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Christopher Nolan
Chris Brigham Thomas Tull
Wally Pfister
Guy Dyas
Lee Smith
Jeffrey Kurland
Chris Corbould
Hans Zimmer
Leonardo DiCaprio Ellen Page Marion Cotillard Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe Cillian Murphy Tom Hardy Tom Berenger Michael Caine
Japan Released:2010/07/23(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2010/07/16
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1. http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/inception/mainsite/ (Translation)
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2016/12/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21644 Host:21845 Browser: 8282
[good point]
Tied many settings
Watanabe Ken 's acting
Funness of the changing screen

[Bad point]
I understood the intention after the last scene, I think that there was a different expression

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because dreams are hated by everything,
On that point, this inception leaves the goodness of every possible dream,
It is good that it restricts firmly.

I was able to witness how to clear up the problem one after another and to clear up the mission.

2012/09/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6965 Host:6777 Browser: 4783
[good point]
Setting of a dream.
The relationship between the dream layer and time.

[Bad point]
It is like a good story after all, in fact it is not so, the landing point, how to summarize is subtle.
The setting of a dream is interesting, but what I am doing after all is like an ordinary action movie.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I wanted you to show something unique like a street like the earlier stage.

2012/07/22 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50808 Host:50648 Browser: 5378
[good point]
Setting of "dream" relationship, the flow of time becomes so slow that it goes to the back and so funny
Chara stand: There is a character character easy to understand up to the sub character from the com
Music: Level that you want the soundtrack
Last: I like to finish without being clear or real or dream (perhaps reality)

[Bad point]
There is no choice but to set things away from the reality of absurd world of dreams

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Dream" itself has a feeling pretty worn out, but if you can stably steal information from a dream or plant it, go back to the end, the flow of time will be late, etc. If you can freely and freely set the preference freely between reality and dream, even if information Even if I can not plant it, I feel like I can not distinguish between dreams and reality

2012/07/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11813 Host:11625 Browser: 5682
[good point]

Idea and setting of "the world of dreams". I think that the setting such as slowing down the speed is getting stuck, I think that the strategy etc. based on it was utilized.

The dubbing voice actor was a youthful and relaxing good performance of Mr. Namikawa Daisuke, the leading character, gleamed. There is only things that are active in the child role era in fluffstone originally dubbed field. Banzai!!

[Bad point]

However, overall there were various kinds of actions, human patterns and so on included,
Tempo was bad, lacking excitement.

In the action, there was also a possible production because it is a dream world,
It was not as scaly as it fell from the eyes, and even if you look at the depiction of a person, Saito who plays Mr. Ken Watanabe did not act as full as I thought. The conflict between the hero and the moles also appeared a mole embodying the former 's sinful consciousness, but the way he showed it was on the nose. The girl who was a heroine rank was a good girl as it was, but none were deeply sympathized.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

In short, I think that it was "a movie like a NG stomach bag that caused poor digestion as a result of considering small difficulties and stuffing in various ways". This is the inception.
The actors were also luxurious, but the individual elements were not skillfully connected, I felt anything itchy. Although Leonardo. Mr. DiCaprio is also unlikely to lose somewhat decided hit since Titanic, the evaluation is "bad" with this.

2012/05/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10195 Host:10288 Browser: 13175
[good point]
The power and money of Hollywood's special effects to visualize the world of that dream.

[Bad point]
If you make the plot unnecessarily complex, the story will not be interesting. In the United States where the level of education is declining, both adults and young people who saw this work were strangely saying something like "I used the most brains in the past three years".

It is too long.

The last hour is almost the world of video games.

For those who have never seen a New Romanser, Ghost Stack, Matrix or Avatar, the world of this work seems to be innovative, but the scene that gets into the world of consciousness has already felt tired and feeling itself There is no freshness. Moreover, for those studying even modern cerebral physiology even a little, it is completely random setting.

Another theme element of "a feeling towards a dead wife" that has come up.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Work most overrated in the past three years. Other works by Director Nolan, Memento and Prestige were much better. bad.

2012/02/08 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7779 Host:7795 Browser: 4641
Deep psychology, I got interested in the moment when devices entering into my dream came out.

