[Movie]Waterloo Bridge

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Mervyn LeRoy
Vivien Leigh
Virginia Field
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Japan Released:1949/03
Outside Japan :Released:1940/05/17
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2016/10/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A story called truly sorrow or misery
Vivian Lee 's imminent acting
. "Flowers of fireflies" flowing everywhere

[Bad point]
The ending is sad with pretty hard content

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In this age we had a lot of love romance, I thought about the somewhat sad way of finishing the title but I was surprised by the story of fairly hard sorrow in this era when there were plenty of positive works.

During the First World War, Roy Cronin (Robert Taylor) and the ballet dancer Myra, Leicester (Vivian Leigh) meet and fall in love. I will try to get married all at once in a love-like love, but the destiny of their two people will be torn apart as a result of Cronin's decision to go out.
When I saw the news that Cronin was killed in the newspaper, Maihara who got despised despised in a deprived life makes a choice. And it will have a decisive tragedy later.

This last development leads to the reminiscence of Colonel Cronin at the beginning. That is a very sad ending, and the expression of Colonin 's expression reminiscent of it was indeed melancholy.

Vivienne Lee 's true impending performance and the "light of fireflies" flowing at key points was also good.

2013/11/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 14102
Roy and her biriken doll whose hair turned white.
The essence of the work is hidden in this picture.

The story began in the middle of World War I, where Roy and Mya of young people meet, Roy and Maia's love burns violently and develops to the point of marriage,
Roy 's flying towards tomorrow brings a bad premonition to those who watch it.

My heart who found Roy 's name in the name of the battlefield in the newspaper and grieved, who became fired for Roy' s thing, became a prostitute to live.
Maia who is walking around the station, even if he touches Roy 's deep love because he was reuniting with Roy who survived from the battlefield and being a prostitute, the expression remains cloudy.
Roy tells the truth to his mother and searches for Mya who left quietly, but Maia drops his life with the Waterloo bridge that they met.

In this way, the deeper the love of Roy, the deeper the deepness of Mia's sorrow grew, the more the contrast of love and sadness became obscurant as it was added to it.

In addition, the appearance of Roy whose hair became whitely embodied the theme of the work.

2013/03/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The first half was love romance, but it was feeling that a male Roy was already a soldier already suggesting the end of the story.
I am watching while thinking that Roy will die now, but it is not a shallow story as easily anticipated.
On the way, Mai of heroine knows Roy 's battle death, but Roy appeared after a while.
It seems they were completely misinformed. Because there was no description depicting war, Roy 's death was a little doubtful.
The scene where Mai learns of Roy's death in the newspaper, music, acting, directing All was so good that I like this piece the most. It seemed that my sense of hopelessness came through.
It was a scene that was flying with her feeling that it gradually changed as she read the newspaper.

Ultimately, when I met Rey again, Myra became mentally spooky and became a prostitute, but I could not reveal it to Roy and I committed suicide ... it is a very sad way to end did.
I have an impression that it ended quite a bad mood due to death that I had not anticipated.

After that, it was impressive that Roy's mother was pretty gentle with Myr.
Speaking of bride and mother-in-law, it is the royal road that is very bad, but this is not an element that makes the heroine unhappy, rather it was pretty good to have a mother-in-law as one of the salvation.

A masterpiece of a black and white movie. I think that it was quite good.