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Perfect Choice TV Asahi Kazumi Kawashiro BANDAI VISUAL CO., LTD. Toho Interchannel, Ltd. Kenji Shimizu
Shirou Tozaki Norihiro Nakajima Weekly Shonen Jump Ohtasyuppan
Katsuhiko Manabe Kamo Ishin Keiichi Oku Akiyamajyun Jun Watanabe
Kenmochi Makoto Keiya Tabuchi
Azusa Production I.G
Imai Kazuhisa Kenzou Maihara
Tsuyoshi Hayashi Ryohei Abe Yasuaki Seki Hiyu Suzuki
Norihito Kaneko Yusuke Kamiji Yusuke Sato HiyamaTakashi
Takehisa Takayama Koji Iwakawa Kazuma Yamane
Takashi Hagino Norihisa Hiranuma Koichiro Takami
David ITO Mikio Osawa Satoshi Jinbo Sunaga Kei
Kenjiro Ishimaru Atsuya Furuta
Yosuke Natsuki Kazushige Nagashima Shinichi Chiba
Japan Released:2005/07/25(Mon)
Official sites
1. http://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/astro/ (Translation)
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2006/03/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8866 Host:8952 Browser: 4184
I watched the live-action version about several episodes on the DVD, but it was a hot-blooded stupid baseball. this is.
Furuta Tokyo Yakult Playing Manager was guest appeared,
He expanded the player's right not only as the playing surface decided to enter the name field of the second catcher, but also as the chairman of the fighter, as it is a symbol of the professional baseball world that has put his emphasis on exchanges with ama,
I wonder if it was a reasonable guest. It was Ichigo Sawamura role. He was also doing a role as a mask stopper for the Hanshin Tigers for some reason ...........
It seems that Mr. something was quite different from the image (?). People in baseball players also appeared in the world Ulrun. I had seen him by chance .........

Well, the work itself was reasonable and the time of day was midnight, or just a hatchymaking "director" caught my eye,
I do not say that there is no content, but the work of this hand is familiar with Shaolin Football and so on and it is somewhat better than the variety that the professional baseball in the real world does not match and the fact that it is not suitable for the skin It's boring (It's finally the beginning of next week's parle gig,
In the last two years Kiyohara and Kintetsu have not cleared the regulations batting once in the past seven years
Nakamura who was unable to clear even 70 hit points can not expect too much. Even if they strike,
With a tight team, the possibility of entering playoffs is likely to be 40 to 50%. Rakuten also ignorance ignorance of Miki Valley for the first time. Even though Mr. Nom takes command, Yakult is not built as a foundation, and if you do not do it well, you can become the bottom of the year like a devil raise) things are also tough, but the evaluation is "very It is bad.

2006/03/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40409 Host:40497 Browser: 3874
Something suddenly getting up.

I finished watching it a long time ago,
I was able to enjoy it simply what. high.
(I do not know the original, I do not even think about reading)

Personally I liked the razor's dragon.
It is OK even if it is highest, but a little refraining (what?), Very good.
It is a work that seems to be able to look while raising it with various meanings to beer with one hand with friends with DVD or the like.

2006/03/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20475 Host:20580 Browser: 5234
As a background for this work, it may be influenced by the hit of "Hell koshien" of Shintaro's manga 〓〓〓Peter Taro and "Babaia Zone".
However, although the two proposals can be approved or disagreed (Well, because it is Potaro, it is natural as well ....) But even though the image was allowed as it was a gag, as each performer got stuck in Potaro World, Although the place where it was funny felt funny, but this work was a hard work which is "It gets a ghost when it thinks calmly", so it will not be a sense of resistance as it becomes a picture of the hard action Absent.

For those who are reading original cartoons, I feel strongly that "Nannaka ...." and I can not even do things like gigs like hell koshien, and that's why gachinko acting does not fit somewhere It may be because of the realization that I felt a feeling.
No, I believe that the actors were doing their best, but still the edge smell could not be erased.

Although it is not uncommon now that the original manga is actually realized, although the picture is dirty, I do not remember anything other than Gotaro, which has power and power, so much fun (no, because it is a painting Taro, the style changes rather than the shoulder Although it sees without getting stuck), there are some resistance to the work that made this work satisfied in all ways for those who know the original work and those who do not know it.

