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Sheldon Wilson
Sonny Lee Patrick Walsh
Mike Callaghan John Portnoy Nick Thurlow Tod Williams
Steve London
John P. Tarver
Marie-Lou Gingras
Jewel Staite
Connor Fox
Susie Abromeit Marie Oi
Michael Aills
Matty Ferraro
Jerry Leggio
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Outside Japan :Released:2010/04/24
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2015/04/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35524 Host:35415 Browser: 5173
[good point]
Mossman's lack of generosity and having a big success in immortal castling,

[Bad point]
Various settings contradiction, the old man who seemed to know Mossman does not understand at all, the losing thing with the big lie, the protagonists (10 people together for men and women) gather together and kill the murderer with the murderer Lower things,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a monster panic horror movie, but the protagonists were already fully open at the beginning of the opening stages.

When the main characters were pulling a foot of someone's younger brother (boys) in a river play, they disappeared unnoticed, they were floating in the distance and died, but it was already a stupid thing from there.
At that time murder is guilty, but in order to make it a solidarity responsibility for everyone, it is a stone striking the head with a stone (murder concealment concealment) for misunderstanding (criminal concealment crime).
But it is totally late if you do it clearly after you died, if you make it a misguided one, if you do not do it at least a few days before you die, you will be bald by the police posture soon. In short, it is only a big idiot acting as an overcoat of sin without pretending to an accident.
The heroes are too cruel or too cruel for college students, it was a natural reward (causal response).

By the way I was thinking that Mossman's brother himself was the story of a monster to take revenge as a figure of a monster, but Mosman was a settlers of old-fashioned righteous justice who is independent and independent It seems. (Of course I knew that there is a legendary UMA in reality though.)

One person who seemed to have been hurt by Mosman in the last stage was actually alive, but I got a special traumatized again. (Moreover, Mossman was invulnerable so we could not bring it in handy.) Did you need it?

Mossman does not have a handgun, it does not work with a car special force pressure crushing effect does not work Flame does not work, a traditional knife does not work Tondemo nai was invulnerable.
Is it because the body does not exist in the collection of moths?

2014/10/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7938 Host:7808 Browser: 5779
To the extent that made monsters with various techniques appear,
It was felt halfway that most of the capabilities other than the ability to emerge from reflective objects were not taken advantage of,
The main character side was also the people who concealed the boy killing together with their backs, so we could not shoulder to the human side.
I wonder if only the human-friendly old man who knew Mossman measures was necessary.

If the story of the boy 's soul revived Mossman, it would have been content that could be convinced in terms of heavenly punishment.

Rating: bad

2014/09/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23814 Host:23764 Browser: 5173
By chance, I saw it at the afternoon road show so I watched it, but this was amazing.
Of course I tried to expect B class movies, but even when I saw it as a neta movie too, the tension fell at a stretch after a halfway boring midfield and eventually it felt like "ah, hi hi" You did it.

First of all, this movie, suddenly the hero begins with a scene that disguises himself as an accident by having drowned a friend in the river. I could not get an example of B class movies, the main characters are basic scratches. I mean, all the characters are kuzu characters.
As a horror movie, this moth human Mossman and you are creatures, but to say how much Moth's elements are in Mosman ... (laugh).
Moreover, what Mossman does is "conviction of evil" is not it? The existence of defeating a human who has done wrongs. In short, without Mosuman being attacked unless there is something to behind it (there was a scene where Mossman said that he dropped the bridge, but it collapsed irrespective of Mossman).

Regarding Mossman, it seems to exist UMA in reality, but it was doubtful whether there is meaning as "moth" in the setting "crawl out from the mirror", and it was doubtful that "it will be attacked if the eyes match" A setting such as "I can not come out when you are targeted by Mosman" is destroyed from the side from the side (There is no scene in which the eyes match and there is nothing in the beginning, it appears exactly in the day and the hero It is the setting that I came back to the country ...) The feeling also caused confusion.
Anything less than anything in accordance with the setting is too few. Well, those settings were taught by Ross Boss' Osan, but this information is not a lie because this osan is not a lie .... What is it after all?

There are so many plunges, but the story goes frantically and is not fun.
Whether there is a difficulty in composition even in the part that should become a climax such as a ceremony or not, it is too difficult for the story to continue as long as I thought "It will finally end".

Evaluation is "worst".
I was also expecting interesting in the direction of neta, but the impression that the competence is not enough although I am doing the royal road of horror movies, the impression of B is a stiff impression.
Although last was also the ending to go through the royal road of class B, I felt that "scum is annihilated and happy end" rather than fear of Mosman.
In a sense, it may be like Batman, is not it?