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Law Wing Cheung
Donnie Yen Albert Lee
Raymond Wong Ying-Wah
Simon Yam
Wang Baoqiang
Eva Huang ShengYi
Yu Kang
Japan Released:2015/03/07(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2014
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2015/10/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2588 Host:2433 Browser: 4721
It is a work that feels like B class fantasy starring Donnie Yen.
Although I did not know what work at the beginning, I did not think that it was class B, so I felt like it was shabby and cheap but it seemed like that B classic likeness or funny comedy mixed fun became fun at the same time Personally it was my favorite work.

However, there are unnaturalness of CG and wires, and since they are heavily used, I think that it would be a work that would definitely be disappointing for those who want to watch full-scale action of Yen or Kung Fu .

Character was also good as myself, it was a character of a sibling or a female character, it was charming and empathyable, and it was more than anything Donnie Yen's character was good and it was a good character in Denny Yen for a long time I thought.
From the place where there is a samurai like saying in Japan, it was a character that showed a cheerful side mixed with a little comedy and was easy to enter.

There was something that the story gradually began to understand the story composition that the past and the history knew, and it was something that Tsujiki fitted properly and the puzzle goes together so that it becomes Gudaguda and it is a jumping It's a natural flow, so let's truly let's enjoy it.

However, as I did not know that this work is continuing, it is regrettable that I ended up in a perfectly halfway place.
There were also relationships and settings that I care about, and I want to see it as soon as a sequel appears.

Although he is heavily using CG and wire, Donnie is showing everything like Yen's action everywhere and it was wonderful that he showed off his stance and Kung Fu at all, rather than the special ID I saw before.
The action using the last person's CG was also seen normally and it was fun to use a long ax, use a shield, use a chain and use various tools, and took it well into a kung fu or a picture I was excited and thrilled.
Because the contents of the action also develops and devises, it can not get bored, or it can get excited.

Although the action was also good, since the character is standing above all, the content comes out as well, since the whole framework including comedy and fantasy is solid and color is available, so that the drama part can also live and drown in plenty done.