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Joby Harold
Kelly Carmichae Bob Weinstein Tim Williams Harvey Weinstein
Jason Kliot John Penotti Fisher Stevens Joana Vicente
Dina Goldma
Cynthia Flynt
Graeme Revell Samuel Sim
Dan Lieberstein
Russell Carpenter
Craig McKay
Hayden Christensen
Jessica Alba
Terrence Howard
Lena Olin
Christopher McDonald
Sam Robards
Arliss Howard
Georgina Chapman
David Harbour
Steven Hinkle
Denis O'Hare
Charlie Hewson
Court Young
Joseph Costa
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Japan Released:2011/05/21(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2007/11/30
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2012/04/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 4895
The man trying to transplant the heart was asleep in the anesthesia, the operation was supposed to end while sleeping, but the operation was awakened by the intraoperative awakening that happens in 30,000 people, the body is asleep, sleeping when watching from the surroundings Although it is in the state, only the brain is awake and there is a probability that it will die (fail) In the surgery, as it is going to experience and fear into terror, the interaction of the doctors of "a plan" comes to be heard.

It was more than I expected.
The story is interesting, but how to use this story Continuation, composition, contents of unexpected deployment were all splendid.
First of all, the hero man was dead and the way of composition was also good, and as a new suspense I wonder if the doctor's interaction is heard while I am awake, I wonder what happened so far Looking back at the past scene I was also good at superimposing it and the hero can not move so I can not do anything but I can hear it but even if I hear it in my ears or shed a past scene it just makes me feel as if I am making an illusion as if it is experienced now There is not, it is interesting and pulled in.
That's where the truth comes into view, but for the main character it is just waiting for death, shocking developments are waiting and it falls steadily to the bottom of the bottom.
There is also a portion of fear that there are parts of comedic and part of fear that develops one after another, but in the end it gets very nice contents, it is bored and it is not bored.
There is only 1 hour and 20 minutes, but the tempo is also good from the development that goes on and on and on so steadily, content is abundant and there is no waste to think that it was only 1 hour 20 minutes.
With only one hour and twenty minutes there is no need to put extra content, but it draws out the contents of the relationship between the main character's mother and father and what happened then.
I have fantasy as an ideal father or stacked on top of it and it is a pressure, it is a pressure, I can draw out the content of such details, and there is a relationship between my friend, mother and lover.
At first, a common mother is overprotective, it is loud or disturbing, and I think that it is a disgusting person with a mother 's lover' s doctor ... or a lover, a friend, a understanding person or a good person It might have been thought that it was ... or a person was a message of things not depending on the appearance, but such developments were also unexpected and funny, after all that mothers are the best understanders Whether the last time the doctor of a mother 's lover' s person took it all and the gap with the first was also the best.

The hero was dead or was saved? Whose heart was transplanted, who had solved the puzzle while the hero could not move, I could not keep an eye out to the end and I got it together tightly and gathered up.

People who acted as mothers or friends' doctors and actors were good as well, and in a sense sense it seems that the mother was the hero.
I also took it in acting, and I also understand that my son is overprotective, my mother is strong and struck and changed from the beginning, because there is the first part, so it looks even cooler by its reversal , I can understand the first overprotective part when I can empathize.

It will be easy to see in one hour and twenty minutes and it will definitely be a work that will not be damaged.