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Other media: Literature:Flowers for Algernon / Drama:Flowers for Algernon 2015
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Daniel Keyes
Stirling Silliphant
Arthur J Ornitz
Ravi Shankar
Cliff Robertson
Claire Bloom
Ruth White
Outside Japan :Released:1968/09/23
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2012/10/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13151 Host:12779 Browser: 5682
I do not know the original, but I think that it was a movie more than that until the first half. The hero was a setting called intellectual disability, but it was a scene that was particularly bullied by colleagues in the workplace.

In particular, that "mischievous" in a locker is a dietary habit, it is not a human being involved in food culture, or even though I asked for breads made by these people I absolutely wanted to eat it. (Bitter smile) However, the hero thought that they were friends to the last, and there was no consciousness that he was done terrible. So I felt painful extra.

Succeeded in clinical experimental surgery, transformed into a genius boasting superior intelligence, if you think that work can be learned earlier than their colleagues, they are fired, others like their own well - There is also "also said. But he knew it as well. I understand that I wanted to present doubts such as whether it is always happy to have more intelligence than a crowd. Actor's acting also seemed exquisite, such as performing the surgery before and after the operation, but I thought that he was going to run away heroine ... ...
I feel that I could not deny that the way of cooking was somewhat unreliable. I was disappointed that it was a bit disappointing in the development in the second half or it became not so sympathizing with the hero deeply.

I said that I do not know the original, but it certainly needs this remake.
How likely is that possibility compared with President Obama's present support rate, but well evaluation is "bad" one step before "normal".

2012/04/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15408 Browser: 7541
What is it ...? I overworked the original that was too wonderful, and it gave me a very impressive impression.
Although it was reproduced as good as halfway, when it reaches a certain place it is terrible.
Charlie 's "awakening of sex" was obviously unnecessary ... or something. I feel like talking with my family if I do it.
The scene that Charlie is going to runaway and trying to rape Kinin is exactly the original rip. Actually there is no such scene.
Besides, Charlie and Kinian will love each other for a while, with an obscure direction.
This crumble feels like "What?!?" It probably will not be understood by an ordinary person.

Although the original is "flower bells to Algernon", this work is the original title "Charlie" and the Japanese title "The jaws are to you".
The reason is easy. There is no part to ask Algaronon to send a flower bouquet like Algaronon, the treatment of Algarnon itself is "proof of regression" in the first place and no bond with Charlie is drawn at all.
It was Algernon that Charlie 's unique friend who was geniused in the original was able to be called, but in this work only the bond with Kinin is drawn in order not to become an overwhelming genius.
And it has become a subtle work to anyone reading the original.

There are too many cut parts too.
What I liked was part of reuniting with my sister, but this scene does not exist.
It was a scene to hear the real son of a sister who was bullying himself, since it was a part that can be called salvation in the dark content, I liked it quite a bit, but my family did not seem to be treated.
As for the last scene, there is no way to save after all, "notice of regression" 〓〓〓"after regression" all ended up in a way that is not quite satisfactory.

Although evaluation of "bad" is attached in these parts, there are some evaluation points.

Originally, as written in the paperback of the paperback book, "The necessity for human beings is kindness" is one theme, and this work has been surely studded with this work.
Charlie is drawn as a gentle man anywhere.
For example, Charlie who began to notice the intelligence regression finally found a waiter in the same circumstances as myself (and from now on) and there is a scene where Charlie alone helps as everyone laughs at him.
This scene really cries. His own trouble of "Why do people with disabilities have to be discriminated?" Is strongly emerging.
Charlie once knew suffering because he had intellectual disabilities like this waiter. But I do not know anything about how hard the bullied side is suffering.
After all, even if showing a figure that helps the waiter, it becomes a laugh at the surrounding once it returns to original with regression of intelligence. Besides, I can not even notice that I am laughed.
It seems that I did not want to know the surrounding ugliness beyond my own intelligence regressing.

Even those of bakers who are bullying themselves in the opening stage, he calls "Best Friend".
I do not realize even being bullied, they only think as friends.
Charlie who got intelligence eventually noticed what he was being bullied by them, and it is depressed.
This area is poor. I think that it may be that one who did not know was happy ....

Speaking of other good points, the director has drawn Charlie's spirit of regressing.
Charlie who was a handicapped followers in the maze That production is too wonderful.
The figure of Charlie who stalled is clearly drawn, and the flow of time to oppress him is well transmitted.
The direction where the thing in the room disappeared was also amazing. The scene of the blackboard written "SCHOOL (S reverse)" was also firmly showing the symbol of his intelligence regression.
However, it is regrettable that I regretted too much afterwards.

Then, Charlie 's role Cliff, Robertson. It is already terrible.
Charlie who is a mentally handicapped person and Charlie who is becoming a genius are playing both firmly.
Scenes where images of Charlie of former times flow in academies and scenes where Charlie of the past is pursued by Charlie of the past seems to be totally different person.
Anyhow it was a terrible actor. I was surprised.

Well, there are also good points, there is no boredom, and I think that it was going on briefly.
However, it is "bad" because I feel that there are parts that are also different from what the original wanted to convey.
I would like you to remake it with our current technology.

2011/05/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 16542
I think that it was good. The style beauty between the beginning and the last was wonderful.
Robertson starring is also a truly actor and I just got an academy show.
In the original, the scenes until Richard returns to the original idiocy are drawn in detail, but it is a little disappointing that it is omitted in the movie. Other scenes are sometimes omitted, so I'd like you to read the original once again.

Who would like to watch the movie "Dive clothes dream of butterflies" something you like?

2004/12/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 4184
Those who read the original read before, but this work which was made into a movie is only an impression that it is honestly totally different thing.
I think that it is along the original, but it seemed to me that the depiction was missing.
However, the inner feeling that the hero plays is quite good as it got the Academy Awards.
Well I think it is difficult to put it deeply in a short time,
It is a work that was made a long time ago, but it seems interesting if the original is good just for a new remake.