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Movie rank of 2007 Rank 166in 166 titles
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Francis Lawrence Akiva Goldsman James Lassiter David Heyman Neal H. Moritz
Michael Tadross Erwin Stoff Dana Goldberg Bruce Berman
Richard Burton Matheson
Mark Protosevich ANDREW LESNIE Naomi Shohan
Michael Kaplan Wayne Wahrman James Newton Howard
WILL SMITH Alice Braga Dash Mihok
Charlie Tahan Salli Richardson Darrell Foster
Japan Released:2007/12/14(Fri)
Outside Japan :Released:2007/12/12
Official sites
1. http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/iamlegend/ (Translation)
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2014/12/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2134 Host:1944 Browser: 7420
Certainly, the hero may have become the last legend. Because we rescued the world where Matomo was a small number. However, it was slightly subtle when saying whether this movie itself was told to talk about it as a legend until future generations ... ...

The devastation of New York, one of the world's leading metropolitan cities at the beginning, was shocking, due to the unusual situation that the cancer treatment medicine has mutated to the dangerous virus hit the earth.
The first grab was not bad. Although the scene which enjoyed golf from the air force aircraft was also impressive though the beginning part was the setting that it was the army lieutenant in the beginning also, it may have been his temporary escape of reality. Sometimes surrounded by a mannequin and continuing to communicate to other survivors of my existence, if I keep living a life secured with impala hunting and maize for days, you will not be able to do it for days without matting nerve .
It certainly was transmitted that I had a strong loneliness.

But did you say that there was a desire to place emphasis on the life of the hero too much?
Strangely Mr. Koichi Yamadera who is dubbed the main character role is also frequently appearing animation "Shrek"
(If Shrek's voice actor was also Mihama chan, it might have been a bit funny, but to a fluffy ....
It seems that it was shown as one of the hopes, but the tempo was not good. The other survivors, Ana, Ethan parent and child appeared a bit late.
I could not deny the feeling that I could not dig down the contrast between the hero who was desperate enough and the ana who still believed in hope. Also, although they were survivors, the dark. Seeker, which had become like a zombie to eat people, was also mediocre, and he was not even a prolific role.

Although it was a broadcast as a dubbed version when the terrestrial broadcast was done the other day, the side which was helped by the voice dubbing voice actor group was also strong. It was mediocre as a near future SF panic movie.
Evaluation is very popular among those people, especially because of Mr. Koichi Yamadera and Yumiko Kobayashi's favorable performance.

2014/01/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23425 Host:23370 Browser: 5173
[good point]
The last thing that the hero trusted his will and was dead.
I can cry this! If I was miraculously alive I was breaking the TV wwww
Also the virus-infected monster was real and scared very much. The quality of so-called video was good.
Will Smith was the only starring acting and acting was even more intense!

[Bad point]
After that, you completed the medicine, are not they?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As a scary and crying movie this is quite a good one!

2013/11/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18927 Host:19094 Browser: 7910
It may be an unusual movie in which the evaluation is divided at the first half and the second half.
In the first half I saw how I live alone in the world, its resignation and tension were good.
However, many people thought that deployment after the late zombies came out was "Do not go out!"
Will Smith 's acting skill is high, and I want to evaluate the parts that have been dragged by partner dogs.

2013/07/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25020 Host:25004 Browser: 4631
The original work or old movie leading up to this work is only watching "the last man of the earth Omega Man". This work is viewing with a rental DVD.
I did not see another ending because it is not recorded yet, but I heard it in rumors.