Although I am not an original fan, still the original work of absurdity was releasing a tremendous impact at that time and I'm planning to evaluate Tong Demobi Style that is also used for later works such as "G Gundam" , There was a prejudice that the amazingness of the original work would not be available in live action.

And, although that has happened, I think that the staff and the performers were doing their best. Still, I felt angry with Shueisha and Tele Drama, which had become shabby and weakened past budget.
Ikare condition which had been allowed to appear up to Mr. ID Futaruda Atsuya of a player who is also an interlocking director may have surpassed the original in that sense.

Although this work eventually can not deny the feeling that it entered the work group which disappointed by the realization of recent manga cartoon and animation, it seems that it was said that it was comparatively good in those, and that unreasonable work I think that it was better than other Shueisha works in that it often made me real live in this form.

2006/03/01 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12185 Host:12521 Browser: 7813
> The biggest problem in the "Astro Ball Team" is that the Astro Supernatural is "weak" as a superstitute.

No, I think that I have it at all. However, it is said that this "the balance between the superhuman and mediocrity has collapsed" is said to have been scattered from long ago, especially because the original "Lotte" is more absurd.
The result of "fixing a strange part when writing a script" is a result. No more is impossible (laugh).
According to the original, "It is 9 people to play baseball!" By Mr. Kaneda's extremely talented Tsukkomi, three amateur audiences have been added to the team, even if Kaneda's strategy was there, even Astro Ultimate Nothing 'Ryo Sakamoto' To one person,
Because it is a cottpan with six people. What is "superhuman" (laugh).
This neighborhood was hit hard by critics from the time of "Astro" series serialization, actually Tottaki at the end of Lotte edition, and Professor Nakajima also thought of ending the series. Mr. Kentaro Takekuma also wrote the schedule of the Aichi version, "If Astro had ended serialization until the Lotte match, Astro had finished with a trash."
It is said. As a result of suffering from pointing out that such "balance of strength has collapsed"
"Then you can make teams with mujakuchi people who are far away from Astro warriors, let them fight with them"
It reached the conclusion that "Astro team" is also the biggest breakthrough "Victory team edition" is a translation ... translated ... ...

> Special effects are overwhelming (laugh)! No, it really is a shovel.
It seems that it took quite a while to actually deal with the budget.
"I wanted to recreate the muddiness of the original by wire action without easily relying on CG easily"
Even though there was the idea that it is, you will not be able to escape the critics' voice of "special effects are cheap".
Well ... well ... probably with that special effects, the budget was the limit.
Even if you do not do something wrong, there are no choices, and even if you are watching somewhat more favorably as an original fan, "I worked hard!"
I'm filled with the desire to hit my shoulder.
However, to those who want "flashy special effects", it can not deny that it is an about unsuitable work.
Perhaps the "Victory Ballroom edition" may be more unpleasant than that, if it is "to lose a smile at a headache with a superficial dialog" by the time of "Lotte". Perhaps it is better to stop watching ......

If so, what is the condition to enjoy this work? In summary,

"There is a strong feeling in the original (or," Dead people are in baseball "can be accepted normally) and cheap special effects (and casting of actors) with" eyes of the heart " Able to be able to feel "enthusiasm" beyond the theory of the producer side "

It will be subject to the condition that it is severe (... haha). The original itself,
"It is a rule violation, such things are overlooked from the beginning!"
Because it is based on the name Zelif called "laugh". It is "looking at a baseball stupid enough not to feel pain"
It is a correct viewpoint.

As a digression, since Mr. Tetsuji Kawakami is drawn on a person who can have a favorable feeling than the original, it seems that there is no worry such as litigation.
In addition, if it is serial series, directed by Shinichi Kaneda "Kaneshin" drawn as a villainman over Mr. Kawakami. In his "Asahi Graph"

"You do not have to be the Giants even when you do. From now on, "Astro team"!

I sent a Yale to my work and made me feel relieved (Mr. Nakajima also said "I was saved by that word").
It can be said that it is a pleasant episode that is like a luxurious money.

