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Debra Granik
Anne Rosellini Alix Madigan-Yorkin
Jonathan Scheuer Shawn Simon
Daniel Woodrell
Michael McDonough
Mark White
Affonso Gonçalves
Dickon Hinchliffe
Jennifer Lawrence
John Hawkes
Sheryl Lee
Dale Dickey
Garret Dillahunt
Lauren Sweetser
Isaiah Stone
Ashlee Thompson
Kevin Breznahan
Tate Taylor
Shelley Waggener
Japan Released:2011/10/29(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2010
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1. http://www.wintersbone.jp/ (Translation)
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2016/06/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 5213
Evaluation from critics seemed to be high, I saw it in Gao, but I was honestly unsatisfied.

The original is like a novel, but the early story was plain. Not only the father but also the father, who got in touch with the unconforming boss when they were touched, such as being beaten up and so on were relentlessly likewise people who were not decent were conspicuous, but see the depiction of such beating and such Even,
It seems that my father sold his family for self-protection, but if there was a resentment to that, I would be a bit more painful, directing, it was a feeling that the script and settings were not engaged. Jennifer. Mr. Laurence was also not mediocrity indeed, and they were also not good, but the strength to support the family by themselves, but the pain that I still could not hide (Actually "It is a limit to support myself anymore" I also had a real intention such as.
And even if it is suppressed by the clan, I want to know the truth Strong will and others etc. I wonder if I was missing another truly aura. My uncle was a relatively decent person in the family while burning the obsession of revenge against the criminal who killed his brother (father for the main character), but honestly, this scene from which he came out is uncle It seemed like the role actor was half eaten. From yourself.

From the midfield gradually the truth of the thing or, surely, taken by another lady of another relative ... I think that some "end" of the end of "..." ended up getting excited. Although it seems that the relationship between the main character and other families who were young and the family's view from the father etc. are going to be dug out more than it was not drawn as much as I thought it was, the directing etc. attracted such a strong interest until the end I wonder if it was missing in the punch you made. After all

Another thing left of the impression is that the man of the interviewer's young man said, "The situation will change, so please come back to the interview after thinking over again" about the hero trying to join the army
He advised like that, while he was a favorite man though he was a favorite .....
The original was probably a masterpiece, and the members of the actors were not bad, but it was a feeling that it was finished without being able to fully utilize the good points, especially because the legs were drawn by the director and the script.
Evaluation is "bad".

2012/12/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4895
Personally it was a strange work.
It was not so if I thought that it was a bit different from what I expected, or it was not so, it was not a suspense, but the story did not move so much and it is so simple that it is aimed at telling the girls' hard work though It did not come through.

There is a story in a really small small world and there is a society there, there is a fish and a clan's blood that can not be escaped absolutely, and a girl is standing against that society, but that small world Whether it can understand whether it can be incorporated into society or not, it was difficult for me to enter a little as myself who was born in an ordinary household.
Since there is no premonitory explanation for the society as it is obvious, it took time to comprehend, and if you see it for the second time, it may make a different impression.

Although it was said to be a heavy work though it is also not feeling much of himself, there is a scene in which girls are violently shaken or cut off their father's arms, but before you do it, you need to make a draw or make a depiction firmly or how to shoot that scene Although there might have been something to be transmitted if there was a way to make spiritual production or directing, but it came abruptly, it came abruptly and it was bad way of saying but I felt a null feeling, but I did not feel heavy .

Who was killed by his father Who paid for bail? I do not know the reason why my father met, I think the goal is to not make an answer and show my answer, but as a personal opinion I will go somewhere by car saying I know that the last Deerdrop (brother or brother of my father) knew who, but probably I went to kill a fellow who killed my father and it came to an answer that I could not see by that I think.

Although this deer drop also carries good characters and helps the girls, but it does not clearly show what kind of existence is also here, I think everyone is afraid of everything and I think that it is a terrible character, but how amazing I do not know.

My father sells his family for fear of being put in a prison for 10 years and is killed by his clan, but the daughter says it is ashamed to die.
I can understand that feeling, I like my daddy and miserable father, so I guess that love can be seen clearly because I can not empathize because it is a bad draft.

On the contrary, even my father who did not look good from the father side said that the family loved it, but after all it was only explanation that he sold the clan because he wanted to be saved, so he saw much love from his father did not come.

While trying hard the girls are fighting while expressing contrasts by showing innocently screaming younger sisters, it was good to show them with the feeling that the younger brother in the middle is in the last position.
I'm starting to notice something, I am worried or worried, but I do not know for sure.

After all it was the biggest Yama who cut off her arms ... It was a work that was too plain to see in myself.