The one-line story of Omega Man and this work is the same.
"A story of a scientist struggling in the world where people are varied to vampires by bacterial infections and their vampires dominate"
The theme of Omega Man was "majority and minority, ie reversal of values, its fear".
Foreign matter, heretics, it is natural for others to be subject to fear.
Then, when you watch this work "I AM LEGEND" with that theme in mind, this has never been successful.
I think that he draws, but I do not understand this, and.
Was the "reversal of values" presented by Omega Man weakened in that Dark. Seeker does not go through human nature (understood by the hero and the audience).
If "drawing reversal of values" is to be drawn, Omega Man needed "murderous intent by civilization" and "selective refusal" was necessary.
Well ..., even in this work, I can not find those elements and the "fear of inversion of values" ... but ....
Dark. Seekers do not go through this side 's words, it is not American saying that it can be said that it is an element that fits modernly.
Is not it?
What is the theme of this work, what kind of fit will it be, "foreign body, heretics, mutual understanding with others" or something.
If you remember Bob Mary's scene in the play, this is where it settles down.
Is it a depiction of "same with him, same", as the seeker uses the trap used by the hero, the hero returns the trap that the seeker used?

The scene to blow off the devastated city at the beginning is cool! The dog is also cute, and it was "very good" only in the first half.
But whichever theme they are, it is dishonest that that ending is halfway, so it's "ordinary" in Phra mai.

2012/08/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21051 Host:21226 Browser: 7294
[good point]
The early stage which was directing the emptiness feeling of living alone in a vast city

[Bad point]
Expansive nail sweet setting from the middle stage to the latter half Zombies

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a movie that has struck a huge commercial with the touch of "a man who survived alone in the world".

Speaking of a good point, is it a scene full of emptiness in the opening stage? The scene where the hero walks in a vast city that has been caught up in an eerily extraordinary place remains very impressive, and the feeling of emptiness that the only survival has come is transmitted to those who see it.

But that was it. The second half is terrible anyway. It can only be described as easy. Contingency principle is over including setting. Also, the dead humans were good as they were. I wanted him to be human-like only at the visual side at least as long as it is presented as a zombie standing position. Anyway the reality is separated and the feelings are pulled back.

Will not the word "promotional fraud, here being extremely pleasant" be best for you? Personally, it is a work you can not recommend watching.

2012/06/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36387 Host:36277 Browser: 2413(Mobile)
I personally liked the situation in the first half.

There is only one person who has survived. And the sense of loneliness and the sense of urgency always having weapons is perfect.

And you can make it tough with the pet's dog. This neighborhood is a must-see movie by all means for dog lovers. Also, every time the story advances the hero's past, it is fragmentary but gradually revealed, but it is royal road and the willingness to watch and listens. Mr. Will of the leading role Mr. Smith was also nice to have performed spectacularly and sophisticated role quite different from Men's Black series as well.

However, it is regrettable from the second half, and how to bring that deployment too abruptly forced too much.

After sudden pinch is saved, after that it will not be denied that it is running fast enough to go into a decisive battle at once. And I wonder if the protagonist wanted to have tweaks the deployment that the animal entrusts the antibody to ana and dies. So I think what a legend is like indeed.

In the end, it was disappointing that I made a lot of mood in the second half just because I was making the world view and situation etc in the first half, and it became very tasty as a movie. It was a very regretful work.

Evaluation is normally "good" I will assume.

As an aside, the scene that strangles a dog whose hero's weakly weakened has been obediently obedient.

2011/10/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
"28 days after ..." "After 28 weeks ..." setting suffered. (Although this work is released the same year as "After 28 weeks ...")
Even if the settings are similar, there is a similar approach in the end of the Japanese movie "Resurrection Day", which also depicts the feeling of loneliness that only you may survive in the world. I did it), it might have become the content that is worth looking as it is. (Although it's rather a story for novels)
However, the sweetness of the making that lifelines such as electricity, gas, water supply are maintained why why,
The expedientism that encounters survivors immediately after being alone as a lone dog who puts a pet dog, who was the only friend, in his hands.
After all, Will playing the main character has become a work that Smith alone is parenthesized.
From the title, if it is said that it is the extreme of self-praising, it is until then.

2011/03/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6817 Host:6625 Browser: 7127
[good point]
The cast is right.
The view of the world is good.
The setting is interesting.

[Bad point]
The story is incomplete.
The last is not clear.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Setting is interesting.
Willing mistake is also good.
Or, I think it is amazing to be able to have it alone.
I thought that a zombie would appear somewhat, but it would be nice.
It was a completely unexpected story, but it would be nice.
The problem is middle to end.
There are lots of survivors, it's a bad end and it ends in half way.
In this case I wanted to see a figure living only by the main character.
I do not know whether it will be established as a story, but I think that I was still interested in this movie.

