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Kia Jam Karen Loop Vincent Maraval Philip Elway Andy Grosch Barrie Osborne Don Carmody
Pierre Gill
David Hackl
Geoff Zanelli
Jim Caviezel Sophia Jane Myles Jack Huston John Hurt Ron Perlman
Outside Japan :Released:2008/07/11
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2014/04/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5655
This work has received Moro the influence of existing works such as "alien" and "evil spirit 3".
This is the first thing I knew from watching this work.

The story starts from the place where the spaceship with Keinan crashes to the earth (Northern Europe of the 8th century).

First of all, Kainan explains how Moeren was killed by colleagues in Moorwegian extraterrestrial life, Moawen who had slipped into the crashing spaceship,
There are many places similar to existing works, such as opposing Moaren with a sword (overtchnology) made by processing things that existed in a spaceship.

Losing a weapon (beam gun), being hit by a horse and caught in Viking, Rosager is told of Moare 's things,
I accompany Rosgers heading for searching for the culprit who killed their fellows and encountered Okuma, not Moire,
The work itself is an innocuous finish, as it says to beat the Okuma and be recognized as a friend by Rosagers,
I slapped the Moellen and robbed the audience through Keinan who received the tapping which took the stars.

In addition, the impossibility that Morwen had slipped into the crashing spaceship came to an extent that did not break the story.

Evaluation is "Good".

2011/04/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31932 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Although there is inconsistency of setting and uncertainty of Wake, the story was interesting and the image side was also spectacular.

I do not know how I came to Earth, and it is meaningless that a huge dragon had been on the spaceship for as long.

Even if there were parts that played around with settings and the world view, the content is super serious and not a noticeable work or a hit work, but gold is messy.

I know that the battle of the dragon is the main, so (for once the stage is historical stuff) I have fought against the dragon all the time without unnecessary battle, stories or contents Even a big mountain came a couple of times and only a fight of the dragon The content has become plenty for 2 hours and it can not be treated.

There is a convenient part of the story, but the goodness of that convenience is good for such a work and you can enjoy only the atmosphere and image side without thinking about extra things.

It is different from the dragon that just blows fire, it attacks with something like a red tentacle and the design is not cool, and it has a taste of this work indeed as a monster or enemy.

The image plane was beautiful and powerful too, and when I thought it was over at the place where I made a pitfall, a new dragon appeared and the fear sense of the dragon was transmitted.
The protagonist of an alien who took away the land of Dragon and tried to make it extinct was also bad, and at the end it was responsible so it was nice to see the dragon properly.

There was not this collaboration with the alien (SF), the dragon (fantasy), the history thing and it was quite unprecedented, there was a new impact and it is impossible whether only the neta, it is impossible or not There is no extra content or a story abandoned, and the dragon After fighting and making a point of view, the tempo was getting better and easier to see and two hours was in a flash.

Glow, action, image quality, those who desire this is definitely a work that you can recommend.
After watching it is refreshing.