[Special Ef.]Akuma-kun

Other media: Anime:Akuma kun(movie) / Game:Akuma-kun: Makai no wana / Comics:Akuma kun
SF TV total pnts rank Rank 255in 743 titlesTotal 7 / Deviation 48.31
SF TV rank of 1966 Rank 7in 12 titles
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Mizuki Shigeru Kobayashi Tsuneo Yamada Minoru Koichi Takemoto Hajime Sato
SUSUMU TAKAHISA Igami Masaru Masaki Katsura Ichiro Wakabayashi Kuniaki Oshikawa
Nobuo Yajima Tetsu Matoba Yamashitatakeo Yatsude Saburo
Mitsunobu Kaneko
Yoshio Yoshida
Kouzou Sioya
Kusunoki Toshie
Japan Released:1966/10/06(Thu) / End:1967/03/30
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2014/10/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7938 Host:7808 Browser: 5779
I think that the strangeness of the first half was doing quite a lot as then.
It was a good accent for the multiplication of Mephisto and devil kun who were out of society by devil 's habit of tremendously.
At the time the special effects that exceeded the budget by three times, the level was high, I think that it became the completion degree which can see the seriousness of the production team.

After the middle stage, Solomon's whistle etc. become increasingly used,
The wickiness of the devil and arrogance irreconcileness which can not understand the position of Mephisto disappears,
In addition to being sweet, middle-aged oyaji and boy's evil spirits,
It seemed as though the enemy acts off the youkai became excessive and it seemed that I lost sight of the direction, and I could not deny the stall.

Of course, the pioneering contribution degree of special effects works for children is high,
Because I think that I was able to describe the fear of being strange,

Rating: Good

2010/11/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
A sense of distance between Devil kun = Shingo and Mephisto (older brother).
It is comical to try with mouth and sexiness to motivate the devil although it is coercive by the whistle of the Ocarina.

A monster battle indoors because an enemy is a youkai, a monster battle and a battle scene outdoors were unexpectedly wide.

[Bad point]
I think that the devilishness faded away after becoming Mephisto (brother).
Even though I was not summoned I felt like I went to drive with devil kun, or I became worried about the devil and stayed alone and became just a fellow relationship (personally) Elder brother Mephisto It was good.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I watched it because it was reflected in the "Gegege's Wife".
At the time of the first episode of gamma, special effects were shabby and I thought of a low budget, but I came from around the three mummies.
When I watched that at the elementary school lower grade, I think that it was rather scary, and there was a funny thing like a haunted house.

Just being regrettable is the conclusion that the conclusion about the intention entrusted to Dr. Faust 's origin and the relationship between Mephisto and the devil was ambiguous and it ended abruptly. (Is Mr. Yoshida descending involved?
This point is minus and it is "ordinary" from "good".

2010/04/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14238 Host:14160 Browser: 11010
Special effects drama aired in 66 - 67 years. "Yamada Shingo" who witnessed the corpse straying in the forest entered a Western-style building that was strangely chasing after the strange mysterious old man in it, there was a magic square and an old man was standing there . The old man gave himself `Dr. Faust 'and in Shogo said," One in every million people can fight the misfortune of this world. " Shogo was a warrior with courage and talent in Judaic prophecies Faust demanded. Faust gave Shingo the 'Armor that calls devils' and `Flute of Solomon ', conveying the existence of` Devil Mephisto', contracting with him and fighting the youkai who falls unhappy with mankind and leaves. In this way, the drama of the fight against youkai by the combination of "devil kun and that of Yamada Shingo" and "Mephisto" starts.

This work is a live action of Professor Shigeru Mizuki who was posted in a boys magazine, it was a strange in "Ultra Q" and "Ultraman" at that time, receiving toppling that fantasies were prevalent, Toei newly It was a challenge. Hirayama producer first worked on by Hirayama producer who sent a lot of hero work such as "Masked Rider" later, Mr. Hirayama himself was a fan of Mizuki Manga, and it was linked to the production of this work It seems that it was. Speaking of Mr. Mizuki is now famous for `Kitaro no Kitaro '' Gegege no Kitaro ', but this era has not been so well-known yet. Nonetheless, Mr. Hirayama who visualized this work means that there was a foresight of the foresight.

