way of deceiving that can not even penetrate even his own allegiance.

I'm looking forward to seeing how to get excited from the future, I'm looking forward to the summer movies quite a lot.
Whether you can reconcile Nagamo and Ayuki, is there anything other than Nico knows the real intention of the Egg, how is Kamen Rider Cronos captured, "Parador, Graphite and Poppy Pipopapo" New Life "is saved Well, I'm quite expecting what happens to Kireiya, Koime and Ryo Door 's "data".
Either way, I will watch while thinking that I would like to expect strong expectations for happy end if this development develops.

2017/05/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29741 Host:29840 Browser: 9135
[good point]
The content of 1 episode 1 talk collects a dark hint, but as new hints are sticked one after another, it is interested in every week 's continuation
Good balance between gag and serious Gem which re - appeared recently was also a character that has quite a different view on life and death from heroes while being a side as strong as a neta character but was thought of inside
Growth depiction of characters is good Especially knowing that the owner who stubbornly refused others saying "You do not have anything to lose hurt is all you need is fighting to defend someone from meeting with Nico I like the episode called
The hero 's eternal yuan is basically weak, but he is fighting when fighting fights, fighting when not fighting it is a character that will divide if you do not fight so do not allow the whole genre entirely I can also feel that I am trying to make awareness of sin
Individual supporting role
Rider battle is interesting Perfect puzzle that features outstanding features of each game.Traddle fantasy neighborhood is especially favorite

[Bad point]
Not a few Gashat is not able to finish out the characteristics of each game so far
Many develops are somewhat difficult to understand unless you remember the contents of previous times firmly
Reprogramming is too strong

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Every week the story is developed with the momentum of anger so I can not keep an eye on Even if it stalls from here, the funness rating of the level at which the change will come is "highest"

2017/05/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27260 Host:27152 Browser: 10300
[Good point] Story, characters, acting skills

[Bad point] There was a setting forgetting

[Comprehensive evaluation]


2017/05/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3200 Host:3095 Browser: 7460
[good point]
Child-friendly visual

[Bad point]
Content not obvious to children

[Comprehensive evaluation]
While there were many problematic works during successive riders, it was only this work that I felt as "unexpected" In addition to the logical failure of the script (scenario), I also felt disgust with the expression method as if affirming fornication I will

2017/04/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13339 Host:13389 Browser: 10424
[good point]
.OP is fashionable and cool
A strike like a built - in hint before it began is a bang bang and an unpredictable story
Posture representing death with game over
Battle balance between Paradox 50 and Snipe Brave 50
Turn over all the fun seems like Christmas times and Bagamon times The second half
Deployment that does not make you feel uncomfortable even with the same bugster
Little dark character
Former president

[Bad point]
Level 1 and 3 existence significance
Spin - off is on various media
Health gauge

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is proceeding with the momentum that it is likely to overtake W called Heisei 2 second highest masterpiece. It is very nice to say that the thing which inverted the color of EXIDED XX was absolutely aimed at like the color of paradox and X in both EX - AID and PARA - DX. I do not feel that I do not particularly care if Poppies and the President's character say that Poppy is a bugster of Doremifa beat because he is a fucking psychopath bastard who will send you a virus for everyday.
There is no mid-dirt, gags and serious salt plums, doctor elements and game elements are very involved. For those who are starving to develop in the first half of Heisei 1, I would like to see it very much.

2017/04/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25453 Host:25448 Browser: 10181
[good point]
Song squirt aligning

[Bad point]

New president?
[Comprehensive evaluation]

The best!

2017/03/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4748 Host:4637 Browser: 5171
[good point]
I watched Kamen Rider for a long time. As usual, the place of handsome is good

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Somewhat, I feel like I'm getting out of sight from the previous mask rider as a mask rider and the character of a girl around me is also a sharp character, the style is not normal anymore. The color of the mask rider is colorful, color scheme is good, but I feel that it is getting close to Ranger's thing. In the past, I was close to insects and my eyes seemed to be haughty, but it was awesome. Although it can not be helped if the recent Kamen rider is said to be like this ... If it does not look back to the previous work and the previous previous work, it is unlikely to evaluate anyhow ... Because evaluation is normal, Please.

2017/01/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6773 Host:6750 Browser: 7416
[good point]
Gem's zombie design etc. that the character's in-depth utilization of polite settings is used well
[Comprehensive evaluation]
If it goes as it is, it seems to be considerably above even in Heisei riders
Even though it was made a laboratory base six years ago, it was a doctor who was not deeply involved in the patient who was connecting memories among myself, but he was deprived of the doctor who was influenced by Nagayama dreams and thought about the patient and a thorn There is a roots of a doctor owl of a doctor It became to tell a lie from the fact that my best friend was dead because of myself telling the truth but at the end the beginning Kidi Arrow that conveyed the true feelings to Nagayo could not be likable The character also got better liking as the talk progressed Please keep on till the end as it is

2017/01/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27757 Host:27745 Browser: 5139
[good point]
The effect when the attack hit, the battle director making advantage of the game which became the original neta.
Although op is subtle as a rider, it is a good song if you listen by itself.

