[Movie]Tin Man

G(For all ages)
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Movie rank of 2007 Rank 126in 166 titles
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Zooey Deschanel
Richard Dreyfuss
Alan Cumming
Neal McDonough
Outside Japan :Released:2007/12/02 / End:2007/12/04
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2014/04/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5655
The underlay of this work is that it is the wizard of Oz.
To say that the theme of this work is "courage".
These two things are the first thing I knew from watching this work.

The story begins where DG who is waiting in a rural town jumps into the tornado after being attacked by men of long courts.

After that, I encountered a glitch that lost my brain in a crown thrown in by mistake as a member of a long coat and got OZ with my colleagues gathered to save the former police cain from among the great tin dolls Adventure,
I found a woman appearing in my dream to be a mother of DG and start a fight to save my sister from a witch who DG unleashed when I was young.

I understood the importance of courage through the battle of DG and Caine who fought against witches without releasing their sister's hand without making a mistake made at an early age as it was easy to understand what was based on such a condition It was.

On the other hand, it is not a good idea that the development of insects for the producer was prominent like the scene recalling the place where there was fragmentary, glitchy brain as well as the digest movie that can not be developed as the story and the last input number did not.

2013/07/11 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34060 Host:34103 Browser: 7461
Although I was watching while expecting it, I finally went to the end in that state. Rather, the early stage I was watching while expecting was the most interesting and gradually became a slump in my ass.

It seems that the original story was made with [wizard of Oz], but since I do not know the content of that one, I do not compare it and I am keeping my impression as a single movie and acknowledge it.

Although it is contents, ... Although it is adventure fantasy thing of the royal road, there was no excitement at all. This is a problem first.
The journey itself is fine. There are various towns around. But in any city, I do not feel adventurous because I am heading to the next destination before drawing the features and customs of the town.
Besides, there are so many things to do, so it is better for those who told you [adjective] than adventure.
Although there is a big purpose of obtaining emeralds, it is also spurring that there is no such thing as a sense of mission or the like in the hero. I do not get excited at all ... ...;

Moreover, as far as the middle stage goes with such feeling (because there were not many scenes which wondered whether it is necessary), because the scale has become insufficient as you go to the second half, on parade of expeditionary development.
When three people think that they were caught by the enemy, it happened that the resistance faction attacked the enemy's flavor and escaped, or there was a glitch brain in the enemy's castle, so it could interfere with the output.
Because it is run to expedientism in the part of setting which is not explained explicitly, it was chicken starch as this one. What is resistance?

And the character is also considerably light. Even if it says from the hero that he did not find his place in the real world, I was late for the bite and told me that I had been violated by a motorcycle and just punished me Yes, it is drawn only by its own income.
Even if I speak like the hero's troubles like this, I am in trouble.
Glitch who is a friend is just a bad character, and Row existed as if it was for the see-through ability, but the scene which clears the fight with the enemy is not drawn even though the brinkiman was like a good character ...... .

Even if it is on the enemy side, the zero of the executive who was in the long court seems to be quite enemy in the play, it seems there was a reason to be related to the brinkyman, but it was done by the resistant faction and finished the turn!
What on earth did you want to do ...?. It is unknown how the revenge of Tinchmann was compromised, and since there was no presence beyond the typical baddies of the black curtain, it is already ......

Although the confrontation with the witch of the last stage also regained my sister's ego and was fighting with two hands in hand, there was no effect beyond the witch's attacks, and it was only a mere disappearance by the action of friends such as brinkymans Pretty There was no catharsis nor anything.
That line, the lines of my sister's "do not release" and the main character's "not letting go" are uselessly long, and in the scene where the witches disappeared, they were missed as "melted". No problem.

The final evaluation is close to the worst [very bad].