2011/02/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13008 Host:13031 Browser: 5357
[good point]
What kind of content do you think this work is? I bought it, borrowed it on the first day of loan.
Only one New York was beautiful in the picture.

[Bad point]
In the early stage of watching "I'm a Genre Zombie!
The hero will die at the end.
The world that everything was solved is not drawn.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

A story suitable for overseas dramas that should not be done on a medium called a movie. The feeling of waste is punished.
Will Smith is blessed with some masterpiece. If so, it may have been able to enjoy the Muo mode in a gun battle against a dark seeker opponent.

Originally Will had a bad smell at the time of scientists.
Evaluation is very bad

2010/04/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52940 Host:52972 Browser: 9674
[good point]

[Bad point]
Actually enough survivors

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I also wrote about it in a bad point but actually it was a lot of survival Robert was calling on all the frequencies in the English-speaking area However, nobody tried taking contacts except for two people in the play I do not know the location of the last village, but the level that I can go by car will be in the US (English-speaking country) ...
Have you overlooked something?

2010/04/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19261 Host:19080 Browser: 12025
Although I was paying attention by looking at the CM from before the release, I did not go to the movie theater after all, but I listened to the story that I would do it on TV and watched it.

[good point]
Setting is good. The story of a man who survived the only one in the city was attractive

The dark seeker was impressive. Their battle scenes will remain in the impression. You may say that you have pioneered a new zombie statue

[Bad point]
I praised the setting in a good point, but the whole story was somewhere somewhere.
The early stage thought that "the world has been outlooking" drawing the days when the hero who struggles to help humankind from the virus alone lives in the devastated town, but from around where the dark seeker came out It became a typical zombie panic and it was kind of unnecessary

That woman child can not forgive. At first it was helping the hero who was despised, but I start to live on my own, thanks to their guards my dwelling place is in the dark seeker (although I was reading it in an expansive manner), at the end of the funeral I will kill the hero who worked hard in solitude and bring handles, it is already the worst. In a sense, were the death gods who were the best?

Is there some conflict, I have a place to think "that?
It became night by the hero being upside down hanging, and it is where it is attacked by a zombie dog, why did not the owner's dark seeker hit it?
If the artificial light also works, why does not the fire work? The scene of the last laboratory, the inside of the room was very bright, is not it?
Generally, the last. The main character should also throw grenades and hide them (well, there are things that excite up the story, though)?
It may be my misunderstanding, but there are quite a few other things that I think is strange in details

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It did not fit on the scale of less than two hours. Did you want to draw a man who was prepared to live in the world that ended, or wanted to draw a human VS vintage in a devastated town ...? I'm sorry that I ended up halfway and I like Will Smith so much.

I'm going to evaluate [poor].

2010/04/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15448 Host:15542 Browser: 9578
I think the content of the story is interesting.
But in the end the hero will die and vaccine can be done, but the way of finishing is not refreshing.
Evaluation is "very bad".

2010/04/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10841 Host:11102 Browser: 9831
Will the human being transformed into a monster of a different shape, one remaining Will, the scene of Smith 's scientists suffering from conflict and being frustrated by loneliness is central, but honestly the content is B class odor Round out.

A scientist like a zombie has become like a zombie ... It is a kind of feeling that a scientist ... It is somewhat a feeling, it is a kind of feeling, a dog is killed, a vaccine is committed to save the last parent and child, It seems that it was attached too much.

For human beings like zombies they feel more uncomfortable than pity and may also be referring to "the last man of the earth", but rather speaking, they are somewhat like "biohazard" something. I feel like just drawing it, I did not think that the biohazard itself and the movie are interesting, and the discomfort feeling and disgusting feeling ran ahead of the tragic feeling ing. It seems that it seems to be making a cause which is invisible to a large work, although it seems to be magnificent.

