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Movie rank of 2014 Rank 4in 194 titles
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Warner Bros
Christopher Nolan
Jonathan Nolan
Kip Thorne
Lynda Obst Steven Allan Spielberg Emma Thomas Kaari Autry Jenny Basen Jill Christensen Stacey Douglas Kim Goddard-Rains Harrison Goldstein Arni Bjorn Helgason Graeme Puttock Debbie Schwab Inga Björk Sólnes Gudlaug O. Thorisdottir Stephanie Fraser Brock Skretting
Jake Myers Jordan Goldberg Thomas Tull
Hans Zimmer
Hoyte van Hoytema
Lee Smith
John Papsidera
Nathan Crowley Kenneth Malicdem
Mary Zophres
Matthew McConaughey
Anne Hathaway
Jessica Chastain
Ellen Burstyn
Collette Wolfe
Francis Xavier McCarthy
Andrew Borba
Leah Cairns
John Lithgow
Casey Affleck
David Gyasi
Wes Bentley
Mackenzie Foy
William Devane
Timothée Chalamet
Topher Grace
David Oyelowo
Michael Caine
Bill Irwin
Josh Stewart
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Japan Released:2014/11/22(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2014/11/07
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2016/11/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15519 Host:15762 Browser: 4686
I wonder what kind of head you can think of such a work.
Certainly the high dimension, the time difference between the earth and other planets, etc. are the story that is already used if it traces the origin,
Even so, the deployment using the final five dimensional space was scaly from the eye.

However, of course, these screenplay concepts and visual effects expressing it are wonderful,
What is noteworthy in this work is that it is actually a hot human praises movie by director beyond being more pretended to hard SF.

Cooper and Murph's parent / child love, Amelia's and Edmund's heterosexual, Cooper's friendship to Amelia in the last scene,
The key to ultimately saving humankind in this work is almost "human love" "love".
It is not just Plan B that leaves only seeds, but also concerning Plan A trying to save human beings living now.

In addition, there are depictions that seems to have tributed "2001 Space Travel" all over the place, but I am watching The director Noran 's assertion that "This is love, love!
A hot-blooded message that "human beings also thrown away" is in a sense meaningfully making this work opposite to the "journey of the universe in 2001".
In other words, while respecting "2001 Space Travel"
The point that this work can be interpreted as a counter by Noran against "2001 journey of the universe" and answer was very interesting.

On the contrary, I think that it is natural that I felt the shoulder penetration to the conclusion of "love" while showing the hard development until then,
I think that it is a point to distinguish between pros and cons, but it was a movie that made me think that it would be worth seeing if you like SF if anything.

2016/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47101 Host:46879 Browser: 5779
Great powerful sci-fi series.
It is beautiful and wonderful that it can only be said that you can see the image beauty of the universe already. I saw it on DVD, but I thought that I wanted to see this in the theater.
Personally I was happy because the stage shifted to the universe as soon as the story started (laugh) There was a lot of development like "Go to the space soon!" ...
After going to space, the expansion of anger that can not breathe. It is probably a visual effect, it was an image that seemed to feel like going to space really.
The scientific verification such as the theory of relativity is properly done, and the way of drawing the difference of time using it was also wonderful (especially when the video message had accumulated for 23 years,
This relativity theory and black hole will lead to "parent and child love" which is the theme of this work ...

Honest The descent of this theme is subtle.
The video message was good, but since the hero has gone to space quickly as soon as the hero's interaction with his family, he does not come too much. Suddenly I said "love" ... I feel like that.
When I entered into the story inside the black hole I went to the fantasy world in a stretch and became the state "???".
Although the punch line is also a happy end at the time, I went to the world of fantasy once, so I am somewhat irresponsible.
Despite the long movie, I can see it to the end in a stretch, and it was fun ordinarily, but personally I feel that the last development was unnecessary.

2015/11/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2588 Host:2433 Browser: 4721
As expected the scene of the image was amazing, the scale was magnificent, and the feeling of excitement stopped half way up feeling like showing me a whole new world.
Personally, I do not know that Maddamon is out, I suddenly came out suddenly and I felt like an extraordinary work.

One thing is gravity as a theme, and it is important that it is not important that the gravity has not been elucidated yet, but it happened just before we saw this work, happened to see it in the news, Japan clarified gravity It was probably done in the era of this work because I was finishing the facility which could possibly be completed and it was possible to elucidate for the first time in the world in the near future and it was probably a bit of a thing that pulled out what I could not clarify I felt something strange and it got hotter.

