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Movie total pnts rank Rank 886in 5,156 titlesTotal 5 / Deviation 51.77
Movie rank of 2011 Rank 24in 183 titles
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Greg Mottola
Simon Pegg Nick Frost Jason Bateman Kristen Wiig Sigourney Weaver Seth Rogen
Japan Released:2011/12/23(Fri)
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1. http://paulthemovie.jp/ (Translation)
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2016/10/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45475 Host:45396 Browser: 5213
A word, it was fun.
Although there was unexpected in the story development, there was a charm of the royal road which does not make it feel.
Graham and Clive who are the hero of this work, and an alien pole who will accompany from suddenly. The conversation of these three people, I felt the charm charm.
There are not many items on the whole, there are many neta story, but there are many scenes that are watching and drawn, such as the story of the royal road and CG with high completeness.
Especially the scene in the last neighborhood was moving and it was good.
Regarding parody, I do not understand much because of my lack of study, but even if I do not know the original story, I can fully enjoy the high-quality story.
I thought that it was a work that felt more interesting when people had a dream and had interest in the universe and extraterrestrial life forms.

I think that it was a well-completed highly completed work.
There was a tremendous action scene, a vigorous radical comedy, with a moving scene, it was a full-blown work.
I felt that the content was very satisfying because it was highly completed as a work, so I made the evaluation "highest!"

2015/09/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35549 Host:35436 Browser: 7869
[good point]
Alien People 's smell of human laugh makes me feel close to you
.SF Otaku Graham and Clive's people have a good looking look
I was surprised by the identity of "Big Guy"

[Bad point]
I can not understand the feeling that Ruth 's father and Graham are finally reconciled

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Movie that should also be called slaughter Road Movie of SF Otaku Graem, Clive and Spaceman Paul. Although it is a comedy movie, since the CG of the alien pole is well built in, there is nothing to be thrown into cheapness.

It is the alien pole that is the essential part of the story, but this was very stinky and charming. I do not mind getting gapped, and I repeat downward story. Cigarettes and cannabis also suck with the feeling they are familiar with, and lose to Clive in chess for the alien.
Graham and Clive 's comp also liked shy people and people, it was nice to feel like Japanese. Ruth who becomes a friend from the middle also is fun to make a sudden and violent wording by liberating from the life suppressed by his father.

In some places, there is a parody of science fiction movies, not all are known, but Paul intentionally makes a scene advising Spielberg about the production of "ET".

There is no such scene as to laugh through the whole story, but I think that laughter with grinning can be seen everywhere, it's a pretty well-formed movie.
The identity of "Big Guy" to follow Paul in the last is revealed, but the appearance of an unexpected actor was surprised as "Hoo!".

2013/02/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4895
Personally I was not very interesting.
However, it may be a work that makes people feel interesting, whether they like cosmic lovers or SF movies.
Words that I do not understand well translate came out and I thought it might be related to SF movies or SF novels.

Although it is good for the relationship with the alien and comedy part is good, although there was not a story nature nor sharpness, there was also no sharpness and it seems that it was boring after all and it may not be a work to see there, I do not feel the meaning because there is no view of the world and the setting in depth, so it seems that there was no content.

So I helped with the healing ability, the last scene was ordinary but it was rare but I could not convey it only because I did not dig down the contents.
It seemed more interesting than a geek friendship rather than that.

Even if it was a father, it was just like setting it out, even if it was the first girl, it was not so meaningful, and it was too abrupt that the chief government official who was following was a friend.

In the end I think whether Paul's existence (character), comedy, parody work was rather than setting or contents.

Still, what is good about this work is that the quality of the picture is really high, although it is class B, and it was not showing it, and it brought it to the relationship and communication with the alien.
Even if you do something parody, it is true that you really like the alien.

In terms of contents, even if the face and shape are different at all, there is a place where I want to become a friend with the alien, there is a place to be able to become a friend, saving the last human beings and being attacked by the aliens even if it is made touched by human beings in somehow something It did not come or the alien was not an image of the enemy, it was a really nice guy who had familiarity and it seems to be said that you want to become a friend if you are an alien.

2012/07/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9579 Host:9818 Browser: 5345
Synopsis British graham of comic geek Willie and Clive Gorings is comiccon.I was traveling to the United States with a camper in order to visit International. When they passed near area 51 in Nevada, I met an alien pole.

This movie may be the main neta The main neta may be the main story It is quite interesting because lower neta is blown normally during a conversation It is a story to escape with an alien, but it was quite interesting, but something was not enough punch What
I did not think that I would like to see it for the second time.