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Timur Nuruakhitovich Bekmambetov
Michael Brandt Derek Haas Chris Morgan Adam Siegel Roger Birnbaum Gary Barber M. Blair Breard
Marc Platt Jim Lemley Jason Netter Iain Smith Chris Carlisle Sally French Jared LeBoff
Mark Millar J. G. Jones
Mitchell Amundsen
David Brenner
Danny Elfman
John Myhre
Angelina Jolie
Thomas Kretschmann
David O'Hara
Chris Pratt
Lorna Scott.
Mark O'Neal
Bridget McManus
Atsuko Yuya
Yoshisada Sakaguchi
Yasuyoshi Hara
Japan Released:2008/09/20(Sat)
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2015/03/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22173 Host:22264 Browser: 4721
An action movie in which dubbed was bad.

The dubbing of the protagonist is monotonous, so it is not good to be hurt.
An adventure passed without a professional voice actor to a difficult role that a weak salaried man turns into a killer.

Things that were made up with huge amounts of money are shattered by the main character 's voice.
The yearly shooting is spoiled by daily dubbing.
It was a movie that looked great with flashy picture making, so I was worried a little more.

2013/11/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15030 Host:15288 Browser: 11728
It was a work I did not understand at all, having fun.
I could not sympathize with the hero in the meantime.
So I can not enter the work ...
Story development is also not a matter of excitement ...
Especially, I did not get a feeling of excitement.
If I try to take revenge on my father, the revenge opponent should be revenged on his father in reality is that organization ...
It is somewhat unfolded development, but ... I was watching, so I could not wipe the feeling like what?
Gun action was not so attracted.

The best mistake in watching this work is probably watched with "Japanese dubbing".
"DAIGO" was the worst. Everything is broken.
No matter how good this work was made, the fun will be cut by half as he plays a voice actor.
For those watching from now on, we strongly recommend subtitling in whatever circumstances!

2009/12/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 10007
I thought about looking at it, "Oh, I guess this is a good idea, I guess I am losing" w

<There is spoiler>

[good point]

Anyway a series of pictures of flying out.
The train scene of the last stage is really cool. Ari anything! W

I think that it was the correct answer made to .R designation.
It is brilliant that I attacked with a hard action line without taking control of grotesque poorly.
Although it was R designation, although there were scenes etc. that the head was stuck out with a gun, I did not think that it was such a grotesque portrayal.
About "departed"?

The hero 's "best friend"
It is a fellow who can not put it at the end, such as taking a hero's girlfriend, but his third son was a wonderful and unhappy brother w

Late in the "Hancock" as well as "Ha !?" development was developed, but when I finished watching until the last I had a strange and refreshing feeling.
The best point of the protagonist's specialty was the recovery point.

[Bad point]

I think that the time of 90 minutes or so was better if the contents of this hand were better.

I think that Mr. Freeman is a wonderful actor who respects personally, but it seems that it is not suitable for this work.

As for the dubbing of Mr.DAIGO, Yoseou dori, obviously a bad meaning.
I was able to anticipate the result of exposing abomination at the fixed time to be in charge of dubbing. It was a little better than I expected.
Well, well, there was no force too far there "Do not move! Sit down!"

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Because there is such a thing, does it seem that "Hollywood movie has no contents of the story, only the image is amazing"?
Personally I do not dislike it.

Also, if you do not like rats, let's look at the trauma.

2009/11/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2969 Host:2617 Browser: 9705
Wow ~ It was messed up from the beginning to the end ~ (haha) I changed my job from an ordinary salaried man with stress disorder to a professional killer ...
As it was, it was fun and I enjoyed it. However, the problem is the Japanese version of the main character Wesley, whose name is "DAIGO" but the voice actor was a catfight. It changed from pleasure to incompatibility.

The point of view of this movie is subtle and I do not know whether to see CG or see the story. And the last is surprising development ... What is this !?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It's not terribly nor extreme, but it's not a movie that you can not see.
I saw the trailer and borrowed a DVD, but it was a work which it was ..
Is it "very good" 〓〓〓"good"?

2009/11/01 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4788 Host:4858 Browser: 8573
"good point"
The story and the character were not bad but they were seen. I think that the hero was an action movie that has never been said to change from an ordinary salaried man to a professional killer.
I think that the biggest appeal of this movie is CG It was good to set up a gun so that you can freely maneuver bullets. Cast was also pretty addicted, especially Morgan. Freeman was not
(Rarely because it does not appear in this movie ...)

"Bad point"
〓〓〓The protagonist Wesley's dubbing was "DAIGO". This is useless (How to talk that lol is completely foolish (It is the most unlucky in this movie) A little bit better voice actor!
〓〓〓There is a scene to hit Wesley in the middle of the story, but that level is torture any longer?
Besides, Fox (Angelina) Nitanita laughed and watched.
〓〓〓There are a lot of blood, half of the story is bloody (I can not recommend people who do not like blood 〓〓〓Meaning of a mouse bomb (It was not necessary.) No one was dead with that bomb, the first mouse poorly, You got a mouse?

"Comprehensive evaluation"
Last was honest "Wow?", What happened after all?
I was too aimed to integrate it into content.
A voice actor other than Wesley was good


2009/10/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31929 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
There is meaning as to how to end it is not meaningful, but it was aimed too much.
Until then it was straightforward and the tempo was well visible.
The action scenes and directing etc were cool looking.
If you can see this image, you do not have to go deeper if you have a certain story.
The car chase was also good, but the scene where the car rushed into the train or derailed was a masterpiece.
It might be that there was more refreshing feeling if it was better to end.
There was also interestingness of directing and comedy-like scenes, but there is sharpness showing properly where to show.