[Bad point]
Screenplay. All are aggregated here. The motivation in photography is also negative.
To put it briefly, this work can only be recommended to those who say that fine details are fine as long as it is ok.
The character is basically drawn as a minus side first, gradually increasing the plus. If two people are alone, it is very painful if you can do this with all the characters. Especially when you see it as a hero program.
I hope to do as much as each conflicting justice, but every one can only see it frankly amusing. When a game disease patient is a criminal, it is probably remarkable.
"Do not treat because it is a criminal" "Even criminals treat you, but do not catch it"
I have no idea what I want to do. By the way, the rider set as a famous doctor is the former, the hero is the latter. Consider common sense, "treat even a criminal, and compensate for it on it," let's be right.
With this, it is impossible to speak with a young man whose sense of justice is immature although hero is immature.
In other words, I want to capture that it is not so, but there is no way that the thought of the hero is corrected even if it is over one course, no one is going to correct.
Of course, there is a discussion between the characters, there is a talk with each other, but the part that I see as a problem is a complete thru. I never thought that there was a difference in consciousness between the script writer and me.

There are quite a lot of cases in which characters are moved due to the circumstances of the script, but it seems that there is no use in such a childish screenplay. The following is an example.

The savored sister can get back if you win the race game! There is no explanation for that ground. Apparently it seems that the enemy was born from a racing game, it seems to be the original game that seems to be developed, is it supposed to be complementary to the audience? Quote "He is an enemy born from a racing game! And in this game ~ "Or something good.
Five years ago, "You are a game disease" "What a depression! It will die ... ..." and die in a traffic accident. It is still good if it only develops, but the question is whether the game disease can be treated or not. Since I have never failed in modern times, I do not know the meaning of desperation as much as I die. In the past, if you could not treat it, you can not understand it. To be bad, some riders were active five years ago.
Heroine "I am actually a bugster" The main character "I knew" There was no particular reason for a conversation between us, and this matter has not been dealt with before. I would like to say the hint of the later, but I have never seen a hint hidden so far. Is it easy for the heroine to be the same as the enemy to destroy? It might be a message that it is lighter than the feathers of riders such as heroin.
I found out that the hero was a game disease patient. what will you do?
"It is stressful to tell you that you are a game illness, let's attack without saying anything" "That's right" and it attacks.
It seems to be doing this with good intentions, so it is horrible. It is said that there is such a difference in consciousness ~.
At the very least, if the hero of self-thinking hit by a good person suffers from disgust, it knows if you hit the game disease and hit it. I understand. In addition, in this work "Since the rider gets chest gauge decreases when it gets attacked, it gets 0 when it gets 0", so it's synonymous to suddenly be killed from the hero.

It should be noted, but these are particularly easy to understand and useless examples, and there are actually more useless parts.
Very badly, the executive is currently in charge of all the scripts of the story. In other words, it is not a conflict between screen writers.

As an example of incompetence of shooting, "When watching the battle between the rider and other enemies stubbornly, the rider suddenly shot deadly moves and the dead monster died" is impressive.
In winning matches, it is possible to challenge with the strongest form at the moment and the former inferior form to the strong enemies above, although it may be there in Heisei, so it can not be forgiven.
In the latest story, I am about to be robbed of items for form change just as I did not go with the strongest form from the beginning. It looks like only a purely cool-looking hero. Licking and pinching ... .... I knew the deployment I wanted to do, so I had to think about how to take it.
Robbed a dubious new item that the enemy had, and as a result of using no hesitation, as a result of heavy damage received, the laser that it died in the original is too sorry to be pathetic. It might be good to describe a little more uncomfortable. Can not I have flowers as long as I die.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At the present stage it is the worst class. It is a pure story in terms of a problem, because it is handed down by the main writer, the evaluation will not be overturned in the future.
People who like brands such as Kamen Rider, people who do not care about anything, talking about people who do not know the concept of common sense, people who dislike games or doctors can only recommend it.
If it sinks, it is not a work that should be viewed properly.

2017/01/30 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32508 Host:32413 Browser: 5213
[good point]
I am trying to aim for a new mask rider.

[Bad point]
Bandai is overkilling.
I'm already designing, I guess.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Recent riders are Bandai works rather than Toei works.