Applying the device to the fingers that only pass through the peripheral nerves, complicated cranial nerve transmission

It is impossible to analyze and intervene and construct a temporary world.

The real pleasure of science fiction is how to make the unreality fascinate with reality

Because of this, powerful images and acting performances are blurred

I think that it became a very disappointing work.

2011/11/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13104 Host:12746 Browser: 5047
It was a movie that did not fit me ....

The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ntering into a dream is Tsutsui Yasutaka (Animation version is late. Imagusi) 'Paprika', 'Lost Children' in the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓tealing dreams, 'Way King. Life' in movies dealing with dreams themselves There was Akira Kurosawa 's "dream".

But this work "Inception" seems to be like deep psychology, it seems to be like a thing different from sleeping dreams, what kind of dream is the basic setting It seemed like there was no persuasive power of.

First of all, it is hard to understand who is your dream, probably the target has entered into the dreams that the target is seeing, but when is "designer" when you are manipulating the target dream? I feel it. (I think that it will be enough if you enter a dream in which the target is seeing and then direct the target in the dream to the area of 〓〓〓〓〓he dream that the designer made)

Moreover, it is unknown to anything such as "It is noticed if it designs too much too much" and the meaning is unknown. Who is paying attention, the definition of what is inconvenient if it is noticed is ambiguous "In a dream It is not possible to convince in any way.
The hierarchical structure of dreaming in a dream is merely complicated, so if it is possible to create an infinitely deep hierarchy, it is set to be a limitation of three layers without particular persuasion. Even though the target that is dreaming is shifting to the lower level, the dream of the upper class remains.

Any setting that "such mistakes are not allowed" is not based on dreams, it seems to be just prepared to excit suspense elements. It is useless though it is in a dream On Parade. Even so, did you get out of that machine gun? Every time there is an explanation of the setting, I thought that it was "an expedient setting".

Perhaps the director or movie company would have wanted to make a movie "SF original set like a matrix, a large number of professionals gathered like Oceans 11 to accomplish one mission."

So there is no image with imagination beyond common sense, trying to boost the field with a gunfight battle unrelated to dreams.

A good point is "Was not Paprika's Pakuri" and Ken Watanabe acting.
The late for the trailer, Director Imagine was similar to "Paprika" to bitter smile, but the Inception was a work similar to paprika but not similar. Rather, "Paprika" was a piece with a bad part, so it may have been better to sublimate as a Hollywood style entertainment with more effort.

Watanabe Ken's acting was playing a good choice client role well despite the fact that there are many turnouts as a semi-protagonist. The feeling that the trusting relationship with the hero who plays DiCaprio is strengthened is transmitted to a faint order, and personally this relation was the most interesting. While being in business-like style, it is transmitted that things that have more confidence are conveyed.

Although it was not a boring work if it was asked whether it was a trashy work, it could not be said that it was a masterpiece or a masterpiece, and there was neither a depth nor a degree enough to be evaluated by a mania as a cult work.
It did not suit me, but if you like suspense with a slightly complicated setting you may be able to enjoy it as it is.

2011/10/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4895
Cobb (Leonardo. DiCaprio) who intrudes into the dream of a person and steals information tells a story to embed information in a dream at the request of a site (Ken Watanabe). And finishing the difficult task of memory operation By entering the spirit world of Cobb on the axis, the stories that trace his own memories are intertwined.
Although the idea that enters into the dream is worn out, this work is excellent development such as precise plot such as hierarchy setting of the dream setting of the dream, setting of the time density and the like. As the reality and the hierarchy of hierarchies of dreams gradually increase in complexity, the tension to finish the mission as soon as possible is expanded in conjunction with the action, and several hints of Cobb's own mystery are stretched around, The keyword of embedding information is inflating. The viewer gradually becomes unable to distinguish between reality and dream, and Cobb will leave judgment to turn a solo piece in order to distinguish between dream and reality. And last takes advantage of it and welcomes the end. It is groaned by the development that it was built tightly.
From the request of the site Cobb 's own dream and the process of moving the subject to the memory itself is natural, but this work has no refreshing feeling of mission clearing as it will end with sliding. However, there is no deviation from the point of returning to the family who is the original objective of Cobb, so there is no push for deployment and it is convincing.
It is easy to imagine whether or not the solo piece turned to Cobb stops at the end, but it is easy to imagine, but how to make the reverberation of whether the viewer can imagine the opposite result daringly ends the work As interesting.

