[Movie]Upside Down

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Movie rank of 2013 Rank 219in 232 titles
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Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Juan Solanas
Aton Soumache Alexis Vonarb Dimitri Rassam Claude Leger Jonathan Vanger
Phil Hope James W. Skotchdopole
Pierre Gill
Alex McDowell
Nicoletta Massone
Paul Jutras
Benoit Charest
Joe Rudge
Sharon Forrest Susan Forrest
Jim Sturgess
Kirsten Dunst
Timothy Spall
James Kidnie
Jayne Heitmeyer
Blu Mankuma
Kate Trotter
Vlasta Vrána
Nicholas Rose
Japan Released:2013/09/07(Sat)
Outside Japan :Released:2012
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1. http://upside-down.jp/ (Translation)
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2014/05/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
I heard that it is a good work somewhere, but I was sorry personally.

It seems interesting and the world view seems interesting, but it was out of control and the setting was full of holes and it ended up becoming Gudaguda.
Honestly it was a work I felt unpleasant from the fact that the narration was long and long, firstly I was feeling that there were lots of storytelling or preaching smell or I was soaking in myself.
After all, even if I explained the view of the world at once, it does not come into my mind and I have to tell you what kind of world you see in the picture.
It also made it easy to enter because tempo also comes out, and there was a feeling that I was left behind as myself because I failed to grab at the opening stage.

At first glance the picture is beautiful so the world view seems quite strange, but the story's range is narrow and it is only like scenes so do not feel the deck so you can expect a story as a normal story with a flat story Nothing is boring or bored was.
The picture is beautiful, but it was beautiful, but there was no pleasure that showed depth, unexpectedness, or many pictures as if it showed several pictures, so it did not remain in my mind.
I thought that it would not cost too much money.

It was impossible to transfer empathy as it was just a sudden development that omitted the depiction between the fundamentally a story and was not able to get into knowing the depth of the world view.
It is hardly understood why I liked why or I liked it, so it is only cold even if I show the two people's compatibility, and there are various walls and the thought until I get over it It does not come to me at all.

There is nothing wrong with her because she lost memory and she was suddenly recollected without suffering too much and even though it was set up as a postscript explanation, there were contradictions and there was development and development.
It is unavoidable that there was sweetness of the setting stuff for the world view and there was a stonecompost of poor quality and it did not follow.
I can not deny the feeling of doing it with the thought of only neta.

Among them, I was pregnant because I was the most disappointing, so I thought that it would not be that the constitution changed and I could live in the lower world as well.
There was nothing meaningless for the view of the world so far, and it was only a story that was perfect for the world.

Even if it is a work of so-called delusional level and there are many stories, it seems painful as if you were drunk on yourself and just asked them to proudly talk about delusion.

Moreover, the performance of the protagonist of the hero was too cold as totally too much and it was not likable including it there.