2017/01/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45021 Host:45005 Browser: 10291
[good point]
Serious and stark story, contrary to pop design. It is splendidly compatible with seemingly contradictory themes of game and medical.
There are plenty of game - like directives such as hit effects and score indications in battle, and it is fun to watch while watching.
The game that appears in creative is more retro-taste than the real one, but in recent HD games it's too realistic to lack game feeling so this is exactly right.
Special milestones The rare mystery of Warp "Game area", suits rework diversion "Bug star level up" and so on until now has added some neat settings to some of the things that fans have received as being special in special effects The point which is done is interesting.
Rider Battle As a main work, there are relatively few riders, but thanks to this it makes it possible to steadily scale the depiction of each character. In addition, thanks to the small number of people it is easier to remember.

[Bad point]
I am familiar with now, but design is too odd. As for this, it can say to all the Heisei 2 term except Wizard.
Although the setting of "the only form that can separate Bugster virus from patients" was added to Level 1, the turn of Level 1 has been decreasing since the middle stage.
There are too many characters whose names are difficult to read, such as "Nagamo (Eien)" and "Hijirai (Hiroro)".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
When the design was released, it was surprised, but it is a rice ceremony that was made solidly internally when I actually watched it. I do not know whether Ryuki, the former ancestor of the battle royal rider, will be caught ... but I still have a sufficient view on it.

2017/01/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13195 Host:13242 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Strong riders with serious story aquariums regardless of their appearance

[Bad point]
Rider design where game depiction is old-fashioned opinion

[Comprehensive evaluation]
For the recent rider I am doing my best

2017/01/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12780 Host:12741 Browser: 9135
After all it is useless if the mask rider is not cool.
This rider is bad.

2017/01/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2125 Host:1942 Browser: 3985
[good point]
Kyriya is cool.
The story is heavy.
Level 1 is cute
[Bad point]
The tempo is quick.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2017/01/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39069 Host:39156 Browser: 9238
I also finished the 1st cool ease with confidence and I would like to try the evaluation of the 1st cooldest thing.

.good point
Rider 's fantastic outdoor level 1 design The level 1 of the rider in the world of the Exeide is a three - headed body, it looks like a loose character, it is cute Moe.
Before seeing the main part, I saw the design of the rider and it was a bad impression that "This is this! Rider?", But this one got used to seeing the first episode of the draft on the road that goes every year.
Looking at now it has only a cool image (lol)

Game and Medical Combination Setting Game and Medical, I thought what kind of relationship there is even if I heard that word, but it is personal impression.
As soon as I heard the dialogue that Yumei's "I will clear on No Continue!" I laughed that I can not continue.
Just talked to acquaintance, I thought that it is contradictory that it can be done over again but failure in medical is not allowed.

Psychopop story exeide where pretty riders intersect likes a serious story that can not be thought of from the rider's pros and cons from design.

The wolf boy named Kujyo Takatiya was the character that I felt most appealing in the exe.
Kimiya tells the strange incident that happens to a friend as it is, Kimiya himself is not none, but there is a past which indirectly made a friend die.
It is him who keeps lying in trauma, he is not trusted by heroes due to some trouble and misunderstanding, it is really poor!
In such circumstances, the reconciliation with Nagaya really caught the catharsis!
But ...

A bad point
A little irresponsible act of the main character of the first episode Main character Hisayuki Nagamata is the first episode of infecting the virus with the virus and brings out the patient who was isolated for rest, but personally it is a huge head and this neck I have tilted.
However, there is cause also in the director who does not explain anything to Nagamata, and I think that it is better to take it out as a narrative, but it was a little unconvincing point.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the end I was able to see it enjoying relieved for the first cool eyes.
I think that I want to evaluate once again after the second course finishes.

2017/01/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31594 Host:31857 Browser: 9788
[good point]
Is there?

[Bad point]
Rider Design.
I can not get used to time. The rider with eyeballs is strange.
Are three of the level 1 licking you?

You do not need a game element?
Just a medical drama yeah yan.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I quit watching as soon as possible.

2017/01/02 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5845 Host:5847 Browser: 10291
I got a comment as it was interrupted.

After all, it is only 45 years anniversary and there is momentum.
Every week there are many intense characters of Kabuto-buri making and making enthusiasm for pasting various mysteries, and there are also many parts that are enjoying.

On the other hand, this work that is also worrisome.

Nagayaki has a desire to save patients purely.
A fantasy that fulfills the mission as a doctor.
Dark Doctor Ogre gathering Gashat.
Kimiya, who approaches the truth with its magical character.

And Character division are solidly done and the emotions such as Shimane who became a rider from regret not able to save a lover and the Kaidi arrow which became a person who suffered the best friend by his own truth and became a lie character The setting of sub-characters that are easy to populate is good.

In reality these two people are quite popular.
Although it was supposed to be finished in a good character, there are many extra depictions that interfere with the feeling that it may be like an irrational looking down on Nagayo in vain, aside from Kirei who lies even in unnecessary places .
For now My mysterious ego also worries about how it will move in the future as a dark hero, but to attract reasons for attaching Gashat and other things, it is a strange character.

