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In 1882, the small western town of Appaloosa, New Mexico, is being terrorized by local rancher Randall Bragg (Jeremy Irons), who killed Marshal Jack Bell (Robert Jauregui) and two of his deputies in cold blood when they came to his ranch to arrest two of Bragg's ranch hands. The town decides to hire lawman and town-tamer Virgil Cole (Ed Harris) and his deputy, Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen), to protect and regain control of the town. The council members agree to give complete control to Cole and Hitch. They begin taking control by confronting four of Bragg's men who are causing a disturbance in the saloon. Three men refuse to allow themselves to be arrested and Cole kills two of them while Hitch kills the third with his weapon of choice: an eight-gauge shotgun. The survivor surrenders his weapon to Hitch and leaves the saloon. Bragg has a meeting with Cole and Hitch and neither side will cede an inch to the other.

Cole meets a new arrival to the town, recently widowed Allie French (Renée Zellweger), and starts a relationship with her. However, Allie is a "player," and as soon as she gets a chance she puts the make on Cole's Deputy, Hitch, giving him a big wet kiss when they are alone. But Hitch, loyal to his friend Cole, backs off and refuses her advances. To spare Cole's feelings Hitch never mentions the incident to Cole till late in the film when Allie falsely accuses Hitch to Cole for trying to seduce her. Cole has the good sense to realize that she is lying, though he loves her. In fact Cole's love for her is so steadfast that he forgives all her frolics and detours. The woman is clearly a weak vessel, but Cole is taken with her because, as he puts it, he had never known anything but whores and squaws, and Allie is scrupulously clean, an intelligent woman, a good piano player and good at making love. So he remains her bound-and-gagged hostage and victim throughout the film.

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Ed Harris
Jeff Beal
Viggo Mortensen
Renee Kathleen Zellweger
Jeremy Irons
This description has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this description.
Outside Japan :Released:2008/10/03
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2015/01/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21953 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
It was a Western drama set in Apollusa where dust clutters danced.

Honestly when I started looking at the 1970s I wondered if it was a work of about 1960s, but I was surprised to hear that it was the most recent movie, but the leading actor was Edo Vigo besides Harris, Mortensen, Jeremy. Irons are quite astonishing.

As a story, this sheriff's combination is pretty good although the rude parties who are doing the bad news that you want to do in the city of Apalusa got stuck with the two sheriffs, Call and Hitch.

As a gaman skill, there is also a top notworthy aspect of being purely picked up by a bullshit woman's hand, as opposed to him for various calls with various dangerous situations, it is reliable and dependable I think that it was a well-balanced combination with supporting hitch.

However, in other words, Rennie was impressed by the heroine, he was a famous actress, such as "Brigitte Jones' Diary", but he did not suit his role.

However, I think that it is a work that you can enjoy without considering the details.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2013/03/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7339 Host:7379 Browser: 4895
The classic Western drama protagonist who dared to dare in 2008 is the momentum to evaluate the elderly and the sheriff of two middle-aged men with just this setting

Japanese Theater Why did you pick up this unpublished work? It is due to the reasons mentioned above, but I heard that it is supported by another Japanese core female fan

This seems to be due to the power being included in the scene showing the friendship of the leading role's old man's sheriff and the middle-aged sheriff, so it seems that there is a power there so much So suppose to make a misunderstanding here supplemental scenes There is absolutely no

An example is an old man "Since I have been dating for ten years, do you understand?" (Such a look without speech)

Middle-aged "Because you are stubborn it is in vain to stop it" (no speech and no such line of sight is returned)

It is such a feeling Although there are quite serifs in the actual play (lol

In addition, the heroine appears in the play It is supposed to be a pleasure for me as a male viewer in a wilderness in a western western area ... "If you are making a world with a good old age and middle age I'm thinking "This is already hooked in the operation of this work already

Screenplay is slightly tweaked from a rough review from here for avoiding spoilers Music drawing pictures Cutting Cutting camera Although it is stable, there is no place to protrude It is a good feeling that we have succeeded in the actor character stand

A wonderful gentleman of the elder who is treated as an old man in the sentence Ed. Because I am not interested in myself so much in Harris (good acting in the play) Although it is a good evaluation but if it was a fans of the performers, It may be

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