2011/09/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22658 Host:22499 Browser: 6427
The world where technology exists "steals into others's dream and steals information" is the stage. Apply that technology and plant the obsession that is convenient for the client to the subconscious mind of others. A movie that made this talk only unnecessarily confusing.
Even though it is a movie led by ideas, the development of the story is more complicated and longer than necessary.

The first 30 minutes are hard to understand. Without any explanation from the beginning, it is taken to the "world that can not be grasped at first look". I do not understand exactly what is going on, it is after 30 minutes that I know that setting in the world of dreams is set. At the same time, I can grasp the rule of the story as a world view, but to be honest, I felt doubt that "the dream I see human beings is so specific?"
Well, it may be that some people dream of fine details, but the world of dreams is virtual, it is completely different from the world created by computers like reality (that is, the world with firm rules by the program) , I did not feel convincing about the setting (so it seems to be impossible for me, although a designer is necessary.

What hero is trying to do is terribly inhumane. Because it is a translation to subvert into consciousness of others and manipulate the subconscious mind, that is, because it is a translation that changes part of the personality, I think that it is a murder in a sense. Perhaps it may not be tolerated by murder.
Nevertheless, I felt a sense of incompatibility, that there was no consciousness on that point, nobody else.

Later, Noran's screenplay, the dialogue is childish. Ideally, a script that makes Osassu speak a dialog that a child about junior high school students seems to speak. I can not get used to it.
At the previous dark night, I felt a sense of incongruity to the point that the ose who did a good year endlessly talks about hope that it is justice. To be honest, I looked cold. Although this work is not as bad as the previous work, it is also an ideological and childish speech line, so it does not get familiar to the ear.
The story development is quite complicated, as mentioned above. Unless you listen to the characters of the characters, you can not grasp the story development. Nonetheless, it is not fatal that a dialog does not get familiar to the ear.

There were plenty of dissatisfactions in the plot and the scenario, but I think that the visual side is good. I guess there is also progress in CG, but I felt the goodness of the maker's sense.
This point already already mentioned by classicists, I also liked the scene of the first half dream city and the scene of weightless fighting in the second half was fun. Also, despite being a world of dreams, it was good not to make it an excessively unrealistic world, but also based on a realistic world. I felt the restrained visuals rather fresh.
In other words, I could not felt anything other than this visual aspect. Therefore evaluation is normal. Evaluation of a popular system can not be attached to a movie with only visuals.

I think Nolan is a so-called middle-aged person. Lines are something typical.
Later, all the characters are supposed to have personal reasons such as corporate profit, money, curiosity at the beginning, but in the end there is also a point that the purpose is changing to overcome the main character trauma, I think it is a pathological scenario.

2011/03/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 15254
It will be the best work without complaint.
It was awfully bad.
If I thought that it was a honest action or only a work on the image side, the content is very deep.

First of all, I am talking about the world of dreams from the midfield with a solid explanation of explanation of dreams, explanation of the world view, purpose and so forth, but when I finish watching, I feel like I was dreaming really long And when there was satisfaction and weakness and the diecaprios woke up, content came out as much as it finally ended, and there was a refreshing feeling that woke up from a bad dream.

Anyway, waste of one point goes through without stopping for two and a half to the end without any waste.
It is difficult to make the world of the dream real live, mostly abstract, but it is moving, but this is all clear, everything is clear and tidy.
I think that it is being well trained ~.

