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Jia Zhang Ke
Zhao Tao
Japan Released:2003/02/01(Sat)
Official sites
1. http://www.bitters.co.jp/inazuma/ (Translation)
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2013/06/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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My first Chinese film for me. He seems to have taken over the most unusual type of Chinese movie. Frankly speaking, I did not understand it.

There is no themed theme that seems to be the subject of this work, but it seems to me that there is only a subject matter. Whether it is a good thing is to leave, then what is going on is the feeling of fatigue in the whole work.
Expressions and actions of people appearing in the works, they are completely silent and lively and animated. What it says "The word is just alive" is perfect.
They smoke cigarettes. Every scene I smoke cigarettes for the time being. I hear that cigarettes have a metaphorical meaning of fatigue or feeling of blockage, but then they are considerably depressed ... Actually it is.
Sometimes it is meant that the main figure of this work is feeling fatigued as a whole as I share smoke over a kiss. Even so, they will smoke cigaretteably, do not they? As far as I saw, there are many people who are smoking cigarettes, but I have not seen anyone who is sucking and smoking.

I just look at the world spreading across the television, live a life that does not depend on the enthusiasm that is supposed to be in young people and the blood tone, not living with any goal but just living.
Even if the world changes, it will not change. At least nothing changes around Chao-ji and Bing.
Such a weakness that can show plenty of the world full of malaise for two hours. It feels redundant in every scene, you can experience the irritation that the hero might feel. The scene that pushed the motorcycle was really irritated.

In the end they will take actions in order to manage such a decadent world.
I wake it up, but it seems to me that this alone is too sudden.
They understand their behavior. Because television announcements and news are hints. But. In any case, Bing Bin is just beginning work. To agree with the absurd plan such as bank robbery just after starting walking ... ....

I know Chao-ji. I just fell in love.
That is a bank robbery, but only what was caught was Bing Bin, Chaosiye flew away on the spot. I hitchhiked on the way and faded out from the main part as it is.
I wonder what this means ... ... I did not know even thinking.
Anyway, is it okay to just get out of this obsolete world?

Although it is real if it is said to be real, it is not a wake that had a drama instead but a movie that tastes the atmosphere of a work not related to a drama, if anything. But to spend it for two hours too much we choose viewers too. First of all, it is not suitable for the general public, and it is not surprising if you do not have much movie talking, you may be disappointed with viewing bored in the middle.
Besides, I personally think that fatigue is something that can withstand viewing for the first time with a feeling of tension at the same time. So, in addition to feeling of fatigue this work which also has redundancy, well, once it can be tasted it is enough. I wonder if I need a second time ... ....

Evaluation is [bad]. However, [very bad], [very good] or [highest] is OK at all.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to see Bing in the main character.
Bing, which was constantly watching over the room with the distance across the TV. All he does is doing things everything goes wrong, and in the end it will be caught with attempted robbery.
Besides, he was foolish about the government and was accused of being a "easy guy" from the government's dog, he sang a freedom song.
Well, this one is interesting. Either way it is verbose.