Although it was conspicuous even for the Graphite match, there is a childish confrontation is a negative factor.

Nagamo has less appeal as a hero as much as it is now, and it feels like it is inferior to sub riders.
I think the straightness of wanting to save the patient and immatureness of the resident is depicted, and I think that how these thoughts change will be a big drama point in the future, but with this one cool and pretty bad impression I got it.

Human disadvantages such as immaturity themselves are elements that will rather increase the charm of the character, but with a double-edged sword that dislikes if he makes a mistake in describing, Iijima's play, in a script, It is a feeling that I worked minus.

Moreover, excessive gag depiction which was conspicuous by the drive and the ghost is taken over, and it is becoming the air which relieves the serious drama too much.
Combination of different colors such as game and medical care is also set Strong part is strong, I wish it would not be like a criminal drama halfway in the drive.

After all rider design is useless. It's just a dash. I do not feel like buying belts and weapons.
Gemm's zombie gamer is nice, but I did not accept personally that I did not match the character or style.
Den-o and Foze were unexpectedly accepted as it was a disagreement with the character, but in this case, it is a design highlighted only in the game part, it is delicate treatment as early as level one, and simultaneous transformation But the place where cool situation will become loose may be cute, depending on the person, but I was not good.

I can not deny the feeling that depiction is getting worse as to setting the corner.

2017/01/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30788 Host:30552 Browser: 2884
[good point]
Production of suit actor hit display etc.
[Bad point]
The character is sparkling name (DQN name). I can not read Nanimei (M). The setting you want me to make it a meaningful name for my work is messed up. There is no doctor who hands the game to the patient, and there is no 24-year-old genius surgeon. I am excited to see the relationship that the characters who became a genius surgeon immediately after college got scolded with each other. Such a work is the first time The design of the rider is terrible. I still have not gotten used to the poppy's cosplay Keba Ichiba I have had a painful audience rating of 2%. This low is fatal in the first cool. It is almost impossible for excuses to record. Ghosts and drives are also being measured in the same environment
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I can not believe I made this a 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider. Takahashi Yuya of the screenwriter who knows how exciting the double and oz that were excited every week was amazing want you to follow Kobayashi Yasuko and Sanjo land

2016/12/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23757 Host:23585 Browser: 10327
[good point]
.Episode 1
Design of Gen Level X
[Bad point]
Most rider designs are bad
Graphite exit too fast
Poppie Pipo Papo I do not need characters
There are almost every time there is a dream of Nagayo and Shimane
Degree of coloring of the coloring
Dragon Knight Hunter Z 's harshness of four play times is desperate
Playful during battle
Information program Poppies Pipopapo 's room and extra series
It is too bad for education because I'm pretty insulting game neta
A common sense merely has a noble arrow
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is the worst. Perhaps it may be the most disliking level in the rider series. This funny thing or cool person saying honesty, value sense ...

2016/12/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15140 Host:15031 Browser: 4721
[good point]
Characteristic of each rider is drawn firmly. Hero who is thinking about curing not only the body of the patient but also the heart.Hojo Nagamata, Mirror Aviation focused on curing without too much thinking about the patient, Ryderaghatto to annihilate the bugster Everything that makes it all the same as the first is also a flower house Oga showing the situation that it has some kind of something, To make the ultimate game "Masked Rider Chronicle", Dan Rito who plays a dramatic role as an enemy of Nagamine Every person is well impressed, but Kujyo Takahiro is especially wonderful.
He let him die, because he told his friend Atsushi Ayahara to tell the truth, which is a game disease, and since then he kept lying, but I felt it to be a behavior behind because I try not to hurt people. It was regrettable that only 12 episodes had disappeared.
Presence of Kyotaro Hyuga. It is impressive that Nagamo told himself while reproaching the importance of teamwork and trust when he tried to defeat Graphite by himself.
Poppy Pipopapo, Tama Nozawa and Father 's Father' s Mirror Ashma such as the person who is involved in everyday life also has a good taste.
Cast performance ability. Especially starring Hiroki Iijima is wonderful although it is definitely useful even though it is the first time to appear in video work. I certainly felt that he worked quite a bit.
The theme song of Miura Daichi perfectly matches the style. Personally I think that it can be said that it can be said to be the top class among the Kamen Rider.
Production with plenty of game elements is also interesting.