I have omitted extra explanations such as skillfully, and by showing the castle at first, it makes me think that Watanabe Ken is a powerful person, and not only the story of the world of dreams, but also character depiction, relationships and contents Until it is drawn firmly and is drawn.
Ken Watanabe who was dignified and lively alive became an old grandfather or I thought that he spent a long time there though it was a slight scene and since there is a promised foreshadow, the relationship with DiCaprio Knowing that, DiCaprio has been watching the time when it is alive, so sadness is transmitted.
The relationship between Ken Watanabe and DiCaprio is good, and Ken Watanabe is also an attractive character at first thought as a powerful person and an unpleasant character, but he said he would absolutely fulfill his promise though he might die against DiCaprio It goes across to Kan Watanabe which was also transmitted to DiCaprio and left behind in the world of dreams.
Although Ken Watanabe was a Hollywood star, I thought that it was a good office after a long long time though there were many role of Choi.
I am proud that the Japanese were involved in such magnificent works.

Normally only stealing the idea from a dream was a difficult job of planting ideas so that they did not help each other or get along with each other as they said in a suddenly gathering together, There was a proud feeling after each of them finished professional work, perhaps because they finished work, I guess they will break up there, but the scene where DiCaprio will pass other characters will not be visible as a pro There seemed to be good looking like after seeing the bond of professional, after having done a professional job and becoming numb.

In order to make a talk with only the world of dreams suddenly, suddenly a dream suddenly showed a dream in the first place, the next three dreams are shown and the last one brings to the dream of four stages.
As it gave birth to this content, the story is also unexpected or unexpected comes out, so it gets pulled in more and more and the stories and ideas that make it can be awesome.

The character which is only a target which can be a supporting role if it is originally drawn firmly to the content of the character to make persuasive power to cultivate the dream world and subconsciousness.
It was not only that but as it was, the target and the target father had not finished sharing it, but the contents were finished and the content was finished or shared. The place where this character is the main character and who knows who the black curtain is is restoring the relationship with the father in the climax I felt like I ended up watching a movie.
It was truly content being drawn and it came down and I did not think that it was possible to impress with this sub character. (Blow up after seeing it is also good)

Although it is a difficult story that there are various story and setting and there is setting a dream, it was good how to introduce explanation and how to show.
It was not getting in the way I showed it in the deployment, new settings came out and other characters kept secret, so the viewers were also noticed and showed to the extreme nature rather than the expected harmony or convenience Because it is that I did not know other characters, a sense of urgency comes out.
Explanation of the setting and so on are also hints later. (Stairs, people in the dream world see this)

Even though there are so many different contents packed and it is a grand view of the world, the place which keeps the content of DiCaprio properly focused is also great.
That's why it does not go blurry or tomorrow and the viewers are easy to understand, making it easier to summarize stories.
It gradually knows like a puzzle while contents are progressing, even that alone is deep enough.
Once experiencing the world of dreams there is a foreshadow that can not be satisfied in reality, DiCaprio and his wife can not get out of the world of dreams.
DiCaprio notices and tries to return to reality, but my wife is not convinced and closes the key to my heart.
Evidence that it is a dream world that there are coma to notice whether it is a dream or reality, but it is consistently important tool, but the coma does not collapse and keeps turning around.
My wife does not want to return to reality, so my wife makes that piece of money in my heart, but DiCaprio turns that wife's face to make me realize this world is a dream.
It became an inception to my wife (planting ideas), and my wife began to mistake it as a dream world because the coma continues to turn after waking up.
And my wife jumps in the real world trying to wake up.
It also shows the fear of doing illusion as to whether it is a dangerous thing with reality and the world of dreams, and it will become visible frequently in the world of other people's dreams due to the subconscious mind for DiCaprio.
Whether my wife wanted to be with him or why he thought of it, a train which is a symbol of fear for DiCaprio has come across a mystery.
Separated without looking at the face of the child, only the back of the child appeared or it was drawing to the end, and at the end this is a dream or a reality The coma ends without collapsing.
It is also a conversation with my wife that this is a dream or a reality, it is a hint of conversation and it exists not as a wife but as a subconscious as DiCaprio (surreptitious and fear, my own darkness) It is good also to have.

Of course not only the content but also the image side is also able to reproduce the world of the dream and the place where the space is going around in the world of dreams is something new and interesting and it is a moment when the car falls from the bridge, There is a long time that the story is going around and it makes me experience the world of dreams, and again I feel that how to take slow motion is good.
Because there are contents that have accumulated also three stages from four stages dream to three stages, two stages and awaken one by one, the reason to wake up is that there is a refreshing feeling when defeating a domino like a moment There are also contents in the character, so there is an impact and it is attracted.
Of course, not only the characters, but also the stories that have been piled up are broken down by blowing up, and it connects with the previous story fast and steadily.
That is why every single dream world is made, and setting and deployment are well done.
The refreshing feeling at the time of destroying as a work with a high degree of completion is immeasurable.