Mr. Ramancha, thank you for your reply.
Tamba's name, what I have looked for on the official website ... .... (^ ^;)

2006/03/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25233 Host:25184 Browser: 3875
This comic is visualized, in itself it is "wow" that it was made by live action rather than animation itself. Many of the strange places of this work are based on the original, but since we were able to fix the strange part when we made it as a script, we can not immediately become exemption (although, If you do it, you may not be able to stop the prototype).

The biggest problem in the "Astro Ball Team" is that the Astro Supernatural is "weak" as a superhuman. Everything is a "superhuman", so even if ordinary people go upstairs, they should not beat victory, even if the V9 Giants and the then big league champions Auckland. Even if Athletics compete against each other, you have to twist a twist. However, even if there are only six people in the Astro team, it is difficult for Orions to win an 11-10 victory, even if we caught something that there was a superman over there too, it is too hard. In the first place it is impossible for the superhuman to be the Astro team alone, after that it is impossible to expand the story with people other than superhumans (that is, mediocrity). If you try to show the power of the superhuman, the game will be nothing but boring things on one side, and if you make it a fun game that you want to make it interesting to make the game interesting, the superhumanity of the Astro team will have a question mark, It was a terrible dilemma (it seemed that there was more power than a superhuman, such as Monster Joe). Superman's opponent must serve as a "superman". At the very least, when writing a script, the opponent of the Astro team should not be a giants which is just an ordinary team but should be "another super team" from the beginning (the other party can be an alien, cyborg or psychic). Otherwise it will not be balanced.

I will mention two other problems. First, special effects are overwhelming. If it was an animation, any extreme expression is possible, but unless it is done with live-action photography, it is impossible to express the world unless we take full advantage of highly advanced special effects. However, there might have been a budget problem, but the level of special effects used is rather low, and I will be laughing at the headache with a big line. Secondly, I'm sorry but the performers do not look like baseball players. Did not we collect people of better physique? Since the heroes have lines, I think that it was okay for other team players etc. to have cooperation of the professional baseball organization so we could consider using the 2 army players as an extra . Shoichi Chiba played the most strongly.

Where I live, this program has not ended yet, but it seems that "Death Match" with the Victory team will start, and I am afraid (what is interesting) how any weird world can be unfolded. After that, I wonder what will happen to the end. Certainly in the original, the Astro team was supposed to be expelled from the baseball world of the whole world other than Africa, due to the sneaky conspiracy of the giants director Tetsuharu Kawakami planning to destroy the Astro Ball Team (Monkey professional baseball supervisor It is unknown why such a terrible imitation could be made). However, if I visualize this as it is, I am worried about becoming libelous against real Mr. Tetsuji Kawakami (well, I do not think I will appeal in such a thing).

2006/03/01 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12185 Host:12521 Browser: 7813
Certainly, acting of young actors may be a bit tricky compared to veterans like Mr. Shinichi Chiba, Kenjiro Ishimaru.
Still, I personally think that I played well the Astro warriors who are trying to advance to Gum Shara before the end.
...... Or rather than being struck by the enthusiasm of the work, maybe I could not afford to mind (laugh).
(Regarding good or bad of each actor 's acting, Kentaro Takekum also mentioned in blog)

Also, "It's too much maniac making too" is a feature of this work better or worse, is not it?
I wrote it before, but I think that it is really difficult to realize the actual manga original work. Therefore, hit is also great.
The movie "The Last Weapon," she was worried about, as one of the original fans "It was ... 〓〓〓... 〓〓〓... 〓〓〓............".
That is why I recreated the impressive name scene firmly, and although my budget is low, my evaluation of this work that I reproduced to the "enthusiasm of work" has been high.
Indeed, I think that there is nothing to say that the fact that this absurd absurd work was made into a real life itself is "miraculous".
I think that it is a work in the good sense "bad at the head" "as a work" as the words "stupidly serious seriousness" of stakeholders (laughs).

For the time being, you can see the digest version on a video with the official website below.
If you are interested, why not try viewing once.
It's really "somehow" (praise: haha).


Also, did Mr. Tetsuro Tamba appear in this work?
It is not in memory for a moment and cast of the official website.While guests have no name, but ....

2006/02/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3550 Host:3661 Browser: 5237
I felt that making was too maniac too much.
I think that the performance of the actor was a bit too impatient.
Although original manga was able to enjoy it as it was, though it was absurd, it is a little trivial if it is a live-action version.
It is a work that I was watching somehow with inertia.