[Bad point]
It is good that the characteristics of the riders are well drawn in the good points mentioned above, but human disadvantages also stand out.
Although it is only a lie, the roots do not fulfill a role as a fellowship noble archer and a villain full of fellows, but as a doctor the immature side is noticeable and attitudes become bigger when playing games Ei A dream, a self-theory as a doctor is strong, a concentration that concentrates on collecting Gashat I think that an uncomfortable ego may feel uncomfortable for some who see it. I think that it is better to dig into their inner parts a little more.
I expect that this point will be improved in the future.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The drawing of the characteristics of each rider is done well, and it is a wonderful work that is well tangled with the story.
Producer Keihito Omori and main writer Takahashi Yuuya worked together to cooperate with each other to make it a high quality work, and their enthusiasm is well transmitted.
Evaluation is somewhat worse, because it was a good impression that it made the story involved in the charm of the characters well enough to cover the bad points mentioned above, so at "highest".

2016/12/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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I wonder if the time to recover in the Kamen Rider series has come around, it is the impression that I saw one cool of Exceed.
It is interesting to see simply because of the goodness of the character and the clarity of the scenario, the way the effect and small neta are effective.
I think that it is this work called Exezide that seems to be showing performance while jumping over hurdles while many new work has finished while knocking down hurdles complete.

Well, the scenario itself has somewhat strange things (although the assertive attitude and confidence of Nagayo in an unknown phenomenon is a mystery), taking the "guest route" like the traditional rider work to the contrary, I think that it was groundbreaking to create a mechanism to let the rider superimpose the characters and characters on which the guest is located.
To tell the truth, I think that there were scenes in which many of the mask riders after W had solved the line of "resolving the troubles of guest characters" in a rather derastatic way, but its main reason is that the trouble is solved by the mask rider It is because it was not related to the character setting in depth or the main story and the impression of impairing the tempo of the story was stronger.
In this patient's work, there are many opportunities that "child" is involved in an important period for pediatric resident doctor's everyday, "love affair" in the occasion of Asuka who lost a lover, in the case of Kidi Arrow who lost his friend "Friends" are ... in the way that it overlaps somewhere with each rider's elements. Besides, the true intention of the egg, which has not been revealed yet, has been perceived as "a patient who held herself all by herself", and even if the episode of a patient that has not been revealed is a rider I think that the possibility of functioning as a foresee line is high.
In this way, as the motif of each patient's story is potentially linked with the depiction of future hints and riders, so that the meaning of the guest in the scenario seems to be effective It is getting.
I think that the meaning that this work is a "medical" rider is strengthened just like that.

So, though the ingenuity on such a story was also good, they are great charms, "It looks like they get along even though they are not familiar, and there are few things that are depicted as gags, but the scenes that are missing somewhere are funny".
Although Satoshi has little success in battle, things that cherish the mission as a doctor and someone's life are conveyed properly and it is subtle that conflicts with Nagayo ideally while being clearly a friend. The relationship is also quite good. It is amazed as usual for eccentricity as well as being thrust into the surroundings, but I guess it is impossible to dislike Nagayo because I show one side of that.
However, only a single point is a bit disappointing that I have not seen much as to accept even in the next round of Doremifa beat whose everyday lost transcendence with the aura of iridescence (Personally, the exe " I think that the relationship between Nagayo and Hijiri "will become a considerably important factor in the second half).
There seems to be a reason for peeling off my fangs with a little something, and there are also cases where the purpose matches through the mystery of black exeides and the mysteries of Nagayo, and it is something like Poppie's saying "Cooperate There seemed to be some kind of fighting ".
I could also laugh at saying "I was a brief moment" and something like a child.
Somehow they are becoming loveable sub-characters, and it feels that it is a position where big success can be expected in the future.

Also, Kujyo Takahiro who burned his life in the period from the last post to this post.
Since I lost my friend by the truth, I became unbelievable either by myself or by others, and it was a character trying to escape by "lie" from the danger of communication.
Normally it is a bit scary and it is also a character that plays clown acting when it transforms, it was a character only by it, but in his case the odor of quina disappears at every appearance, so there are still many mysterious exe id characters There was quite a sense of security in the inside. Although I died in the direction of the arrow, the truth that he found has not yet been revealed to the viewer, and in the sense that "information gained by Kisataya" will continue to be involved in mystery, it is not dead in the scenario It is also a character.
Even though there are characters that leave early, such as Kirihiko and Hatsue, it was about him that I dug down seriously so far, and it was about him only for his exit. It was a little different composition It was a place where I thought that it was a bit different whether letting the spirit of a person enter.
Actually, the response after broadcasting gets bigger at the center of SNS, finally the official flames up and it becomes Yahoo news.

