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Movie rank of 2015 Rank 136in 175 titles
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Lowell Dean
Bernie Hernando Deborah Marks Danielle Masters Don Millar Hugh Patterson
Sean Buckley Bill Marks J. Joly Brad Pelman Brian Wideen
Justin Ludwig
Peter La Rocque
Michael George Mark Montague
Shooting Guns
Carmen Kotyk
Emersen Ziffle
Leo Fafard
Amy Matysio
Sarah Lind
Jesse Moss
Jonathan Cherry
Aidan Devine
Japan Released:2015/10/24(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2014
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2017/01/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2070 Host:1795 Browser: 4721
A town where the crime is rampant and the police are corrupted and the order is collapsing.
Even if the protagonist of the hero does not motivate and even if a violating act is done in front of me, I will slew.
At that time someone was attacked and it became a body that turns into a wolf by being cursed like a black magic.
The policeman who became a wolf man uses that look and power to purge the crime of the town.
But in this series of backgrounds there was a terrible conspiracy hidden.

I'm glad that the grotesque and fearfulness of turning into a wolf is fancy.
Personal look Where was it there?
Even in the battle scenes with a bad party, I am skillfully pulling my arm and blowing my face off or blowing my head off, but there are times when I do not show power or refreshing because I do not know how to show and how to cut it.
I wish there had been something like movement stopped, whether the face would be blown away at a moment of slightly hitting, or if I had to swiftly pull out my arms, I was in regret that I could not escape from class B in those places.
The transformation scene was uselessly reality, but the wolf figure after transformation was shabby with a sense of nuigumi feeling out, and the makeup technique after peeling off the skin of the face or scratching his face with a nail is also a cheap feeling I felt it was not good.

The truth that hidden behind the enemy existence or setting, too, is too stupid, so I felt that I was disturbing that the transformation scene was good at a great moment.
A bit of an ordinary man who was hooked on black magic tried using it as a friend and the policeman who became a wolf man ramped around ... It was enough.

It is also a battle scene, but there is a part that makes it hard to understand what it is like for a moment because it is bad for totally connected and show.
I think that the ability of the enemy is not very meaningful and probably wanted to make the truth unexpected, but it is only meaning unknown because it seems only to be a harmonized setting that does not convey to anything like a viewer It was.

In the eclipse it was said that the power of the wolf weakened and aimed at the gap and said that it sucked blood, but it transformed normally, it became stronger and the setting of that side was also a mistake.
Because the enemy was too weak, the last one did not go up and ended in the hips, and when I transformed it was expected, but it was a work I did not disappoint as long as I finished.