The biohazard was stretched for a long time, and it became a style that it pulls meaning without meaning as "X - FILE", but contrary to this, I tried to pay it in a clear way In order to return, not be able to keep up, even if it tried to make a humanism drama, it has ended halfway.

Although it is a special feature of Hollywood movies, it is like a grand enthusiastic content ... but this seems to be the only thing that I could not miss in that example, and I tried to make the last suicide bomb I am Mi Emier. Moreover, that last is not similar to the rice who dislikes Kamikaze, and lost to life by the aliens of "ID 4", finally the missile launcher failed, specializing in the laser cannon of the mother ship and drunk I get even the same impression as my father.

Will Smith 's play was powerful but it seemed like that and it entrusted the parents who helped the vaccine to human beings who survived the last ... because rather than being a legend , I think that it was better to call "I became a star." It seems like it's okay to rename the title "Ai am Star".

No matter how gorgeous it is made, no matter how much humanistic drama it is made, this is swimming in a splendid manner, but it is a feeling that it could not be enjoyed much even if it looked at Nori of a class B movie, and aftertaste It seems to have said that it was said that the turbo was strangely applied to the original dark style, due to badness and the style of style.

Although it is not a few work that is not clogged, it seems that in that sense it fell into the line of such works.

2010/04/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19935 Host:19938 Browser: 8827
[good point]
The hero is cool.
Action scenes and other powerful.

[Bad point]
The protagonist is dead and the dog also died and I am sorry.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation of everyone seems to be bad with somehow, but I think that I enjoyed it quite well.

2010/04/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3263 Host:3060 Browser: 5718
[good point]
After all it is a hero ....
Sam of a dog (faithful dog)
The main character who persuades desperately with the guys who have finished to be a monster at the end at the end, "I will fix it!" (Although it was in vain)

[Bad point]
I have to kill the hero ......
Sam also died .....
Ney, who got helped me, took bacon for ungratefully!
Because of that Neychan, I came to the berserk.
A lonely main character sleeping with Sam in a bathtub ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Finally cried, I'm sorry for crying with such a bad feeling.
The hero was too sorry, why should he take responsibility for the virus made by the elder female scholar ...... I am sorry.

2010/04/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18633 Host:18519 Browser: 2706
good point
I feel tense
You can enjoy it if you do not mind the story
The hero and the dog were good

A bad point
There was a survivor for some reason
I can read ahead
The last is too bad

Comprehensive evaluation


2010/04/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5618 Host:5465 Browser: 8573
〓〓oaming attention〓〓

[good point]
It seems that the evaluation is rather bad so I did not feel like watching it much, but I watched it because it was broadcasting on TV.
Personally it was a work of Pramai 0, it is not a bad meaning nor a good meaning.
The content I imagined was suddenly disappearing from NY and the main character imagined it as if he was living with the dog but it was betrayed (in a good sense)
Although I have seen "Omega Man", I did not like it very much for me, but I did not like viral infections at all, but with the remake this time there is a storyline that I got kittickily and "zombies come out? It was so funny that I muttered without permission

Well returning to the main theme, I like shopping in rental shops and combinations with dogs unexpectedly. My wife, the scene of separation with a child comes with Jean Because there were actions too, it can be said that it is better than a "Omega man" It is said that people infected with a virus use it in various scenes from setting that it hates light It was fun because it is (dogs are also infected ..)

[Bad point]
Although I was watching from the beginning but I could not get into the story I thought that one person should be alone in human beings why obesan and children will come out from the middle stage and for some reason some people in the final scene There should have been quite a survivor and it was too bad I should not have thought that it was a zombie movie at first But it is a bad aftertaste movie at the beginning Although it is impossible for himself to explode itself There was, BAD.END? If you make it to HAPPY.END Poor point 2 was conspicuous in zombies remarkably big Zombie That is a boss Is it a boss I think that you will understand if you see the story Nobody was revealed to be unkind .. Everyone would like to know it (sweat)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a movie whose contents were not transmitted
It seemed interesting with CM, so I had a different direction outside of what I watched but it was never a trash but it would be a movie that would not enter the Ryosaku position. I wonder if the feelings of the main character did not convey much, as much as Hancock A subtle work of.