Aside from that, in fact, I think that the element of "lie" that Kidri arrows showed is a major part of the story of Exceed.
Nagamata is a quite straightforward person, but many of the characters of the Exezd are never many superficial attitudes "There are many characters with more different real intentions and thoughts". The truth will be revealed later.
Even in Yume Yumui that was supposed to be the exception, it seems that it is the main story of two courses, with a secret that is not even aware of himself.
Probably, this work thinks that every "lie" that the character is holding is the key, and the character Kiyoshiya came out to strongly impress it.
The side behind Nagayaki, Bug star Poppy Pipopapo, the real intention of the Egg, the retirement of the sun and the horse, the purpose of the altar, the information Kimiya got, etc. are hidden by the viewer "Setting" It is in the person such as "the purpose of the person" etc. That's why I think that this work is familiar with the mystery studied and it is becoming a matter of concern.
Everyone seems to be lying in some way, but is it thought that Sasuki is the only exception to feel like it?
He seems not to seem so much about the core setting of a character which is not revealed at the present stage or backwards secretly, too much only for him.

... and so, I pray that the work called Exceed is a work deserving to believe the remaining three courses.
Speaking of which, riders in Heisei 2 seem to be slightly old in setting and drawing, or lagging behind (W and drive as well as Fauze, wizards, armor and ghost are depicting trends over a decade ago There was a place like something) but there is a feeling that this work is full of fresh charm.

2016/12/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
cast. Everyone has a nice face.

Although there are many places where I do not yet understand the story, I expect it in the future.

[Bad point]
I wonder if it is for now ...? Maybe you can change more characters when Em gets into the game. For the moment only the first person will change from me to me.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
interesting. The movie released yesterday was also pretty good in recent years.

2016/11/20 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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Everyone was astonished at the impact design that passed the dimension of such a mask rider!
It's funny because it's funny, so it's funny, you betrayed, what you did while you were in the first half, Heisei riders have complicated thoughts.

That's why the 45th anniversary exe.
I do not know whether this combination of different medical dramas and games is working well for now, but directing the game is interesting.
Since we are plotting a number of mysteries, it is also good to have future willingness to watch and it is being watched without getting tired.
However, although the deployment and characters' past are interesting, it is impressive that the character's important is not good.
Em's behavior often looks shallow as a doctor, and there are many people who think that you are strange that you are going to hit the hero every time, and the battle where the heroism of 3 episodes was emphasized I wonder just how good it was.
Maybe it may be necessary for future development, but I can not say it.
The way he revealed the past was also delicate. I get an impression that I can not fully utilize my drama.

I am looking forward to how it will change in the future.

2016/10/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Although I watched until the third episode, I have already reviewed it up to several episodes.
Although the multiplayer rider itself has been quite a long time, it is distinctive that it is turning in the form that puts out the initial few story every week as "form change" instead of "form rider". As a story to be held with individual rich riders, will it progress in a way that shows the character nature of existing riders every week?
In that sense, it seems to be like a "character thing" rider around a person like Ryuki and Kabuto.

Well, it was fine that the activity up to the second episode of Yumei Hero was subtle, but in the third episode it is good on the scenario that "Other riders saved patients who could not be rescued". In the second episode, every time he was confronted with the coloring, he got a lot of doubts, saying "Why doctors do not have to take a break?" (For patient exchanges, doing a game in the hospital He also reprimands the surgeon who was eating the cake at break time ...), both the first episode and the second episode exposed the patient and stakeholders outside as a result, so the favorable likelihood of the hero It was the bottom of the earth.
Besides, the first episode is not necessarily the second episode merely that the feelings of the patients were communicated to the viewers, and the patients of the second episode changed the idea separately thanks to Nagayo acting That's why.
In the third episode, it was quite convincing as a hero thing because it was a strong boost for that child that the satellite would have been unable to save if he chose strategic withdrawal as it was and that spirit of that child It was talking.

Kamen Rider Brave That is a cool second rider, but the character attachment like "genius surgeon" and "slightly weird" suddenly was interesting. Although I am doing seriously like a sword, an armor, or a previous work, the way the drawing of the second rider is not stupid is clear, but there are places which clearly describe "gap with cool character" in a clear way It is funny.
It is easy to understand that something is strange because of genius, and while Nagayo is a "game" character, you can laugh at the behavior that goes through "medical care". I insisted the sword as a female or transformed in a way that a nurse sprinkled the transformation belt.
Also, if it is not related to medical care, it is becoming a character that makes you laugh, including where you are eating a hall cake and including two puppies.
Still, it seems to be cool and cold but it is trying to rescue patients as much as possible (In the second episode, I'm trying to rescue pretending not to be interested in the hostage, and it is impossible for the three stories to choose a strategic withdrawal I am planning to rescue a patient by temporarily restraining the battle with Snipe just before that) and I think that the way of drawing that the essence is transmitted as being a good person is different from the way it is done.