Aside from that, the reason for attaching a bad personal personality was because there was a reality and there was a dream and it seemed possible that it could happen in the near future, so there was something that was exciting and I thought it was a sci-fi series, It became time travel work past.
The reality collapsed at a stretch and it became a fantasy, and it became the world of fiction, a story in a bad meaning.
It is also a time travel, but it was made too much by the foreshadow which was touching the hand either with a watch, because the hand of man was visible, reality faded and the image of crop work was made.

So I decided to change from a magnificent work that I had a dream to a small piece made by a human hand.
It would have been better if you had a really unknown creatures and made a message from an unknown creature, and there was definitely a dream.

It was fun because I do not know what kind of world this work will show, but it was useless if I felt the intention and intention of a person.

I wanted you to show me the future rather than returning to the past, much better than the imagination.

2015/04/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25882 Host:26103 Browser: 7857
Christopher Director Christopher. SF work by Nolan.

It is the first video work that succeeded in visualizing black holes and wormholes etc. in a form that can withstand scientific verification.

A story has come from elements of popular science fiction works such as human figure that is toppled in overwhelming unknown world and conflicts among humans, but the visual realism, powerfulness which is not in the old work realized by VFX , Finished in a very interesting work giving newness.

Director Nolan who challenges new image expression, it is still necessary check from now on.

2014/12/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 302 Host:334 Browser: 5141
The latest SF movie is too amazing !!

The contents of the story of the work is surprised at how high the current technological strength is before.
I went to the station where I can see it with IMAX, but the picture quality and sound are amazing. I experienced IMAX for the first time, but the sharpness of that image quality was a huge screen of the movie. Sound surround too.
Everyone who has never seen it at the IMAX movie theater should be surprised.

I want to experience IMAX, when I get to see what I want to, I would like to recommend this intersteller.
Screening time in the near future SF movie is 169 minutes. Although it is obviously long, when you actually see this, it does not matter at all.
I think that there was no useless place to look back at the work. From the time it enters the middle stage, deployment which will not breathe any longer continues. I feel like rolling overturning and rolling and rolling.

There may be a part that can not be convinced by a person, such as having a way to take advantage of an expeditious story and the part of the movie's unique setting of the universe, but there is a plus too much to compensate for it There is. Collect various hints cleanly. The ending is gathering clearly, leaving a lingering finish. An overwhelming picture and sound effect that even this. I was crying with a horrible at the end of the grand space exploration.

Explanation of split and common sense parts is not in production, such as whether the universe is a vacuum, spinning the spacecraft to generate gravity, if a little propulsive force goes on, it will go anywhere.
We encourage viewers who are keeping the basics of the universe basic. And absolutely please watch at the movie theater of IMAX.
I also wrote at the beginning, but it is a work that can fully taste the greatness of the latest SF movie.

2014/12/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11617 Host:11469 Browser: 4181
[good point]
〓〓〓 story that is compatible with SF and parent-child drama at high dimension is attractive. The SF plot, searching for a planet to immigrate to save the human race toward destruction, and the hero.Cooper and his daughter.The plot depicting Marf's parent and child love was skilfully intertwined in a splendid composition.
〓〓〓ard as SF as well, I was surprised by the skill set by Kipp. Thorne 's thought and the way it was used using relativity theory etc.
〓〓〓ashee Mashee starring most, McConaughey's performance is amazing. The other actors are also generally high in level, but in particular, he will send praise to his real acting who has played the hero's Cooper.

[Bad point]
- Although it tends to be in SF movie of this hand, the scale is long. This work is less than three hours.
〓〓〓here is not much to say about SF setting. Although it says once, there is not a necessity to understand, although it may be impossible to understand if somewhat touched SF.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Director: Christopher Nolan. Earth where the crisis of the destruction of humanity is approaching moment by moment. A certain farmer in the United States Cooper comes to the fact that from the incident that happened in the daughter's room and the twists and turns will be to explore the planet that can move to the universe in order to save the earth. .

This work, director Nolan's work is the work that is the most thrown out of the work? It was a human drama that drew a parent-child love straight, and it was a science fiction depicting the harshness of an immigrant planetary exploration. You probably will not have any prior knowledge at all. Even if you do not understand the SF terms separately, you should know what kind of situations you are in. Of course it is not just simple to say straight. I think that even a person who has experienced a number of similar genres works by a strange and precise explanation of skillful composition and superb performances filled with actors' reality will be enough stories to enjoy.

Just being a cynical SF movie, this movie is also quite long. Some 3 hours may be physiologically kinky. Also, since explanations of various descriptions are pretty much richer than their concentration, is it also severe for those who say "terms are not explained?"

Anyway, I think that it is a good enthusiasm SF that widely appeals from enthusiastic SF fans to family members. Noran is not good at masterpieces who want to see it by all means.
Evaluation is "highest".