Although DiCaprio and Ken Watanabe were also good, I thought that the girls in Juno were also good and initially thought that they would not be balanced because they are too childful at the beginning, but I feel like the advisor of DiCaprio, unleashing the darkness of DiCaprio's mind It will grow into a role.
The core was firm on the backside of the young face and the character was standing.
That's why I became a counselor.

It was natural to see dreams in my dreams, and making more stories and contents in my dreams is more than once delicious once, but I see the contents of the main part and the target character and two works There is even a sense like that.

So when you wake up from a dream you feel refreshing feeling the magnificent content that you have seen two contents in one movie, and it is wrapped in a satisfaction that you have not tasted so far.

Finally I woke up from the dream and rescued Watanabe Ken who rescued himself with the eye-catching scene, which was like a culmination of the world of dreams, had a sense of refreshing feeling, and the relationship between DiCaprio and Ken Watanabe There is impression and lingering finish since there is.

Only when there was such a story, it felt once again that the moving impression and the like are living.

Since I can start going to a dream from the beginning, since there is not much explanation there, there is not much meaning to worry, I will show you explanation or hints at first, so if you look properly There is nothing to be done, and I think that it was a work that was easy to understand personally because Tsujiki passed. (In a more confusing work I'm watching)
The important point of this work is a story showing only the explanation related to it, since the extra explanation and the scene are not put in, the tempo does not fall.
Even if I explain the setting, I show it in the flow of the story, so in such a work it is easy to get out contradictory, but I can enjoy it without worrying about it.

After working on this work it was a perfectly done work that I could not handle anything for one or two years.

2011/03/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7473 Host:7470 Browser: 7440
[good point]
.CG Cool
Ideas are interesting
[Bad point]
Fine setting is appropriate

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I did not think it would be nice to be good

2011/02/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3002 Host:3135 Browser: 6299
It used to be "good -" before, but reconsidered and reconsidered "overestimation" as "normal".

[good point]
Cobb explains the design of his dream to Ariadne The dream city scene is excellent.
First floor, the impact of a sudden runaway train and shoot was good.
Second hierarchy, the impact of weightless fighting is also good (then not good).
Only praising is something praising. A little story and composition is disappointing.