In contrast to them, I feel that Snipe does not focus on life-saving salvation, but because he wants to play only games, he is doing a mask rider.
I did not really understand "game + medical" so far, but "hero who balances medical treatment and game", "I'm not interested in games but medical rivals", "I am not interested in medical but for games Dark hero who is doing medical care to ", it was in good shape to be in a form that is making good use of the antagonistic setting of play and good deed.
Well, at the moment, while holding such madness, his position of "I'm worst but I can not say that the result I leave is not necessarily bad" is not dealt with so much, but in the future I will not leave discomfort in that area I think that it will be interesting if it can stay.
Another one, "Masked Rider" seems to come next time, but well so let's stop talking about it now.

As a rider's battle and action, it is fun to have a unique view of "game area" to make good use of "exe" world view.
Even at the point of the first episode, I think that the battle scene which used well the "game" well was good, but in the second story "like the action game and RPG game area overlap by simultaneously transforming EXIDE and BRAVE" It would have been better to have the description rendered properly and transform into individual riders would also make sense on the screen. Especially I like brave music like truly RPG 's tense scene.

However, as for the action scene of this "episode", the third episode was not good compared with the goodness of the first episode.
Sakamoto Koichi It is becoming easier to say that the action is a one pattern, but the problem is that it is the first episode.That is floating compared to the air drawn in the second episode, after all it is " Although the second episode fascinated the game likeness and setting well, the third episode is only regrettably fighting just like exploding and it was regrettable.
If you set up snipe gun shooting, you can think of it in a more familiar game, like going beating with a gun aimed at a gun and hitting where you aimed, but in the meantime just behind the explosion It is excitement that the bugster will be knocked down.
There was not delicacy which seemed to be a gun shooting very much, and it was feeling that Sakamoto Koichi and Exeide are currently incompatible.

This place is such a feeling, but it seems that the contents of the patient's story has become relatively easy to be put together like this time, and it is contents which can be seen with the interchanges with the childish childhood 90's like something .
However, after all, the drive of the year before last was impressed with the deployment from the subtle start to the end, or last year's ghost is completely delicious material Although it was possible to use the early stage early, it is eventually become a terrible thing So, I do not know until the end is a one-year long program.
It may be a subtle way of speaking, but I still can not worry about anxiety, but I can only say that "the situation is interesting" ....

2016/10/17 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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The three stories I happened to see were interesting, so I went back to watch it again.
I usually do not see any special effects at the moment.

[good point]
A flashy action (explosion and blown away) that used game motifs effectively.
Expanded crisp that many rivals and rivals appear early.
Storm of various stuff put in various.

[Bad point]
Do riders doctors are difficult to drama? A lot of the main characters'
Too much as a doctor. We expect improvement.
Primary color Kimocos, aversion to the heroine of Peaky Talk. Temperance gauge charge, etc, such as making it action gorgeously and expressing the existence value, the restraining of viewing.
Game gimmicks such as the difference between Level 1 and Level 2, Power Up and Item Usage are not yet fully utilized, rather depictions of many uncertainties in the future. It says "game clear" every time, but if it is not "stage clear" it is not bad. Also, it seems like you can choose other riders by Player Select, but what about this neighborhood?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
With "good" comments. Normally I do not see special effects (now) from myself, but it reacts to the exe which the child happens to reflect. Ikake surprisingly when you start seeing with a relationship!
It was quite interesting to describe a battle stage mixed with multiple genre games as if inspired by pixels. The most painful thing is, "The hair is part white, but it's spec." Gintama?
There are also many allegations about how to add a lot of neta, and in that sense it may be that the dead pool is in mind. It is terrible Kiwamono, but hopefully it will hopefully destroy the feeling of blockage of the Heisei rider. I want to hold out.

〓〓〓Rensuke-san ... Oy

2016/10/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20531 Host:20614 Browser: 8265
"Kamen rider exe, winner! W"
I saw it until two episodes but what I say is the grab that is caught heartily is really after a long time, and such thought came in unexpectedly.

Perhaps the goal of this work is "pre-school baby, a strategy to capture both girls' generation and Arasa geek generation".
Speaking of the former is the smile of each rider's Lv.1 figure. I felt that comic was pushed to the front for the first time in a rider series with a feeling that I felt all over for the boy in design for a while for a while.
Still, it is the opposite approach to Demon Imagin who was showing a comical skit with a scary appearance to develop a serious drama in the form of Lv.1. It seems easier for commercial deployment later on this one.
Design and coloring seems to be conscious of splatoon, and together with the Mikura motif of the jewel jar, you are researching the game that young generation is really playing.
And for the type of people who had been reading Arasa geek generation, especially bonbon, this story was like a do strike.
WonderSwan became the motive of the hero's dream first. I was very happy to have had a WonderSwan school from GBA.
Although it will be defeated worldwide, it will be handled hard, but at that time it is hard to build a certain share at the time and good gee was out so well that I'd rather not set the setting as "a fictitious game machine much like Wonders One".
And although it is two episodes ...... Brave's design, what do you think, "Knight Gundam"? You will be completely conscious of the color of your eyes.
At the same time I admired with laughing at a thorough homage like a sword of fire and a sword of ice, holding a sword and a shield and a special weapon a sword of fire and a sword of ice.
I do not know if the power-up state will be vsalic or golden but I am looking forward to the future.

