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Mic Rodgers Farhad Safinia
James Horner
Dean Semler Touchstone Pictures
Bruce Davey Ned Dowd
Keith VanderLaan Vittorio Sodano
Ted Rae The Asylum
Thomas E. Sanders
Mayes C. Rubeo
John Wright
Hayashi Kanji
Rudy Youngblood
Dalia Hernndez
Jonathan Brewer
Raoul Trujillo
Morris Birdyellowhead
Gerardo Taracena
Rodolfo Palacios
Fernando Hernandez
Japan Released:2007/06/09(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2006/12/08
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2013/06/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9783 Host:9832 Browser: 7455
Although it is the theme of Mayan civilization, in fact it was a good escape play drama.
About Maya civilization I do not know well, so I'm going through and write ratings.

To speak frankly, the content was not interesting. It is not contents to spend nearly 130 minutes and it may be hard to say that the tempo was too good.
But I think it was good to see. There was so much visual beauty. The world view expressed was too beautiful, blood smelling, just overwhelmed by the visual awesome as if the primitive smell drifted.
A man who runs through the forest. Just being able to run is so dynamic and looks strange.

Net, the story is not good, and the characters are also basically thin. From the hero's Jaguar, the second half escaping play was brave, but on the other hand it is a person who eats the animal's gold ball on the dumplings and is stupid and it is hard to say that flattery is also conscientious. Jaguar 's father is also a good father in front of Jaguar, but the work done on the dolma is a sort of laughter ... ...;
In the first place, it was not known why Haruma was treated like bullying on the scale of the settlement, the maol which seemed to be an important positive, and the other colony captured at the same time both died in front of the corn field Well, it seems like there were lots of scary scenes.

Even if I fell from a waterfall with a bow and arrow or a spear, I fell down from the waterfall, I ran spiradually all the time, even when my clavicle bone was shot with a bow and arrow, when I rescued my wife and child with something, I was made into quilts Then.
Even if it is Jaguar's wife, that birthing scene is quite unreasonable. Is that necessary?

I could not be satisfied with the script, but the production was pretty good. Actors' acts are also so (especially those with Jaguar taste one by one), the one that I like is a series of change in the hero in the escape play.
The blue paint which was a symbol of the sacrifice was peeled off by the fall from the waterfall and cried the mouth proudly as it became the original jaguar and this time when you are addicted to mars and muddy it turns into a hunting side like a black leopard .
I felt the area was purely cool here.
However, it is a mystery what kind of change of the mind faced immediately after getting out of the mire. Movement of the hero and the enemy, I feel that the side here is being moved according to the prediction. Character likeness was not so good.

Although there is dissatisfaction in the story, since the attractiveness of the picture is Pikaichi, probably I wonder if it will continue to superimpose viewing counts. Since it is no doubt that it was enjoyable, the evaluation is [very good].
Is it the salvation that the Westerners came over at least?

2012/05/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10195 Host:10288 Browser: 13175
[good point]
It became study. Shyly, I did not know anything about the Maya civilization, so I was surprised to know that it is faithful to historical facts when I was exaggerating the sacrifice scene (taking heart as it is alive) during viewing. Moreover, this movie was welcomed in Latin America, so I was further surprised.
The production of the scene where the thing came from the other side of the sea at the end.

[Bad point]
The chase scene after escaping was a little monotonous, especially without original points.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
After this movie, the massacre of Maya and Aztecs by Europeans begins, so when I think of this, I feel that Japan is one of the most peaceful civilizations in the world.

2011/12/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4212 Host:3938 Browser: 7258
[good point]
I think that everything is good. The scene of the city etc is particularly powerful. However, I think that it is not an orthodox historical movie. (I think Mel. Gibson 's view of religion is reflected quite a bit.)

