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Eric Roberts Kristina Anapau Roark Critchlow
Outside Japan :Released:2014/02/11
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2015/02/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a work I did not understand.
I felt that I mixed something I saw somewhere and I did not know what I wanted to do, and it passed Gudaguda too much.
Did you want to do special shooting combat troops and rushing & rescuing things, or wanted to do Monster Panic things?
Since none of them are spreading properly rather than halfway, they do not mesh with each other.

I thought that it was necessary for a woman of a psychic nature, and it was cold and uncomfortable at the moment when it came out because there was also unfitness with a realistic special forces, and it was disastrous and irresistible, but until I pushed that discomfort Although it does not need to have a psychic person need not have a necessity to have a reasonable meaning, it can be thought that it did not have the necessity of being a psychic person but put out only to find a person with convenience's goodness, but it is convenient It is not worth anything because it has not lived.
Although it is understandable if it is convenient to divide it conveniently, if it is convenient for this degree, it is not necessary to be a psychic person, and if you set out the setting as a psychic as much as you want, it would be meaningful if you focused on that woman, Although the last person is the only red-eye point, it does not even treat presence as a setting and goes properly.
Will it be a good relationship with the hero on the way, or touching the protagonist to see what it seems like the past, since the content is also left behind, only what is it that it was meaningless?

Even if it is the hero, even though it appeared at first with parentheses appeared, there is no content as thin as there is no person knowing who is the hero from the middle and there is no content, even if it is a foreshadow of conversation with a captain-like guy, it is not fully used, Since I can not draw it, I can understand that it is just placing things appropriately.

Was the hero looking and feeling something by touching a woman, did the hero originally have that kind of power, too? I just did not understand the meaning just because I showed them properly, and even if it is the last one It was a touch that I just placed it as it took the common pattern I saw somewhere that the main character would come to beat it.

I was doing parallel world research and collecting electric power there too much It is understandable that a different dimension opened and a monster appeared, but since the background is hardly drawn, I can not get inside of the image side like something else .

There was no connection, monsters were only existence to be done.

Although it is a way to show money not to show money because of the way of showing, but it was just painful to understand uselessly and it was not the content to pull and fear and sense of urgency would not be fucked and there would have been a better way of showing I think.

Only such a gun battle warfare was good, and it was unbearable for the favorite thing like the sound of a gunshot or a cartridge falling.
So I could escape only the worst.

Even if it shows the monsters or even the last scene, it seemed to me that I only wanted to wear a brace, it was a sort of work that I could see as a B class work.