2006/02/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
It is the correct answer that put this work in the special effects category.
It is a good gig.
I also thought of doing something like this at this time. Was not it well made? Do it from the original story. Because it is mecha-macha. There will be no work that matches so much the word "desperate". Excessive nori is a good impression.
I can feel tired after a while.

2005/11/15 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 51956 Host:52168 Browser: 3874
I have not seen it yet.
Currently broadcasting in Fukuoka on Sunday late night.

I casually tried, I got stuck.
I do not know the original (I know about the title, but it is interesting).
Well the original is irresponsible, but already this can be funny and funny.
I will feel like trying to buy the original.

Also, music that flows first and last (BGM) is also nice. Supporting songs are now for me.

It is now that Lotte fight is over, before the match with Victories. When will the razor's dragon join Astro?
Anyway, I think that it is a very interesting work. Although I have not finished watching the whole story, the evaluation is "the highest" if you keep going as it is.

2005/10/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12063 Host:12336 Browser: 7813
Anyway, I watched the whole story so I had my impressions.
Wow ...... It was fun! It was awesome!
Because it was a work that was so intrigued as to purchase all five volumes of Ota publication's reprint edition, Memorial Book, it is honest to hear that it is a live-action drama,
I was very anxious.
The drama of the cartoon original is a big disappointment. Ryosaku cherishes the atmosphere of the original such as "Ping Pong" and "Holyland." There are also many works that strok the nerves of the original fan, like Ryo Love Letter, "Drifting Class.Long Love Letter" . I am worried most about now ... ... "Last weapon she" I wonder. I think that that live action is hard - ....
So I also honestly to Astro, I did not expect too much.
Well, I hope I do not get angry. With looking at the first round, if you do not get boring, you should not see it anymore.
That is ... it's hot from the first episode, this is it.

"Ha ha ha ha! I want to see this face ... I am Astro Giant ...... Ueno Rikki !!!!"

First of all, what I want to evaluate highly is that it reproduces the original as faithfully as possible.
Although there was an opinion that "I do not think that it would be a program to make a work of killing at baseball as it is", but as it was surprised, it is being programmed as it is.
It's just like seeing miracles just by that (laugh).
The first ball of the 2nd is a murderer of the murderer, the ball grasps the electric drill with her bare hands, the house gets special, the Daimon cuts off the shadow, the baron gets excitedly blooded and it gets deadly. Astro Shift, Human Niagara etc. Feel the hot spirit of the production staff around the famous scene that the original fan thinks "I want you to hold down this scene absolutely!", It covers without limit.
There was also an opinion that "Although animation is better" (although I also thought so), if it is a live-action picture, surreal increases by about 30% (laugh).
Mr. Shinichi Chiba, who is the role of Shuro, casting is exquisite, there is a presence as if it really jumped out of comic books.
When I saw Daimon who turned nunchaku in a batter box, I thought of laughing or not. Already, the best !!

Also, the likelihood that the original element of the drama is not working minus is high. While there are many dramas that spoils the atmosphere of the original with unnecessary adaptation,
I am also finishing up to a convincing change to the original fan.
It is glad that the place of activity of balls 2, 5 spheres, and 8 balls, which were especially few in the original work, especially in the field of view was increasing.
Hot teacher relations similar to parent and child of the ball ball and Nagashima Shigeo who hits the monster joe on the light bulletin board, hitting the foot of Shimaburo with home steel, "If it is to put out more victims ...... I will be even a demon! "The second generation ball 2 shouting.
Also, because it is changed to ball six instead of the non-seven will kill the first ball 2, the agony of the ball six, such as the feud with the second generation ball 2, is more dramatically drawn.
While adding to the place to add, yet it is the settlement of Victory warfare, as it is a simple curtain subtitling of the original, "Production staff, do not know well!"
That place.
Even if it is changed to "It is settled in a good baseball battle base baton homerun" or something, it is not wonderful anyhow. I will also look nice.
However, it is the original author Shiro Tokorozaki, Nakajima Tokutohi, the curtain that Mr. and Mr. Shima did absolutely not want to do. I would like to send generous applause as one of the original fans to the staff who reproduced as it is, without dramatizing that modest settlement.