"Devil kun = Shingo Yamada" who acts as a masterpiece of this episode of "Giant Robo" later as a masterpiece boy is a pure feeling itself, a favorable contrast with Mephisto brothers who play Mr. Takeo is a picture It was. Mephisto brother who plays Yoshida Yoshio has personality, but the comical thing was now.

The youkai appearing in this work is a huge one like `gamma ',` gakushu karasu', 'okai demon' 'pelorigon' `morgon ', and if there are other things like` Doctrine' `mummy man '' wolf human '' fossil man 'Life-size things such as' Snow Woman' 'Neck Doll' and many rich strange styles such as' Snow Woman '' Neck Doll ', Mr. Mizuki sensei appearance, and because the image was monochrome, realistic feeling is better Because it was out, it was a thrilling feeling. Fighting with a huge opponent in front, the scale of the work was quite large.

Although this work is a monochrome thing, it is finished as a spectacular strange drama in content, and the characters, including Shingo, also had a considerably large scale as enemy youkai were huge. So my evaluation in this work is [very good]. However, it was a shame that at that time still only the image of the youkai was dark and only the image of poor omen remained, so it did not become a hit so much and it ended in half a year (26 times). But considering the accomplishment of making the `special youkai monster special effects' ahead, I think that existence was great.

2007/10/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50544 Host:50498 Browser: 4184
This is also not a Monday Drama Land version, I have seen the old one ... ......

[good point]

Story, directing

It remains in the story of a neck doll or an impression. Was there also a monochrome image at the time,
A teacher who was teaching the older brother and the ballet who was riding a motorcycle, had made the students of the disciples solid, but it was very creepy. After all, Devil and Mephisto knocked down and returned to the former,
Even though it was good that the victim remained unaware,
The devil kun who were present in the ballet classroom by chance did not appreciate,
Speaking of course, it was natural that I was disturbed, but I felt a bit sorry. Well, I think that it was stable normally.


I think that Mr. Yoshida Yoshio had good taste. Originally there were many villains, but in this work I think that it matched the image with a comical ally role. Beard and squid also had a squid.

[Bad point]

There is nothing in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Anime version was interesting as it was, but live action is also nice. What about another Mr. Mizuki's representative work, Gegege Kitaro? It seems that it was realized even before Wentz-kun, but I would like to see and see Opportunity.
Evaluation is "good".

2005/09/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32827 Host:32792 Browser: 4487
I would like to see it once, but unfortunately it has no opportunity to see.

Yoshida Yoshio who played Devil Mephisto was a good actor of a villain in a period drama and said he was a good actor even though he could be said to be the number one in the role of "hands" (Mr. Isao Yamagata number 1 in " Megumi Ryunosuke 's No. 1 category has contributed to the Toei era play with its thickness). I would like to see Mr. Takeo's performance by Mephisto that he played and Mr. Yoshida who played Mephisto's brother who appeared after being steel plate due to his illness.

Even so, now that the voice actor Kozo Shioya is an information shop ....

It will be impossible for me to broadcast on TV.

2005/09/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11969 Host:11929 Browser: 7573
I think that the master-slave relationship between Devil and Mephisto is interesting.
Many youkai also received the first monster boom of those days, many are becoming huge monster style, the design is also quite good.
I think the OP theme is a spell and I think it is interesting taste that the ED theme was extraordinarily hilarious.
Jurathan and Akagami Gaku were recovered by NES 'Trap of the Makai "which is a game of animation version.

Also, in the live-action version, there was also the "Monday Drama Land" version by the same Toei production in 1986, this is completely influenced by the mysterious comedy series,
Moreover, it is a gag thing with a strong impression that can be said as a roots of a mysterious comedy's nori after Heisei, it was quite interesting content.

2005/01/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4969 Host:4842 Browser: 3646
Generation is not the generation of this work, but I watched almost all of it in the video.
Although it is a bit old style, although it is a bit old style, I think that it is the origin of Toei special effects or I think that this road has opened the way to the subsequent giant robo and the mask rider.
Also, I think that the devil Mephisto is a character he can not hate and that part is also the attraction of this work.