2010/03/13 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 816 Host:898 Browser: 11370
[good point]
Tense scene
Powerful full mark

[Bad point]
The story of the bottom ... orz
Something I saw somewhere
I was a survivor

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Very bad.

2010/03/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39626 Host:39609 Browser: 10691
Once upon a time, I remember seeing a movie called "The Last Man on the Earth. Omega Man" on TV.
The scene where the hero runs in the town of Los Angeles who no longer exists was impressive, but I do not remember anything else (Ochi et al.).
Aside from that, it is now a remake of the above work, but there is no freshness.
One man who survived the end world talks about human beings' revival while talking about fighting the survival of mankind changed things, but that's the only story.
Regarding special effects, it is normal from the current level. It is not said that this work is particularly good as it was able to express the loneliness of the surviving man with the previous work.
In the latter half, when there are other surviving human beings, when it comes to saying, the feeling of hopelessness to the point of time has been bewildering with what the hell. I wanted him to draw the loneliness and despair of the hero thoroughly.
Therefore I felt really sweetness in hopeful ending.
I thought that the original legend "Legend" was boldly interpreted as a legendary man who saved humanity, but I thought it was good but the atmosphere of the original that surprised the reversal of the position disappeared, As a result of decreasing loneliness.
What I think is good is the sense of thrill of the battle between "hero and dog" versus "monster".
I do not say boredom, but I am halfway making.
Evaluation is <Normal>.

2009/07/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13991 Host:14040 Browser: 3004(Mobile)
* The third movie conversion of the original unread "The Last Man of the Earth". Almost all the world's population is killed by the new virus, it became a zombie 2012 year. Neville, the only survivor in NY, continued his study of serum returning zombies to humans ... the story that.

The reproduction of the unmanned NY is real, scenes of hunting and zombies to locate the house of Neville are highlights. The scene to talk to the mannequin was persuasive with the lonely mental state appearing. However, it is difficult to understand why dogs have antibodies and the origins when human beings became zombies. I wanted a little more depiction. Deployment changes in three stages with unmanned living thing 〓〓〓zombie thing 〓〓〓savior. As a zombie thing, there are few action elements, and development as a savior's thing is too suddenly so I can not wipe a halfway impression. Therefore "bad". The purpose of relief rather than attack on zombies was the characteristic from a different perspective from biohazard.

2009/03/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34604 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
I think that it is a storyless story that makes it impossible to imagine the imagination in parts that are not drawn in the work.
In the ending, it was like "Eh, it's over !?"
This feeling is when you are watching a movie that has been cut off by CM for TV commercials,
Also, although it may be hard to communicate, it looks like after listening to "Drunken 2".
However, just as the time shorts are similar, it makes me imagine everything after audition, as I wrote the first time, I can not bear with it.
I think that it is regrettable work!

The composition is very good.
Robert who plays the role of Smith, Questions about the mysterious behavior and phenomenon in the city where Neville does not have anybody "human" are gradually being uncovered with the progress of the story. I think that CG technology is not very good, but this part is very interesting.

However, the short work time has made it a story that is incomplete.
I wonder whether the making side was satisfied with this. I am doubtful.
I think that it may be 2 hours instead of an hour and a half.
There was a part I wanted to draw even more.

What I thought was the most regrettable is Robert 's part that hears "voice".
There were also societies among people affected by the virus, and there must have been something similar to love there.
Otherwise the head of the group will not be drawn like that.

Robert saw himself hungry for love over the glass.
I wonder whether he did a bomb docking on the desperacy that he himself also robbed his loved one (he fixed it), I think ....

There is room for imagining it without permission.
I think that it is very wasteful in terms of the completeness of the work.