[Bad point]
The first lecture by Cobb and Ariadne is the most impact on screen. After that, the impact is steadily going down rapidly, the configuration has failed completely.
After all, "Dream Rules" is cumbersome, so it can not be denied that there are a lot of difficult audiences. It is necessary to watch while concentrating and confirming rules.
As a result of many rules being set, there are many doubts and Tsukkomichi.
For example, the tremendous amount of team members'
Contrary to preliminary emphasis, superman 's success in the iron field.
She always looks lost.
Yusufu, the driver of the first tier, should be a sedative formulator,
In the gun sweeping, manipulating the van and super stunt driver overwhelming action.
Arthur remaining in the 2nd hierarchy? Arthur is fighting fighting with subconscious agents and weightlessness.
In the third hierarchy, imaginary expert Mr. Eames turns the subconscious soldiers over there and makes a big success of Rambo-buri (as a one-man army without using the power of camouflage).
Do all of the people entering into dreams receive training to defeat mercenaries?
It is unnatural unless you emphasize the rule, "Real people are overwhelmingly stronger than people with subconscious matter that is fictional" or "You can change yourself better by changing the world".
There is a scene that Arthur uses "the stairway of Escher" to defeat a subconscious guard, but it is also strange not to use other modifications by other members or "other" by other members.
Also, Cobb who is going to find a site that fell in emptiness, how did you find out the place of emptiness where the site is?
Many of the problems that will be completed within the brain by director can not be explained smartly in the movie. It is finished with one of the directors'
When I feel a doubt, the whole work world is lying and stinky.
As rules become complicated, various Tsukkomichi and Ara are coming out,
In this work, the majority of such detailed setting explanation was not able to handle well,
It is a roller coaster of discomfort and silence.
The last is already worn out felt too impressive. Compared to Ubik of the same dream story (type) and total recall, it is downgraded several times.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"usually". About this work that brings deja vu "Like something somewhere ..." my first impression is "(thin) Ubik."
It feels "thin" because it is poor in chaotic power and appeal, mixed with Esse philosophical talk about suspects, suspense, action, and surprise like Ubik. Furthermore, as described above, the explanation is poor, although it brings various "rules of dreams". I'd like to say that not to say endlessly, to explain, never to make the audience feel doubtful.
Also, while the setting of dreams is complicated, the human drama is rather poor.
The targeted Robert reconciliation with his father is moving, but it is strange that the site is strangely nice guy (Ken Watanabe is a delicious role), Cobu gets down to the emptiness to find a site is a masculine setting . Certainly, if the site can not be returned to reality, Cobb's goal of returning home is not fulfilled, personally it is a mission failure and must be helped. That's why it's obvious as a Cobb. There is nothing impressed there. In drama, Cobb breaks down from his own trauma and goes to reality, it falls into a serious condition in the first hierarchy,
It should be a person of "only to hurt conscience even if abandoned", and to say more, to know Cobb's heart darkness and the danger of the mission while going out to Cobb. However, in the depiction of a movie, it is the thread to reality return,
Not Ariadne (Well, why name is Minotaur 's labyrinth escape kimo,
It is a naming that reminds me of 'Ariadne's thread' but I do not understand Wake !!! ???),
It is a site full of dignity.
The question that I feel in this deployment is "Director Christopher, Noran is a Japanese fetish and gay?"
In the first place, besides romantic feelings, Ariadne bears such a risk and the reason for trying to help Kobu is also small.
Anyway, this work is nothing but a stuffing of detail in spite of the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓en years, it is variously sloppy making. It is Ali as a directionality that makes this point devilish by the power of the screen, but it was poor in power enough to convince myself. In the first place I am a nice guy, so the setting and the drama of ara are inevitable nature and it is an anxious nature. And I also know a lot of quality dream stories.
Although this work works hard on various subjects with dream as a theme, as mentioned above it is not "super entertainment of the first class" for himself. However, it was not such a trash that he thought "I can return time with money." If you have time, and if you have never read "Ubik" yet, it is a gimmicky recommendation.

* Or saying, "I should have made Ubik a movie. It is an impression that this work is a degraded version inspired by Ubic. I wonder if I did not want to get copyright or did not want to pay the copyright fee. The impression that Noran's concept power is far below Dick.

2010/12/14 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 779 Host:493 Browser: 12370
Although I do not deny that it is an ambitious SF work,
It is highly appreciated that factors of the audience's aggressive complex are great.
Personally I was tired of getting through but content was thin and I did not think that it was so funny.

Michael selling at "Dark Night" Mr. Noran ran to his favorite all-you-can-eat,
The impression of this work is that nobody made it without being stopped.

The director was not really like a Hollywood movie, it was like an animation made by Otomo Katsuhiro in Japan or Imashi.
Although details will be described later, there was a common part at least with those animation and charm.

Cheering is a cheep. In the case of this work it may be unavoidable because it is not a type that gives an impact with words,
Overall the speech is not cool and I do not remember the impression.

In addition, Ken Watanabe was a villain leader, so Japanese English seemed to be cheap because of Japanese.
I can understand that the appointment of Ken Watanabe and the setting of Japan are linked to a hit in Japan.

Also as one of the reasons for which this work was evaluated,
It will be interesting to see the dreams and dreams moving quickly.

"I woke up from a dream and it was a dream again"
Although the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ultiple structure of dreams is not so unusual,
It is possible to assume that it is the achievement of this work that imagined it well.

However, I had not seen a surprise at this development as I had seen "Paprika" with a similar development.
I believe it was one of the reasons I could not enjoy being unable to feel the freshness at all.
I think that it was similar to how to assemble or how to attract.

