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Movie rank of 1995 Rank 28in 71 titles
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Music2.00(Very good)2
Voice/Actor2.00(Very good)2
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Learned something100%2/2
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Joelle Hache
Elsa Zylberstein
Omero Antonutti
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Japan Released:1995/06/24(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:1994/12/17
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2014/07/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1096 Host:859 Browser: 7465
"The" sad fate "imposed and" brothers' conflict due to burning passion ". Is this the big theme of this work in a word in this way?

The youngest brother of the hero who cut away the testicle to give a high sounding voice. Carlo, facing the face, "You are neither a man nor a woman", "It is your significance to show the performance that sings in beautiful situations on the stage I was told that things like being denied mid-personality, and it was ridiculous customs from now. The scene where the same castle boy committed suicide at the beginning was shocking.
However, the French Revolution has not yet occurred, it may not have been possible in this era when human rights were scarce.

The performance seemed to have been used for that "Beautiful voice" again, I wonder if the balance was balanced as a price for being abandoned to make descendants. Even if I look at the bed scene with the heroine at the end, it seems unnecessary, "I can not satisfy" the love 's piece "
It seems to have asked for something, but there was "transcendental beauty" to the extent that it is felt like a small thing to consider such a loss of his own.

There was also a feud between brothers over the routes of the midfield activity, and handel unfortunately during the meantime also hanging on the same dover as Job did as well as a third party important, but it was hard to please He also seems to be Mr. Ozi, like their brothers, that passion for music has been transmitted.

Even though such a feud is seen, the last, older brother, it was also the sincerity of his brotherly love that Ricardo deposited his child with Carlo. Although it was a slightly different subject from receiving everyone, I thought that it was built carefully and that it could be evaluated even more in Japan. If terrestrial broadcasting the other day becomes that notice ........
However, the evaluation is "very good".