2009/02/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4926 Host:4780 Browser: 4184
Richard Masonic original novel is made into a movie.
Among the human beings that became monsters like a vampire in the virus, it is a story until the macho scientist Robert Neville (Will Smith) becomes a legendary man who will save humanity.
The ruined townscape of New York where no one is present and the fear of infected people are seen with tension and magnificent images. But that's it. It is a work in which sci-fi action was mixed thinly in human drama or horror.
There are many scenes that only Neville is a character, so drama does not occur much. I train myself with my body, every day of hunting with my dog 〓〓〓〓〓nd outside, I have little time to study while being a scientist. Moreover, just depicting his sense of loneliness in a superficial manner, there is no atmosphere with much fruit. And as Ana (Alicia. Braga) comes up, the story goes on acceleratingly, but Anna suddenly blushes the eyes that it is the guide of God and tells Neville, and Neville 's house I was attacked and thinking that a flashy action began, I will be entering the ending soon. Eventually, any one of the characters, cool, sympathize, or empathy can not be done, it will be a haphazard development halfway, Neville will be made a legend. After watching it a bit stunned.
In addition, it becomes even more drastic with 'Ai. Legend' to watch in the comic about the benefits of DVD.

2009/01/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33765 Host:33600 Browser: 5095
It is Nichido; Nisado.

New prize; it is fresh.

Two places; the earth has become abnormal, devastated earth. I draw the loneliness of a man who became the last man. Can you find a treatment for abnormal human beings? How is his fate.

Shimbun; Will. A word to Smith. If you stick it up, you will not mind. The movie.

Two plans; what kind of schedule do you really do?

New Sho; Well, it appears in the evaluation, but this is a remake. That last man on earth was an old movie, I also saw, but it has changed a lot.

Binhodo: That is certainly human beings with variant VS drawn from ancient times, but human beings always win, but it was interesting that it seems like a reversal of existing works like irregular shapes if it was a victory.

New Sho; Oh yeah, but this time it was like a solitary theme. Then you look amazing.

Bido; why?

New work; like Ya Yon such work. Even if I do not rely on other people for full automation or anything else I can not do anything Anything I've drawn a sense of loneliness has been seen to the extent that it is sloppy. Whether it differs in purpose, I am trying to misunderstand the interestingness of the previous work.

Binhodo: Is not it because there were not fun even if remaking as it is rather than misunderstanding? Moreover, it is not certain that the change order was surely thought that last was also a director. There were quite a few things.

New thinking: I wonder how it looks even if there is such a fray. I complained about it from various sources and responded to it, so it was still broken. At the end and so on again with biohazard and bonanza.

Biohazard; Resident Evil has been popular .....

I guess it was good to have a remake. It is not interesting too much. At least this film's director will not be a legend. "It's the worst.

2009/01/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42423 Host:42440 Browser: 7395
A movie that it was actually a zombie / virus movie while making me think of as a survival movie.
Even if I know it in advance, this piece can not get in why.
Why ... I have not had a movie that can not get in so far.

Actually there are monsters, mothers and babies come out from the middle, eventually it will be deployed conveniently ...
Even though I knew that it was, I did not get used to this world view.
Maybe it is due to the dark atmosphere as a whole, but I could not get into the world view anyway.

After all I found out that I do not have big expectation in advance ... is it?

2009/01/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31930 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
The atmosphere and images are nice, but the contents and explanation are overkill (why is there immunity?).
So there is nothing left behind.
Originally I have to connect the story to what has happened and how it dug down the past more.
Just showing the past has nothing to do.
There is no explanation as to why the virus has spread, or it is meaningless because there is no connection because of sudden absence of voice being heard at the end.
It is rude to read scenes of dolls and women come to help, and to be able to read (serum can be made).
Although the image is good, it is lacking in force and excitement (less powerful scenes).
The only good thing was the scene where the dog would die.

2008/07/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2632 Host:2572 Browser: 6034
First viewing on DVD without any prior knowledge at all.

Well ... from the theme of "the last human being of humanity", I thought that it was a survival movie like "Hameln's whistlebush" and I was expecting quite a lot (dogs are cute)
In the end it was a common zombie movie, and it got cold sharply at once because of a staggered production drifting as though it had been deigned.
I lose the catch copy, it seems fun to be interesting if I tweak a subject or anything, everything is inconvenient halfway.