Whether by chance or arbitrariness Columbus eggs are meaningless unless it is not at first glance.
As I have seen similar ideas, the enjoyment of things that become dishonored is greatly reduced.

I could not feel the originality and attractiveness to the extent that I subtracted that much from this work, it is exhausted to this.

2010/09/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2436 Host:2421 Browser: 3425(Mobile)
It was a movie that seemed to be dreaming indeed as it was just a theme of dreams. The movie itself has a very complicated composition, its complexity itself is dreaming first, but in the field of view visualizing the dream quite clearly, Christopher Nolan imagination = creativity I am surprised. The dream is divided into four stages, the deeper it approaches the deep consciousness setting = design, but as the last approaches, the dream cuts of the four stages are reflected one by one and the same myself is said to be the same in all four tiers I lose the sense of equilibrium to the fact. Everything in the "Inception" is swinging and is about to collapse (the setting that a dream collapses is also intentional) as the symbolic cut of the last scene symbolizes. Their most existential being myself, everyone who saw the movie will be attacked by that "collapsing" feeling. And after finishing watching it was still watching the movie, it was such a masterpiece that the reality of the movie will affect real reality.

2010/08/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3102 Host:3037 Browser: 9207
Please be careful because it contains spoiler element.

It is a work that goes as if you are careless.

I think the setting is funny and the contents are also fancy, but it takes time to understand its setting when entering from ignorance state. For example, it took a long time for the situation being attacked by a large number of people in the scene in the first dream to be totally explained, and I felt a long time to solve the depiction of the mystery later .

In addition, although setting to enter into individual's dream was innovative, I received the impression that the flow seen in "Oceans 11" etc from starting collecting from friends to achieve the purpose is unusual.
The development of that story is often said to be "easy to understand one breath" but, badly speaking, it is "a midfielder of a losing soil".

Regarding the character, I felt a strong stray odor from the leading role, DiCaprio.
Personally, the motivation to "want to return" is weak. Only motivation comes out with abstract memories of "Children 's side (precisely, backwards)", and it seems that there is no balance between the strong preparedness to do anything and vaguely memorable for returning It was.

The multiple structure of the dream was interesting. As we had to keep at least one other member to protect the other members, it was good that the focus was on the remaining characters and each of their hard work was seen.

However, the last scene was negative. I wanted that over there finally fell down. Actually it is something that can be thought of as a depiction that I can not get out of my dream (maybe), but it seems like I wanted to end up cleanly personally ....

As I have already seen 1.2 things I can not fully understand, I will keep it "very good".

2010/08/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The picture is amazing. Moreover, it seems that there is no synthesis at all, and there are many scenes that worry without thinking about how they shot.

When you sleep in a dream you can see yet another dream and you become a multiple structure saying that you can see another dream when you sleep in that dream and the dream in your dreams is a way of progressing in time It is late, and the dream in the dream is more difficult to understand the story because it is said that the time advance is slower.
Eventually, since three dreams move at the same time, it becomes necessary to understand properly the events in those worlds.
Therefore, you can not take your eyes off the screen for a moment.
As soon as I take my eyes off, I do not know what it is.
Is it the biggest difficulty?

It is a movie that enjoys the image and the suspense of Harajiradokidoki rather than a movie seen in the story.
Since it is also a movie that can enjoy enjoying all the lines seriously without taking your eyes off the screen for a moment, please go to the theater as planned.
Evaluation is very good.

2010/08/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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After watching it, I received the impression that "a powerful technique that was carefully gorgeous and well organized".
Although it seems that the setting of "three-layer structure of dreams" and "the content of dreams influenced by deep consciousness" were sufficiently effective in constructing a real world of work, the essential "Inception" In other words, for the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓quot;the occurrence of false ideas" how much it is in the movie "How can you truly imagine how easy it is to plant ideas into the deep psychology of people, Is it possible to be dominated by that idea? "The question could not be personally paid. In other words, these tools and rules feel like the "There is a hole somewhere if you try to stuff up to the end of well-trained things".

