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Shirley Walker
Michael Biehn Annabella Sciorra
Outside Japan :Released:1997/02/16
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2011/04/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
People's psychological description in secondary disaster and rescue activities was polite.
Particularly impressive is the scene where the main character 's subordinates who were working hard at the site to arrange rescue systems were stoned by refugees with stress accumulated and died.
Bamboo firefighter Ben who challenges the work of life to prevent the explosion of the chemical factory Families who think of himself also have something that actually leads to nuclear problems after the Tohoku earthquake that occurred in our country.

There was a reasonable force within the budget that the meteorite falling scene was also small.

[Bad point]
Destruction of the meteorite with a beam emitted from a fighter over the atmosphere is less convincing.

Finally the heroine's son was not able to move with the crater also impressed the movie as a movie.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
America 's 90' s meteorite panic movies along with 'Armageddon' and 'Deep Impact'
... In other words, we can not deny the feeling of insufficiency as a whole due to the budget movie that is unpublished in theaters.
Michael. Bean plays (I think that there was some attention due to his starring ... ...)
The main character Jack has the authority to speak directly with the president, takes command of relief activities at the spot,
Although it is an activity that is suitable for the hero who jumps into danger by himself for a few escape laggards,
On the contrary, it seems to be small in scale of the work whose main character must bear multiple roles.
(It is said to be the "secretary" but it is not good, I do not really understand the title)

Although it is possible to have favorable place where we make it by the extent that budget can not be applied, we place favorable importance on rescue activities, but roughness stands out in order to become a masterpiece emphasizing reality,
It is about the overwhelming force too much that it does not matter.