Without the development behind the back of the back, with the impression of being a movie that could not get out of the area of 〓〓〓〓〓he masterpiece,
Personally, the DVD which I saw in the first half of this year is a very low level of completion.
You should not expect too much if you are planning to watch from now.

The biggest reason why this movie can not be scored very high is that the dog is pretty close to the beginning and eventually encounters the survivor after all.
I think that it was more exposed that "the mystery and possibilities of man" was more exposed and cooperating with the female zombie who at least treated successfully at least "Human beings last human being" so much hope could have had.

By the way, music was wonderful.

2008/07/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

It seemed quite difficult for me alone, but there was art as it was.

[Bad point]

There is a scene like a tea ceremony.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I will escape the highest by the hero's hard work.

However, I can not forgive a slightly previous matter.

I'm a house owing to my house from the beginning!

2008/07/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
It was good that there was something like romance as a man who survived the world alone lives alone in solitude.
The fight with the dark seeker was magnificent.
It was good that the Dark Shiker is trying to help by considering it as the same human being.
[Bad point]
It was crowded feeling.
There was not much content.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it was a normal movie, a thrilling movie.

2008/07/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I thought that it was a survival movie on the earth in the CM before the airing, but I thought that this was actually a movie involving zombies in the commercial after the airing ... I was deceived ....
In a way it's a movie whose impressions change a lot.

I guess it was another one honestly.
When I see the original work of this AI. Am Legend, "The Last Man on Earth".
I guess it is the same original as the previously undisclosed TV "The Last Man on Earth".
That movie was too poor, but this is not a remake, but there was not much anticipation because the prejudice of the movie entered to a certain extent.

Although it is said to be a zombie movie, rather than Will, a human drama depicting the figure of Dr. Neville who is played by Smith ... is a movie depicting a man's way of living.

The reason for ruining in this way is not drawn deeply, and it is a point that is crisp.
A virus developed by merely resulted in abnormal human beings, zombies ... as a result, changed to a human being who became ferocious, which resulted in air infection and the human race was destroyed, and tens of thousands of people who survived the survival It is drawn only as the situation where it is.
In a way it can be said enough alone.

The content is the story of Neville who fights alone to fight alone to restore the violent man to the ruined NY Although the scene of NY that is quiet is CG, it is a masterpiece.
Neville destroys a car alone, the deer and the lions walking in the city, the scene that hits the ball of a golf from the roof of the one and the abnormality of the world view and the atmosphere are transmitted.
Sorrow and vacancy of saying that it is lonely above all is very big.
Talking to the dog that he is doing like a man, sleeping with him, talking to the mannequin, or losing his loneliness as the Neville does run away when the dog dies.
You can see the strength of that feeling by looking at scenes where he hardly makes a remedy.

Speaking one thing, mental strength is not a common half.
Although it is a made role, I think that it is good at making it feel.
In a world with only despair it can be said that it is incredible to mean that living this much strongly is a certain meaning.

In that sense, I think Will Smith was doing good.
It was brilliant because there was no image to successfully play such a deep emotion.

And a human being who became ferocious. It is really creepy ....
It has a fear of being a bit different from zombies who have intelligence to keep track of the instinct of the beast that obviously attacks the beast.
That is scary if it actually hits me ... ...
Recently, it is really scary that insanely zombies are fast.

It may be a movie with a considerably sleeping effect depending on the time zone seen because it is a world view of making it conscious of "quiet" considerably overall, covering the whole atmosphere of a quiet and stately atmosphere.
People around here can not adapt to the atmosphere at all but movies may not be interesting.
Later, after all, the difference in the gap with the image on the head before seeing was large, so many people would not be able to enter.
I feel regrettable that being a story similar to a zombie movie and saying it is really good after the last, I feel that the direction has shifted further strangely when that mother and baby comes out.

In terms of saying Ai am Legend, when that mother and baby let me make it a legend ... I guess that is not it.
I wanted Dr. Neville to be alive until the end.
As for the last last, you may wish to see it as hope, but it was Gudaguda since the second half.
The point which became more than the action was another one with the feeling that the focus shifted.

Well, it's not good to get in Smith's worldview.
Recommended for his fans.