There is a depiction that Watanabe Ken experienced "death in a dream" and continued to stay for a very long time in the emptiness of deep psychology where the flow of time becomes extremely slow, but personally If you've experienced the experience of "close time to infinity", even though it is a dream or a deep psychology, you feel a question as to whether you can maintain a decent mental state as returning to the real world afterwards (Of course it does not deny that there is a refreshing feeling like "to wake up from a nightmare" such that "I survived from infinite time" exists in that deployment).

However, not only in these fancy instrumentalities but also in this movie there is another core part of "Conflict and Overcoming Cobb's Past", and if anything they are all over this conflict "... I thought that it was arranged for the last saying" returning to reality ". When I saw that last scene, I felt something "catharsis accompanied by a sense of reality" that I was going back to the reality to return home in the place I was going to be drawn to by my dreams, but this Since Catharsis was enough convincing among me, after all, in addition to the other "fancy but stuffiness sweet", coupled with the realistic picture making and action spectacles " I felt the impression that I was "(It is not bad feeling at all).

For the last that strangely turns the circle on the desk strangely and enters the end roll in a delicate place called "Are you going to collapse?" Personally, "I do not know whether it is reality or dream that Cobb is there" I also thought that the director is trying to make the audience feel the audience himself whether he is in "the world in which the solo circles" or "in the world where the spinning of the singing band stops someday" , Perhaps what the audience feels at that time may be that it is somewhat linked to the "real awareness" of our audience. Coupled with this impressive last, I eventually enjoyed this movie a lot.

2010/07/31 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Cast team including DiCaprio. All are cool and cool
Visual expression of cold and hard feeling like tribute to Kubrick
Giving not only Cobb and mol, but also a human drama to the son of another president
. Effectively using a typical English method that brings conclusions once more at the end of the story when the conclusion is first issued
Until the last suspense of Doki Doki Harahara and the script that supports it

[Bad point]
None. I can not complain

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Christopher. Among the works that Nolan made, "Batman Begins" is a twin and interesting one. Just because Dark Knight was disappointing this time it was frustrating and fun. There is no example of such a work which has been so successful as Hollywood's masterpiece of "idea game". Most of these things tend to finish cheaply in class B but this work was firmly a big piece and it was also a suspense.
Besides, this director, I'm doing scripts and directing myself. There are few supervisors who can be said to be artists clearly made this width as much as this era. It is Clint that got the name in general.Eastwood and Steven Spielberg, but the neighborhood is also a great place around here. Most surprisingly, the director is still establishing such a position with the youth of 40. This is exactly what "Afraid of a lifetime is terrible". I definitely think this is the person who will carry Hollywood from now on.
Actor also starring DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe and Killian. Even young men such as Murphy, Ellen and Paige were acting nicely with all the grain. DiCaprio was made a character of "a cool man who is quietly troubled", and dignity as an actor came out. Ellen. Paige is also 23 and this acting skill is authentic. Ken Watanabe also tasted good as a relaxing father and Marion, not to mention Cotillard.
The way to show the explanation in an easy-to-understand manner was also good, such as making stairs and dreams like infinitely cheating pictures in a multilayered form. Although the ending is easy to understand and easy to understand, it will be readable around the middle, but still it will be exciting until the end and it will be visible for 2.5 hours without getting bored at all. Alongside Eastwood's "Grand Turin", I think it is a very interesting masterpiece in the last couple of years. Evaluation is of course "highest".

2010/07/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I thought it was a good movie in the movies in the past few years, in order to fight first place and second place.

First, set up.
"Dream" is the core. Although it becomes spoiler if you explain it in various ways, the setting about this dream is well thought out.

It is a story that we plant ideas in that dream (Inception)

It is being thought that it is difficult to understand the setting.

Next story
Cobb of the protagonist can not return to the country where the child exists with the wife 's murder. There the site asked Cobb for an inception and if it succeeds it will cancel the criminal record of Cobb.

It's a story that Cobb responds to the deal and goes collecting fellows to do the inception.

It is a purpose only to let the company be killed in the successor of the rival company of the site

Still it has become such a good story that drama in Cobb does not fade. Especially the story of Cobb and mol in the bottom layer was also good

The president and the son's reconciliation scene of the president was a nice story that could cry while a side story.

I wrote a lot (although it may be hard to understand) It is a highly recommended work as it is a wonderful masterpiece movie