2009/07/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 6517
Graphic.Let's make Novell a live action movie. An absurd world view and a messy setting create a strange discord.
It is a story that the hero, Wesley (James McAvoy), who lost sight of himself has grown as an assassin of a great arm, but a gloomy atmosphere is drifting all over the place, rather than being cool, it is being tossed, but it is strengthened There is accumulation of gensariy to Wesley hitting a light tap. Funky (Angelina. Jolie) is playing astringent roles, few words, it is sexy from beginning to end.
However, even if each episode is poor, bullets can be bent, baths that can do phenomenal recovery can be permitted, except for training just to be beaten and taking parts of a loom moving at high speed Training that seems to be less effective is terrible. Also, it is not enough that only a ruthless and brutal killing comes out on the table, because the connection with the father, the connection with the organization of the person, etc. is scarce.
You can enjoy as much as you can see the horrible car action and the gun battle frankly. However, Wesley's dandy heart and story development seems to have canceled its interest.

2009/03/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 6312
[good point]
I think the action was obediently okay.
It is gathered as a brilliant action from Angie, powerful scenes such as firefight fighting and car chase are middle objects.
If you are an Angie fan it will be a nice piece.

Regarding the story ... honest and horrible ....
However, in a way it feels pleasant even if it does so far.

Even if you overlook the point that is too far away to be honest, the appearance of the hero steadily putting strength on is not bad in a sense.

[Bad point]
Although it is an assassin group to which the hero belongs, it is very conspicuous to say that it is an assassin.
It is a catch phrase that depriving of one's life saves the lives of 1,000 people!
If they move, conversely even ordinary people do not deserve catch phrases for their outrageous involvement in death ....
It is too ridiculous assassin group.
Where are their ideals?

I dignity things that seem to be thrust into the animal welfare organization dignifiedly, I feel even quietness in that way ....

Recently the main character is a lot of action, but this work also super SM play to train that useless hero ... (lol)
Angie 's last action is bitter smile .... No, it's a gun.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are things like content R - 15, but there are many Gloomy scenes and bloody MAX scenes.
It's funny to say that it's too cool to switch the bullet's startup just by shaking hands and shooting guns.
Why are you waving your hands to change the orbit !?
Attention is paid to their strange behavior that there are effects of Sousuke just by taking a bath.

The action is not bad, but their actions and stories are too bad!
Just because I was seriously doing this stupid thing also puts out cleanliness and interest, on the other hand I caught it by feeling that it went for a good direction in a good way.

The last punch was a refreshing movie with the meaning of the top of cleanliness.

2008/09/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47481 Host:47302 Browser: 4730
It is Nichido; Nisado.

New Sho; New death.

I was going to Omihachiman so I went to Omihachiman. A man who is not even turns into a dark hero. A movie that enjoys the image sensation of the new dimension.

Newly Used; First of all, there is explanation that it is a homicidal organization developed from weaving organization. Hatribe 〓〓〓Hattori. Ninja Hattori !! Hattori, are you again a 20th century boy? As a joke to say.

Two places; yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Hattori (Hatorito) story is said that. Do not mention it as a gag.

(It has nothing to do with Ninja Hattori and Hattori (Hitorori) by I pro)

New man; a man who does not always get kidnapped by the organization. Silicon lip fake Big tits abducted by Auntie Anjolina and brought up there, depressed the nemesis well Well that was the real father. In other words, the organization was lying. I will turn it back. It is already already a neta on parade !!!

To be sure, from the WIKI excerpt, it is excerpted from WIKI, "Graphic novel" is a thick form which is usually targeted to adult readers, usually with a long and complicated story It is a term referring to American comics. "It is American comic. Well, it seems like you have never seen it once in a cartoon or something.

Shin: You can only get it in another place. Where to sell. If it is Nisado.

Biten; So, is not it a picture? It was amazing. The first abduction scene, and the round and round doing. The sense of high speed is amazing, it is truly transparent through the way of the glass, and the image reflected on the fragments of the glass is changing and there was reality.

Shin Usagi: That's for sure. But that's it. Whether it is an evolutionary version of the matrix. In addition to that, the most surprised me was high mobility type Ji.

Mihodo; Are you Ji ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0

Shinpea: He is bad. I do not need any lonely hero any longer. Anoji-san seems to be cranky. So, it is interesting if you submerge together in the sub-boss Knife fighter.

It is like a promotion of a hero, so if you do such a thing, you do not get the actor of the hero. It is an obstacle to trying a career advance.

New Sho; But recently only such movies. Promo, Promo, Promo from the feeling I have already seen, I do not need such a thing. Well, there is a carrot here. Even if I make it raw it is dry and dry, it's just hard. Cooking this will be fine. For example, you can eat more if you add salt and pepper. People who dislike may become eatable by cooking law.

Binhodo; So what will it be ???

New age; Ahka. Are you sure? For example, no matter how you cook, people feel that carrots are delicious. In other words, people's promotion is not merely to show that person. How to use, surrounding materials say things. There is no such thing. I do not think anything to see the nakedness of Muki Machocho the hero.

Two places; sometimes hardening aside.

New people; everyone is lit. I did not disturb the air. Elders Morgan also. Kill it. Stop crushing. Even though I try hard not to collapse, I can look cool in.

Two places; I see. But uniformly, there are many scenes in the early stages where the hero is bogged down.

Shin: I definitely misunderstood your meaning. Well what exactly is that. I felt like listening to SM. Somewhat, even looking at the advertisement of the movie, this is something like M:

Bido; It's for uniform junior high school and higher.

It is recommended for people who say that they like scenes that can be caught by a lady with an old man, an aunjolina or a knife with a knife. I will not go to Zettani's new dimension, so please be prepared. At "Worst".