And the one that should not be forgotten is the inserted song "A celestial ball cheering song" in the play! This is also hot!
As for this song as the original "Astro Ballads Song", Astrofans choraled in Lotte game, Sphero 8 squatting, but the second lyrics,
"If it's a man ~ ~ if a man ~ ~ Tama and Bat are the testimony of a man"
As you can see, it has long been thought that it is very difficult to sing coolly (lol).
However, a skeletal rock of 1000% male juice.The astro team supportive song which was reborn by the hand of the band "angel Heaven" is unquestionable and cool!
The original 3rd lyrics "I made it with improvisation when I realized it" is also wonderful if it is an Astro fan.

"I owe to the bruise of the ball that inherits the mysteriously devastated will on the island of Leyte and I will beat it!

I can fall in love. As soon as I enter karaoke, I want to sing until my throat withers (laugh).

It is regrettable that unique aside characters such as Nanaijo and Chinen, Ryo and Sakamoto do not come out.
I think that it is a drama with disadvantages, such as Furuda's narration's stick-reading.
However, the enthusiasm of the producer side, "We are making an Astro team with our hands!" Astro Guts is transmitted painfully.
Staff 's efforts to reproduce the astro' s dirty odor by frequently taking wire action by taking advantage of the special effects' cheapness due to low budget,
That alone makes my heart hotter. Perhaps all the people involved in the production were always saying that if you were a man, if you were a man, that supporters sang.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the work of the Astro team, for this drama that made my heart hot for the first time in a while.
Nearly 30 years passed since the end of the Astro Ball Team series.
Regardless of how many years passed, there will be no change in the determination of life-threatening of Astro warriors "One Complete Combustion".
Furuta players who received the baton from the ballots, Astro warriors who live in the present age can fulfill the major league overwhelming !?
All dreams of Japanese professional baseball fans will be handed down to new generations!

- Aya, Astro soul forever !!

2005/08/06 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8376 Host:8579 Browser: 5234
This "Astro team" is used for baseball broadcast production of a certain channel.
Even though we are being sloganized as "professional baseball complete combustion principle", baseball of homerun dependence giants (this year's sluggishness is a manifestation of the collapse of Jean-Anthon which gathers already completed players after making a system that is advantageous to them Although it does not burn at all even if it is shown, ........................
It seems that the original is pretty haughty manga.
I am curious to see what kind of work it will be finished,
It is not a very visible environment ..............

2005/07/20 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33021 Host:33021 Browser: 5978
Oh, the legendary baseball cartoon that took a dead man during that game real live !? This is Tsubaki.
No, I feel like I'm making old-fashioned cartoons live action recently anyway.
I wonder if you are short of neta.

It seems like fun to watch what it's like, scary like .....

2005/05/04 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28917 Host:28900 Browser: 3646
I think that this work must be muddy in Bali Bali ...
I guess the secret striking, the demonic ball and the impossible athletic ability are all CG ..
I guess I will definitely not fight with Masai at the end. (It is likely to beat a conflict area, he is going to do something, but somehow it is likely to be such a horny)

Well, if you do it for the moment, you only want tension to rise above the meter.

2005/05/04 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8891 Host:8924 Browser: 3875
I see ... it is why somehow made the Astro team of nearly 30 years ago real live now ....
Somehow, it seems to be a work like Kobayashi soccer and kung fu hustle.
However, even now I think that it is ant because it is about dying as a drama by changing Ace and recently the attack No.1 is set to the stage.

2005/05/03 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30421 Browser: 3846
I see. That may be the case.
Even if this cartoon is imaged without murder technique, it will only be another work.
I do not evaluate it because I do not know if it is real.

2005/05/03 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30421 Browser: 3846
Well, is this made live?
I guess duplicate that unreasonable technique with special effects.
I think that animation is better.

2005/05/03 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11969 Host:11929 Browser: 7576
I knew that this manga was going to be live-action, but I was at a loss as to whether to drama or special effects,
I put it in the special effects category.
Since it is the first TV series, I will be concerned about what kind of gorgeous production will be performed in live action.
It seems that many baseball officials will appear as guests, so I feel that it will be gorgeous even though it is late at night.