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Kouichi Tohchika Yamazakimasaru Mie Sonozaki
Masaya Takatsuka Koki Miyata Tomohisa Aso
Miwa Yanagihara Jun Ishimaru
Outside Japan :Released:1995/10/01 / End:2002/12/31
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2016/10/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24962 Host:24925 Browser: 9081
Perhaps, it is a hero team gag that pounded the "Justice League".
It is a surreal puppet show that it can make you laugh a vulgar and stupid gag that was mentioned in dolls ....
I have not seen all of them, but as long as I saw it, I almost flew off and smiled bitterly.

Although it is about 5 minutes in basic, it is surprising that there is a story which is not so much "drama" in it, and there is sense of tension in subtracting from A part to B part as it is. There seems to be a part that uses care as a hero drama for the time being, it seems to break the development while recovering the hint (?) At the latter half in the first half of the first half, the tempo of the talk is good .
However, it is black and surreal gag that should be called the main line. Often it is horrible for this dolls to be destroyed in various ways, such as "wrecked by a car and wrecked" or "burning and evaporating", and it is unbelievable because everyone else is set as an aho in addition to the hero's flash I can laugh at the blackness I get.
Overall, American Nori is wonderful. Something like flash is great from a visual naked doll and everyone is a doll bite of a smile that seems to be "gloomy", so it is a thing to realize immediately the madness of this work, but really it is It was black when I brought "unconscious murder" and "unaware damages" with just the foolish stupidity.
The rest is their puppet size, but it is also surreal to say that the props to use are human's. There is a scene where I am driving a car, but I just laughed at the feeling just clinging to the handlebars.
It's awesome to get used to it as it lasts almost every time.

Evaluation is "good".
Dirty Toy.It was also mentioned as a story, but that being said may well be horrible.
I do not think there is anything in common except for the doll moving ... (laugh).

2011/09/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50766 Host:50682 Browser: 11755
I saw both Japanese version and English version ........

[good point]

Why is it always fresh, Thundergirl who caught my face, Stinky which was always smelly Munmun, Drago Meltman etc. The action leagues were all dark indeed. The impact was strong.

The story was itself casually seen because it was about 1 talk for about 5 minutes,
The thing that remained in the impression at first was the fact that Fresh received a retest (seems to be elementary school student level) to keep it a member of the action league, it was exactly "who called Fugo" exactly. (Lol)
It was a perfect mug where all the points were taken. The story of a villain 's building on the car while scattering garbage, etc. eventually ended with his suicide burn, but it was the skin of a good side ne. But was the masterpiece like the story that Sander Girl was caught? I was about to drop the missiles that the enemy was launching to another position,
In Brazil who had more chief ... ..........
Fresh was truly "It was useless Korya". (Lol)
The scene where the action league's people were run over by the car was seen well,
I was able to laugh with the strong poison.

Dubbing voice actors also had a good taste, especially narration.
Sure that it is surreal and so on.

[Bad point]

Not particularly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

You can also tell me that the popularity in the United States was high. Was it good as special effects puppet theater? Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2005/07/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11969 Host:11927 Browser: 7573
Overseas animation and children's drama. I am doing variety
It is the most maniac work by Nickelodeon of CS broadcasting station.
A short animation called "Cubram!" Although it is doing in the program special collection of special effects,
It is a special effects puppet play with extreme content than expected.
In the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓preading slapsticks using action figures' miniature dolls, there are situations where it is impossible for terrestrial waves,
Once you see it you will be addicted.
It is a feeling close to the mannequin puppet play "Oh! Mikey".

The character is also a plastic doll of muscle Morimori, the stinky body odor is stinking because the freshness, the toilet and the sewer just dives,
There are impacts only in dark guys such as Meltmann.
Narration also has a taste.