As for the medical drama side, it is only possible to start it is not possible, but it seems to become a hero who tends to conflict with other riders so as not to make the assertion to be what the viewer seems to be "___ ___ 0 Where I want it.
Apparently it seems to start drama development after 3 months ago, so I do not want to call "deployment serious" of the expansion from then on, so I would like you to move firmly while taking into account the development until then (Den-O Because it is strong feeling too much to serious second half)

I was excited very much from the first time, so I look forward to the future. With comments that seems good.

2016/10/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24962 Host:24925 Browser: 9081
For the moment I watched the first episode, but as I thought about when new riders came out as well, expectation was included, and the budget freedom also included and it was almost funny.
Especially when the rider of the previous year could not overturn the negative impression until the last moment, the expectation which I feel in the first episode is also great.

Speaking of the good things about the current work of this work, I fascinated the gimmicks unique to this work fairly pleasantly.
Although the exede is a rider of "game" as a theme, I think that the ingenuity to make use of that setting showed various things with action, so I think that it left an impression in children in good meaning. The first episode itself was drama and directing as it was, and the second half of the battle scene was seen with a good laugh.
Well, although I felt the previous episode was also interesting first episode, I realized that it was an ordinary action if I noticed somewhere, even if I can do it at this pilot stage, there are also things that I do not know what will become the remaining 40 episodes However, I am a little interested in how Okimori producer refreshed the problems of past methods of making.
Just because we set up a policy called "Destroyer Sanjo" for the drift, it was obviously like a Sanjiya Hasegawa obviously an age-old and highly experienced lighter was a masterpiece for a piggybacker since "Kyou Ryu" "Drive" I changed my mind, I appointed Yuya Takahashi, which is close to my age, but I'm looking forward to how this will change.

However, in a series of Bukkake, there is not a lot of trials that the way to adopt a writer equal to inexperienced as the main ", regulation is becoming severe Recently the staff who do not understand selfishly, While receiving the complaints that have thrown into the past series, I will make a thing that is not what I expected and will pass away bitches "and strengthen the impression, the stuff is not really meaningful to the viewers also for the viewers Since the propensity to make it stands out, after all I am worried about half.
Speaking of Takahashi Yuya of this work, it is a screenwriter whose outstanding activity in drama stands out, but since there are only works with only one course at the same time, there are also fears that if it is 4 courses it can get you guessed. After all, it is big that the screenwriter is not accustomed to "4 cool" as far as failing in the Heisei 2nd term rider series so far ... (But, even though I was in charge of animation, It is also a screenwriter who is in charge of subculture, so I feel that it is not as rider amateur as last year's Takuro Fukuda).
Whether the scenarios 'Kin Daiichi Juvenile Case Book N' is Ryosaku or not, as a big fan of the original, I'm going to head a little bit ... (I'm getting the hero's character closer to the original, I can understand the root of the character correctly Or a delicate place is a thriller).

Another thing I'm looking forward to is the simplicity of the motif of having a multi-player rider and having brought "game" to that motif.
W something motif was easy to understand, but even though there were differences in appearance such as "gathering of the riders all, witch / ghost" motifs like this or fruit and cars, even if there are differences in their settings and abilities Given that there are many subjects that are likely to be struggled, I think that it is possible to differentiate easily like something like "Can use magic with RPG" or "Use music with a sound game" (at the very least Ghost is a great anecdote of a great person I thought that it would be better to create abilities along the way and use that neighborhood well ...).
As racing game motifs already have riders that are too surprising to be expected, differentiation may be successful compared to comparable?

It is the element of "medical drama" that the highest risk is the highest. If it says that this is a theme that can truly be a year-round meaning, I do not think so at all. There is no pattern so much.
Originally, it is almost impossible to place a "doctor" in the hero with an animation or special effects of over 1 course and going through a hospital drama all year long (a veterinarian, a hero of a doctor setting was a thriller ). Challenging there is pretty hard and I feel like a demon that the various complaints are no longer visible.
Besides, when all the main people are doctors, it is inevitable that the purpose suffers ... ...

What will happen is up to this point, but overall it is called gimmick goodness.
I was looking forward to the next episode as of the first episode and I was selling it on this "mass-reinforced form" at this time, but "New rider appearance" like an armored armor (although it is not good at distributing on this scenario ...) It seems to be more interesting and it is delightful that the two-person rider system is being abolished in earnest, as "Bandai's toy" appearing on the screen is still deep and fun. .