[Bad point]
Overall cuts were quick to switch and there was a hard to understand what was going on. Although I knew that it was elaborate for other camera work, it was only difficult for me to see for myself.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Directed by Mel. Gibson ("Braveheart" etc)
Although it is a work with various problems, I think Mel. Gibson - like movie. I think that it is an interesting movie in that sense because it is no doubt that the director's intention is fully projected.
It seems to me that the teachings of Catholicism are scattered around: Patriarchal. Heterosexuality. Family love. Maternity worship. Catholic sexual ethics. Baptism. Sacrament. Cross .... I will wake you heartburn. Each element is not necessarily a bad thing in general but Mel. Gibson 's arbitrary but at least the nerves that tells the Maya people the Catholic values 〓〓〓〓〓re not pleasant things. (In the case of "Braveheart", Scottish is a Catholic national, so I think that deception is low, but this was unpleasant.)
As Spaniards appearing just before endrol is outright, I think that it is a matter of fact. I think that the interest of Mel. Gibson is not going to affirm the violence of that Spanish people. His interest is probably a warning and enlightenment for those who have fallen from the Catholic values 〓〓〓〓〓n the modern future. It can be inferred from the telop at the beginning and the words of the last Jaguar.
Maya civilization is a metaphor of America or Christianity (Western civilization). (I think that there are many similarities with the old continent because of the characteristics of Mayan civilization because of war and paternity system.) Forest people are those who conform to traditional teachings (traditional Catholic) I think that he wants to say that they are corrupt people who are disturbed by agitators (Yuya people). Then, the Spaniard who exterminated the Mayan civilization may be Hispanic, Black, Arabic or Asian based on him.
Mel Gibson 's philosophy of full thought was closed rather than the extremism of cruel depiction. It will be a Catholic Enlightenment movie limited by American + Catholic followers. I think that it is clear from his past actions that he does not oppose him from his nose. I think it is funny but definitely funny. It might be good if you like action movies.

2010/04/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17824 Browser: 2065(Mobile)
Although there are various, I want to give full marks.
I leave my heart beating from the middle. The last also makes me think.
The explanation is extremely small. A word of Maya came out. It is commonplace if you think about it. People in the past will not understand what times are living now. The characters etc. which explain themselves to each other are works of class B or lower (especially Japanese movies).
The hero is totally chased. Wonderful place to make me think that it is no good indeed!

2010/02/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 10070
<There is spoiler>

[good point]

Comprehensiveness is high, such as stage making (city scenes etc.), costumes, power of acoustic effects, shooting methods using slow motion, hints of scenarios.

[Bad point]

The length of the main part.
Since the late runaway drama is interesting at all the time, I wanted you to comprehensively improve the tempo.

Because the content is content, it may be better to describe such a cruel and arrogant grotesque more ... Massacre, skewer of the neck, rolling neck, mountain of dead body .... To see the continuation of this depression scene It takes quite a bit of energy.
Personally the birthing scene was shocking.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although it is a honorable mention, I can never recommend it when my body and mind are tired.

2008/09/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31930 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
The story takes only 2 hours because it is a simple thing to decide and defeat the enemies who fought against the enemies who had destroyed the village, escaping the place where the village was attacked and become a prisoner of war and it was about to be killed. I feel 20 minutes is long.
The image was beautiful and the scale was decked and the way the camera was shot and the direction was good, so it made the simple story a spectacular one.
It was a peculiar atmosphere that a man called a dolma was stupid or mischievous but it was not a shabby feeling but the last was laughing.
In the relationship, the dumplings can not make children and the mother of the wife 's wife was disgusted with no mercy, but when the bravery was taken as a sacrifice, the scenes without speech and missing parting were impressive.
Originally Jaguar and Doshuma were fighting but it was good to see distrust and confidence since being taken prisoner.
Jaguar of the hero was attractive with the impact looking, but this is also indispensable to the work.

It is a girl's prophecy or Jaguar's meaning and its content is thin.
People who dislike disgusted with full scenes will not like it, but it's a good evaluation as I personally quite enjoyed it.